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With You

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Sitting in solitude in the corner of a massive, but slow cafeteria, graphite dusts across your hands and forearms. Sketching various students and heroes in training on your sketchbook was a guilty pleasure.

It was a hidden talent of yours; secretly watching others without anyone noticing. It's not like it's a bad thing! As weird as that sounds... It definitely helps in improving your artistic skills. But the college campus you loitered wasn't the college you attended, unfortunately. This was a school for those with flashy quirks; training to be the next top pro hero.

A body that produces mist... wasn't so flashy to you, so art school was your route, having started your 1st year of college just a few weeks ago. After classes are finished, you'd often make trips to one of the most renowned hero colleges in California to visit your mother, waiting for her to finish her lectures so that you could ride with her at the end of the day, a routine you've started since the beginning of high school.

You must've been the luckiest girl alive! At least that's how you felt. It was such an honor to get a view of the flamboyant costumes, technology and quirks the students showed off! Sure, pro heroes are amazing, but it's nice to see the progress of amateurs and how they come about. Drowning yourself in sketching and taking candid photos-... professional photos, of course! Not with your phone like some creep, but with your new Nikon LX R2! Your baby! Little does the future heroes know, they're helping in developing your career.


Oh. Oh, god, all of that sounded weird, too...


Being inconspicuous had its disadvantages, though. Like not getting the right angle or pose you want. Or your model flees before you can finish your work on time. Eventually, you'll have to summon the courage to ask one of the students to help build your portfolio...

Eraser shavings are swept to the side and off your sketchbook as you try your best to finish an elegant heroine donned in bright pinks and purples. But she gets away and is out of your view. Unable to finish, curses are muttered under your breath. But as usual, you turn to a blank page and scour for your next victim - er - lucky candidate.

Not too much catches your eye, so you settle with a broad, muscular man in a grey t-shirt and forest green pants, casually speaking to what seems like friends of his. Muscles never really fazed you as well built men and women was a normal sight to see in the hero school. You've also seen this man a couple of times throughout your years of visiting the campus, recognizing the way his blonde fringes stood. Almost like... a bunny? And his smile. It was damn near perfect. Never fading, always keeping it up. The longer you stared, the more you can feel heat rising in your cheeks. You needed to practice drawing men anyway!

Getting the outline done, you work quickly into getting all the details in, especially that perfect smile. Your eyes trailing up and down to get the man's basic pose; leaning to the side with a hand on his hip.

He's talking, talking. Laughing. Talking. Shaking his head. Laughing. Turning his head. Eyes land on you. Smile slightly drops. Turning his head to reply to his friends. Full smile returns. Talking. Laughing. Eyes land on you again. Smile softens. Eyes never leave you. His eyes are still on you.

Wait. Eyes are still on you? Shit. Shit!

Sketching is put on pause and your orbs wander anywhere but to the man. You play it off, act as if you weren't mesmerizing his image and transferring it all on a piece of paper.

Testing your safety, you slowly look up only to lock eyes with him again. Flashing pearly whites your way. Your eyes shift to your sketchbook.

You were always so good at avoiding eye contact. Or at least staying invisible to the strangers. You couldn't believe it. Are you caught?

Fixated on the sketch, you're so close to finishing. It just needed some final touches, maybe some shading here and there. You clutch your pencil in between your slippery fingers.

'Don't be so nervous, (F/N), he was probably looking past you.' As you twist your head to get a look at your rear side. As you sit in the corner, there was nothing but the wall and empty space. 'Oh, yeah. He was definitely smiling at the wall.'

Like a sly fox, you steal some glances of the large man. His focus now back to his circle of friends. You resume your drawing exercise, assuming the man has forgotten your presence.

But wait. He peers at you again. And again. And again. Is he stealing glances of you now?

Now you were beginning to understand the feeling of being watched...

What the hell was he staring at? This game of peeking shouldn't even last this long. Was it because of your crop top?! You knew it was a bad idea to wear one today! The day you're confident enough to show some skin, some man and his friends are probably laughing at your fashion choice.

You hold your hand over your bare abdomen, feeling sick to your stomach. The drawing can wait to be finished. Or you don't have to finish at all... Your nerves skyrocket as you hear laughter from afar. They have to be making fun of you.

In a hurry, you gather your things and shove them in your messenger bag, not giving a care about crumpling your sketches. You just needed to be out of sight.

Tumbling out of your chair, you head for the double doors while in the process of still shoving your art tools in the clutter your bag. Things weren't just fitting right! 'This goes here and this goes here-'




Did you just run into a wall?! You land hard on your butt from the impact. Pencils and paper scatter across the floor. You flutter your eyes to gaze up at... the same man you were drawing just minutes ago! Your weight having no affect, standing as if nothing just rammed into him.

"Ah, Sorry! Let me help you there." His voice deep but pleasant.

He bends down to pick up the mess all the while giving a curious glimpse of the artwork illustrated on the paper. He breathes a chuckle or two and you were sure you were going to die from embarrassment. To keep from revealing anything even more embarrassing, you move at a rapid pace and grab anything you could. If only you could use your quirk to fill the cafeteria with mist and make yourself disappear, but it'd only make you look like a fool.

"A bit weird... But I like it!" There was uneasiness, but you sense optimism at the end.

You look up to figure out what he was on about. In between the man's fingers, he flashes your figure drawing of him.

"O-Oh, god! I'm sorry!" Immediately, you snatch your work and continue to organize your stuff into your bag in a chaotic fashion. Who knows how red you are at this point.

"No need to be." He reassures, but you completely tune him out, your attention turned to something more important.

After everything is cleaned up, the man graciously passes your work towards you, and again, you pluck it with hasty fingers. You stand to your full height and he does the same, almost breaking your neck just to look him in the face. That doesn't last very long. You had a mission to exit the premises, but he slips out an awkward cough, distracting you from leaving.

"Erm. Hey!" A hand is held out, signaling a friendly wave.

"H-Hey..." Your mind is blank as you found it difficult to utter a simple word.