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Shenanigans, Shenanigans and what? Shenanigans.

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When in Heights Alliance (U.A Dorms, specifically Class 1-A):


  • There was a time where Present Mic encouraged his students to integrate idioms in their vocabulary. This backfired greatly when they all tried it in the dorms. Someone asking a question and the other one (Bakugou mostly) yelling "WHEN PIGS FLY!". Then, in a seemingly unrehearsed movement, Creati casually responds by making stuffed pigs and Uravity activating her quirk. Both girls did it with blank expressions while still doing what they were doing as if it happens all the time.
  • There were too much stuffed pigs in the common room after a week that Aizawa banned the use of that particular idiom in the dorms.
  • (On a side note, there will be a time in the future where each student of Class 1-A will let it slip while sassing a villain. Jokes on you, Aizawa-sensei) 

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Baking contests were a thing until there were too many ovens totaled. Before baking contests were banned, Satou was always reigned the "Bae King". There was one time Katsuki won (the one time he participated) and everyone kept whining for him to make "The best fucking blueberry cheesecake you'll ever have".

One oven was frozen (No, Todoroki, it's supposed to light up like that. It wasn't going to explode), one oven got exploded (surprisingly not because of Bakugou but because we don't put that much raw eggs inside an oven, Kirishima!), one oven in particular short circuited (because "no, it's not Kaminari. It's me. I tripped and the glass of water splash--" "Todoroki-kun, please come out of the kitchen."), another one was totaled when the girls participated in the baking contest ("MINA! OH MY GOD, THE OVEN'S ON FIRE!). After that, Aizawa banned baking contests and limited the use of the oven.

Satou was the only exception to the new rule in their rule board "Get permission if you want to bake. See requirements."

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One of the mysteries in Heights Alliance after renovations, most specifically in Class 2-A dorms:


In a random time where all of Class 2-A is all together in the common room, there's a beat that goes off in the whole dorm that signals it and a portable catwalk appeared out of nowhere.

No one knows who installed it but the girls loves it, dismissing the idea that their dorms are haunted. ("IF it's haunted then it's one fashionable ghost needing a fashion show!)  

Because of this mystery, Fashion shows happens randomly in the commons. No matter what they wear. There was a time they were all in pyjamas, Kouda won that because of the "bunny eating cake" printed pyjamas. It happened two times a week that Jirou set up a mini DJ booth by the corner so they could enjoy it more. Yaomomo created spotlights that were now permanently installed above the catwalk.

Shouji was the official photographer because of his quality photos, he could get awesome overhead angles too. 

(No one knows who did it but Eraserhead bets it was Present Mic and Cementoss because of that one drunk message he sent to the teacher gc, his students are having fun with it anyway, no need to reprimand any of them)

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There was a time that the girls clothes got mixed up so much because they all had a habit of sharing clothes that they had to haul all of their clothes (sans underwear) out of the closet and sort them all out in the commons. Every three months, they had to do it again. After they graduated, their clothes were still mixed up they had to meet up and do it again.


On a side note, some of the girls also acquired clothing from the boys throughout the years.

Mina, in particular, have a drawer full of Bakusquad's shirts and hoodies she "borrowed". (There was a time she had a hoodie phase that got her like "Give me your hoodies or i'll melt your precious *insert important thing here") (The Bakusquad didn't mind, no matter how they complained about it)

Uraraka also had a few shirts given to her by Dekusquad (Willingly given, because Iida outgrown it, Izuku lent it to her but didn't ask for it back, and Todoroki asked her help to fix a small hole in the shirt for him but decided to just give it to her instead, it's one of Uraraka's expensive shirts. Shinsou also lent her a jacket but he was gifted another one so he said he didn't need it anymore) (Dekusquad was full of practical and tsundere boys)

Jirou treasured the Limited Edition signed band shirt BAKUGOU KATSUKI gave her. Yes, Katsuki gave it to her. His cousin visited and gifted it to him but he has no interest in wearing merch shirts so he chucked it on Jirou's way one day in the dorms. ("You like that fucking band, didn't you?" he asked "I'll give it to you but you have to lend me the LP player in your room.") Needless to say, Jirou was ecstatic enough to lend it to him for an entire year, she didn't mind--she had two. 

Yaomomo still has a jacket that Todoroki gave her during second year when she caught a cold. She mostly has a drawer full of the U.A girls' clothes because it was more comfortable for her. 

Hagakure has accumulated a cloak from Tokoyami, a face mask from Shouji and pyjamas from Kouda and a silk handkerchief from Aoyama. She even has a "thank you" scarf knitted by Midoriya when he got so fidgety and she recommended knitting.

Tsuyu didn't particularly have a lot of clothing given to her but she also has some from Iida because he keeps growing during second year. She mostly got clothes from girls that could be "hand me downs" for her sister.


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Due to what happened in their internships or just the typical shitty things that happens in their lives, everyone in Class 2-A now have their own collection of nightmares. Aizawa Shouta created a tradition for them (because Hizashi, Nemuri, Tensei and him had been doing it for years, it's time to pass that tradition down to his kids)

Nightmares happens all the time that the kitchen light is always on.

Because of that, different kinds of tea lined up one of the drawers, all in the students' preferences. There was also some hot chocolate for others. Their parents/guardians never fail to send some and restock it when Aizawa informs them they were running out (if he didn't have time to restock it himself). Coffee, instant or beans, which just appeared in the Comfort Drawer became a saving grace for others.

In the Comfort Drawer, at the very back, lies twenty small jars lined up in their dorm room setting. Inside the small jar were small rolls of notes from every parent/guardian/siblings/classmate/teacher in a kitchen drawer so they can read it there. It never failed to elevate the feeling of having a nightmare, more so if it's about them.

A box of tissue is always stocked up as well, because behind all those hero costumes and amazing personalities, they're all softies at heart.

(This tradition was continued even after years of them being a pro-hero. Each student of Class 2-A has a Comfort Drawer in their respective apartments. Occasionally, they update the notes after a particular mission.)

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One dorm rule they like to break when Truth or Dare is played is "Don't touch,use,eat, make an attempt Bakugou Katsuki's hotsauce/chili flakes/chili oil". Bakugou just lets them for the sake of laughing at their misery. It already had Kaminari short circuiting, Momo downing a whole ice cream gallon, Kirishima gulping down three milk cartons, Sero eating all of the bread, and Uraraka passing out.

The only one who survived it marginally with just a pitcher of iced water was Midoriya and that was because he's had years of practice (“because Kacchan likes to prank me with it every year. Also, my mom likes to make it with Kacchan.”)

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The class became supporters of campaigns against animal abuse because the only time they saw Kouda angry, bless his soft heart, was when a TV show marathon in national television that was supporting animal abuse. They were scarred for life.

Apparently after being tremendously angry, Kouda would cry for the animals he sees getting abused. He cried so much and no one can make him stop.

Due to panic, the girls had to throw away their makeup and retained the cruelty-free ones. Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero built him a doghouse even if the dorms don’t have one, Yaoyorozu called her parents about animal abuse and convinced them to cancel the show, Bakugou calling his parents to confirm they're not using real animal fur and making Kouda listen, Iida calling his parents and somehow their agency suddenly owned an animal shelter in the span of the duration of the phone call because Tensei panicked. Todoroki had to freeze the outside of the dorms because apparently even animals near them wants to comfort Kouda, bugs included (Class A solemnly nodded because right now, bugs will make him cry more.)

Hours later, Aizawa entered the dorm and stared at the stray animals the others somehow found to comfort their friend. He only sighed and asked where they got the goat and how they caught so many birds. All the animals were directed to the new Iida Animal Shelter after Kouda had been calmed down and had been comforted.