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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Aizawa only regrets one thing. It happened two years ago, he met the vigilante called “Bunny”. Named for the fact he jumped a lot and his jacket had things sticking up that looked like a rabbit’s ears.


 The pro-hero remembered how he was on patrol. He and another hero came across a thug ring and they went to work. They discovered the thugs carried what is now known as trigger. Aizawa had just turned the thugs over and spotted a cat. The small feline was adorable, but obviously a young kitten. Aizawa merely wanted to raise the kitten but upon stepping closer, the kitten skittered off.


Aizawa was lead into an alleyway, to which he found the vigilante slumped over, bleeding. “Oi, can you stand.” He asked the figure, who looked up at him. “Don’t worry about me, go do your job hero ” The small man said, but Aizawa realized. ‘This is a kid’. Aizawa had no idea how to react for moment, and in that moment someone else came out of the alley. The man chuckled and went to stab the underground hero in the eye, but the vigilante kicked the man’s arm, Aizawa hearing a crack from the movement. He saw the vigilante grimace and put weight onto the other side of his body. Aizawa realized the boy was stabbed in the leg, but sliced in the abdomen.


Aizawa quickly apprehended the attacker, but as he turned around to grab the kid with is scarf; they were gone.




Now it was today, attack of the USJ. Aizawa sighed, trying to keep his breathing steadied. He was bleeding out and one of his students; or was it?, had brought him to the front of the stairs.  Present Mic had just released a screech, halting any villains from going up the stairs. All of his students were at the door, just behind him. Aizawa sat up slightly, clutching his capture weapon around his torso to stop the bleeding. When he looked down, he saw green eyes, brightly colored in a toxic manner. They were staring down the ‘Nomu’ and Shigaraki. In a flash, Bunny was at the end of the stairs to right behind the Nomu, which had a knife embedded in it’s brain. 


The blood splattered over the concrete, the Nomu letting out an inhuman shriek. Bunny flipped around the monster, eyes tracing its body as the knife was pulled around. The vigilante lept around, keeping out of the Nomu’s grasp and injuring it further. Shigiraki let out an angry scream, attempting to go attack the vigilante. In response Bunny launched a knife into the villains hand, right in a spot where it wouldn’t injure but it would hurt like a bitch. Shigaraki stood back, scratched his neck with the non bleeding hand and commanded Kurogiri to have them leave. Bunny had left a finishing blow on the Nomu, it now laying on the ground lifeless but surprisingly not surrounding in blood. Aizawa watched as the vigilante went into rubble and didn’t return.


The underground hero looked around and saw only 3 students faced injuries, Aizawa’s son Shinso had a blade wound not deep, but it was long, Bakugo had over used his quirk so his hands were slightly charred. But the last student, it was Tsuyu, her tongue was bleeding and had been in salt water. None were terrible injuries, but they were escorted to the hospital anyways. Shinso had been placed with Aizawa in an ambulance; Present Mic tagging along. The other ambulance housed Bakugo, Tsuyu and Midnight. The two teacher’s not part of the event were there for observing over the injured. Only Thirteen was alone, their injuries making EMTs swarm them trying to help, leaving no room for civilians.


At the hospital, Aizawa was made into a mummy.  His son watched him worriedly, but remained neutral in this ordeal. Recovery Girl had came in and healed his face and arms; but told Aizawa he needed more energy to be healed completed. He gladly accepted his eye drops before heading to bed. Aizawa sighed, gave into rest as a blanket was draped over him. 


He was tapped on the forearm, which woke him immediately. “Hi…. Eraser.” A timid voice said, Aizawa turned to it. There in a rolly chair sat Bunny. Aizawa’s eyes gaped, he wouldn’t expect the vigilante to visit him. “I uh.. W-wanted to give you information o-on the USJ villains.” Bunny stammered, using a gloved hand to prop a notebook in front of the injured man. Bunny gave a shaky smile, but said something that didn’t fit the expression “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you…” 


Aizawa stared for a moment, reading Bunny’s face. Aizawa then noticed something “Is… your mask broken?” Bunny turned his head “Yea one of your students attacked me when I picked you up to move you. I-it doesn’t hurt at all.” Bunny stammered out. “Who?” Aizawa decided to question. Bunny froze for a moment, but took the notebook and placed it on the bedside table. “Doesn’t matter, I should be going as I don’t want to be caught… Bye Eraser…” Bunny said and started to head towards the window. Aizawa tried sitting up but winced from moving his torso. “D-don’t move, you might hurt yourself Eraser-san.” Bunny stuttered, slightly twitching while opening the window with a gloved hand. Aizawa sighed, but he heard the door open just as Bunny perched himself on the window.


Present Mic walked in, Shinso standing right next to him. “OI!” Shinso shoutted, Bunny quickly lept out of the window just as Present Mic grabbed his hood, exposing dark curly hair. Aizawa sighed “Don’t try and go after him, it’s not worth it.” Present Mic pouted at his statement. “Do you know what floor you’re on?”  Shinso asked his bandaged arm swinging by his side. Aizawa eyed his son carefully “No?” he stated, sounding like a question. “Sho… You are in the hero only hospital, the underground hero floor is on the 25th story…” Aizawa gaped for a moment, “He is a vigilante, so he should be fine right?” Present Mic asked giving an awkward chuckle. Present Mic went to the open window and looked down. “Yo!” he yelled out the window, not using his quirk. 


Present Mic saw absolutely nothing. It was dark out so nobody blamed him for going to check the lobby. Once he returned “Did he do anything to you Sho? He is gone now at least.” Present Mic chirped upon entering. “No, he gave me information on the USJ villains. It’s in that notebook.” Aizawa replied motioning to the notebook on the nightstand. Present Mic pulled some gloves from his pockets and picked up the book.


Present Mic flipped through the pages and seemed amazed. “Holy… Who was that guy? Some info gatherer? He has really good notes, and his handwriting seems almost like a font.” Present Mic commented, turning the book toward Aizawa. Shinso looked over Aizawa’s shoulders and gaped, not expecting that amount of information in the small notebook. “H-how the hell… That’s a lot of information on some new villains.” Shinso stammered. Aizawa shook his head as much as he could, but remained silent. “Turn it over to the police” Aizawa sighed after thinking for a moment. Present Mic called over a detective, who gladly took the book in for analysis. After a few sleepless hours, the detective called in saying ‘There is absolutely no fingerprints or DNA on this. The writing seems like it was printed and there are no disturbances in it. It’s concerning how well the notes are written. Bunny knew what he was doing taking these notes, as if he has done this for 10 years. This skill is awesome and if we could we would hire Bunny right on the spot! He most likely has an intelligence quirk, and it is one that could rival Nezu!’


Aizawa was released from the hospital early the next morning. He sighed as a black car pulled around, clambering inside it. “Let me guess, Present Mic wouldn’t let you teach, so instead of calling him you called me to take you to work.” Tensei asked, holding a chuckle. Tenya gaped as he saw his mummy of a teacher inside the car. “S-Sensei! You shouldn’t teach when injured! You know how easily you could reopen a wound?!?” Tenya exasperated. Aizawa sighed, ignored his student and replied to Tensei. “Yep…. That brat.” Tensei gave a chuckle at the fact Aizawa called his best friend  (and lover) a brat. “He will never change, huh?” Tensei questioned, driving the car to UA.


Upon arrival, Aizawa immediately noticed one of his students. Bakugo was standing at the gate with a flower crown, gloves on his hands. In front of him was the press trying to get statements of the USJ attackees. Aizawa groaned, got out of the car and hobbled into the school, ignoring microphones shoved in his face. Bakugo and Iida soon followed suit, but Bakugo had slammed his flower crown into his bag. Upon actually making it into UA they were met by a few others of 1-A. “Wow, I wonder how the press caught wind of that so quickly! It was kind of scary having to shove through the press!” Uraraka exclaimed. 


From the corner of Aizawa’s eye, he saw Bakugo go back to the gate and drag someone in. Bright fluffy green and black curls covered the boy’s eyes. Nezu quickly ran to the pair, grabbed the curled boy and left. Aizawa quirked an eyebrow as Bakugo went to Kirishima and had a conversation. “Go to the classroom kids, school starts in 20 minutes.” Aizawa growled, looking for any trace of the mouse and child.


Nezu had a personal student. That student was ‘friends’ with someone from the hero course. And that ‘friend’ had just dragged his student in the clear view of everyone. And of course his student wasn’t wearing his UA uniform. No, of course not because as soon as he left his house the boy got in trouble left and right, him going to UA would only get him in more trouble. “Come on Midoriya, we have some villains to talk of.” Nezu whispered while pulling his student along. Midoriya followed quickly and he felt a pair of eyes watching him.


Midoriya sighed in relief, he never liked open spaces as anyone could see him. Midoriya sank into his nest of a couch, holding a college biology textbook close to him. Nezu gave him a concerned glace as he was passed a tea cup. “Sorry for the trouble Nezu-San.” Midoriya mumbled guiltily. Nezu gave a sigh “Do you need me to fetch your medicine? I think your anxiety is starting to spike again.” Midoriya simply nodded and watch his sensei slip out of the secret room.


As Nezu slipped into the hallway, he noticed a mummy walking by him. “Are you sure you are well enough to work Aizawa?” Nezu questioned while slowing down. He heard an audible sigh from Aizawa “Of course I am. I’m alive and my students are more important.” the man grumbled, trying to just get to the teachers lounge. Nezu gave a smile and continued walking down the hall. “Oh Nezu?” Aizawa asked turning around. Nezu’s tail flickered as a response and Aizawa continued. “Bunny is active again.” Aizawa stated before waddling off. Nezu gave a chuckle while starting to speed his way to the nurse’s office.


Nezu knew very little about this student, but in return for keeping his curiosity to himself he got a great strategist, informist and underground hero in the works. It felt weird, this child who didn’t care what happened to them, was one of the smartest humans Nezu knew, it was scary. He knew nothing of the kid’s past, homelife or his activities. Nezu knew that Midoriya had a cafe job, which he took seriously. Midoriya’s school day lasted 3 hours in the first half, from 7:45 am to 10:45am then he goes on break when all the lunches happen, just so he doesn’t run into anyone. He returns to school for 2 hours, leaves at 3:45 and then Nezu doesn’t see him until the next day.


Izuku Midoriya had always interested Nezu, but there was not much Nezu could learn about him. Midoriya had completely separated his school, work and personal life, to the point it was impressive. Nezu sighed, reaching the cabinet and grabbing a few pills for his student. Nezu knew of Izuku’s anxiety and depression, but never what was the start of them. Some ticks Nezu found out was too many people, being alone with a new person, men with slightly above average height with a muscular build, and the weirdest one, looking in mirrors. His student couldn’t stand looking at himself in the mirror, it gave him enough anxiety to start crying. But whenever he saw his reflection in water or anything of the sort, he was unbothered.


Nezu sighed, sliding his keycard in the secret door’s lock. Midoriya was practically hidden from everyone and was frightened whenever he wasn’t hidden. He always was jumpy, like he had expected to hit. Nezu called out to his student, who ran over to the principal. “Hi Nezu-Sensei, that took you longer than normal!” the kid observed looking at the teacher while he was handed pills. “Just perceptive as normal I see, I had to discuss something with a teacher injured at USJ.” He replied, trying to not upset the boy.  “Oh someone else got injured? Can I give them a flower crown??” He questioned, already going to his bag to grab the fake flowers. Nezu thought for a moment, and agreed. “Well Bakugo and for others were injured so make enough for all of them.” Nezu sighed while looking at an email. 


He looked at the police report in the email, it was about Bunny and how they dumped a bunch of information about the USJ villains on them. Midoriya hopped up, pulling on a sweatshirt that Nezu didn’t recognize. “Did you get new clothes?” Nezu asked, making the teen lookup. “Oh my boss gave me it, she wanted me to show stuff off the new merch.” he stated tucking the flowers into the huge pocket. As Nezu started to go to the door, the boy started to braid the flowers together. Midoriya blended lilies with poppies for one crown, while still walking. He accidently bumped into the door, apologized to it and sidestepped into Nezu’s main office. As he finished the crown, hands working fast as he stepped into the hallway. The finished crown hung on his arm as he intertwined forget-me-nots and anemones. He happily finished it as he walked up the staircase, being led by Nezu’s tail pulling him along. The last crown consisted of roses and jonquil, the pink and white complementing each other.


Nezu opened the 1-A door, Midoriya waiting outside for a moment. He talked to everyone, apologizing for what had happened, then asked his student to come in. Midoriya trotted in, noticed the man wrapped in bandages and gaped. He looked for a moment and muttered a curse under his breath. He placed the first crown on the frog girl, her tongue bandaged up and laying outside of her mouth. As Izuku walked to the other side of the room, placing the crown crookedly on a purple haired student. The kids hair was too puffy for the crown to lay straight! The dull purples with the whites and pinks was a nice look on the boy. Midoriya gave an awkward smile, before turning to his friend. The small teen held a small frown as he pulled a flower crown from the bomb’s bag. It was pure yellow daisies, the flowers fake petals still held their shape after being crushed, it was lightly plopped onto the taller’s head. Finally he approached the teacher, who stood tall and looked down at the boy, height difference very obvious in this moment. The boy held an inquisitive look, before turning around and lifting the desk closest to him, the chair coming with. Shoji gawked as this tiny boy lifted him and the 20 pound desk effortlessly. 


The short boy placed it next to the teacher, who had a look between horror and being impressed on his face. Midoriya kneeled on the desk, reaching up to press the crown with forget-me-nots on the teachers head. The white flowers were a stark difference in the hero’s back outfit only interrupted by his bandages and capture scarf.  The boy then effortlessly moved the desk back, meanwhile the students still wore confused expressions. Bakugo had sighed and fixed his flower crown. The short boy gave a big smile before bowing and leaving the class. “Well 1-A, that was my personal student. You probably will only see him once or twice more for the next 3 years so don’t worry about talking to him. If you do try to befriend him, please try not to trigger any anxiety attacks, I don’t think Recovery Girl enjoys seeing him crying.” Nezu said holding a never faltering grin. Iida had stood up and asked why he had worn a uniform. Nezu told the boy that his student had a different curriculum and that if he had a uniform that it would probably get ruined everyday.  


Aizawa had looked so confuse and done. He glared at the principal and grunted, wanting to ask a question. “Go ahead and ask what you need to Aizawa” Nezu said, Aizawa sighing. “When did you meet him? And how?” he asked, Nezu sighed, and started to sign. ‘I found him analyzing a hero fight about a year ago.’  Aizawa looked for a moment, shook his head and sent his principal off.