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A Slightly Different Path

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“Maybe as his partner, but not as his doctor …  and not as his wife,” she said, not caring anymore if Skinner knew or not. His eyes widened, as she knew they would, but she gave no further explanation before she left his office. 

She walked down the hall, her exhaustion and worry for Mulder weighing her down. Getting on the elevator, she closed her eyes, not caring who saw her or what they thought, her only concern for Mulder. 

The elevator stopped and she opened her eyes as the doors parted to reveal Skinner waiting for her, a bit out of breath, obviously having run down the stairs to catch up to her. She pushed herself from the back of the elevator and walked toward him with a sigh, knowing precisely why he was there. She stared at him as the doors closed and they were alone. 

“His wife, Dana?” he asked quietly, standing close to her, his expression unreadable. 

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes closing briefly. Opening them, she found him staring at her and she remained resolute. No further information would be shared, unless asked for specifically. 

Skinner sighed with a shake of his head, rubbing at his temple. Putting his hand in his pocket, he took out his keys and gave them to her. “Go do what I couldn’t,” he said, holding her hand in both of his as she took his keys. “Save him.” She nodded and squeezed his arm as she walked past him to his car. 

Taking a breath, she put her head on the steering wheel, her heart aching, the tears she dared not shed while away from him  now threatening to choke her. She needed to get to him, to tell him about what she found, but also to tell him … to tell him how she had missed him, had ached for him, and how much she loved him. 

She had to tell him, to not just wonder or feel it, but tell him. She wiped at her eyes as she drove out of the parking garage, her mind going back to Vegas, when the possibility of all human existence was not known to be written on the side of an alien spacecraft. 


“Oh man, I am gonna kick their asses,” Scully said, hanging up her phone and sighing loudly. “Those stooges. I knew they were up to something. Goddamn.” Her tirade was interrupted by a knock on the door, and she turned with a frown at the sound of it. “If that’s Langly, I swear to God,” she mumbled as she stalked to the door. 

Pulling it open, she was surprised to find not Langly, or any of the others, but Mulder. He stood with his phone in his hand, a bag hanging from his shoulder, and a sheepish grin on his face. He put his phone in the pocket of his jeans and cleared his throat. 

“What? Have you been here this whole time? I thought you … what?” she asked, confused as to what was happening. He looked at her and she opened the door wider, allowing him into the room. He walked further in and set his bag down on a chair, then walked to the window to look out at the view. 

“Mulder?” Scully asked, as she followed him into the room, still confused. 

“Frohike called me,” he said, with his back to her. “He said you were here and he was worried about you. That you were helping them with something but you weren’t acting like yourself.” 

“Not acting like myself? What the hell does that mean?” she demanded. 

“I’m not sure myself,” he said, as he turned around with a grin. “What have you been up to out here in Sin City, Agent Scully?” 

She frowned at him and crossed her arms. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said angrily. “What exactly did Frohike say to you?” He stared at her with a smile and she raised her eyebrows. He nodded and stopped smiling with a sigh. 

“Frohike called and said you were … not yourself-”

“You said that already,” she said curtly. 

“Right,” he said, shifting on his feet. “Right. Well, he said you were … giggly, flirty, and … touchy.” Her eyes widened and he smiled. 

“I … what?” she asked, horrified as she shook her head. “I didn’t …” But then she remembered laughing loudly and the taste of a cigarette on her lips, something she had not tasted in years. She let out a breath and stared at him, her mouth open in embarrassment as she closed her eyes and put her face in her hands. 

She could hear him chuckling softly and she shook her head. “Is that why you flew out here? Because I was … not myself?” Looking up she saw him frown and shake his head. 

“I’ve seen you giggly and flirty, Scully. And, most definitely, I’ve seen you touchy.” He held her gaze and her cheeks reddened. He smiled again and walked closer to her. Close enough to touch, but not doing so, as if waiting for her to say it was okay to do it. 

“Hi,” he said quietly, and she smiled. 

“Hi,” she answered, just as quietly. He looked down at her lips and back to her eyes before he leaned forward and kissed her, his lips soft and hesitant. 

Her hand landed on his chest as the chaste kiss quickly deepened into something more. Her arms slid around his neck, her hands in his hair. His hands slid under her jacket and blouse, his fingers grazing across her skin. 

Stepping back, she tried to catch her breath. He grinned and laughed as he watched her, but she could see he was breathing hard, too. Licking her lips, she could taste his kiss. Sweet and salty. No doubt he had been eating sunflower seeds before he knocked on her door. 

“So, did you … did you get your own room or …?” she asked, smoothing her clothes and clearing her throat, her heart racing. He shook his head and she grinned, stepping closer and wrapping her arms around his neck again. “Good decision,” she whispered, kissing him once again, the last words either of them spoke for awhile. 


Waking up, she blinked her eyes, focusing on the heaviness on her chest. Looking down, she saw dark hair and she smiled, closing her eyes again. Putting her hand on his head, she thought of the past few hours. How he had made her come, her legs shaking as she moaned his name. The feel of him as he slid inside her, her body responding to his immediately. He made her feel so good, it should be illegal. 

Since that first night, after they had played baseball, they had not been together again. Mulder had woken up and left early without a word to her, but she had found bagels in a bag on the counter when she went into the kitchen. She had eaten her breakfast, the memory of his mouth on her body making her smile as her fingers danced across her lips. 

No word from him all that Sunday, but Monday morning, he had smiled shyly at her. As they had left to check on a case, he had stopped her from walking out the door. He had squeezed her wrist, his hand moving to her fingers, his eyes holding hers and asking without words if they were okay. She had smiled and kissed him softly, squeezing his hand as she did. 

Walking out of the office, she heard him exhale a breath, relief heard above all else and she grinned. Since then, they had been talking on the phone more at night, laughing about nothing and discussing everything, but had not had sex again until now, and she had missed it. 

A lot. It was amazing how much she could miss it when she had only had it once. 

Well, twice now, she thought, a smile spreading across her face, her hand softly stroking his hair. He shifted, his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. She sighed and moved her hand, carefully slipping from the bed, in desperate need of the bathroom. 

Washing her hands as she finished, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, his naked body pressed against hers. She closed her eyes as his touch set her nerve endings on fire. She could feel him growing hard and she ached to have him inside her again. 

“I woke up and forgot where I was,” he mumbled into the back of her neck and she shivered. His rumbly voice made her clench her internal muscles, her ache growing. “Didn’t help that you left me alone in that cozy bed.” His hands moved from her waist to cup her breasts and she exhaled a moan. 

Opening her eyes, she saw him watching her in the mirror and she was done. She needed him … now. Turning around quickly, she pulled him close, locking her mouth to his. She jumped as she grabbed around his neck and he caught her, setting her on the counter. Her legs went around his waist and he slid inside her, making her gasp and cling to him. 

“Mulder … Jesus,” she moaned, clawing at him as he pistoned his hips. “Ohhhh.” He held her tight, going faster and she felt her eyes roll back, her orgasm building, amazed at how quickly he got her there. 

“Scully … God …” he breathed, his fingers holding her hips hard enough to leave the swirls and loops of his fingerprints embedded in her flesh. 

He went faster and she held on, her legs tight around him, her head hitting the mirror as it dropped back and she cried out, her climax cresting. She had no idea she had dug her nails into his skin until he cried out her name. Even then, she was unable to release him, her body humming and pulsating around him. 

Her ears felt like they were full of cotton or as if she were underwater as she came down, her heart pounding so hard, it could possibly burst from her chest. She was vaguely aware he was saying something, her ears now ringing, but he was heavy against her and she knew he had reached his release. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She thought she heard him repeating and she released her grip on him, lifted her head, and tried to focus her eyes. 

“Oh my God,” she breathed, licking her lips and taking a deep breath. “Oh, Mulder. Hmmm. Oh …” She tried to move him so she could see his face. “Mulder, what are you saying?” 

“I said I’m sorry,” came his muffled reply. 

“Why in the hell would you be sorry?” she asked, her body fairly floating. “Look at me.” She pushed at him again, and he raised his head from her neck. His eyes were almost sad as she held his face in her hands. “Mulder?” 

“I hurt you.” 


“I … you’re going to have bruises,” he said, his fingers caressing softly where they had held so tightly minutes before. “I got … I was too rough.” 

“Mulder, if I do, then I do. But,” she bit her lip, her heels pushing into his back. “I’m not complaining. I … I like it a little rough.” He stared at her, his eyebrows shooting up. “Not always, but I absolutely loved it just now.” 

“Is that right?” he asked, grinning at her and she nodded, running her fingers across his lips. 

“Mmm.” She rubbed her feet against him, feeling him softening inside her, but knowing it would not be long before he was ready again. “I … Mulder, I really liked that. I mean really liked it.” Kissing him, his hands stayed on her waist, his thumbs softly stroking. Pulling back, he searched her face and she smiled with a nod. 

A shower was in order and, after helping her carefully off the counter, both of them a bit unsteady, Mulder turned the water on, letting it warm before they both stepped inside. Not able to pinpoint the last time she showered with a man that did not involve the fear of a contaminant, Scully enjoyed the reason for this shower very much. 

Mulder washed her hair, scratching his nails into her scalp, making her moan. He pushed her into the shower wall, kissing her as the water fell like a warm rain. Grabbing her waist and sliding his hands down, he gripped her ass and lifted her as though she weighed nothing. Her legs wrapped around his waist, his tongue in her mouth making her core throb as she rocked against him. 

“Can I make you come like this?” he asked, his mouth at her ear. “Just because I’m out of commission, doesn’t mean you are. I want to make you come. Tell me what you want.” 

“Mulder,” she barely breathed, his words nearly her undoing. She was naked, in the shower, her body fused to his, and he wanted to make her come. How many times had she made herself come picturing this exact scenario? At home or while he was in the next room? God …

“Scully, tell me,” he breathed, biting softly on her earlobe. Her mind was racing, the stimulation too much to think of coherent thought. She had wanted this for so long, she had felt on the cusp of an orgasm recently every second he was near her. 

“Mulder,” she moaned again, pushing up a little, her wet breasts slipping across his equally wet chest. The feel of his sparse chest hair against her nipples shot straight to her core, and she cried out. 

“Have you thought about this before? Us in the shower? Because, Jesus Christ, I can’t tell you how many times I have. God, Scully. It was bad before, but after that decontamination shower, as unsexual as it was, you were naked and wet, right in front of me, how could I not sneak a look?” He nipped her neck and moved a hand between them to touch her. 

“Oh God,” she gasped, rocking against him. “What else, Mulder? What else have you thought of?” He laughed against her throat, his thumb rubbing her clit, causing her to let out a high pitched whine. 

“Oh, Scully, I’m not sure you’re ready to hear it,” he cautioned, his thumb moving faster. “It’s a jumbled mess in there sometimes. Things you wouldn’t even think were possible to be a turn on. But for the sake of risking the hot water running cool, I’ll tell you a few.” She gripped his hair, her body on the verge when he slowed his touch, and she whined his name in protest. 

“Your heels clicking down the hall, the scent of your perfume, your touch on my arm,” he said in her ear as he began to move his thumb faster and she jumped, her heels kicking into him. “Watching you school some misogynistic asshole, your voice, the way you taste. That last one … oh, Scully … learning your taste has led to some very different and amazing levels of masturbation.” 

“MULDER!” she cried, and she came, the thought of him thinking of the taste of her as he pleasured himself, bringing her over the edge. “Oh my God … Mulder … ohhhh …” She clung to him and her head fell back against the shower wall, panting out her breath. 

He kept a light touch against her clit and she moaned, lifting her head to hold him closer, her lips at his neck. He moved his hand and wrapped his arm around her as it joined its mate, holding her tightly. 

“Oh … Mulder,” she whispered into his ear, kissing his neck, her body feeling heavy and every inch of it vibrating with pleasure. 

“I take it you enjoyed that?” he teased, kissing her shoulder, and she laughed. Lifting her head, she looked him in the eyes, her hands on his face. He smiled and she kissed him, her tongue slowly stroking his. 

He moaned and pulled back, looking into her eyes. She pushed his wet hair back and smiled at him. “You are very good at the task at hand,” she said with a raise of her eyebrow, and he laughed. 

“Or thumb, as it were,” he smirked, and she laughed, kissing him again before he set her down carefully. A hand on his chest steadied her and he wiggled his eyebrows as she reached for the body wash. 


Dressed and out on the Vegas strip, Mulder took her hand and grinned as he looked around. “Where to first? The fountain? The tigers?” he asked, and she shrugged with a smile. He nodded and pulled her along, not caring where they went. 

They went to watch dancing water at the fountain. Standing with their arms wrapped around one another, Scully closed her eyes, not caring about the water show. She could feel and hear his heart beating under her ear and she found comfort in it. His hands moved up and down her back as she held him tighter. 

Hearing applause, she opened her eyes and mentally shook her head. She had missed the whole show. Smiling and squeezing him once more, she pulled back and looked up at him. He smiled down at her and shook his head. 

“Did you see any of the show?” he teased and she shook her head. He nodded again and kissed her before taking her hand and pulling her along again. 

They walked through the garden inside the hotel and admired the beauty of the adjoining rooms. Back out on the strip, they walked past crowds of people, despite the late hour. Further down the strip they walked, Scully not paying attention to anything except the occasional thing Mulder pointed out, his knowledge of any and everything astounding her as usual. 

Stopping suddenly, she glanced at him, and then to where he was looking. “You’re seeing it, too, right?” he asked gleefully and she nodded with a smile. 

“Let’s go inside,” she said, tugging at his hand. 

“Scully, no,” he said, stopping her from stepping forward. “It’s a wedding chapel.” 

“Mulder, it’s an Elvis wedding chapel. We have to go inside,” she said, matter-of-factly. He stared at her and she raised her eyebrows at him. “They might have memorabilia in there.” She tugged his hand again and he sighed, allowing her to lead him inside. 

“Oh my God,” he breathed as they walked in the door, grinning at her as he let go of her hand. She watched him walk around and smiled at his gleeful happiness. 

Can’t Help Falling Love was playing on the speakers as she began to look around. Records, photos, framed newspaper clippings, guitars, outfits, were just a few of the items on display. She smiled and shook her head at the pink and red decor, the giant lips sofa, and the disco ball on the ceiling. It was like walking into a room designed by Cupid and Elvis. 

“Oh, Scully,” she heard him say behind her as Jailhouse Rock started and she turned around. He had his hand out and pulled her close when she took it. He danced them around the room, spinning her, impersonating Elvis’s hip shake and causing her to laugh hysterically. 

“Hey now, you ain’t so bad,” they both heard, and a bejeweled Elvis impersonator shot them finger guns and walked into the chapel. When he was gone, she covered her mouth and laughed again. He looked at the chapel door and back at her and then shimmied again. 

“Hey there! Did y’all have an appointment?” a woman asked, her blonde hair up in a large beehive. 

“Uhh, no,” Mulder stuttered, his dancing stopping immediately. “We were walking by and …”

“Oh, we take walk-ins! What are your names?” She smiled, looking at them both, a pen and paper held at the ready in her hands. 

“No, no. We just … we thought we’d check out the memorabilia you might have. We’ll be going now. Sorry.” Mulder hurriedly said, glancing at Scully. 

“You two were not looking to get married tonight?” the woman asked, frowning at him. 

“Us? No. No,” he laughed and cleared his throat, glancing at Scully again. 

“Dana Scully and Fox Mulder,” Scully said, staring at him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as she grinned. 

“Wonderful! I’ll let him know and we’ll get started. You’re lucky it’s so late, not many people are here at this hour.” The woman walked away, writing their names down on her paper. 

Mulder walked over to Scully and grabbed her arm. “What in the hell are you doing? Let’s get out of here before she comes back.” He started leading her toward the door and she stopped him. “Scully? What are you doing?” 

She shrugged and smiled. “Something crazy?” He shook his head and started toward the door again, and once again she stopped him. 

“This is insane. I just wanted to check out the mementos. No way should we be doing this, Scully. Let’s go.” He pulled at her again and she remained firm in her stance. Sighing loudly, he shook his head, his eyes hard. 

She smiled and put her hands on his chest. “It’s crazy, I completely agree,” she said quietly and he scoffed. Laughing, she shook her head. “But what have we done that hasn’t been?” 

“Scully,” he exhaled. “This is beyond any other thing we have ever done. We need to leave. Now.” 

“No, Mulder.” 

“Scully …” 

“Mulder,” she smiled and touched his face. “Let’s get married.” He shook his head and she nodded. 

“Scully, this is completely crazy,” he whispered, searching her face, sighing and then frowning. 

“So, let’s do something crazy,” she whispered back with a shrug. He stared at her and she smiled, hoping her eyes were conveying her true feelings. 

“Let’s do something crazy,” he agreed, smiling and then laughing incredulously. “Dana Scully, you are a puzzle I will never completely figure out.” 

“No, you won’t,” she grinned, rising on her tiptoes to kiss him. 

“Dana Scully and Fox Mulder?” a voice said behind her. “Oh. Well, lovebirds, we’re ready for you.” 

Scully stared at Mulder and smiled. “We’re ready,” she said, and he raised his eyebrows, shaking his head.  

“Yeah, we’re ready,” he nodded. 

“Wonderful. Follow me please.” 

Scully turned around and made a face at Mulder. He frowned at her and she gestured to her clothes. “It’s not fair I’m in these work clothes and you’re all casual,” she groaned, pulling at her blazer. 

“You look great,” he assured her and she rolled her eyes, taking his hand. “You do, I won’t lie.” She smiled and bumped his shoulder. 

“Holy … Christ,” she breathed as they followed the woman into the chapel. It was even more elaborately decorated than the lobby and it almost hurt her eyes to look directly at everything.

Disco balls, more guitars, shiny sequined suits in huge frames; the floor was black and white checked linoleum, and the small row of pews were gold with white muslin. It was tacky as hell and completely perfect. 

“This … is … amazing,” Mulder said beside her as the Elvis impersonator literally slid into the room as It’s Now or Never began to play. He danced around the altar in a gold shiny suit with a white scarf around his neck, black bouffant hair, gold dark sunglasses, and blue suede shoes. 

“Pinch me,” Mulder said close to her ear, his mouth dropping open as he watched him, Scully staring at Mulder in amusement. 

“Hey, Pretty Mama!” the impersonator called to Scully, and she grinned. He stopped dancing, freezing in an Elvis pose, as the music stopped. “Thank you. Thank you.” He bowed as applause rang through the speakers in the room. Mulder looked at Scully, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Pretty Mama, you,” said the impersonator, pointing at Mulder. “You, Hunk of Burning Love, you’ve found your way to the little Elvis chapel. As you can see, I am Elvis and I will be joining you in holy matrimony this night. Can I get an amen?” 

“Amen!” came a voice behind them and they both turned to see the blonde beehived woman in the last pew. She had her hand in the air as though in church and as they turned back around, Mulder grinned at Scully once again. 

“Tonight we are here to join,” he pointed at Scully and waited. 


“And you, you tall drink of water.” 


“Hmmm, I’ll say,” Elvis nodded and Scully laughed. “Fox and Dana, hereby known as Pretty Mama and Hunk of Burning Love, will be joined in the eyes of God, myself, and Ann back there. Don’t worry, she’s not the Ann you’re thinking of,” he stage whispered. “But, boy, she was a knockout, hey?” Mulder nodded enthusiastically and Elvis grinned. “Yeah you have a thing for redheads it seems.” Mulder glanced at Scully and smiled. 

“Pretty Mama, you’ve chosen to marry this man, is that right?” Elvis asked, his hips shaking with his question and Scully laughed. 

“I have, yes,” she said and he began to dance again and All Shook Up began to play. He reached for her hand and Scully looked at Mulder and he shrugged. She took his hand and they danced around the altar as he sang along to the music. 

Well, please don't ask me what'sa on my mind

I'm a little mixed up, but I'm feelin' fine

When I'm near that girl that I love best

My heart beats so it scares me to death!

Well she touched my hand what a chill I got

Her lips are like a volcano when it's hot

I'm proud to say that she's my buttercup

I'm in love

I'm all shook up

Mm mm mm, mm, yay, yay, yay

Scully was laughing as he spun her around and they danced to the entire song, stopping with a dip beside Mulder. He clapped loudly and they both bowed, her heart racing and face hurting from smiling so hard. 

“Just wanted one dance, Burning Love, before she was all yours.” Elvis explained, leaning close to Mulder. Scully linked her arm through Mulder’s and grinned. 

“Okay, let’s get this going, I’m sure you two would like to move on to other things.” He wiggled his eyebrows at them and A Little Less Conversation played as Ann came into the room, a tray of rings in her hand.

Scully picked the most gaudy ones she saw: gold with dice inlaid in them. Elvis nodded and the music stopped. He took the rings and nodded to Ann who sat back down with the tray. 

“Pretty Mama, please hold Hunk of Burning Love’s hands,” Elvis said and Scully did as told. Mulder shook his head and mouthed crazy to her and she shrugged. “Do you Pretty Mama, take Burning Love as your husband? Do you promise to cherish him, to not be cruel and return him to sender, to love him tender, and to never step on his blue suede shoes?” Scully laughed and nodded, squeezing his hands. 

“I do,” she giggled, and Mulder winked at her. 

“‘Now Burning Love, do you take Pretty Mama to be your wife? Do you promise to cherish her, to love her tender, not consider her a hard headed woman, to not behave like a hound dog, and keep falling in love?” Mulder grinned and nodded as Scully was overcome with giggles once again. 

Mulder let go of her hands, punched the air in front of him and then froze, his lip curled up. “I do, honey.” Scully pitched forward and he caught her as she continued to laugh. 

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” Elvis said, wiping his eyes with the scarf around his neck. “Here are your rings, put these on or you’ll leave me crying in the chapel.” He handed the rings to Scully and she took the larger one, attempting to put it on Mulder’s finger. 

It did not fit on his ring finger, and only went halfway down his pinky, but he shrugged and smiled. He put hers on and it fit perfectly, on her middle finger. She smiled and winked at him. He shook his head again and closed his eyes briefly. 

“By the power vested in me, through the gorgeous state of Nevada, I pronounce you Pretty Mama and Hunk of Burning Love. Congratulations, you two may smooch it up!” He waved his arms and confetti flew out, and Viva Las Vegas blared into the room. He danced and sang as Scully stared at Mulder. 

“You are absolutely crazy,” he whispered close to her ear before kissing her soundly. 

“Crazy, huh? I learned from the best,” she replied, pulling him in for another kiss. Mulder grabbed her and they danced out of the chapel and into the lobby, Elvis singing behind them. 

Ann was waiting at the desk when they walked out, ready for them to pay for the service. “Congratulations! I hope you had fun,” she said with a smile. “He puts on a really good show, doesn’t he?” Mulder nodded and reached for his wallet, but Scully stopped him. 

“Wait. A show? That wasn’t … binding?” she asked, her stomach dropping. 

“Oh, no,” Ann said, with a frown. “In order to get married, you need a license. The bureau is closed now, so this was … just for show. Did you think it was real? I’m so sorry if you did, I thought … you had said you weren’t looking to get married, you didn’t have a license, and so I thought … sometimes people want the experience, but not the actual wedding. I thought maybe that’s what you wanted.” She looked so apologetic, Scully could not fault her, but she felt incredibly stupid. 

She looked at Mulder beside her and found he was staring at her before he turned to Ann. “What time does the bureau open?” 

“Eight in the morning. I can give you the address and a cab can take you right to it. Again, I’m so sorry,” she sighed, looking back and forth between them. Scully shook her head and tuned out the rest of the conversation, as Mulder paid the bill and led her outside. 

“I’m so stupid,” she said, when they had walked a few feet away. “Of course we would need a license. How could I forget that?” She shook her head and sighed, not able to meet his eyes. 

“Hey,” he said, tipping her chin up and making her look at him. “So we did it backwards, does that surprise you?” 

“Mulder, this was crazy, like you said. We can just forget it. Chalk it up to something that happened in Vegas. It was fun, but you’re right, it was … it was crazy.” She sighed and shrugged, taking a step past him but not getting far before he pulled on the back of her blazer. 

“So, it’s crazy … let’s do something crazy,” he said quietly and she scoffed, shaking her head.  “Scully, the way I see it, we did get married, this is our honeymoon, and we simply need to … fix some things tomorrow, no, today. It’s two in the morning, the place opens at eight, we have six hours until we can fix this small hiccup.” He shrugged and smiled at her. 

“Mulder …” 

“Scully,” he said softly, stepping closer to her. “It’s our wedding night, regardless of a piece of paper. We said the words and exchanged the ugliest rings I have ever seen.” She laughed and put her hands on her face. Pulling them down gently, he stared at her so sweetly, her heart ached. “We did the crazy, we’ll do the sane tomorrow … in six hours.” He smiled and she stared at him. 

God, she loved him. She had not told him, but he knew. He had to know. 

Agent Scully is already in love

He had to know that it was him she was in love with, right? No other man even registered to her, not when Mulder was there. No other man made her feel the way he did. His brain had aroused her long before his body ever did. Now she had both and hoo-boy … 

It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him, to say the words, when a car horn honked and made them both jump. Mulder laughed as they looked to the source and found a group of scantily clad women crossing the street. The car horn honked again, followed by wolf whistles, and Mulder looked back at her with a smile. 

The moment had passed but she could do one better. She looped her arms around his neck and felt his wrap around her waist. She closed her eyes as she breathed in his scent. Hotel shampoo and body wash, and the undeniable scent of Mulder. 

“So,” she whispered in his ear, and she felt him tremble. “We should celebrate our wedding night. I’m thinking we go back to the hotel and get very naked for a long period of time. Or at least six hours.” She sucked his earlobe and he twitched into her, his arms tightening around her. 

“Make it eight and you’ve got a deal,” he whispered and she laughed. He pulled back and kissed her, making her knees weak. Grabbing her hand, they walked hurriedly back to the hotel, both of them unable to stop smiling. 


The sun was peeking through the partially drawn curtains as Mulder kissed her softly, her heart still racing from her orgasm. Her fourth one, in fact. His fingers traced up her body, swirling softly across her hard nipples and she arched into him, her body already responding with a need for more. 

“Hmmm,” he murmured into her mouth. “I fear I’ve created a horny monster.” He kissed her again, his tongue exploring, his fingers now lightly pinching and rolling her nipples. She placed a hand on the back of his head and a hand over his at her breast. 

She pulled away from his mouth and moved her hand to caress his face. “You’ve stoked the fire, no question, but this horny monster has always been there. She’s just good at hiding and taking care of herself.” He quirked his eyebrows and hummed, palming her breast and squeezing. 

“I’ll have to see that to really know for sure. Scientific proof and all that,” he smirked as she laughed and kissed her once more. Laying down beside her, she turned on her side to face him, his hand on her hip their only contact. 

She smiled at him and he raised his eyebrows. “What’s that smile?” he asked softly. 

“It’s nothing,” she shrugged, and he shook his head. 

“Nah. I know my Scully smiles, that is not a nothing smile.” 

“You know my smiles?” she asked, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it from him. 

“Mmhmm,” he said with a smile of his own as she stared at him, smiling as she looked over his face. “See now, that smile is one is one of intrigue, you’re trying to figure me out.” 

“A given,” she teased, putting her leg over his. He hummed, pulling her closer and she smiled again. 

“There it is, it’s the same but a bit different. I’ve seen it a few times, but now it’s … well it’s gone way past eleven.” He smiled and she grinned wider, remembering the night they had watched Spinal Tap, as it poured sheets of rain outside. 

She ran her fingers in his hair and cupped his face, her thumb at his lips. “I’m happy,” she whispered, with a slight shrug. 

He nodded and kissed her thumb. “You weren’t before?” She stared at him and heard all the questions those three words asked. All the worry, the thoughts he was overthinking, and she shook her head slightly. 

“No. I wasn’t,” she admitted softly, as she smiled slowly, her doubts and worries gone, for now at least. All that mattered was the man beside her. The one who saved her time and again. Who came to her without a moment's hesitation when she said she needed him. Who heard she was not herself and came to be sure she was okay, not wanting any ill to fall upon her. “I thought I was, but …” 

He kissed her thumb again and nodded. Turning his head slightly he kissed her palm and then shifted to move over her. Kissing her lips, her legs came around him, her happiness filling her heart as he brought her hands above her head, looking into her eyes, silently asking if she was okay with it. She nodded and he smiled, one of a happiness that matched her own. 

“It’s at least a twelve,” he whispered, and she raised her eyebrows, glancing down his body, and then back to give him a look. He chuckled and shook his head. “My happiness. You have a dirty mind, Miss Scully.” 

She quirked an eyebrow and he shook his head again before he lowered his mouth to hers and she laughed into his kiss. As he began to kiss her body, he softly sang Don’t Be Cruel and she laughed. 

12, 13, 20, 100, she thought, as he kissed her hips, where bruises were beginning to appear. As he kissed them softly, he changed his song to Love Me Tender and she ran her fingers through his hair. 

“Way more than a twelve, Mulder,” she whispered and he hummed in agreement before he once again made her body hum with pleasure. 


Hours later, eyes closed and her head on his shoulder, her body beyond tired, she smiled. Mulder hummed Viva Las Vegas as she tried to find a more comfortable position in the airplane seat. 

“I never knew I’d enjoy being a pinky ring kind of guy, but …” Mulder said quietly and she laughed. Opening her eyes, she glanced down at the horrendously gaudy ring and nodded. 

“We obviously can’t wear them, so …” she explained and he nodded. 

“No, but we’ll know,” he said. “I’ll only need to brush your fingers for you to know that I know.” He lightly held her fingers in his own and it almost felt more intimate than the past twenty four hours. How his touch could do that, she would never know. 

“Best $200 I ever spent,” he whispered and she laughed, closing her eyes and locking her fingers with his. 

She thought of the smile on his face as they were handed their marriage license. The way he so happily handed it to Ann, who grinned when she saw them. The simple sweet Elvis wedding they chose this time, the fun and games were for earlier, the second time was for real. The way she hoped to convey her love in her kiss, when the words still seemed to get stuck in her throat. 

She sighed, feeling like a coward. Then he squeezed her hand and softly sang Can’t Help Falling In Love, and she smiled. 

He knew. And she knew. It did not need to be said. 



Wiping at her eyes once again, she stepped out of the hospital elevator as the doors opened, and walked with purpose down the hall. He was her husband. No one would stop her from where she was meant to be, by his side, as though it had been written in the stars themselves. 

“Agent Dana Scully. I’m Fox Mulder’s wife,” she said, pulling out her badge, as she was stopped at his door. She could see  him in her peripheral and her heart ached. “Please. I need to see him. I'm begging you, please. Thank you.” She put her badge away, no idea what the doctor had said to her. 

She walked to Mulder’s bedside, her love for him propelling her closer with each step. Leaning in, she looked at him, at the man who had married her on a crazy whim, who made her heart race and her blood boil all at the same time, and who she loved unconditionally, to say the words that meant everything to them. 

“Mulder, it’s me.”