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perfect, only for me, mine

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“Now, now little cloud, what happened to that oh-so-expressionless face of yours?” The twisting harmony of Wei Wuxian’s voice sent shivers down Lan Wangji’s spine, impossible to hide from the man holding him still. He moaned quietly into the hand that was covering his mouth, grateful it was there but angry that Wei Wuxian had the audacity to do such a thing.

“Shh, shh, my sweet. Relax...relax into me.” Without his permission, he could feel his body losing its rigid posture and molding to the broad frame behind him. The hand that wasn’t covering his mouth left its place from the table in front of them and swept gently up quivering thighs. “That’s it, my cloud. Relax into me…”

The Gusu Lan disciple could hear the smirk on Wei Wuxian’s face when he whispered those sinful words.

“Relax onto me.”


Encompassed in the arms of Wei Wuxian, that large and warm chest behind him, the strong, pulsing heat in him, he isn’t sure how long he’s been sitting on the man’s lap.

Warming his cock.

Inside of him, buried oh so deep, filling him to the brim and stretching him wider than he’s been stretched before, Wei Wuxian was hot and heavy. 

He remembers how he got here, into this position, sitting on this man’s lap, but he has lost all sense of time, warm feelings and skin filling his senses, clouding his mind.


That morning, wrapped in the comfort of their small home in Burial Mounds (the promise of a better home for them soon was always on the tip of Wei Wuxian’s tongue, a promise that would never be empty), Lan Wangji had awoken to the feel of fingers trailing softly down his arms, his stomach. Glancing out the window, it was easy to tell it was still morning, not much later than five, but not yet noon. 

“When you are here in Burial Mounds Lan Zhan, let’s forget Gusu Lan rules.”

He tried, but some habits just stuck.

Sighing, Lan Wangji leaned into the arms of the man behind him and let his lips quirk up ever-so-quickly when he felt dry lips press against his neck.

“Good morning, my cloud.”

“Wei Ying…” Wei Wuxian hummed in agreement, fingers moving down to wrap around corded thighs, gently applying pressure the way he knew the older male liked it. 

“Mhm, that’s me.” A playful kiss was pressed against his cheek, and his thighs were squeezed once more, before Wei Wuxian gently removed himself from the body in his arms and slipped out of the large bed. “I can’t stay for long, sadly. Busy, busy, busy! I just wanted to see you, kiss you, before I left for the day.”

Wei Wuxian continued to talk about the random things he would be doing for the day as he got dressed, robes of ink and blood falling like water over his body, loose on some parts of his aging body will gripping others. Lan Wangji found that he couldn’t turn away from the sight of marred skin being covered and felt a shiver run down his spine as he caught Wei Wuxian’s heated gaze. 

“But…” The demonic cultivator moved back toward the bed, running a hand through unbound locks. “If you were to visit me, I think I could find a few moments for us.”

The tone in his voice said there would be more than a few moments spent between the two of them and Lan Wangji felt heat course through his body.

A soft kiss was pressed to Lan Wangji’s hair before Wei Wuxian swept out the door.


Having found no desire to lay in a bed without his love, Lan Wangji found himself getting up and ready for the day. After spending a few hours doing rounds within the small village, he inevitably found himself in front of the small shack that Wei Wuxian had taken up as his office. Without hesitation, he opened the door and let himself in.

Wei Wuxian’s head snapped up and he grinned salaciously at the sight of Lan Wangji. The grin only got wider as the Gusu Lan disciple closed the door and stepped toward the desk in the center of the room. Wei Wuxian said nothing, just ushered Lan Wangji closer with one finger. 

When he was close enough, Lan Wangji found himself falling face first into Wei Wuxian’s lap in a flutter of white robes. 

“Ah! Why hello Lan Zhan. I’m so...happy you could stop by!” Beneath his hands, Lan Wangji could feel Wei Wuxian’s dick twitch at the feeling of pale hands applying pressure.

It was enough of a distraction to not notice the movement of a hand possessively pressing against his rear, index finger effortlessly finding the space between supple cheeks and applying pressure. Lan Wangji let out a near-silent moan at the pressure, realizing that things would be going very fast from this point on. 

A few moments indeed.

The quiet rip of his robes by a lightly clawed finger caused him to jolt out of his thoughts. When another rip followed, his face heated as he tried to figure out what was happening.

When cool fingers pressed against his still puffy hole, Lan Wangji felt his whole body shudder.


“W-Wei Ying?” 

“Hm? Yes, my cloud?” Before Lan Wangji could respond, two fingers swiftly entered him, spreading his hole wide. 

“Wei Ying!” A third finger was inserted in response and the Gusu Lan disciple felt a moan rip from his mouth.


“Heh.” Wei Wuxian made no other sound, his free hand moving to grasp one of his beloved’s pale ones and moving them under his own robes, pushing the material aside to reveal the large, dripping girth that Lan Wangji had been pressing on.

“W-Wei Ying…!”

“Shh, Lan Zhan, shh.” Gently removing his fingers from the warm cavern of the older male, Wei Wuxian maneuvered Lan Wangji so the shorter was sitting in his lap, quivering hole resting just so on the tip of the twitching length. “You see, I had this lovely little thought this morning before you awoke. I thought about you and me, in this office, you in my lap fully robed and my cock buried deep inside you. Isn’t it a lovely thought Lan Zhan?”

Without waiting for a response, Wei Wuxian dropped Lan Wangji on his dick, the full girth going in almost effortlessly, Lan Wangji’s body still open and pliant from their late night and early morning games. Lan Wangji’s shriek echoed off the wooden walls as he was stretched too fast to the point of aching. His hands found Wei Wuxians and he dug blunt nails in the warm skin as tears fell down his flushed cheeks. His chest rose and fell in quick succession as his body accommodated to the thickness of the girth in him and the pleasure of being filled so completely, his entire being anxiously waiting for the slide of Wei Wuxian pulling out then slamming in that it knew would come within moments of him being fully sheathed.

Except, nothing happened.

“But then you see, Lan Zhan, I had an even better idea.” Hands trailed up Lan Wangji’s covered arms, down his chest, resting on the man’s thin waist. “Would you like to know what it is, my love?”


“I had the idea of you sitting pretty on my cock, keeping my cock warm all day. With your delicious heat, I don’t think I would go soft. An entire day, me filling you up and you keeping me warm.” The words tickled his ear as Wei Wuxian rested his head on his trembling shoulders.

“Won’t that be fun, Lan Zhan?”


That had been around early-afternoon and from what Lan Wangji could tell, the sun was beginning to set.

The first few hours had been trying. The first time he had tried to lift himself up ever so slightly to get that slide he so desperately craved, an iron grip settled on his waist and Wei Wuxian growled in his ear.

“Steady, Lan Zhan.” He had said, a nip to his ear to emphasize his words. “Be a good boy and sit still. Be the perfect little cockwarmer I know you can be, and maybe I’ll reward you later.”

Eager to please and mind hazed over, he nodded his head eagerly and reached out with shaky hands for the hand around his waist. His heart skipped when Wei Wuxian entwined their hands, the man nodding once then going back to work.


For hours, he paid little attention to Lan Wangji, a kiss here or there, maybe a short thrust, but never more than a minute’s worth of attention at a time. Despite the hours that had past since he had been seated on that thick girth, nothing more than an object to keep Wei Wuxian warm, his body had not given up interest and he had been in various stages of arousal throughout the afternoon. The moment he felt himself softening in his robes, Wei Wuxian would either give a short thrust or run their connected hands for a few moments over his robes to ignite the fire in Lan Wangji’s veins.

Now, as the sun was beginning its descent, Lan Wangji found himself growing restless as he noticed that Wei Wuxian was nearing the last of the pile of papers on the desk. In a moment of weakness, his bodies wants outweighing the command in his mind, he brought his thighs together to create more friction for himself. Momentarily lost in the sharp pleasure that sent sparks through his veins, he missed the tsk from Wei Wuxian, letting out a startled cry when his thighs were lifted and yanked apart, robes falling down to gather above Lan Wangji’s aching cock.

“Ah, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. My pretty cloud, my beautiful cockwarmer. What did I say earlier?” Turning to looking back at Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji shuddered at the red that had seeped into Wei Wuxian’s eyes. “I’m not done yet, my dear. I know you can be a good boy, so here, let me help you.”

Lan Wangji yelped as his thighs were pulled even further apart, pulled so far that he couldn’t tell if they were shaking in pleasure or at the strain. In response, he felt his body slip even more down onto Wei Wuxian’s girth, the man behind him groaning roughly. He was positive that without his robes, he would be able to see Wei Wuxian’s claim on him bulging his stomach.

Scrambling for purchase on Wei Wuxian’s arms, Lan Wangji’s eyes widened even more at the sight of Chenqing entering his vision. Locking eyes with a smirking Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji felt a spike of pleasure race down his spine at the sight of the bigger man’s lip pursed in a whistle that was commanding the dizi to hover over them. With another soft sound, the dizi rotated itself to a horizontal position before lowering to settle snuggly in between Lan Wangji’s thighs. A sharp sound was played and two ribbons, one red and one a familar white, floated over to wrap around his thighs and Chenqing. There was no give, no leeway.

Seated on Wei Wuxian’s lap, warming his cock, Lan Wangji was spread open to the room, feet in the air, toes pointed down and curled in pleasure. He panted harshly at the multiple sources of pain and pleasure that hounded his senses, unable to tell where they were coming from, but loving them all nonetheless.

Anyone could come in and see him, the Second Jade of Gusu Lan, reduced to nothing but an object to warm his fated one, body and hole opened up for the Yiling Patriarch.

Lan Wangji moaned loudly as Wei Wuxian sighed happily.

“Wei Ying! Wei Ying, please!” In response, a hand gently covered his mouth, Wei Wuxian laughter sounding in his ears.

“Now, now little cloud, what happened to that oh-so-expressionless face of yours?”

Lan Wangji just thrashed his head around, the only part of his body he could move. Though muffled, Wei Wuxian could still make out his name from beneath his hand.

“Now, now, Lan Zhan. I only have one more letter to write. One more, then I can happily bend you over this desk and use you as you want me to. Can you last for a little bit more my love? You make such a lovely sight spread open, I’m sad that I can’t see you hole quivering from it. Maybe next time I’ll spread you open with a jade piece and Chenqing and watch you fall apart.” Slipping a hand underneath Lan Wangji and into the ripped opening of the white robe, Wei Wuxian ran a finger around the stretched hole that was tight around his length. His breath shuddered as he spoke again. “But for now, just sit pretty, keep me warm, and I’ll reward you in just a moment.”

Black shadows caught the corner of Lan Wangji’s eye as Wei Wuxian’s voice dropped to a low timber.

“Come before I finish, my cloud, and I will leave you spread and wanting all night, cock and hands bound.”

Crying and nodding, Lan Wangji’s felt his body attempt to relax through the endless pleasure, Wei Wuxian thick and twitching inside him.


Grinning and eyes sparking, Wei Wuxian settled back into his seat, content to leisurely write the last of his letters that would secure a better life for him and the Wens in the small village. 

And for the beautiful male in his lap.

His hand curled possessively on the thigh closest to his free hand as his grin turned into a smirk.