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MadaTobi Reincarnation AU Snippets

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a collection of snippets/ideas from the following original idea, taken directly from tumblr:

the one where madara is reincarnated as Naruto and tobirama is reincarnated into Sasuke and neither of them are amused.

Madara is an uzumaki beast and a jinchuriki and he's gonna be honest, it puts some things in perspective.

Tobirama is an Uchiha and it's gross af but here's his new older brother who is Soft and just wants peace (boi does that sound familiar) and tobirama will fight someone to death for Itachi.

Madara is pissed off when he has to take care of himself, especially since he's always liked kids and the idea of one having to fend for themselves because of the hatred of the village ticks him off.

Tobirama learns Uchiha secrets early on and honestly, he kind of hates to say it, but now he sort of understands why madara went fucking crazy. Besides his Soft brother, the majority of the Uchiha clan is fucking crazy. Constantly condescending is the Uchiha look and quite frankly it only looked good on madara.

Madara runs into an Uchiha child that looks creepily like izuna and is startled by his blank look. Because he's seen that look before. Tobirama!?

Tobirama, who has a sixth sense for madara's brand of bullshit, nopes the fuck outta that situation real quick.

Then cue the canon Naruto trying to get Sasuke's attention and Sasuke ignoring him. Only it's really madara trying to get tobirama to admit who he is and tobirama ignoring the dramatic bitch that was his brother's best friend.