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Level Up!

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Weiwei kicked another monster’s ass for the fifth or sixth time that day. Her only focus on the computer, her mind going into over drive, her hands working faster then she could think.  She was currently sitting in the conference room of Zhi Yi Technology, testing out the new version of a Chinese Ghost Story. Almost all her fellow co-workers were gathered around her, watching her play.  


“No wonder she won over Boss.  She’s so good.” Her mind ignoring the world, her focus only on defeating each of the enemies.  Oblivious to the glare from across the room coming from her partner. Xiao Nai sipped on his tea, his eyes dashing to each of male workers pressing closer to get a better view.  


“What are you thinking?”  Yu Banshan nudged him, enjoying the jealousy coming over his friend, even if it was unfounded.  Everyone knew there was only one man for Bei Weiwei, no matter what anyone would try.  


“That’s starting to get annoying.”  He sipped on his tea once more, turning to go back to his office.  


“How so?”  Yu Banshan followed after him.  


“Maybe we should hire another female employee, since Ah Shaung is gone.  Been meaning to get around to doing that.” Yu Banshan realized that Xiao Nai was not even speaking to him.  It was as if it was a mental note.  


“Seeing you jealous, it is fun.”  He mentioned. The famous Xiao Nai smirk fixated on him.  


“How about you go and help out Third sister-in-law in a PK battle?”  Yu Banshan lost his smile, knowing that when it came to PK’s he would lose to Weiwei.  


“You’re cruel.”  


“No.”  Xiao Nai sat down in his chair, setting out an email to the employment manager.  “Just jealous.” He smiled at his friend.