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Darkness Seeking Light

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Mo Xuanyu knelt in the shabby shed. He quivered ever so slightly, fearful yet determined. This would be it. He couldn't back down now. The world so far had never been kind to him. 


  He had been beaten down, insulted, ridiculed for everything under the sun in the world. Cut-sleeve trash, lunatic...all the same. He had no love for the family that hated his existence, they had no love for him either.


 It was better off this way, to finally put an end to this suffering. He would no longer be used as a pawn or tool by anyone, longer beaten down like a dog, treated less than human. No more bullshit. 


He drew out the sharp dagger, holding out both of his arms with his skin bare. He drew a quick breath, grit his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut. 


Swiftly, and deeply, arms turned so his palms faced up, he cut his flesh open from his wrists to his forearms, swallowing and wincing at the pain. He eased out a shaky breath. The cuts were long and quite deep. Blood flowed easily, non-stop. 


  Touching fingers to the wet, warm feeling of blood dripping heavily from his arms he rushed to do the ritual with haste. 


  He had heard all the rumors, and tales spoken or whispered, accusations against a man long dead, a man he was going to summon in his place. Yes, it would all end. 


   His mind went hazy from dizziness, and black spots dotted along his vision. Ah, finally. Mo Xuanyu felt his body sway, tipping sideways and he could feel another presence but saw no one. He couldn't focus on anything.


Relief filled him. Finally, was all over....

  Everything went dark. 




"My, my. What have we here?" A voice muttered with a hum low in his throat. He stared at the pale, quiet form still bleeding before him. 


    It took a moment before the knowledge had sunk in. He had been summoned back to life. However...there was only one ritual he created to for that to be possible-if his memory is correct, this person before him had been trying to sacrifice his soul, offering up his body to him, with whatever reason. 


Yet this should be impossible. He remembered with clarity, exactly how he died, he remembered most of everything in the past, some moments were a bit hazy.

    His body was mutilated by corpses, they had torn and ripped into him with fervor; literally eating and devouring him alive. And all because of the backlash trying to destroy that which he had created. 

   The Yiling Patriarch frowned. He could dwell on the details later. First...he had to save this young boy before him. Little fool. The child had meant to die but, it appears that wasn't exactly necessary, he couldn't let him die, not in front of him. He felt a tug on his soul, felt the flickering of a bond. He was alive, and now bound to this fellow. The Yiling Patriarch sighed and knelt before the dying boy, hurrying to his aide.



  Mo Xuanyu sucked in a breath. Blinked. 

  He quickly snapped up in a sitting position, shocked. He glanced around in a daze and patted his body down.

  He was...alive. No. This wasn' couldn't be...he was supposed to be dead...


   "Well, well. Look who's finally come to. Surprise." A voice spoke with what sounded like forced cheeriness. 


   Mo Xuanyu froze, eyes wide. He had an inkling he knew the man who stood before him. A man that was dead - should still be dead - since ritual hadn't worked like it was supposed to.

   The figure before him smirked, head cocked to the side, studying him intently. 

  "What..but how" The man waved away what he was about to say. 


   "You can already guess who I am. Your ritual did work after all, despite some mistakes. And you would be dead if I had not stopped the bleeding, and used our bond to keep you tied to earth. We have much to discuss, child. " The Yiling Patriarch grinned, eyes flaring a bright red, with his long wily raven black hair swaying in the breeze that entered from outside. 


Mo Xuanyu tried to scramble to his feet. The Yiling Patriarch huffed in annoyance, pushing him back down.


 "Just sit and listen." He sighed tiredly. 


Mo Xuanyu didn't move again. He was all ears.



 Mo Xuanyu gaped in shock. The ritual really worked...just not the way it should have - which means he had unknowingly, accidentally - tweaked the ritual somehow, he had done something wrong. He scowled then. He just always had to fuck something up without meaning to. 


  "Why?" Mo Xuanyu croaked hoarsely. The other man turned back to him. "Hmm?"


He spoke again. "Why? Why did you save me? You could have just walked away and let me be." Mo Xuanyu spoke with bitterness. Wei Wuxian, The Yiling Patriarch, studied him. 


   Mo Xuanyu flinched under his gaze but lifted his chin defiantly, with a scowl on his face. 


   Wei Wuxian didn't speak. But he moved. 


He had pulled Mo Xuanyu to his feet, and stared down at him a little. "Is that really what you want? Would you like me to help you, then?" His eyes sparked red with bit of lingering madness glinting in them. He lifted a slender hand, resentful energy wriggling lively in his palm. 


   Mo Xuanyu flinched, his heart spiked and he backed away from the man in front of him. The man's eyes were grey again, and soft. He sighed. He was looking at Mo Xuanyu with a gaze he couldn't seem to read. 


 "I do not know about your life or circumstances, however you still live, and I am here, we are bound together in this life. If you want your revenge, you will have it.

     Honestly, it would have been better if you hadn't summoned me, I was fine with staying dead, and I am not the resentful ghost you presume me to be. Yet here we are. 

    Now we must make the most of it." Wei Wuxian shrugged. In an instant, his demeanor changed, and his face was bright, and grey eyes sparkled.


Wei Wuxian grinned widely at Mo Xuanyu with a wink. "Let's go have some fun." 


 The former Yiling Patriarch made a move to go outside then paused, looking back a Mo Xuanyu with what looked like pleading eyes.


  They had already exchanged names and so Wei Wuxian spoke to Mo Xuanyu in a pleading tone, and Mo Xuanyu's lips twitched upward, just a smidge. 


"A-Yu - my appearance - ah...could you go out and find me a mask possibly? A change of clothes..?"  


 Mo Xuanyu shook his head, hiding the shock at the Yiling Patriarch speaking and calling him A-Yu. "I have no money." 


The Yiling Patriarch sighed, "We're broke." He looked as though he wanted to cry and then a loud noise startled both of them and they looked at eachother. It came again. 

   Wei Wuxian glanced at his stomach with a laugh. "Being able to feel hunger strange..."  He murmured. shook his head, giving Mo Xuanyu a bright and cheery smile.


 "Whelp. We best get to it then. We will pay your family a visit and then get some food once all that is cleared up. " 


Mo Xuanyu followed him.


Would Wei Wuxian help him get revenge?


     He bit his lip worriedly, looking at the broad figure walking assuredly and tall, unwavering in his gait. Despite the rumors about him, and what seems like occasional lapses of sanity maybe? The Former Yiling Patriarch seemed like a good man, though a bit wild. 


    However, Mo Xuanyu made mistakes trusting the wrong people, thus him trying and failing to die and now he and the Patriarch were somehow bound to one another. Still, Mo Xuanyu wouldn't let his guard down again.

He wouldn't make the same mistake a third time. Never again.


Once they had entered the residence, Wei Wuxian wasn't exactly welcomed - since no one had known he was coming and he - to them - a stranger showing up out of the blue, is seemingly rude and suspicious. 

   Not that Wei Wuxian cared what these people thought of him. Knowing Mo Xuanyu and his reactions, he could see the boys face, tight and pale, could feel his anxiety and tension. Wei Wuxian narrowed his eyes. He would not like these people, he knew that much.


   "Ah, hello, hello!" He smiled at the Mo resident servants and saw just beyond them, the Lady of the residents speaking with young boys clad in white robes. Wei Wuxian stiffened. He could see the cloud motif on them. 


   Was his luck really that bad?


A servant was speaking to him. "Who are you and why have you come?" 


 "Ah-haha. Well, you see - I had heard of some strange happenings in the area and thought I might speak with Lady Mo on the matter. My name is Xuan Yinlin. I am what you could call, a rogue cultivator. I only wish to offer my services." He bowed his head slightly, trying to show sincerity. Wei Wuxian sneered silently.


  "Hmph. Wait here." The manservant walked away. From the distance, he watched the manservant speak to the Lady and her eyes turned to Wei Wuxian. She stood excusing herself for a moment, he was sure, with young junior GusuLan Sect cultivators. 


   She marched toward him. Mo Xuanyu trembled and Wei Wuxian could sense his chaotic feelings. Despite no one being able to see him, Wei Wuxian angled his body slightly and placed himself in front of Mo Xuanyu, shielding him. 

   Mo Xuanyu shivered and stood staring at the broad back of the person in front of him, strong and unyielding. Standing firm. Mo Xuanyu felt gratitude and some relief but shoved those feelings down. He couldn't fall for any of it. Not again. 

    She waved him to the side of the east hall, out of viewing eyes. Internally, he smirked. She was really one of those kinds of people.

   "My servant spoke to me of why you are here. However, since I had not had a notice for your arrival. I am afraid you must leave, we have no need for your services." She sneered haughtily, nose practically in the sky. 

    Normally he would be shameless and in the past he was never known for 'behaving', however he was here for a reason and he would not leave until he saw in through to the end. For better or worse. 

  And despite not wanting to be brought back in the first place, nonetheless, it was thanks to Mo Xuanyu that he was alive in the world. 

    And he wasn no longer as wild and foolish he was all those years ago, though he couldn't help himself but to cause mischief every now and then.

     And he wasn't a villainous ghoul at all, and would rather not go through and annihilate the Mo family, despite Mo Xuanyu suffering because of them.

    Another problem was, he had no idea what would happen if he didn't go through with it. The ritual worked, however strange it was, how he had his body intact, living and breathing- the consequences of not completing the ritual could be quite terrible. 

   He discreetly glanced at Mo Xuanyu and his wounds that were not completely healed, though he tried to do what he could. The boy still had lost a lot of blood, and if the ritual was completed, it could harm them both, devastatingly so. 

    Wei Wuxian had to see this through, for the both of them. He couldn't allow Madam Mo to send him away. 

   "Hmm. If Madam Mo would allow this one, unless necessary, I promise not to do anything to interfere with you and the younger cultivators." He nodded to where the young Lan Sect boys were still sitting and waiting. 


   "It will be as though I am invisible, it couldn't hurt for me to be here, no?" He gave quite the charming smile. 

  Madam Mo scowled and scrutinized him. He stood unrivaled by her gaze. 

   "Hmph. Fine. Just stay out of the way." She stalked away, he followed closely behind, a smirk in his eyes. 


    Wei Wuxian stood, leaning against a pillar, staying quiet and listening intently to the conversation.

   Still focussed on the discussion before him, he spoke to Mo Xuanyu mind, the boy stood next to him. Still invisible. 

       -How are you holding up?-

Mo Xuanyu glanced at him and huffed. 

          -Just fine. But-

Wei Wuxian glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. 

         -Yes? But what?-

Mo Xuanyu took a shaky breath.

     -I want you to remove the talisman.-

 Shocked appeared in Wei Wuxian's eyes and disappeared into a blinding smile in his mind. 

    -Alright. I will. But not yet.-

Mo Xuanyu looked at him, inquisitive. Mo Xuanyu still nodded.

    -Okay. If you think that's best.- 


   Wei Wuxian was getting rudely stared at by the Young Master, Mo ZiYuan. He wanted to teach the brat a lesson, knowing how he might have treated Mo Xuanyu and his attitude. 

   Wei Wuxian looked at the young GusuLan cultivators in their white robes, that always reminded him of mourning robes. He sighed inwardly. Is this called being unlucky, or is it something to do with fate? 

    He focused even more on the younger generation of the Lan sect set up familiar looking flags around the Mo family residence. Ghost Attraction flags. Attracting, ghosts, resentful spirits, corpses - an evil beings that might exist and roaming the area.

   His lips twitched. The seems that while the cultivation world despised him, they still decided to use his inventions for themselves. He bit back a laugh.

   Mo Xuanyu looked at him with worry, feeling unease at the fluctuation of the man's emotions, that seemed slightly unstable. Because of their bond, they could feel each others emotions, and sense each other. 

    A strange closeness Mo Xuanyu had never experienced before, to a man he helped come back from the dead, a man he is just getting to know. He stood next to Wei Wuxian and watched other young cultivators set up flags, flags the Yiling Patriarch had created. 


    He heard Wei Wuxian speaking to him quietly, and felt his hand on his back. He removed the invisibility talisman. 

   "Who let that cut-sleeve lunatic in here?" Mo ZiYuan snarled, charging forward. "You little bastard! Just who do you think you are to come here, huh? Freak! Disgusting little madman! Mom! Mom!" He shouted and called. Mo Xuanyu paled and stumbled back.

     "Go crawl back to where you come from, you waste of space! No one wants you here! You don't belong here!! You cut-sleeve lunatic!"  Mo Xuanyu's cousin ranted, raising hid legs and fists to punch and kick him, but was stopped. 

    Madam Mo gaped at his idiot suns display in front of the cultivators, and she scowled at Mo Xuanyu's presence. She tried appeasing her son. "Now, A-Yuan, calm down. We have guests." 

    He sneered. "So! Ma! Kick this waste out, he bothers me! Disgusting freak!!" 

   "A-Yuan, enough. Go sit down. We will discuss this later." She hissed to him quietly, vicious. She pulled her son and stopped, realizing the rogue cultivator holding onto her son had not let go. 

   "Ow! Ow! Ma! He's hurting me! Get him off!"  The Young Master cried. Wei Wuxian squeezed his arm in a death grip; his face had an eerie smile, his eyes cold and hard. Madam Mo flinched away, backing up. The feeling this man was giving her was ominous. 

    Suddenly the rogue cultivator released her son, and turned to the cut-sleeve lunatic nephew of hers. She scowled in his direction and stalked off. Her son ran off, crying and cursing. 

    "Well. That was fun." Wei Wuxian chuckled. 

   He turned to the young gazes of the GusuLan members and laughed nervously. "Ah, what a spectacle, carry on, carry on." He heard their murmurs and turned to look at Mo Xuanyu who looked frozen. 

    He sighed. He sent a tendril of his emotions and energy, soft and warm, sending them to wrap around Mo Xuanyu's racing heart. 

    -It's alright.- He murmured to A-Yu repeatedly in his mind until he felt the boy calm down. -I'm here. Your not alone.- He finished. He watched Mo Xuanyu quiver, and take a deep shaky breath and let it out.


    It was late in the night. Wei Wuxian kept watch on the sidelines while the young Lan cultivators worked and took turns watching for any suspicious activity. They wanted to capture walking corpses in area.

    A shrill scream echoed.

 Everyone ran towards it. 

   Madam Mo was wailing, holding a dead body in her arms, sobbing. "A-Yuan, my child..." 

    Wei Wuxian studied the corpse. It was indeed the former Young Master of the Mo Family. He had everything seemingly suckes dry, out of him, life force and energy gone. 

   "It's all that lunatics fault! Bringing misfortune with him!" Madam Mo snarled.

    Wei Wuxian shielded Mo Xuanyu from her sight. 

   "No. It's not my fault. I didn't do anything to him." He retorted back. Wei Wuxian gave him a proud smile. Mo Xuanyu flushed, embarrassed for some reason. 

   "Correct. Madam Mo, A-Yu was by my side the entire time. So your accusation is invalid. If you want to blame someone, don't look at him or the young Lan sect members. Your son is not a child, he knew what he was doing." Wei Wuxian crouched down and pulled out the Ghost Attraction flag. " He brought it on himself." He finished, and while still crouched, noticed No ZiYuan's missing hand. 

    Madam Mo flared with anger, taking a swipe at his face.

He dodged the swipe.

   More screams echoed from behind them. 

   It seems whatever the flags attracted was quite fast at work. Wei Wuxian frown, watching others run towards them. A servant recounted in fear what they witnessed before running over.

    There were already three bodies...incredible. Wei Wuxian smiled, intrigued. Being the former Yiling Patriarch, it would not escape him that there was something quite dangerous and deadly moving around the Mo family residence. 

   He had sense something earlier, but wanted to wait for it to show itself.

   He went around looking over the other two bodies, the husband of Madam Mo and the manservant of the former Young Master Mo. Both had missing arms as well.


Ah. Wei Wuxian felt it. He dodged, escaping an attack from...He stared. It was a hand. Brimming, full with resentful energy. A very powerful hand. 

  He stayed back, letting the younger cultivators try and subdue the hand, shouting orders at each other. 

   "A hand?" Mo Xuanyu stared, seeming intrigued as well. 

   Wei Wuxian nodded. "It appears so. It has to come from a corpse, which had been cut to pieces, and is searching for its body, using living ones like a host, possessing and sucking the energy out of them and then jumping to the next person." 

   Mo Xuanyu shuddered. "That's actually kinda creepy, especially with the way your speaking of it."

  . Wei Wuxian laughed aloud and ruffled Mo Xuanyu's hair with a smile, offhandedly. 

 They both froze at the action, both embarrassed. Wei Wuxian cleared his throat, laughing nervously-"Ah, that - I -"

 Mo Xuanyu shook his hand. "Just don't. It's fine really." He gave a quick smile to Wei Wuxian, and nodded to the young Lan sect members. "Are you not gonna help them?"

    Wei Wuxian shrugged, "Not if they don't need my assistance. They are quite skilled." 

   He looked to the one makes Lan Shui. Very capable and bright. He had spoken with him earlier and the young boy offered a kind smile.

  He had been raised well. 

They had almost had it subdued, until it lashed out violently, pushing the young Lan cultivators back. The resentful energy raged and swarmed. 

   Wei Wuxian cursed, moving to intervene. 

   One had already sent a flare signal for help, and he cursed internally, wanting to run away so he didn't run into familiar faces. However, he stayed and held his grown.

   "A-Yu, stay here." Wei Wuxian spoke, eyes aglow with such bright and burning crimson, crackling with energy. He stalked forward, with  whistle, the corpses of the Mo Family rose up beside him.

   Wei Wuxian grinned, pointing to the hand. "Go shred it." The corpses lunged into motion. A body shoved into him, livid. "What are you doing?" Madam Mo shrieked. 

   He glared her. "Step aside." His voice came out in a growl, she stumbled back from Wei Wuxian red eyed, eerie gaze. Watching the whole thing in horror. 

  The Lan juniors jaws were slack, eyes wide and focused on the corpses fighting the hand, standing back. 

   Madam Mo was far on the side now, and the corpse hand was swift and already on her. Wei Wuxian cursed. Maybe he was a bit rusty. He amped up his own resentful energy, in circled around him like a wild black flame, dark tendrils spreading out. 

    Madam Mo had been overtaken by the hand, and the corpses were all now fighting each other. However it didn't seem to be enough. He waved the corpses of the Mo family off and stalked forward in a flash of darkness, and held Madam Mo and the hand down.

    "Quickly now! Subdue it!" He barked at the young Lans. He wasn't even using all the power of his resentful energy, but the amount he was was enough to frighten the children. He grimaced. 

   Lan Sizhui, Jingyi, and the rest of the little Land rushed to do as he said. 

   Music rang out and Wei Wuxian froze. Damn. He was too caught up. 

  Please don't be who I think it is...

He used his peripheral vision to look at the newcomers. 

   His throat closed up and his chest tightened.

   It was none other than Lan Wangji. 

The Lan Juniors cheered. “HanGuang-Jun!”



 Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why was his luck so bad?! 

   And was he exposed to explain this?  How the hell could he?? 

   He heard Lan Wangji walking towards them, having subdued the hand.

  He cringed and swallowed. Why me??


   Mo Xuanyu had been watching everything from where he stood on the side so he wasn't in the way. He could feel Wei Wuxian's chaotic emotions and was puzzled. 

    Seeing that everything was okay now, he walked over to him. Their bond felt stranger and stranger. He could feel Wuxians heart, like it was pounding in his own chest. Their bond went both ways. 

   He murmured to Wei Wuxian, "Are you okay?" 

   He felt an intense gaze on both of them and for some reason, wanted to shield the former Yiling Patriarch, a protective urge swelled in him, though looking at the intense man-handsome and in white robes, all pristine like an immortal descending, the man has molten golden eyes and stared in what looked like shock mostly, and other expressions across that immovable face.

    He was staring solely at Wei Wuxian, who had his head bowed, avoiding him.


 It was barely a whisper loud enough to be heard, and yet Mo Xuanyu knew he was probably the only one that heard it, and the tremor in the man's voice.

   A name.

"Wei Ying." 

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Wei Wuxian gathered himself and stood up, slowly turning to face Lan Wangji. 

   He plastered a small smile on his face. "Lan Zhan."

  They stared at each other.

Mo Xuanyu faked a cough through the awkward atmosphere, his cheeks were slightly red. 

   Wei Wuxians smile got bigger and wider glancing at him, Mo Xuanyu scowled. Wei Wuxian quirked a brow, and ruffled his hair. 

   Mo Xuanyu swatted his hand away, face turning more red from embarrassment. "Stop. I'm not a little kid." He huffed.

   Wei Wuxian chuckled. "To me you are." His grin was wicked as he started teasing Mo Xuanyu and ruffling his hair again. Mo Xuanyu felt his feelings, soft and gentle.

   They didn't know each other that well really and yet they felt so close. He didn't want to like the man or trust him but the bond made him incapable of not trusting him. He couldn't help himself. 

   Mo Xuanyu sighed but sent Wei Wuxian a flutter of feelings through their bond in return. If possible, his smile got even bigger and brighter, before dimming when he turned his gaze back to the golden eyed man. 

   Wei Wuxian cleared his throat. "Ah..It seems you have everything under control now. A-Yu and I will take our leave." He turned to walk away. 

    He was stopped by Lan Sizhui. 

 The young boy offered a smile. "Thank you, Senior Xuan." 

     Wei Wuxian laughed, waving him off. "It's fine, it's fine. So long as everything is well. No need to thank me." He nodded to the young Lan, and continued to walk away with No Xuanyu.

   Lan WangJi's eyes never left him, until he was out of sight. 




Lan Wangji started, and stared. The one he waited for, searched all over for had just been here, right before his eyes. And Lan Wangji let him walk away. 

    Wei Ying looked as he did all those years ago, during the first siege of the Burial Mounds, though he had been wounded and bloodied, stabbed by Jiang Cheng and then swarmed by the corpses he had been controlling after destroying the Tiger Seal. 

   Lan Wangji watched, stunned and horrified, trying to get past all the other cultivators to teach Wei Ying as he was being devoured. 

 'Wei Ying!!' He had shouted and pleaded then-fighting to get to him, desperate and in pain, he was drowned out by the crowd shouting 'victory'. 

  And then it was over just like that. All the cultivators had left cheering and laughing, 'Good riddance', as Lan Wangji fell to his knees where Wei Ying has just been, alive. The ending blast of the backlash had destroyed the corpses, and Wei Ying... was already gone. 

   After what happened in the Nightless City, Lan Wangji had been punished for protecting the Yiling Patriarch, going against the elders; and ended up being put on bed rest to heal from the cuts and lashes of his punishment from the discipline whip.

   Then he had overheard careless cultivators of his sect talking and a siege and Wei Ying, how the others left to take down the villainous Yiling Patriarch, he fought to get up, rushing and stumbling for his sword, no matter how his wounds hurt and burned through him.

    He loved his brother, though his brother tried to keep such a secret from him. He wouldn't stand by. He had to get to Wei Ying. 

   And it was all futile. All in vain. 

All except for little feverish A-Yuan hidden away. He watched his love die in a horrible way and his existence was gone. A-Yuan was all he had left of him. 

   Lan Wangji shook himself from the past. He had to focus on the present. Most importantly, Wei Ying was alive again. 

      Living, breathing, alive.

 And in the same body the corpses had torn into and devoured. 

Lan Wangji started after Wei Ying, wanting to go to him.

   He looked to the younger Lans and knew he should take care of the hand first.

   But he would definitely find Wei Ying again. 

He couldn't lose him.

Not again.




   "Ahh." Wei Wuxian heaved. "That was close. I thought he was going to stop me or something." 

   "You know him?" Mo Xuanyu looked at him and asked. 

   "You could say that. You heard the Junior Lans right? He is their HanGuang-Jun. Lan Wangji. We...A lot happened back then. He hated my guts." Wei Wuxian grimaced. 

  "That was Lan Wangji??! THE Lan Wangji??" Mo Xuanyu gaped.

  "Yes," Wei Wuxian shot Mo Xuanyu an amused look. "See, look at that. You have heard of him." Wei Wuxian chuckled to himself, the past lingering in the back of his mind. 

   "He hated you? But..wait-" Mo Xuanyu paused what he was about to say. Sure, he had heard rumors about that too. And yet...the look that HanGuang-Jun had wasn't one of hate. 

It was far deeper than that. 

  Seeing Lan Wangji with his own eyes destroyed those rumors. The look in his eyes had been one of bitter sadness and loss, and then what seemed to be surprise and joy..even 

   Mo Xuanyu had never loved anyone or been loved, but he's stumbled across people in relationships with similar expressions. And while Mo Xuanyu had never loved anyone-he had once surely been falling in love at least. 

   Mo Xuanyu shook himself free of his thoughts, looking at Wei Wuxian.

  "You know, for the former great Yiling Patriarch, a brilliant inventor and all - you are really dense." Mo Xuanyu spoke wrily, a half smile on his face at this fool of a man and he felt sadness and pity for HanGuang-Jun. 

   For such a smart guy to be so dense...Mo Xuanyu shook his head. 

   Wei Wuxian was staring at him, most likely because of his emotions. Mo Xuanyu arched a brow. "What?" 

  Wei Wuxian heaved a sigh. They were both still lingering in Mo Village, walking around the town. 

   They saw a vendor selling food. Wei Wuxian perked up immediately, grey eyes bright and he made a move to run over to the vendor but paused.

   A small boy darted past, clothes like dirty tags and bare feet, snatching a few buns and made a run for it. The vendor hollered and chased after him. A dark expression crossed Wei Wuxians face with a frown as he moved to follow after them in a run.

   "Hey-wait!!" Mo Xuanyu chased after him. 




    Mo Xuanyu came to a stop, gasping for breath. He looked up and his eyes went wide. 

   The vendor had cornered the boy, and was beating on him and kicking him, Wei Wuxian who had arrived just before he did-was livid. 

   A mass of resentful energy spilled out from him. It was so ominous, Mo Xuanyu shivered, the hairs on his body were raised straight up. He took a step forward as Wei Wuxian lifted the vendor in the air with dark black tendrils and was strangling him. 

   Mo Xuanyu panicked. "Wei Wuxian! Stop!! You're killing him. Wei Wuxian! Stop! Your scaring the boy!! Snap out of it and look!!" Mo Xuanyu shouted, rushing in to grab Wei Wuxians arm. 

  Wei Wuxian's eyes returned to their usual grey, and he dropped the man, the black tendrils seeping back into his body. The oppression aura was gone and Mo Xuanyu sighed with relief, letting go of Wei Wuxians arm. 

   He glanced at him, seeing Wei Wuxian face was bleached white of color, trembling and staring in a daze at his hands.

    Mo Xuanyu reached out to him, worried, "Wei Wuxian?" Wei Wuxian snapped himself out of it, yanking himself of Mo Xuanyu's reach, though he felt Wei Wuxians inner misery and turmoil, his confusion. 

   He watched silently as Wei Wuxian approached the shivering little boy, kneeling down and picking up the buns he had dropped, offering it to the boy that was staring at him in fear with wide eyes.

    Wei Wuxian offered him a tight smile, and tried to appease him.

   "Little one, I know your scared, I am so sorry. I promise I won't hurt you." He tried to soften his smile, using the black sleeves of his robe to clean the buns of dirt and crime as best as he could, offering it or the boy again.

  "Go on," Wei Wuxian spoke gently, " They're yours, you can take them." He was earnest in offering the buns back. The boy had stopped shivering, and reached out to slowly grab the buns, watching easily as Wei Wuxians lifted up his hands gesturing he wouldn't do anything and backed up, turning to walk away.

   "Wait.." A trembling voice called out. Wei Wuxian paused in surprise, looking back at the boy, face wet from crying he mumbled, "Thank you."

    Wei Wuxian gave him a bright smile, stunning the boy with his soft grin. Wei Wuxian nodded, "Your welcome."  And before turning to start walking again, he glanced at the man stumbling to his feet, quaking with fear, the fellow had nearly died after all.

     "Don't ever do anything like that to anyone, ever again. Understood?" Wei Wuxians voice hard and cold. "If you do, I will come back to finish what I started." 

   The vendor flinched, nodding quickly.

  Wei Wuxian turned on his heels, and left, Mo Xuanyu following after him. 



       Mo Xuanyu kept stealing glances at Wei Wuxian, who was far quieter, more than usual, his complexion was pale and drained. 

    He reached out tentatively to touch his arm, "Are you okay?" 

   Mo Xuanyu felt his turbulent emotions like a wave. He would normally give a reassuring smile but he must feel really bad, to not even do that much. 

    Wei Wuxian flinched, pain washing over him suddenly, right at his stomach and he pressed a hand against it, and spat up blood from his throat, frowning and wiping at his chin. Pain echoed from everywhere now, all across his mind and body, he stiffened and held back a scream, eyes suddenly locked in the past.

   He collapsed.  

 "Wei Wuxian! Hey!" Mo Xuanyu hurried to catch him. What the hell? 

 He held the man in his arms, unable to move. He was pale, and there was blood he had tried to wipe off his chin. 

   Mo Xuanyu was afraid. Even though unconscious, he could feel the man's chaotic emotions, his pain.  Mo Xuanyu fretted, using his own sleeve to wipe off the blood at the corner of Wei Wuxians mouth. 

    Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. 

   He hovered protectively over Wei Wuxians body, looking at the person who had just shown up. He blanched with shock. 

   It was Lan Wangji. 

 Lan Wangji came over and knelt next to them, looking extremely worried at the sight of Wei Wuxian. 

   He watched Lan Wangji grab Wei Wuxians wrist, and pressing, searching. His brow furrowed and the have way to so many emotions that flickered across his face. 

   "Wei Ying." He whispered, lightly touching the unconscious man's cheek. He looked at Mo Xuanyu. 

   Mo Xuanyu backed up, guessing what he wanted to do. Lan Wangji gently lifted Wei Wuxian into his arms, cradling him with care. And started walking away. Mo Xuanyu hesitated before following after the two men. 



  Wei Wuxian groaned. He blinked wearily, and slowly sat up. He glanced around. Mo Xuanyu was sitting by his bedside. "Where are we?" 

   Mo Xuanyu smiled. "Your awake! We're staying at an Inn." 

   Wei Wuxian stared. "What? How? I'm broke and so are you." 

   Mo Xuanyu looked away, laughing nervously. "Well - about that - You should-" The door to their room opened, cutting him off. 

   Wei Wuxians jaw dropped and he stared. "Lan Wangji??" 

  Lan Wangji carried a tray of dishes. Wei Wuxian has dropped even more, eyes wide. He shook himself to snap out of his shock. "You...why- ahh..why am I here and why are you here?" He asked.  

    Mo Xuanyu spoke up. "Well, you collasped, and I couldn't carry you....then HanGuang-Jun found us and carried you here." 

   Wei Wuxian just sputtered in suprise. "You..." He turned to Lan Wangji. "You carried me here?" The disbelief echoed in his voice.

   "Mn." Lan Wangji nodded, face unreadable as ever, though he eyes seemed to glimmer with two emotions. Was that worry and...happiness? Huh? 

   Wei Wuxian sighed. "Let's cut the shit." Lan Wangji seem unfazed by his cursing.

  "You and me, Lan hate me so why are you here? Will you be leading the rest of the cultivation world right to me? So they know I'm alive and kicking?" His tone was rude and sardonic. 

   He watched Lan Wangji. And was suprised. He seemed hurt by what he said. Wei Wuxian fell silent. 

   Lan Wangji spoke suddenly. "Not hate. Never hate." 

   Wei Wuxian gave him a confused look. "What?"

  Lan Wangji seemed to gather himself and spoke again. "Never hated you. Friends." Though when his said friends, Lan WangJi's face looked odd.

   Lan Wangji was stewing over not telling him everything, and saying friends instead of what he wanted to say. Even if he did, Wei Wuxian might balk at the sudden confession.       

     He had confessed once before, but knowing the man's state of mind back then, Lan Wangji couldn't be angry at him for not remembering.

    Mo Xuanyu watched the two of them, it was embarrassingly painful. "You're a dense idiot, A-Xian." He sighed. Lan Wangji glared in his direction and Mo Xuanyu held up his hands in piece backing off, his face twitching with the effort of holding back a smile. 

   Wei Wuxian looked between the too, at loss. 

   "You never hated me? You thought of me as a friend?" Wei Wuxian inquired. Lan Wangji hesitated just a moment before nodding. 

   "So all the talk of trying to get me to go with you to Gusu back then, you wanted to help me?" He asked.

 Lan Wangji nodded. Wei Wuxian studies him and sighed, before moving to stand up. Lan Wangji was there in a flash when he wobbled, holding him up. 

    Wei Wuxian laughed. "I'm fine." He eyed the dishes on the tray and his eyes brightened. Red spices littered them. Mo Xuanyu tried one and coughed, eyes red and watering. 

   "How can you eat that?!" He gasped, face scrunched up in disgust. Wei Wuxian shrugged and smirked. "Your just jealous that you can't handle it, kid." He stuck his tongue out, laughing at Mo Xuanyu's scowling while definitely saying he wasn't a kid.  

   Wei Wuxian ate all the spicy dishes and hummed, content. 

  Lan Wangji sat to the side, silent before speaking up again. 

   "Wei Ying?"

 "Hm, Lan Zhan?" He looked at him. 

    "What happened to your golden core?"

   Wei Wuxian froze. As did Mo Xuanyu, staring at him and Lan Wangji. 

   "Whatever do you mean, Lan Zhan?" Wei Wuxian asked casually. 

   "Back then, you..." Lan Wangji tried and then continued- "You lost it?"

   "Lan Zhan, it's in the past. It doesn't matter anymore."

 "It does." He argued back.

"Lan Zhan..." His tone held a warning.

   "Wei Ying." Lan Wangji didn't back down. He had to know.

  Wei Wuxian glanced at Mo Xuanyu and sighed.

  "You really want to know? How did you even-oh." Wei Wuxian realized. Of course. It must have been when he collapsed. He grimaced. 

  He sighed again, looking at Lan Wangji whose state seemed bright and earnest, and full of worry.

   For him? He scoffed internally. It's a bit late for that. Even though he was resurrected, his body is about the same as it was before he died, without his golden core.

   He might as well tell Lan Wangji and Mo Xuanyu, since he was there. 

 And so he did. He didn't mention everything, no, just about his core. Though knowing Lan Wangji, he could connect the dots. 

   Lan Wangji was shocked as he'd ever seen, and hurt even but why? Lan Wangji seemed to be trembling.

   "Lan Zhan? Is everything alright?" 

"Mn." He still replied steadily, mostly. This time, Wei Wuxian did hear the tremor in his voice. He frowned. 

   Lan Wangji stood, and made to leave, seemingly reluctant but he still had other duties.

   "Lan Zhan?" Wei Wuxian called.

 Lan Wangji turned to look at him, and it felt like he took a blow to his chest. Wei Wuxian was beaming.

  "Thank you." He murmured. Lan Wangji stiffened at that, but nodded before leaving. 

  Lan WangJi's steps felt heavy, if he could-he would stay by Wei Yings side and never leave,  but then others would get suspicious. His brother especially, he didn't want to worry him.

   So he would keep distance for however long needed, at least for now. That Mo Xuanyu...He felt the boy would look after him, as much as he could, Lan Wangji sensed something between them, nothing Lan Wangji felt threatened by, jealous. Just something different.

   He would find out later.





"So you really...gave away your Golden core?" Mo Xuanyu asked, tentatively. Mo Xuanyu couldn't comprehend it, a sacrifice like that. He was awed. 

   Wei Wuxian just sighed but still replied wearily. "Yes." 

  Mo Xuanyu studied the man, he looked exhausted. He didn't give Lan Wangji all details of yesterday, but maybe he should have. Mo Xuanyu was very worried and he didn't know what to do. 

    When Mo Xuanyu told the other man what had happened when he asked, he told very little and vaguely. He was worried about Lan Wangji's reaction so he hid the truth. 

   And scarily enough, He and Wei Wuxian were bound, a connection deep in both of their souls, a thread connecting their hearts and life force. He already knew, but if he or Wei Wuxian were to die, he would feel it, and it would feel like he was dying alongside him, if not actually doing so. 

    Mo Xuanyu feels that both try to break that connection, they will both suffer and die. He didn't want that. If Mo Xuanyu had confessed of their bond, Lan Wangji probably would have never left, worried sick and afraid for his love, who was dense and had no idea of the man's feelings. 

  He had felt the madness though, lingering in Wei Wuxian, it was as if the shadows of death were surrounding him and coiled to strike at any moment. 

    Mo Xuanyu also wondered if Wei Wuxian remembered his death, if he had been aware while he had been dead. 

   And while technically he was sure it wasn't exactly a secret, it was extremely personal and he had a feeling he shouldn't ask that, yet anyway-bond or not-they had only known each other for a few days. 

    Mo Xuanyu also had plenty of secrets of his own. He was not ready to come clean about them either, if ever.

  Feelings of pain and anger spiked through him, betrayal, and even shame. Mo Xuanyu vowed his head, trying to shove them down.

    A gentle hand laid itself upon his head and he froze, though it had become somewhat familiar, such tender contact of touch, terrified him and made him flinch. He went flick it off and move away from the sudden touch, but it was gentle and firm, staying still.

   He glanced at Wei Wuxian who gave him a gentle smile. He didn't say anything but the look and his hand on Mo Xuanyu's head made him tremble and eyes water, tearing up. His nose burned but he forced as much tears back as he could. Few slipped down his cheeks. Mo Xuanyu hurried to wipe them away.

    They stayed like that for a moment, before Wei Wuxian retracted his hand and stood up, stretching with a grin.

   "Ah, I feel better. A-Yu, lets go, lets go."

  Mo Xuanyu was puzzled at the man. "Go where?"

   The other chuckled and gave him a wink. "Oh, you know, shopping here and there, off on an adventure..." He trailed off.

   Mo Xuanyu had a deadpanned look. "You mean getting into trouble?" He snorted, not surprised.

   The others grin was blinding. "Exactly that! Ha! You know me so well now, huh? " Wei Wuxian had a devilish smile, and a glint in his eyes.

    Mo Xuanyu rolled his eyes, hiding his own smile behind the back of his hand, however, Wei Wuxian still noticed because his smile got wider, outshining the sun.

    "Guess we had better go before you find trouble here. Who knows what." Mo Xuanyu spoke. 

    The other man was bouncing around eagerly, full of energy as if nothing had happened yesterday.

   Mo Xuanyu followed the childish man, shaking his head with a sigh. Why does it feel like he is the nature one most of the time, despite being younger while Wei Wuxian was older. 

     Mo Xuanyu laughed under his breath, but followed after the man, hiding a small grin. 

Chapter Text

Wei Wuxian had his hands behind his head, whistling.

   Mo Xuanyu kept pace beside him as the walked along a trail into Dafan Mountain. They had been chatting back and forth, bickering, Wei Wuxian teasing. He sent Mo Xuanyu a wink. 

  Mo Xuanyu rolled his eyes and was about to retort when Wei Wuxian abruptly stopped, eyes narrowed forward.

   "Somethings wrong." He said, then they both heard voices, the voices of young juniors.

  They glanced at each other and ran forward towards the voices.

 Wei Wuxian thought back to the woman attacking strangely, and the stories he had heard.

   He ran faster.


  There was fire everywhere now, all around them. Both men halted at the scene before them. Three young cultivators were fighting the statue as it was attacking them. 

   A young cultivator in gold with a peony flower symbol over his chest, kept charging and slicing at the moving statue but was suddenly tossed aside with his sword flying through the air, right toward Wei Wuixan and Mo Xuanyu.  Wei Wuxian caught it in his hands, studying the sword.

   The sword had once belonged to Jin ZiXuan.

   Then...that meant...

 "Jin Ling?" Wei Wuxian murmured, voice shaking. He rushed in, using tendrils of resentful energy to deflect the Goddess Statues attack.l, standing before Jin Ling to shield him. He noticed one of the statue goddesses arms, it was the resentful Hand from Mo Village. 

    This soul consuming goddess sure had power, from consuming so many souls and with the Hand attached, it was quite fierce. 

    Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi were also fighting it off. Why did these boys always find themselves in trouble?

   "A-Yu, you know enough to create a barrier right? You read all my notes?" Mo Xuanyu come forward with a nod, closing his eyes, chanting quietly to himself. 

    Since Mo Xuanyu started cultivating like the demonic path, being shunned by everyone one else, am he had to turn to was the Yiling Patriarchs notes.

  He erected a large dome like barrier, once the had called the Lan Juniors to stand back, increasing the goddess statue inside.

   Wei Wuxian smiled at with a proud beam, "Great work, A-Yu." He praised. Mo Xuanyu's cheeks flushed, but he gave a nod. 

   Wei Wuxian turned to help Jin Ling up.

   "Hmph. Who asked for your help? Who they tell are you anyway, cultivating the heretic path at that." The boy sneered in disgust. Wei Wuxian sighed. Sizhui came to the rescue.

   "Young Master Jin, read two men helped us the other day. They aren't bad men."

  Jin Ling snorted. "So what? I didn't ask for their help." He snatched his sword back and the ground shook. Wei Wuxian cursed. "Sizhui, let me borrow your sword." The boy blinked but let him. 

   He used it to carve holes to make a  bamboo flute. He hurriedly gave the sword back to the boy.

   He told all three of the boys, especially Jin Ling. "Stay back."  

   He placed the flute to his lips and blew. 

  All of the sudden, music surrounded them, it wasn't terrible at all but immensely sharp and beautiful. The barrier had come down and Wei Wuxian used his flute to call upon whatever corpse, something resentful nearby to his aid.

   He didn't have to wait long.

A loud thundering roar sounded, and he heard the clink of chains against the ground.

  Next to him, Mo Xunayu went stark white, all the color drained from his face as though he knew what it was, or who it was. 

   Wei Wuxians eyes widened in shock.

  It couldn't be...

"Wen Ning?" 




Wei Wuxian stared in shock, before gathering his wits again and giving Wen Ning his commands. He had noticed Mo Xuanyu's funny reaction and he had a feeling he had an inkling as to why - though that conversation would have to wait.

    Jin Ling's face paled at Web Nings name and the sight of him. He grabbed for his sword in anger and races forward. 

   "Jin Ling, get back here! A-Yu, stop him." Wei Wuxian broke from his concentration while playing his flute to speak to Mo Xuanyu. 

  Mo Xuanyu nodded and rushed forward to grab Jin Ling from behind and dragging him back, he felt for the boy, realizing how painful it must be at the moment but considering the situation, he couldn't be allowed to do what he had been about to, surely.    

   The boy struggled but Mo Xuanyu had surprising strength and for that, he felt lucky. 

   "Let me go, you bastard, you cut-sleeve!" Jin Ling howled in fury, shaking.

   "Sorry, no can do. It's too dangerous right now, just hang back with the Lan juniors, please." Mo Xuanyu spoke to him quietly as the boy continued to struggle. He sighed,  and out of nowhere, Jin Ling who had been placed on the ground by the other young cultivators, had a magical rope bound around his body, stopping his movement. 

   "I'm sorry but I couldn't risk you rushing out again, Senior Xuan asked me to stop you." He had to call Wei Wuxian differently, not using his real identity or that would obviously be a huge problem. 

   Jin Ling's chest heaved greatly, his eyes angry and hurt, lips quivering as he squeezed his eyes shut, bowed his head to gather his emotions before looking up and deciding to glower in Mo Xuanyu's direction. 

   Mo Xuanyu grimaced to himself, laughing nervously and turning his attention back on Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning who had all but won, really. He had drenched the the Ghost Hand and was pinning it to the ground and the statue goddess had collapsed and shattered after many attacks, the energy sucked back out of it and souls released and dispersed.

    The young Lan Juniors moved to act, sealing the Hand. They released a relieved breath. Wei Wuxian wasted no time in sending Wen Ning away for the time being. Mo Xuanyu in turn, released Jin Ling who huffed and scowled, marching further away from him. 

   Mo Xuanyu held back a sigh but walked to Wei Wuxian, and in a panicked manner, ran to him when the man collapsed to his knees. His own chest hurt inside, to the point he felt like he might throw up blood, however; Wei Wuxian did.

   It splattered on the ground in huge red puddles and chunks of what looked like...was that flesh? 

   Mo Xuanyu paled, feeling sick. Something was terribly wrong with the man. He knelt and rubbed at Wei Wuxians back as he continued to throw up blood, until the man sagged back against him, unable to hold himself up. 

  "A-Yu?" He rasped, voice hoarse and weak. Mo Xuanyu's chest ached, his heart quivering and he comforted Wei Wuxian. "I'm here." Mo Xuanyu murmured.

  "I'm right here." 

 A twigs snapped under someone's foot and Mo Xuanyu's head snapped up as he protectively shielded Wei Wuxian. 

  Mo Xuanyu sighed with relief at Lan Wangjis presence until he tensed up again as another man stalked up behind him with a dog at his heels.

  He grimaced but stayed where he was to shield Wei Wuxian from the man that had once, no doubt, been like a brother to him.

     The same brother who sought to end him years ago, helping the Yiling Patriarch push himself to his death, destroying the dangerously powerful seal he had created. 

   Mo Xuanyu stayed where he was as the man stalked forward, face full of anger and resentment. 

   The man in his arms was half conscious, and still knew what was going on but was to zapped of his strength to do anything. By no means did Mo Xuanyu think Wei Wuxian was weak, even in such a condition.  Nonetheless, he would shield the man.

    Whatever would happen now, Mo Xuanyu would be strong. 

    He would defend the formerly dead Yiling Patriarch with whatever abilities he possessed. No matter what.




   Mo Xuanyu held his breath. His stared at the man in purple robes as he came to a halt in front of him.


  "So… he's back." Jiang Cheng stared down at them, his face dark with a scowl. 

   Half of  the man's face was hidden in shadow and it was ominous, not knowing what to expect from the volatile man. Jiang Chengs whip, Zidian, sparked with purple electricity, alive with energy.

   Mo Xuanyu glared at him.

"Hmph. Who are you to look at me in such a way?" Jiang Cheng sneered, taking another step closer.

   Mo Xuanyu felt Wei Wuxian shift in his arms. He glanced down, worried, watching as the man tried to drag himself to his feet so that he could stand. 

   Mo Xuanyu stayed behind him, eyes anxious, and hovering in case the man would collapse again. 

   "Jiang Cheng." Wei Wuxian faces the man, the same man he would have followed to the ends of the earth, years ago.

    A man he once considered a brother, and who had once thought the same of him, no doubt.

  Standing before him now, all he saw was loathing and hate.

   Wei Wuxian sighed internally.

He couldn't blame him. 


Wei Wuxian felt extremely exhausted, all he wanted was to sleep.

 He tried not to show too much weakness to the man that hated his guts.


"Wei Ying." Lan Wangji spoke, voice calm as still waters, soft-like. He had come to stand beside him, Lan Wangji was ready to defend him.

  Lan Wangji was also immensely worried about Wei Wuxians state. His condition was not good at all. The man seemed like he would collapse again at any moment, out cold.

  And the blood drying on the grass made it even more worrisome. 


Jiang Cheng snorted. "Really, HanGuang-Jun?" He rolled his eyes and Lan Wangji said nothing. 


Jiang Cheng eyes Wei Wuxian up and down.


"You will be returning to Lotus Pier." His tone brooked no argument. 


  Wei Wuxian wasn't even in the mood or condition to say or do anything, he only grimaced and nodded, his energy sagging again. Mo Xuanyu was there to catch him again. 

  Wei Wuxian smiled. 


What a good child. 

Chapter Text

  Wei Wuxian was out cold, and his body was extremely chilled.

  Mo Xuanyu was worried.

Jiang Cheng barked orders at him, after being led to Wei Wuxians old room, apparently, and laying the man on the bed. 

 Jiang Chengs called for a healer, well ...more like snapped. The healer came quite quickly, giving Wei Wuxian a check over, and frowning before the grown faded to shock.

 "Well, what is it?!" Jiang Cheng growled

 Xuanyu watched the man in purple robes cautiously, wary.

"His core...He - he doesn't -" The healer stammered. 

 Uh oh. He didn't think. Wei Wuxian wouldn't want Jiang Cheng to know...But he couldn't think of an excuse quick enough.

  This man is so angry and full of hate he knew was directed at Wei Wuxian, and yet...even so why does Mo Xuanyu feel as though even with that hate, he equally cares about Wei Wuxian too.

  The man only seems to know how to show and cling to his anger more the any other emotion.

Because he is afraid.

He is desperate.

It's all he knows.

 The voices in side Mo Xuanyu whisper. He shakes them away. 

  "Oi! Hey! Get on with it!" Jiang Cheng snapped at the healer.

"He doesn't have his golden core. It's gone."

Jiang Cheng just stared. "What..? But - that's that's - "  He couldn't finish what he was about to say.

Jiang Cheng's face paled.

 Mo Xuanyu blinked at the man, then frowned looking down at the other who was unconcisous. 

Jiang Cheng turned to Mo Xuanyu. "You even knew? Does anyone else.." He trailed off, expression tight. Mo Xuanyu watched him clench and unclench his fists.

  He heaved a sigh, rubbing his face.

 "Yeah, a little while after I brought him back. You, Lan Wangji, and I, are the only ones who know. You - You weren't..."

You weren't supposed to know.

Jiang Chengs had clenched at the unspoken words. Mo Xuanyu didn't say, but he knew anyway. 

 Mo Xuanyu's chest hurt still, though not as painful as before. Wei Wuxian must feel worse and tired to the bone. 

 Jiang Cheng muttered muttered something under his breath. 

"How is this even possible? Wei Wuxian - he was -" Jiang Cheng fumbled angrily.

He was torn apart and eaten by his own corpses, right?

That's what you want to say, but you can't find the words? 

Is that because of guilt?

Hate towards him?

Or, rather, self-loathing instead?

  Mo Xuanyu thought all these things but didn't utter them out loud. 

  He really shouldn't tell Sect Leader Jiang anything, it's not like he had to, and he told Wei Wuxian he wouldn't. But if he didn't...Mo Xuanyu couldn't bear the thought of not saying anything and not being able to do anything to help him.

He didn't like feeling-


And with their bond, and even without it, Mo Xuanyu cases about Wei Wuxian.

Although, telling Jiang Cheng might not help matters.

And technically, he already told Lan Wangji.

 He turned to Jiang Cheng and opened his mouth.

He might regret it but his gut was telling him otherwise.

 He told Jiang Cheng everything.



Jiang Chengs expression darkened, little by little. 

His voice came out on a low rumble. "It was you? You, who brought him back?" 

  Mo Xuanyu hesitated a fraction of a second, and then he nodded. 

"Yeah.. I wanted him to get revenge for me." He whispered, feeling guilty and ashamed. Wei Wuxian, as he was getting to know him still - Mo Xuanyu knew he didn't deserve anything like that. 

  There was a long moment of furious silence. 

The two stared at each other on opposite sides of Wei Wuxians bed. The man lying down coughed, body jerking and skin pale, too pale to where there was an illusion that he was translucent, seeing through his body because he was deathly pale. 

 Then he blinked bleary, tired grey eyes; searching. "A-Yu?" 

Mo Xuanyu gingerly sat beside him the bed.

"I'm right here. How are you feeling?" No Xuanyu gripped his hand tightly.

 Wei Wuxian smiled.

"I'm fine. This will pass." 

Funny, Mo Xuanyu didn't believe him.

From the looks of it, neither did Jiang Cheng.

But neither said anything, watching Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian made a move to get up.

"Hey! Don't get up your in no position to go anywhere!" Mo Xuanyu snapped, on edge with worry. 

 Wei Wuxian stilled, shocked, then he chuckled. "Such a mother hen, eh, A-Yu?" He teased in a light tone.

  Mo Xuanyu became flustered but didn't back down, pushing the stubborn idiot of a man back onto the bed, sitting by his side again with a huff.

Jiang Cheng watched the two interact silently, anger twisting in his gut. There were so many thing he wanted to say, wanted to shout, to scream.

 But no.Jiang Cheng swallowed all the words in the tihindowns tongue, down his throat and into his gut as he stalked out the room.

Wei Wuxian turned to watch him go, staring long after even Jiang Chengs shadow was gone.


A bitter smile was splayed across his lips.


 Wei Wuxian layed back, resting and chatting with Mo Xuanyu, who seemed antsy. 

 "A-Yu, you don't have to confine yourself to my side in this room. No one will harm you here, no matter Jiang Chengs attitude. I'm sure someone could show you around. Go on." He ushered a pouting Mo Xuanyu out of the room, shooing with a wave of his hands. 

Wei Wuxian was alone.

He inhaled and exhaled, sighing.

He looked around his room, taking it all in.

And it was quite the shock.

He assumed Jiang Cheng would have destroyed this room by now, or at least haf thrown everything out.

But no. 

Everything was exactly the same as he remembered it so long ago. 

A lifetime ago.

Wei Wuxian queezed his eyes shut as they stung with tears, biting his trembling, quivering lips to keep from sobbing.

It was no use.

The tears still slipped free from behind his closed eyelids, falling slowly as the sobs built in his throat, in a knot so painful he couldn't hold it in anymore.

He caved, sobs wrenching forth from his throat which he tried to muffle.

And he lay there, in the quiet comfort of his room.

He let tears fall.