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“I've been wondering
What if you were never there when I got home?”
—coldrain: Just Tonight



Closing the door to the flat behind feels freeing after the day that lies behind him. The fact that he’s home at last, back in the comfortable warmth of their sanctuary is enough to make the tension headache that has clung to him all day disappear. His supervisor had been a total pain in the ass. Again. Deadlines here, changes there, and to cap it all off, he ended up being responsible for another group of incapable trainees. 


All Jimin wants is something to eat and maybe some nice, rough sex with Namjoon later tonight, thank you very much.


Then again, a little peace and quiet seem to be too much to ask for. 


“The fuck?” Jimin stalls as he hisses out the words, still holding onto the door handle because the sounds coming from the living room are screaming sex. Literally. 


Unnerved, he rolls his eyes. The living room is supposed to be off-limits for sexual activities. It was one of the first rules they established after they'd decided to share the apartment, ultimately to save expenses. ‘They’ includes Jimin, his best friend Taehyung, and Namjoon, Jimin's boyfriend of three years.


Jimin tries to listen more closely to the over-exaggerated moans and slaps of skin against skin, relieved when he’s sure that the sounds aren’t real. Since Namjoon won’t be home for quite a while, it can only be Taehyung. There. Behind the closed door. 


Namjoon has been working overtime on an important case that will go to court next week. It would genuinely surprise Jimin if he found Namjoon on the couch, his dick in his fist, knowing that Namjoon’s dislike for porn exceeds Jimin’s own dislike for mangoes (and that means something).


Something about the whole situation puts Jimin off. It doesn't make any sense for Taehyung to watch this kind of stuff on the TV in the living room while he has a perfectly fine TV set of his own in his room. Maybe he’s just out for Jimin in some kind of twisted prank. Maybe he wants to find out if Jimin dares to enter the room despite the obvious sounds coming from the surround system, that has been made for great soundtracks and voices of brilliant actors, but most definitely not for cheap-ass fake moaning. 


Jimin takes his time getting out of his shoes and jacket, neatly putting them where they belong. This is so not like him. Usually, he would just kick off his shoes into one corner and throw his jacket into another one. It’s like something is holding him back, some kind of warning and the reluctance that comes with it.


“Don’t be stupid, Park Jimin,” he huffs to himself. It’s his own apartment. So, damned be Taehyung and his stupid prank. He’s pretty sure that Taehyung is hiding behind the door that leads from the kitchen to the living room anyway, biting his fist to keep himself from giggling. Proud of his stupid joke. 


Jimin takes one deep breath, wondering at the same time what he needs to steel himself for when he finally opens the door to the living room. 


The couch isn’t empty. 


Jimin stops dead in his tracks. There’s nothing that could’ve prepared him for the sight he's met with. It doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t.


Taehyung is sitting on the couch, his eyes closed, his head leaned against the backrest. His light brown hair is falling back, exposing the forehead, his thick brows furrowed with a sense of determination. The light of the late afternoon is falling through the blinds, getting caught in his hair, on his smooth skin. His chest is moving fast, heaving from the ragged in- and exhales which are escaping his slightly parted lips in small gasps and whimpers. His sweatpants and briefs are pooling at his ankles while his long fingers are wrapped around his cock, the pink head peeking from his fisted hand, moist with precum and flushed from arousal. 


He doesn’t seem to give a single care in the world about the fact that someone could walk in on him as he pleasures himself with lazy pumps of his hand. He’s completely unaware of Jimin standing in the doorway, clueless of Jimin watching him like a creep.


It isn’t just the sight that makes Jimin’s dick twitch with awakening interest. The feelings that are rushing through him are layered with shame, mixed with the raw lewdness that comes with voyeurism. He can’t decide if he wants to stay, or if he should leave. Doesn’t know if there is an ulterior motive behind the whole set up, or if it’s just Taehyung being Taehyung. The moment stretches, becomes a little eternity. Even the sound of gulping, the nervous bobbing of Jimin’s Adam’s apple seems too loud, too treacherous. 


Jimin touches himself lazily through the heavy fabric of his tight jeans in a futile attempt to calm his growing bulge. He has never thought of Taehyung in a sexual way before. Not as explicitly as the display in front of him anyway, but Jimin isn’t blind. 


Taehyung is beautiful without putting any effort into it, enticing with the aroused sounds coming from his parted lips. It is as if something cracks open deep inside of Jimin, something he has been trying to keep sealed for a long time. For the longest time.


Jimin’s heart hammers against his ribcage at the sudden epiphany, his feet find their way to the freestanding couch as if they're acting on their own will. He pads closer from behind where Taehyung can’t see him, slowly advancing, almost like a cat towards its prey. 

“Do you need help?” Jimin purrs against Taehyung's bare neck, his skin is soft, warm, where Jimin’s lips touch it for a split second.


It’s as if the world holds its breath for a moment before Taehyung winces, shies away from the touch, away from Jimin. The muscles in his neck tighten visibly before he whirls around, his eyes widening, his hard cock bouncing from the sudden movement. 


“Fuck! Min! Are you out of your mind?!” Taehyung tries covering himself up with his hands, his fingers are shaking, his eyes big with the shock of being caught in the act, filled with uncertainty as he looks at Jimin but tries to look away at the same time.


“I’m serious, Tae.” Jimin walks around the couch until he's standing in front of Taehyung, not breaking eye contact with him for a second. His heart is still racing, but despite his inner turmoil, he repeats with almost stoic calm, “Do you need help?”


“You almost scared me to death.” Taehyung gulps heavily, his Adam's apple jumping up and down the smooth line of his throat. He doesn’t seem to be sure if Jimin is joking. 


Jimin himself isn’t sure if he’s serious, but he can’t deny the urge that seems to unfold, the need to do something about Taehyung’s waning erection, to take care of him, tease him, make him listen. He kneels down, placing his hands on Taehyung’s knees. 


“I can’t. We can’t. What about Namjoon?” Taehyung stammers as he reaches for his boxers to pull them up while he’s still trying to cover himself with his other hand, gasping when Jimin is faster than him, his hands stopping the fabric before Taehyung can pull it over his knees. 


“You know that we’ve been searching for an addition for a while.” Jimin has to admit that Taehyung is right to some degree, he should talk to Namjoon about it first. While Taehyung does know that Namjoon and Jimin have been searching for someone, he doesn’t know exactly what for. 


Somehow, they never considered Taehyung as an option. Somehow, he seemed a little too vanilla, too soft. There was always the fear of ruining their friendship. The fear of rejection, even condemnation, once Taehyung would find out what Namjoon and Jimin were living out behind their closed bedroom door. 


Yes, he should talk to Namjoon, but for now, he wants to expand the boundaries, test the waters, take the opportunity before it’s gone, feed that dark part inside of him. 


He grabs the remote to shut off the TV and the fake sounds of lust with it. “I promise you won’t need that cheap porn anymore,” Jimin grins. “I can provide better than that.”


“You are crazy,” Taehyung sighs, but Jimin can hear from his voice that Taehyung already imagines where this could go, hears that little spark of interest that Jimin knows too well himself. 


It was what had led him to Namjoon back then. Curiosity and that seemingly bottomless need that he hadn’t been able to fill until Namjoon made sense of it for him. 


“Would it be so bad if I was?” he asks, gently pushing Taehyung’s closed legs apart without giving him time to answer. 


Despite the spark of interest that Jimin heard in Taehyung’s voice earlier, it’s still surprising that there's barely any resistance. His legs are opening up easily for Jimin, revealing that Taehyung is back to full hardness without any physical help. 


“Oh, Tae,” Jimin breathes, his heart stuttering when Taehyung worries his lower lip, his eyes fixating a point somewhere behind Jimin as a dark blush creeps over his cheeks. 


Taehyung’s inner thighs are soft, supple where Jimin touches the warm skin. It’s dimpling under his touch as he lets his fingers wander upwards, towards Taehyung’s groin. It’s easy. Almost too easy. 


“Hmm, I really want to take your dick,” he points at Taehyung’s precum leaking cock, touching it at the base before he quickly lets go again, “into my mouth.” Jimin sucks his index and middle finger into his mouth and pushes them deeper, suggesting what is yet to follow, implying what he is capable of.


Taehyung’s gaze flutters downward, fixating on Jimin’s mouth, his lips, the fingers vanishing between them, and now there's a hint of lust clouding his dark eyes. It’s a foreign sight on Taehyung’s soft features, but it’s also the confirmation Jimin needed to go on. 


He lets his hands wander further up Taehyung’s exposed, smooth thighs, his nails leaving small red trails on the soft skin on the way up, and the touch is enough to make Taehyung inhale sharply. Jimin pulls him closer to the edge of the couch when he reaches Taehyung’s hips and makes him spread his legs wider, so he can settle in between them for good. 


Experimentally, Jimin digs his nails into what he can reach of the soft swell of Taehyung’s ass cheeks as he pulls him that little bit closer. Fascination mixes with deep satisfaction when Taehyung’s cock kicks, a bead of precum gathering at the slit. 


Maybe he is out of his mind. Maybe he is crazy. Then again, he would be even more insane to let this opportunity to explore that other side of him pass. He suspected that it had always been there, buried under the satisfaction he gets when Namjoon dominates him, but this is different, pleasing in a way he had never considered before. 




Jimin reaches out, admiring the way Taehyung’s cock is pressed flush against his stomach before he bends it towards him so he'll be able to reach better. A string of precum leads from the slit to a spot on Taehyung’s stomach. Jimin watches as it snaps back, dripping down Taehyung’s cock.


Pursing his lips, Jimin blows his breath against the head of Taehyung’s length, and he doesn’t need to wait for the reaction. Taehyung lets his head fall back against the backrest, his whimpers starting to get desperate quickly when Jimin does it again and then once more, his breath cool on the moist patches of skin, creating the most unfulfilling sensation. 


“Shit. Don’t be such a tease,” Taehyung whines.


Jimin pauses for a second before licking up all the way from the base to the tip, making Taehyung moan in relief. He retreats before he blows air against him once more. Taehyung shivers when Jimin’s breath hits the moist stripe of saliva he has left on his cock.


“Please.” Taehyung reaches out to touch himself, but Jimin gently slaps his hand away, and Taehyung places it obediently next to his thigh without another word. 


It's interesting how quickly Taehyung is begging for it, how easily he listens, gives in. Jimin can't deny that he likes it a lot, even more though because Taehyung doesn't seem to realize that he's subconsciously submitting to Jimin like this.


“What do you want, Tae?” Jimin lets his chin rest on his arms which are lying on Taehyung’s thighs, expectantly looking up at him, as he ignores his twitching cock altogether. “Hmm?”


“T-take it into your mouth.”


"Take what into my mouth?"


"My c-cock, take my cock into your mouth, please," Taehyung rushes, his cheeks deeply flushed as he's forced to voice his desire out loud.


Jimin can’t help himself when the answer he has been waiting for comes so quickly. It seems so easy. Can it really be that easy? His dick is already pressing hard against the fabric of his tight jeans, spurred on by the newly found power. He loves playing with Taehyung like this, wants to draw it out even more, but then again, he finally wants to get a real taste.


“Fine then.”


Jimin licks up from the base once again, but this time he doesn’t retreat. He knew that Taehyung was uncut, contrary to himself and Namjoon, or practically every other man he’s ever had sex with. Somehow, it’s almost like unwrapping a present, he thinks. Gently, he pulls down Taehyung’s foreskin so he can suck at the sensitive glans. He lets his tongue twirl languidly around the slick skin, collecting most of the precum which has accumulated around the slit. Taehyung moans quietly with relief, his hands clutching at the sleeves of Jimin’s shirt.


He can feel shivers running through the muscles of Taehyung’s thighs as he takes more of him in. Torn between touching himself and giving some additional attention to Taehyung, Jimin decides selflessly and closes one hand around the base of Taehyung’s cock to make up for what he isn’t able to reach, while he’s cupping Taehyung’s balls with the other hand to give them a soft massage. He lets his tongue swirl around the tip once again before he takes him even deeper, the flushed, leaking head almost touching the back of his throat. He starts swallowing around the erection, lowering his head to take in all of him, and there’s a lot to take in.


“Fuck, Min—,” Taehyung cries out, his hips hesitantly moving up toward Jimin’s mouth.




“Yeah. Fuck, Jimin.” 


Jimin’s heart falls at the unexpected voice. He shouldn’t feel guilty. He shouldn’t feel this way. He knew he could come in any second. Basically, they are in an open relationship. They— Why, why is Namjoon home early tonight? Jimin’s thoughts start running in circles. Would he have given into this if he'd expected Namjoon to come home this early? Would he have dared to go this far? Suddenly, he’s not so sure. For the first time in what seems like a whole eternity, he can’t read the tone in Namjoon's voice. Is he disappointed? Does he like what he sees? 


Taehyung is frozen to the spot, the only movement is his chest heaving with his erratic breathing when he looks at Jimin in panic. Only then Jimin lets Taehyung's softening cock slide out of his mouth and dares to turn towards the voice, wiping saliva and precum from his chin with the back of his hand. There is no way he can talk himself out of this.


His boyfriend is leaning against the doorframe that leads from the entry to the living room.


“Joon— I—,” Jimin wants to apologize, but then he sees Namjoon’s hand. Deeply buried inside his opened black suit pants. Involuntarily, Jimin bites on his lower lip as a wave of arousal hits him. How long has Namjoon been watching them? His lips feel tender and wet from sucking Taehyung’s cock, and he can still taste precum on his tongue. Slowly, he gets up, while Taehyung is still sitting on the couch behind him, staring like a deer caught in the headlights.


“Joon—,” he says again, more urgently. “Hyung—”


“You could have waited for me,” Namjoon says as he breaks away from the doorframe, lowering his eyes as he slowly starts walking towards them.


Jimin knows this look. It makes his heart go faster, his breath shallower, sending delicious shivers of anticipation down his spine. He knows the look of his dom when there's a punishment waiting for him. It is what Namjoon has become the second Jimin saw the look in his eyes.


“Bedroom. Now. You should know better than doing it in an off-limits room,” Namjoon says, as he comes to a stop in front of them, and Jimin’s breath hitches at the pain when Namjoon reaches out to squeeze the outline of his cock between his thumb and index finger. “You haven’t touched yourself yet? Good boy. Leave it like that.”


Jimin’s jeans are still tight against his cock, and Namjoon calling him his good boy is enough for him to feel like he’s going to combust any second. The teasing touches and Namjoon’s words don’t exactly make it any better. Jimin loves to wear those jeans since his ass looks really nice in them, but they aren’t made for situations like this.


"But I wasn't a good boy, was I?" he asks, trying to look into Namjoon's eyes, but he's avoiding Jimin's gaze.


"No, you weren't. You know what that means."


"Yes, hyung. Yes, I know." Usually, he would call Namjoonsir during their scenes, but it seems too much with Taehyung present. It seems too much when he's oblivious to it all, being thrown into cold water as it is.




Taehyung still hasn’t said a word. He’s worrying his lips as he looks at Jimin, he doesn’t even dare to glance at Namjoon. Jimin is pretty sure Taehyung is trying to figure out what is going on. There's confusion in his eyes, but also a spark of interest. He wants to assure him to come with them, wants to see more of the natural submission that radiates from Taehyung. He seems to be even more submissive than Jimin himself, and that isn’t something Jimin has ever expected.


While Taehyung has been Jimin’s friend for fifteen years, the subject of BDSM has never come up. Jimin is sure that Taehyung would have talked with him about it if he’d ever tried before, because they usually talk about everything, and in Taehyung's case this includes his sexcapades. But he hasn't. Jimin contemplates for a split second if he should simply tell him what is going on, ask him if he’s okay with it, but then again he doesn't want to interrupt the natural flow of this. 


Whatever this is.


“You heard our hyung,” Jimin says, as he holds out his hand to Taehyung. “Bedroom. Or do you want to go back to using your hand after you had my mouth on you?” It’s bold, it’s risky, but there’s this spark in Taehyung’s eyes again. He could back out if he wanted to. He could say ‘stop,’ and Namjoon would stop right away. It’s what makes Jimin feel at ease, the trust he shares with Namjoon, the faith in Taehyung that he would say so if he wanted an out. 


“Are you sure?” Taehyung wants to reach for his pants to pull them up again, but Namjoon makes a disapproving sound.


“You won’t need those for a while if you want me to take care of you.” Promise darkens his voice in a way that makes Jimin's stomach twist with expectations. 


Taehyung stills, the blush on his cheeks is prominent even on his darker skin tone. Then he nods. “Okay.” 


He doesn’t see the minuscule look Jimin and Namjoon are sharing. It’s something they wouldn’t usually do in a scene, but for Taehyung’s safety, they do. 


I trust you, the look says. We gotta talk about it, but I trust you.


“Come on, Tae.” Jimin grabs his hand and pulls him up from the couch, which causes Taehyung to step out of his pants involuntarily. “No promises we won’t bite, but that’s on you to decide.”


The idea of sharing Namjoon had always felt different as it seemed so far away. Now that it’s here, this moment, sharing Namjoon - Jimin doesn’t quite know how to feel. The ambivalence of the situation is driving him crazy. There’s a rush that is slowly settling in his bones, but it’s accompanied by an uneasy feeling stirring deep in his stomach. 


Yes, he and Namjoon talked about trying to add another person to their sex life, but Jimin had always been scared by the idea of letting a total stranger into the most intimate area of their lives. So maybe it is a good thing that with Taehyung it is someone they both know and trust.


Namjoon is getting rid of his suit pants while they’re walking to his and Jimin’s bedroom. Jimin wants to reach out, touch the visible outline of Namjoon’s cock behind the elastic fabric of his black boxer-briefs. He loves touching Namjoon, loves the heaviness of his erection in his hand, but Namjoon is having none of it, pushing back Jimin's hand, as he walks by him, not even granting him a look.


I see how it is, Jimin thinks. Neglect has always been one of Namjoon’s favorite ways to punish him during scenes, but he also knows how to rile Namjoon up, how to make him touch him, and he enjoys doing so immensely.


The light outside changed from the orange glow of a late summer sunset to the grey dusk of an early fall night. Jimin turns on the light in the bedroom but dims it to a subtle orange glow instantly as he watches Namjoon climbing into the king-size bed first, watches him leaning back against the headboard as he frees his cock from the tightness of his underwear. Languidly, he pumps it to get it back to full hardness. Namjoon looks so good in the dim light, so sensual, and Jimin just wants to crawl up to him, touch him, feel his warm, soft skin under his fingertips, taste it with his tongue, but he knows this is a lost cause for now.


“Come here, Taehyung,” Namjoon beckons. “I bet you’re good at giving head. Come here. Pretty sure you're a sloppy one, hmm? Show me.”


Jimin can make out the heightened confusion in his even features once Taehyung can tear his gaze away from Namjoon's impressive cock. He isn’t used to Namjoon being like this - demanding and controlling. And how should he be? This side of Namjoon had been reserved for Jimin until now.


Some uncertain seconds tick by before Taehyung climbs into bed to join Namjoon, crawling forward until he can settle between Namjoon’s legs, taking the exposed cock into his hands without any visible hesitation.


“Aren’t you eager,” Namjoon praises, gasping quietly as Taehyung’s mouth takes him in. There’s something about Taehyung’s eyes, the way they seem glazed over, gone. Jimin can’t look away from him, enticed by the way his lips are stretched wide around Namjoon’s cock, saliva and precum dripping from the corners of his mouth. He’s sloppy, uncaring, just as Namjoon asked of him. 


Jimin opens the buttons of his dress shirt as he sits down on Namjoon’s left side. He feels left out, and it shouldn’t get to him as much as it does, knowing that Namjoon ignores him deliberately by his own choice. 


The lewd sounds, the image before him makes Jimin’s jeans impossibly tight. He reaches for the top button of his jeans, desperate to ease the pressure, but Namjoon stops him instantly. So much for ignoring him— Namjoon is still attentive towards him, and knowing that is enough to ease the bitter jealousy in Jimin’s heart at least a little.


“Leave your pants on for now,” Namjoon says, a smirk on his lips, but his eyes are stern. He bites up along the side of Jimin’s neck, the last nip harsher, almost breaking skin, but Namjoon licks over the sensitive patch of skin to soothe the sting at once.


“Prep him for me,” Namjoon whispers into Jimin’s ear, tugging fierce and demandingly with his teeth at his earlobe. He's not saying his name, nor a pet name. It messes with Jimin's mind, makes his heart race with the familiar feeling he usually gets during their scenes when he’s entirely at Namjoon’s mercy. He obeys, rushing to get Namjoon’s favorite lube and a condom out of the nightstand drawer.


Taehyung is still eagerly licking and sucking Namjoon’s cock. Jimin watches for a second longer, wondering if his lips look similarly obscene when they are stretched around Namjoon's thick girth before he settles down behind Taehyung, running his hand over his right ass cheek. 


It’s as supple as his thighs, jiggling when Jimin gives it a testing squeeze. He feels empowered by the fact that he’s allowed to do that, allowed to scrape his nails over the soft flesh as he remembers that Taehyung liked it when he did it to him earlier. 


Taehyung whimpers softly, muted by Namjoon’s dick in his mouth. Spurred on by the reaction, Jimin continues exploring the firm flesh on the backside of Taehyung’s thighs, ghosting over his balls, massaging the perineum on his way up to spread his cheeks with both hands. Jimin stalls, breath hitching in his throat when he can feel an obstacle in his way.


“What the— Oh Tae, I didn’t know you were that dirty.”


Namjoon looks up, his interest sparked by Jimin’s words.


“I don’t think he will need a lot of prepping,” Jimin chuckles, as he lets his fingers run over the base of the plug he has failed to notice earlier. “He has a pretty plug in his little hole.” It’s hardly surprising that Taehyung had been so sensitive to his touches. Teasingly, Jimin pulls the plug out a bit before he pushes it in again, humming contently when Taehyung has to let go of Namjoon’s cock to gasp for air. 


“Aw, no, no, no,” Namjoon chides, “Stay down there, or do you want me to hold you down?”


Taehyung quickly shakes his head no, and continues sucking on Namjoon’s dick. Namjoon seems almost unfazed by it all, but Jimin sees the small beads of sweat that are forming on Namjoon’s hairline, betraying him. 


Judging from the wet sound and the dribble of lube that runs down Taehyung's perineum, he is sure Taehyung has lubed himself up nicely before he has put the toy in. It is a pretty plug, Jimin has to admit. Black silicone with a dark grey sparkling stone enclosed at the base. Maybe he can talk Namjoon into getting him one of these too. 


Jimin lubes up his fingers thoroughly, trickling some of it on Taehyung’s rim to tease him. The cold fluid on his hot skin makes Taehyung flinch, moans are emerging from his lips, still muffled by Namjoon's cock, and Jimin can't hold himself back from thinking how good Taehyung looks with his ass up in the air, how well he fits into the picture.


“I’m going to remove it. Okay, Tae?” he warns him, closing his hand around the base of the plug, teasingly rotating it in small circles. It is obscenely hot how Taehyung lets out a string of profanities against Namjoon’s cock. Jimin admires Namjoon’s stamina, he would have long come with all the attention Taehyung is giving to him.


Jimin is tempted to touch himself, he is longing so much for friction, any friction, his briefs are soaking wet where the tip of his dick is straining against the fabric. He’s well aware that Namjoon’s gaze is on him constantly, and it will only prolong his punishment if he acts against Namjoon's demands. If he needs to, Jimin can play this game too.


So Jimin continues to give all his attention to Taehyung, carefully pulling out the toy, surprised by the size of the bulb which only becomes visible now. Taehyung is writhing underneath him, his moans interlaced with whimpers when he finds himself clenching around nothing. Jimin can’t help but admire the way Taehyung’s pink hole looks so open and ready, lube trickling down the perineum, making him look wet and ready for more.

The sudden desire to fuck Taehyung himself instead of prepping him for Namjoon takes Jimin by surprise. Just imagining Taehyung's wet insides clenched around his cock, makes him leak even more precum into his briefs. Fingering him, making him relax has to be enough for now. Jimin starts by pushing one finger in, but instantly feels that there’s already space for more. 


“More— hyung, I need more—”


Namjoon chuckles when he hears Taehyung calling Jimin hyung. "Now that's interesting," he hums under his breath, but Jimin catches it anyway, and he can't help smiling to himself. 


Yes, it is interesting, but what is even more interesting is the excited drop of his stomach when the honorific falls so casually from Taehyung's lips.


Jimin adds his middle finger, and after a few seconds, Taehyung starts pushing back against his hand. He’s obviously trying to get Jimin to touch his prostate, but Jimin doesn’t want to give it to him just yet. He keeps his fingers straight, carefully brushing past the small happy spot he knows Namjoon can hit so perfectly well with his cock. It's worth waiting for, and Taehyung will realize it soon enough.


Namjoon sends Jimin an inquiring look. He nods, knowing what Namjoon is asking for. “Yes, he’s ready, hyung.”


“Come here, baby,” Namjoon whispers, and Jimin only realizes Namjoon is indeed talking to him when he looks up and catches Namjoon looking at him with a look Jimin can’t quite place, but he seems mollified enough.


Sweet relief is running down Jimin’s spine when he sees the small smile playing around the corners of Namjoon’s lips. He’s fed up with being just some kind of bystander, fed up by the punishment. Jimin draws back his fingers with a wet sound, trying not to let the desperate sound Taehyung makes get to him when he rips open the package of the condom he has gotten from the drawer earlier.


Jimin doesn’t even ask for permission to touch Namjoon. He just comes closer, pushes Taehyung gently away from Namjoon’s cock, and positions the condom on the tip, then he rolls it down with his mouth. All the way down. Until he can feel Namjoon’s length pushing past the back of his throat. The deep, lustful sound Namjoon makes, and his fingernails scratching softly over the back of Jimin's neck are worth it. Namjoon finally touching him with his hands makes worth the artificial taste of the latex, the tears pooling in his eyes, caused by his exertion to evade the gag reflex.


Namjoon places his fingers under Jimin’s chin and pulls him up gently, away from his cock. His lips are ghosting over Jimin’s for a second, then he shoves the bottle of lube into Jimin’s hands so Jimin can slick up Namjoon’s cock. He knows he’s doing something right when Namjoon stops him again soon, his breath ragged and his eyes so dark and full of lust that Jimin just wants to push Taehyung away and claim Namjoon all for himself.




Namjoon's focus is back on Taehyung too fast for Jimin’s liking, and he’s falling back into his hated position as a bystander. Taehyung waited patiently, sitting on the balls of his feet, his hands on his thighs. Somehow, it’s almost unbelievable that he’s never subbed before. He’s perfect, and the glint in Namjoon’s eyes tells Jimin that he’s thinking the same.


“Please, sit,” Namjoon says as he pushes Taehyung’s hair back from his face. He sounds like he’s offering Taehyung a seat in his office. Jimin doesn’t even know why the wording attracts him so much. He has to bite back a moan when Taehyung follows the order and positions himself over Namjoon's cock. Fascinated and incredibly turned on he watches how well Taehyung takes Namjoon in, sliding down on him in one fluid movement, but then again, Taehyung has always been a size queen.


Suddenly, Jimin gets pulled in by Taehyung, and he’s unable to react when he feels his lips hot, swollen and wet on his own. He can taste Namjoon’s precum on Taehyung’s tongue, and it’s almost as if Taehyung mirrors what he has previously done to Namjoon’s cock. He holds Jimin close, his hand buried in his hair as he moans into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. 


Jimin can feel a groan building up in his throat, but it is quickly swallowed by Taehyung. He’s clawing his hands into the silken fabric of the bedspread, as he tries to hold back from touching himself, but it brings no relief. Namjoon pulls him back from Taehyung, starting to roll up his hips to meet Taehyung’s eager movements, and all Jimin can do is watch, the feeling in his chest cold and bitter. 


“You’re such a good boy, Taehyung,” Namjoon says lowly, nipping along Taehyung’s flushed neck up to his jaw. “Fucking yourself so well on your hyung’s cock. I think you deserve a reward.” 


As soon as Jimin sees Namjoon change the angle of his hips, he knows what is coming, and at this moment he would give anything to be in Taehyung’s place.


“F-fuck, hyung,” Taehyung sputters, “Right there—”


Their dark voices mingle together, and while Jimin just wants to keep listening to this sinful cacophony, he also wants it to end so it’s finally his turn.


He reaches for Taehyung’s flushed erection, pumping it in the rhythm of Namjoon’s thrusts. The pace in which Taehyung is bouncing up and down Namjoon's cock makes it hard for Jimin to keep touching him, but then he can hear how Taehyung’s breathing changes, and it's all the warning Jimin gets before he comes all over Jimin’s hands and his own stomach with a ragged moan. Jimin keeps milking him, only stops when the last bead of cum spurts weakly from Taehyung's pulsing cock.


Namjoon thrusts up into Taehyung once more before he pushes him on his back. Taehyung gasps in surprise when Namjoon slides out of him. Carelessly, Namjoon flings the condom to the side, finishing himself off with a few pumps of his fist, his cum scattering all over Taehyung’s stomach, mixing with Taehyung’s own.


Jimin can only stare at the men in front of him. Both flushed and panting as they are spread across the silken sheets, light sheens of sweat covering their tanned skins. He has to suppress a moan when he sees Taehyung collecting some of the mixed cum from his stomach, licking his finger clean to get a taste. He looks so wrecked, as he sucks on his finger, so wrecked and beautiful. Jimin wants it too. Wants Namjoon to wreck him, to use him.




What about me? Jimin is about to complain, but he doesn’t want to seem as needy as he feels. He can feel the amount of wetness from his precum soaking the heavy fabric on the front of his jeans by now, leaving a stain, and he’s feeling dizzy, the longing to be touched, to please overriding every other thought.


“Don't worry, you will both get fucked tonight,” Namjoon says, when he collected himself, shifting to be able to look into Jimin's eyes, a hint of his tender side sparkling through. He must have noticed the urge and disappointment in Jimin’s expression.


Namjoon’s hands are slightly shaking from the heat of the afterglow when he reaches to touch the front of Jimin’s jeans. Carefully, he opens the row of buttons for Jimin, firmly stroking along the outlines of his leaking cock under the thin fabric of his briefs. The long-awaited friction causes a strangled sound to emerge from his lips, but before he can fully enjoy the touches, Namjoon’s hand is gone again.


“Strip. I'm not sure you're worth it yet.”


“Yes, hyung.” Jimin hates him a little. Hates how he riled him up just to let him fall again a second later but loves it all the same because he knows how much Namjoon likes to watch, and he loves it when Namjoon is giving in to his need to dominate. Later, when they'll lie cuddled up in their bed together, he will be the kindest boyfriend anyone could imagine, he will tell Jimin about his day, will listen to Jimin’s rant about his own, and hold him until he’s fallen asleep.


They’ve established a balance of living out their kinks in the bedroom over time. Jimin remembers how glad he was when he found out after their first times together that Namjoon had those light BDSM tendencies and was able to satisfy the kinks Jimin didn’t even know he had, becoming his dom whenever Jimin needed him to.


Jimin gets up from the bed, finally kicking off the ridiculously tight jeans that have been bothering him all night. He turns around to face the two men on the bed again. Both are leaning against the headboard, their breathing still uneven. Taehyung is cuddled against Namjoon’s chest, looking comfortable and satiated. Jimin envies him. Envies that he gets to touch, feel Namjoon’s skin against his, share his warmth. He wants to join them, but he also wants to get off. 


With both thumbs hooked under the waistband of his briefs, Jimin pulls them down, sighing at the sweet mixture of pain and relief as the elastic band rolls over his cock before he can finally let it spring free. The cool air is soothing and maddening at the same time. Namjoon hasn’t allowed Jimin to touch himself yet, so there’s nothing he can do while he lets his brief slide down his legs.


Jimin is used to doing this for Namjoon, but with Taehyung watching it’s different. It makes him a little more excited, but also a little self-conscious. His dick isn’t small per se. While it’s shorter in comparison to both Namjoon and Taehyung’s cocks, it has a nice girth, and Jimin has to admit it looks nice the way it’s standing upright, the glans wet with precum, ready for anyone to suck it clean.


“Touch yourself.”


He closes his eyes and lets his splayed right hand roam over the plains of his chest, briefly rubbing over his taut, aroused nipples. His hand wanders down over his sternum to his abs, down his v-line, until he finally allows himself to wrap his hand around his cock. The first real friction for hours almost makes him black out. It feels so good. He knows he could come with a few more tugs, a little pressure on the sensitive spot under the head. All the waiting, and watching Namjoon fuck Taehyung has riled him up so much, he’s more than ready.


Then he hears a soft moan and his eyes fly open.


Namjoon is lazily pumping his reawoken erection with one hand, while the other is buried in Taehyung’s lap, mirroring what he does to himself. Taehyung just lies there, watching Jimin, too fucked out to do anything else.


They are doing practically nothing, but the sight makes Jimin dizzy, a small string of moans escaping his lips. He needs to stop touching himself, or he will come early like a pubescent kid. He gives into two more pumps of his fist before he climbs back into bed, reaching for the bottle of lube. He’s waiting for a sign from Namjoon, but this time he doesn’t have to wait. 


“Go ahead, baby,” Namjoon says as he hands Jimin the tube. “Show us how well you fuck yourself on your fingers.”


Jimin squeezes a fair amount of lube onto his palm, spreads it over the fingers of his right hand and turns around on his knees, propping himself up with one hand, so he can face the mirrored door that leads to their inbuilt wardrobe opposite of the bed.


Without waiting for the lube to warm up he reaches back, lets his hand slide down between his ass cheeks, over his puckered hole and then slowly pushes one finger in, not looking away from the mirror and the two men behind him once. As soon as he knows that he can take a second, he starts fucking himself on his fingers. Pushing back onto them feels good, but it’s not enough, it will never be enough. His fingers are too short of reaching his prostate in the position he’s in right now, and he needs to be touched there. He's only vaguely aware of moaning Namjoon's name.


"Am I worthy, hyung? Will hyung finally touch me? Haven’t I been a good boy?" He doesn’t care how far gone he sounds, how desperate. He forgets that Taehyung is there, forgets that he’s being watched. 


“Fuck, baby,” Namjoon chokes and Jimin knows that it won’t take long now until Namjoon will be all over him. In the reflection of the mirror, he can make out Namjoon reaching for the bottle, lubing himself up for him. 


He wants him. He wants him now. The need to be touched is overwhelming him, his mind just blacks out. “Joon,” he sobs, “Hyung, please?” It’s taken so long this time until he finally reached that stage where nothing matters anymore, where he would do anything to get his needs fulfilled. Anything.


Finally, finally, Namjoon gets close to him, his hand caressing along Jimin’s arched back. “You are doing so well on your own, are you sure you need me, baby?”


“Yes. Yes. I need you, I need hyung's—,” Jimin's breath hitches in his throat when Namjoon gently pulls Jimin’s own fingers out of him, intertwining their lube-slick hands, as he gets closer. He can feel Namjoon’s hardness ghosting teasingly over his hole, and he wants to scream at him to take him finally.


“What do you need, baby boy?” Namjoon asks nonchalantly as he lets his whole length slide along the crack of Jimin’s cheeks.


Jimin whines at the sound of the pet name. It’s always been his favorite, and Namjoon knows how to use it against him. 


“Hyung's cock. Inside me.” He had to learn to voice his desires out loud, had to learn how much it’s giving to Namjoon when he does so. “I need you to fuck me.”


“I need you to fuck me. What?” Namjoon asks darkly, the underside of his cock pressed flush between Jimin’s cheeks, his hands squeezing hard into the flesh of his behind.


“I need you to fuck me hard, please. Sir.” He needs him so much, he can’t even muster the strength to care anymore. He’s vaguely aware of Taehyung’s gasp that is almost a moan, of his fist sliding wetly over his cock as he watches them.


“That's right, baby boy. Let’s give Taehyungie a show, hmm?” 


It takes one smooth slide off Namjoon’s hips to bury himself in Jimin. He’s going to black out. He’s shaking, the only thing he can hear is his own heart pounding in his ears, everything around him forgotten. He feels so full, so fulfilled.




Namjoon’s voice is far away, but with a gasp, Jimin realizes that he has indeed stopped breathing as air is filling up his lungs again. He knows that Namjoon is waiting for a signal from him. When they are at this point, Namjoon would never choose his own desires over Jimin’s. It fills his heart with love and makes it hard to breathe again for an entirely different reason.


He leans back into the pleasure that is Namjoon, pushing against him a little to let him know that he’s okay, that he’s still with him.


“You feel so good, baby,” Namjoon breathes, his voice anchoring Jimin again. His fingers dig into the skin of Jimin’s hip, pulling him closer with each thrust. The wet sounds that emerge each time Namjoon thrusts into him deeper and deeper are almost enough to push Jimin over the edge.


“Come for me, baby boy.” Namjoon’s hand reaches around him, pumping Jimin’s dripping cock firmly, while he’s continuously brushing against his prostate. “Let go.”


Jimin's orgasm is shattering through him without a warning sign. He marginally notices the whimpers and cries that are escaping his mouth, completely dissolved in the pleasure as Namjoon fucks him through it.


“Jimin, I—”


“Come inside me, hyung,” he moans, not caring about the overstimulation that is already kicking in, making him whimper with every thrust, but Namjoon is already there. He's tensing, moaning Jimin’s name as he comes deep inside him. Jimin can feel him pulsing, can feel the hot, slick cum filling him up.


Namjoon collapses next to Jimin, instantly putting his arm around him, stroking the tousled hair out of his face to make sure he is okay and Jimin can feel a weak smile spreading over his lips. “I love you,” he whispers so that only Namjoon can hear him and Jimin gets a kiss on his forehead in return. Namjoon is smiling so fondly at him that his dimples are showing. It’s when Jimin knows that everything is alright between them, that Namjoon loved what they did tonight as much as he did.



“Fuck, you two are so hot,” Taehyung murmurs from behind them. He came again as well, he is a mess - cum all over his stomach, his cock still in his hands, his eyes following Namjoon as he gets up and walks to the door.


“Told you,” Jimin says weakly, “You won’t need that stupid porn anymore.”


“You told him what?” Namjoon chuckles, almost out of the room. 


“Nevermind,” Taehyung says, hiding his face. 




It doesn’t take long for Namjoon to come back with a water bottle, three warm washcloths, and a towel. Gently, he helps cleaning them, and only when he’s sure that Jimin and Taehyung are thoroughly cleaned and tucked under the duvet, he joins them. 


When Jimin wakes up again, Taehyung is gone. He shifts to be able to look at Namjoon, to find that he’s awake.


“He could have stayed,” Namjoon says, kissing Jimin’s temple.


“I wouldn’t have minded either,” Jimin agrees, cuddling up closer to Namjoon. He feels lighthearted, unable to stop his lips from smiling, albeit tiredly. “I really wouldn’t have minded.”