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Touken Danshi and The Order Of The Phoenix

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My Dear Friend, 


I am writing to you on a matter of great urgency. The Imperial family have been contacted by our Minister of Magic regarding your adopted son Prince Hiroki. The British Ministry are aware that he resides here and are demanding he be returned to them immediately. They insist he return to live with his blood family, despite their abandonment and your subsequent adoption of him. Naturally we have refused them. 

Your blood adoption of the Prince is irrefutable, however there is still British blood running through his veins and the DNA of his blood relations and as such he, unfortunately is bound by magic to attend Hogwarts. 


Please believe me my friend, I have had our best investigate and unfortunately if the Prince wishes to retain his magic, he must attend Hogwarts this coming September. 


Should he choose to attend, know that his blood family hold no legal or magical claim. Your blood adoption is final. In the eyes of the law and magic itself you are the Prince’s father. As he is a member of the Magical branch of the Imperial family, I suggest assigning guards for the duration of his stay at Hogwarts. I have included the laws and charters that relate to Hogwarts hosting Royalty, I also suggest you take advantage of everything possible to ensure Prince Hiroki’s safety…and the British Ministry’s discomfort. 


Know you have the Ministry and Imperial Family standing beside you, 


Your Friend, 


The Emperor. 


“Hogwarts…” Hizamaru muttered passing the letter to his older brother. “I do not like this Aruji.”


“I know Hizamaru. I do not like it one bit either. However I have looked over the documents the Emperor sent and he is right. There is nothing we can do. Hiroki wishes to retain his magic, therefore he must attend.” The Saniwa pressed his long fingers to the bridge of his crooked nose. “Is it selfish that I would prefer he stay here and lose his magic then attend that school?”


“Selfish? No. It would be the least painful option.” Higekiri gently placed the letter back on the Saniwa’s desk. He rested his hand on the hilt of his blade and turned to stare out the window. “My memories often escape me,” He sighed. “However I remember our time with them quite clearly, unfortunately.” His gaze turned to his brother, who’s own was staring blankly at the bookshelf behind the Saniwa’s desk. 


“It is your memories that have forced me to ask this.” The Saniwa said softly. “It would ease my fears knowing that my son was protected by the two of you. You have knowledge that could help him and most certainly keep him safe. I would like assign the two of you to Hiroki’s care. I would no longer be your Aruji, Hiroki would. Your first and only priority would be to him.” The Genji brothers shared a numb glance. 


“We will guard the Prince.” Higekiri announced. The elder sauntered over to his younger brother and placed a hand on his shoulder. “They will not torture you again Ototo.” 


“I will not send you two alone.” The Saniwa rose and in a flurry of golden robes rounded the desk. He placed a hand on Hizamaru’s other shoulder. “I am planning a team to join you. However I wish for you two to be assigned to Hiroki, to be with him and watch over him all the time. To guard him and help guide him. I will understand if you cannot and will find others, I would prefer the two of you but I will not force you.”


“We will not fail you or the Prince.” Hizamaru announced. “Regardless of my fears, I will not fail.” The Saniwa smiled. 


“I know you won’t. Now, who should accompany you two?”




Hiroki was not happy. While he was desperate to keep his magic, he really detested having to leave the Citadel and Japan just to attend this stupid school. “First they abandon me and ignore me for 4 years and now they’re so desperate to have me.” He muttered pacing the hall. 


“Would you join me Hiroki-kun?” The green eyed teen spun around at the request. Weird, he thought, I swear he wasn’t there a minute ago. 


Mikazuki Munechika didn’t look at the teen as he kneeled down beside him. Silently he poured the frazzled boy a cup of tea and handed it over with a calming smile. He watched Hiroki take a sip before picking up his own cup. “Share what’s on your mind Hiroki-kun.” Hiroki took a deep shaky breath. 


“I’m scared Mikazuki-dono.” He admitted staring down into his tea cup. “What if they won’t let me return here? What if something happens? Hizamaru and Higekiri are terrified to go back, it isn’t fair of Otasan to make them go and it’s not fair for the British people to make me go!” Mikazuki chuckled softly before taking a deep sip of his tea. 


“It is okay to be scared Hiroki-kun. Only when won is scared can one then be brave.” The Tachi handed the teen a piece of tea cake. “Eat.” He said. “They cannot make you stay, Aruji won’t allow it. The Emperor won’t allow it and we, the Touken Danshi won’t allow it. You forget little one, we travel back in time on a weekly basis.” The Tachi chuckled and ruffled the teen’s shaggy black hair. “If something happens, you let Higekiri, Hizamaru and the rest of us handle it. You are a child and such things are not your responsibility.”


“You should have seen Hizamaru, Mikazuki-dono. Higekiri told us their story, from when they were with the wizards, and Hizamaru-dono was trembling during it. He’s so scared. He tried to hide it but I can tell, he’s terrified. And Higekiri, he’s just…blank.” Mikazuki sighed. 


“Aruji gave them a choice Hiroki-kun. They both did not hesitate. Their past with the wizards is just that. While I have no doubt they will have hardships ahead in this mission, I have faith in them and in you that you all will come out of this stronger.” Tea finished, the Tachi began packing up his tea set. He handed the last teacake to Hiroki. 


“I wish I had your faith Mikazuki-dono.” Hiroki popped the tea cake in his mouth. 


“You are young yet Hiroki-kun. Give it time.” Mikazuki rose and gracefully bowed to the teen. “Trust those around you Hiroki-kun. Aruji is trusting you with Higekiri and Hizamaru. He has faith in you, consider this a test, or is it no longer your dream to take over and become Saniwa one day?” Mikazuki’s chuckle echoed down the hall behind him. 


Hiroki sighed, he wasn’t sure if he was comforted by his talk with Mikazuki or not. He was sure however, that he still didn’t won’t to go to Britain.