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Dont Deserve It

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Bee woke up covered in cash, blood and candy wrappers. The temp job that she did last night with puppycat was unusually violent and she passed out almost immediately when the came back to the apartment. She sat up and looked around.

'Puppycat must be awake already' she thought, rubbing her eyes. She climbed out of bed and walked out of her room, leaving a trail of the money and wrappers. Surprised that she hadn't just slept on the couch last night she continued to look for Puppycat.

She looked at her hands after a brief look around the living room. Her nails were red and blood caked her arms up to her elbows.

"Ewwwww, gross , gross , grosssss." She muttered, she quickly walked towards her bathroom. She opened the door to find puppycat looking in the mirror trying to rub off the blood in his fur.

"Hey you're all dirty tooo. Nice." She said to him turning on the sink so he could wash it off more effectively. She quickly got in the shower after taking off her ruined clothes. And took the fastest shower she could manage with how filthy she was. She climbed out muttering how much she hated water. Puppycat was gone and the bathroom door was slightly open. Bee shook her head and wrapped a towel around herself. She turned off the still running sink.

She walked into her room and picked up her bumblebee sweater and some pants she had worn the other day and had left in the floor. She stepped over the cash on the floor and walked back into the living room and picked up her phone.

2 texts from Chef Boy

She sighed and opened the message.

-Hey are you up yet?-

-It's almost 12 and I wanted to tell you something. Text me when you wake up.-

Bee considered leaving him on read, but couldn't do that. She texted him back.

~Yea I'm up, wat do u wanna talk about??:p~

She was still mad at Deckard, he had left town suddenly and had only left a note. A note that Cas gave her.

She knew it was because of the the temp job and her arm being ripped apart. She knew it was because he felt lied to. Even if he didnt say it. She had fucked up and it hurt, bit her in the ass. And he was pretending it was all okay, even as he was in culinary school.

Her phone dinged.

-I'm coming back for spring break. Hoping I could see you?-

Bee stared at the message for a solid 10 seconds, she felt shocked that he was even talking to her and was completely surprised that he wanted to see her.

~Um, hell yeah??~

She felt giddy.

~Wait.. when is spring break?~

-In 3 days, I'll be back on the island around Wednesday.-

-So it's a plan. I gtg I'll talk to you after class.-

~Ok have fun.~

Bee closed her phone. She hadn't had anyone over since before Deckard left. She looked around the house. Trash was strewn around and old plates and bottles lay around the couch. She hadn't done much since then either, other than worked and slept.

The conversation had been so short that Bee couldn't help but keep reciting it in her head as she cleaned up a little. She had convinced herself to do it now so it would be done before she worried about it. She found Puppycat in the pantry kitchen room they had invented, eating some cereal he somehow made for himself.

"I thought your legs would be too short to reach the bowls. Wild."

Puppycat twitched his ears in response and continued to munch. Bee set the dirty dishes on the table they had and walked back out again tracking down her candy wrapper trail and following it. She gathered a total of 50 candy wrappers.

"Wow that's a lot of candy."

Last night she had been lucky to even survive her temp job, it had started out as a babysitting job but after the kids had gone to bed, Bee had opened their door to a creature that attacked Puppycat and herself. They had defeated it but were scratched up afterword and covered in blood. The kids candy wrappers stuck to her afterward. And her payment that rained down in the night stuck to her like confetti.

She gathered that up also, she had earned 400 dollars last night. Bonus for protecting the kids and cleaning the house.

"Puppycat! You got 200 dollars!"

His little melodic voice traveled back.


Bee listened for another response until she heard the TV turn on and Pretty Patrick's voice carried in. She ran into the living room.

"Heyyy, you cant watch Pretty Patrick without me!!!"

"I knew you would walk in once you heard it."

"Yeah….. it's still mean though."

"Sorry! Now shut up!"

They watched TV for hours until Bee got bored with it.

She looked at the cash she had set down hours ago.

"We need to go to the store.."

Puppycat looked at her and looked at the tv.

He sighed," you're right."

"Let's go then." She got up and turned off the TV.

Puppycat slid off the couch and followed her to the door. Bee pulled on her boots and another sweater due to the weather still being chilly from the start of spring. She handed him his cute little "leather jacket" and his helmet.

He bitched about the helmet the whole way to the store.

Bee gave herself a 60 dollar limit and they both set off, finding essentials that wouldn't expire in their makeshift kitchen.

Bee found Puppycat after 10 minutes and saw him holding, or surrounded by after dropping, box of fish cakes and several boxes of cereal. She assumed he ate the last of it that morning if he wanted to buy that much.

He was looking at the gummy snacks on the wall. Bee also looked, she had already grabbed bread, peanut butter and jam. She just wanted chips now.

Chips and candy.

After the store they went back home, Bee put the food away and Puppycat sat around.

They didnt know what to do now. Their days normally went like this. Wake up from a temp job gone awry, count money, do something adult, and then sit around until they found something to do or decided to work.

Bee didnt want to work today. Slightly afraid of what might happen on the next job they took. They were almost always dangerous. And Bee was tired of it, she wanted to succeed and have it be safe and easy for once.

She knew it was selfish to want something like that. It was only benefitting her and accomplishing nothing. But she couldn't help but wishing it.

"Are we going to work today?"

"No.. we already worked yesterday. I feel like we should have a break."

"Ok, I'm going to watch TV then."

" I'm going to go to bed."


"Yeah, last night tired me out."

Puppycat shrugged and walked back into the living room.

Bee decided to make herself a pb and j before she went to bed completely.

After that she changed into pajamas, looked over at her dad box and collapsed on the bed. Falling asleep surprisingly fast.




Her dreams were never about food, or anything she wanted.

Always something cryptic. She was running after someone. Someone who she could only barely see. She swore their body was vanishing with every step they took and reappearing a moment later.

She stumbled and tripped over her long dress, a white one this time.

She fell on the ground and watched as the figure turned around and looked at her. She still couldnt see any features but she swore it was a figure of a younger man.

She woke up to her room being dark but a little light was illuminating from the oncoming sunrise. She felt something warm leak from her nose.


She brought her hand up to her nose and sat up carefully, trying to not disturb Puppycat who was sleeping next to her, and trying not to bleed everywhere. She quickly walked to the bathroom and shoved a piece of toilet paper in her nose, she looked into the mirror the small paper already soaked in blood. She didn’t really care but she grabbed a little bit more toilet paper just in case. She walked out of the bathroom.

She knew she should clean up a little more and probably get ready for the day considering she was actually going to work a job. She went back into her room and sat down on her bed.
Then her phone chimed loudly, puppycats ears twitched but he didn’t wake up.
Who the fuck is texting me right now??

She grabbed her phone and looked at it.

Message from Cas

-Hey did you hear deckard is coming back? -

~Yeah he texted me yesterday. Forgot to text me again later lmao~

-Oh lol, ok just thought I should tell you. You know you are welcome to hang out with us while he's here. -

~Ok thank you Cas.~

-No prob Bee.-

Bee dropped her phone on her bed, and looked out her window, she could see a little bit of the ocean from where her apartment was. The sun was almost halfway up and a few birds had started chirping.

Then she suddenly couldn’t see, her vision looked like someone had lost a tv channel. She could barely hear, a static noise filling her ears. She felt something in her stomach, a heat that she couldn’t place. She remembered last time she felt this and it was when her arm had been ripped off.

Her vision started to clear again, she was standing over no one but a bloody knife was on the floor. She didn’t own any knives but butter knives. This looked like a kitchen knife. She looked down at her stomach, a few wires poking out of her body and blood dripping down her abdomen. She saw a few glass shards on the floor and turned around to see her window broken.

Puppycat was staring out at the sunrise through the broken window shards.

Bee placed a hand on the wound in her stomach, it didn’t really hurt, it kinda ached. Her body was full of adrenaline. One eye in her vision kept flicking back to the static.

Her head swam and the room started spinning.

She heard a soft knock from the front door, and her one eye switched completely. She watched as puppycat flicked his ears and then quickly ran to the door, she walked forward to see him open the front door to Deckard.

He was holding a bouquet of daisies, she watched as he dropped them when he saw her. She finally felt her knees give out and both her arms clutched her abdomen. The static went away and she was left with a darkening room.

She could faintly hear Deckards voice as she started to lean into him, puppycats paws were on her legs holding him up to be near her, his faint singing ringing in her ears.

Her vision finally went out and she could her another voice, sounding slightly higher than Deckards, saying her name.