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JK: Zapata...where the fuck have you been?

TZ: Madeline has gone 100% fucking MAD. I'm not exaggerating-She-

JK: HOLD IT! Are you IN?

TZ: Madeline poisoned the ENTIRE managing board of HCI-including BLAKE...I'm talking to you, and so I'm
'probationary in'...the game has flipped, Keaton-bring me out!

JK: Negative. You're "in" now-IN you stay. And by the way-I know you spend the night at Reade's, right
before I gave you the "go"-DON'T DEFY ME AGAIN, ZAPATA.

TK: You're leaving me in to PUNISH me?

JK: Don't be ridiculous-my focus is MADELINE BURKE, now that she took-over HCI. I could give a shit who you

(Zapata is 1000% ceratin that that last statement is utter horse-shit, unless she discounts the dozens of times
the (married) Assistant Director, CIA has propositioned her, just in the last two weeks)...

TZ: Keaton, PLEASE. Bring me out-let's re-group, re-strategize.

JZ: I said NO. Get me some actionable intel. Check in every 12 if you can.

tz: Yes Sir

"Baby. I'm so glad to hear your voice. You can't imagine." Tasha tries to keep her emotions from seeping into her
speech, but Edgar knows her OH SO WELL...

"Believe me, I can. You're okay?

Her instinct is to lie, to protect him from worrying- to say that all is fine-then remembers her recent marraige vows-
to love, honor and cherish her new husband. Lying doesn't fulfill any of the latter three.

"I am, but I'm maybe NOT. Madeline cooled the whole HCI board of D, Reade-13 FUCKING PEOPLE. Blake too. Keaton
refused to extract me, says now that I'm in, that this is the best chance we have to take down HCI. He's right."

"Bullshit. He won't extract you, shoot me your coordinates-I'll bring you out. OI promised to PROTECT YOU in those
and I will DO THAT."

"NO, Pa, she chides gently. You know that we can't. I WANT YOU TO, of course I DO, but Madeline is a mass murderer.
She's as dangerous as Sandstorm. You know that I'm right."

"Doesn't make me feel any better. PROMISE that you'll be okay, Tash. You HAVE TO BE. You..just HAVE TO BE."

"Just knowing that you are there, waiting for me, loving me-I can make it now. I WILL make it. I'm going now-
I love you madly. G'night."

"Same same. Stay safe. I miss you every minute that you're away, and I love you."