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Confusing Things Come In Threes

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Somehow, Kit thought, considering the fight before him. This is still not my worst day.

Really, he'd thought this whole 'checking-in on an overshadowed universe' thing would almost be normal - for them, Kit and Nita, given their collective past record. That had been four days ago. Since then, there'd been what he could only have called surchage: at home, on his dogwalks, even on errantry. Like the zap he'd get from static electricity, but both vaguer and worse. That effect had seemingly subsided by the time they'd all arrived at the Grand Central Worldgate; Carl's concern had put him on edge, of course, but who wouldn't have been?

And then Urruah had been saying /Don't jump-!/

And then, there'd been that surcharge again, like something was winking at him, taunting him-

On the other side of the gate, Arhu faceplanted first into the ground, and Kit had to steady himself from following the feline into the snowy dirt.

Arhu popped back up quickly, and Kit found himself relieved to take Nita's hand even as Arhu declared: /The gate's gone missing! How could it do that?/

"Uh," Nita pointed out - literally so with one hand, pulling Kit next to her with the other so they could crouch in a shadow in - this has to be an alley, Kit realized - and the background noise he had first dismissed as just noise resolved itself into a fight before him.

A blue-armored man with a halberd - nice tech, he found himself commenting, almost out of habit - and a wolf made of blades? Along with a score of people divided between costumed heroes and Nazis?

Still not my worst day, Kit thought - though that brought him no closer to answers.