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Its Always Darkest Before Dawn

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It was rough raining night in the early fall, a little colder than normal for October. The leaves only just started to change colors, only just starting to fall to the ground. Izuku was looking out the window of the car with a bit of a blank face as his mother was driving them to their destination. It has only been a few months since All Might’s death and Izuku was doing his best to let it affect him. It was a hard task to do, he had so much admiration and respect for the hero, truly living up to being his number one fan.

His mother, his teachers, and his classmates did their best to help pull him out of his funk. He did his best to just move forward making a promise to himself that he will continue on to be the world’s greatest hero and one for all be the beacon of hope for everyone. He didn’t have much in this world, he didn’t even know or remember his father. His mother was the only family he knew and when All Might choose him as his successor the hero unwittingly became a father figure to Izuku. It was hard to attend the funeral, even now he was having are time not letting the feeling of loss over take him.

The car came to a stop at the light and seemed the rain seemed to want to come down even harder, letting the sound of heavy water clank against the metal roof of the car. The wipers on the windshield were having a hard time to keep the view visible for them. He continued to stare out of the window becoming lost in the sounds of the rain and the world around him. His mother could see he was breaking down slowly and she did her best to help him. She of all people knew how hard this was for him.

The light changed and the car started to move forward slowly, the hum of the engine could barely be heard over the rain fall. Suddenly out of where there was a loud crash. The force of the impact could be felt all throughout the vehicle. The sound of metal crimpling and the glass shattering filled his ears before the force of the impact rippled through his body. He didn’t feel any pain at first just a lot of pressure, until he started to feel a warm liquid drip down his face. It was getting harder and harder to focus, he could feel his consciousness start to slip. He was starting to pass out, but he could move or even look over to see if his mother was okay. All he could do was close his eyes.


Waking up in a hospital bed was the last thing anyone would want to do. Izuku looked around as he felt a bit of pain from the accident. He was a little groggy but still managed to sit up and look around the room. It was a typical hospital room but as he scanned around, he didn’t see his mother. Panic started to set in, his heart was starting to pick up its pace up as he frantically searches for a reason why she was there.

He rushed out of the room ripping the IV out of his arm in the process, he had to find her. She was the last thing in the world, the last thing in his world. He could lose his mother too, she was the last pillar in his life. He could live with the fact his childhood was not a good one, he could live with the fact that he never had the chance to know his father, he even could find a way to move on after All Might’s passing from this world, but the one thing he couldn’t do was live without his mother. She was always there, she did her best to keep them together. He knew she even tried to hide the fact that she worked two jobs to help him go to U.A.

He ran past several staff and nurse frantically looking, he didn’t know what he was looking for. Right now, he was just a child trying to find his mother. He never felt the fear of loss like this before, it was heavy and painful causing tears to form and spill in his eyes. When came to a stop he was in front of the surgeon’s board, a schedule of surgeries. Immediately his eyes fell on his mother name and the operating room she was in. In a flash he was making his way there. “Please Mom! Please be okay.” A frantic thought that was on an endless loop in his mind constantly reminding him of his fear.

Once he was at the door to the operating room, he could hear the voices of the doctors inside. The voices didn’t sound like ones that were from just saving a life. Before a few of the nurses could reach him, he rushed him startling everyone. He could see all the tubes going in and out of her, the beeping of the machines filled the air. It was a horrifying scene to see for anyone. Her breathing was very staggered, clearly there was something wrong. One of the doctors moved to grab Izuku but was held back by the elder one. They knew what was going to come next, they did everything humanly possible for the woman, this was the end.

“Mom!” He rushed to her side not looking anywhere else but at her face as she slowly moved her gaze over to him. It was a miracle she was even conscious to be aware of him. Her eyes looked like the life in her was draining fast, it was like she was holding on to something. He couldn’t hold his tears in anymore, they were flowing at full force now staining his cheeks.

“Izu … Izuku …” Inko managed to move her hand up to his face a let her thumb rub away a stream of his tears. Izuku froze at her touch, her hand was cold and her skin was pale losing its color and vitality. “I’m sorry … I’m so sorry … I” Her voice was broken, she was having a hard time getting her words out, both of them knew this was going to be the final time they would get to have with each other. “I should have … done more … I wish I could have been more supportive of your dream …”

“No … mom it’s okay … don’t” His throat was closing up and he was having a hard time breathing. He was losing her right in front of him. His mind knew what was happening, he just didn’t want to believe it. He just couldn’t lose her, he wasn’t ready for this.

“Izuku …” Her voice was getting softer and harder to hear, “I love you honey … Please … don’t let … this …” She didn’t finish and the solid sound of the heart monitor was a true indicator that she was gone. Her eyes no longer had any life in them. He could leave her, he just simply fell onto her, holding her in one last hug between a mother and her child. All that could be heard in the room was the soft whimpers of Izuku slowly coming to terms that he lost the last pillar in his life.

No one dared move him, they just let him grieve without interruption. The sight was heart wrenching to watch, in a world of superhuman powers and strength they still couldn’t save a woman tonight from a simple car accident. No amount of training could prepare anyone for this, it was rough to see and everyone in the room remained silent as they felt some of the boy’s pain.


It has been a few days since that accident, Izuku was standing over the grave of his mother just simply looking down. The funeral had ended a while ago, he could still hear her voice in his mind like she was there with him. His mind was replaying all the fond memories he had of her hoping to recapture some of the happiness he once felt. But everything now felt so empty and all that was left for him was an empty home to return to. Everything felt cold around him, he wanted to shut himself out from the world. Uraraka and Iida were trying their best to help him through this.

Izuku wasn’t angry, he was just … broken. His soul was crushed into a million pieces. His life was never a good one but he did have a few rays of hope shine in it keeping the darkness away. When he was little, he always wondered where his father was and his mother never brought it up as to why he was gone. He still didn’t understand where and why his father wasn’t there for them, he was just too young to understand. Then his childhood friendship with Katsuki Bakugo turned sour when it became obvious that he didn’t have a quirk, from then on, his childhood was marred with bullying and torment.

He thought everything was finally going to change when he entered into U.A. and All Might saw him as one who could be a hero. He continued to work hard and train his body and mind to obtain his dream. It was like he was finally able to catch his breath and start to walk on his own again. Like the light was starting to break up the darkness, but that was only short lived. The darkness was fast to move back in on him again taking away the light was just starting to shine through.

Why was his life so hard? Why did he have to walk such a beaten path? He questioned everything about himself, he was starting to doubt if he had any purpose in life anymore. His dream was becoming clouded by everything too, He wasn’t sure if he had the strength to continue to pursue it. Everything seemed out of reach right now, he was beginning to forget the fact that he still had friends.

“Why did it have to happen like this? Mom … I wish you were still here …” Izuku loved his mother, she was beacon of hope to him and when he inherited One for All, she went above and beyond to help him through U.A., cheered with every success he had, cried with every injury he took in the process. She wanted to make for everything he didn’t have in life. His opinion of her never changed, she was his mother and he was lucky to have her as his mother. He just wished he had told her how much she meant to him, how much he had loved her, how he knew she was working two jobs and tried to hide it from him, and how grateful he was for her. “I love you mom, and I promise to visit you every week.”


Katsuki was there at the cemetery watching Izuku. He changed much over the past year and half. Though, his attitude didn’t change much he did tone it down with his attacks towards Izuku. He watched this kid slowly change and when he found out about his mother passing away, he knew the nerd would start to sink even further. Katsuki was intelligent and knew he played a big role in Izuku’s depression and misery. That’s right, he was a pillar of hate for him.

He wanted to be the best at all costs, and when Izuku started to fly past him he became infuriated and he lost sight of what it meant to be a hero. After see how half n’ half’s father was he quickly realized how much alike they were. He was going to have to change that if he truly wanted to be a hero. Best Jeanist told him part of being a hero was providing emotional support to people. He didn’t know how to do that; his personality was naturally abrasive and brash. He only knew out to fight and act out his emotions, talking about them wasn’t his deal.

“Midoriya!” He yelled, he wasn’t sure why he did that. His body just started to move on its own. He didn’t even call him by the demeaning nickname of Deku. The green-haired teen quickly turned around at the sound of his voice, and now he had to continue and make his way through this.

When Izuku got closer Katsuki could see the anger starting to form in his eyes. He kept a straight face as Izuku stomped over, he wasn’t holding back as he came face to face with him. No words were spoken, only the sound of a powerful impact was heard. Katsuki felt the force smash into his face as he flew back several feet landing backwards. That nerd can hit pretty hard. He stumbled getting back to his feet, he jumped forward using his quirk. He wasn’t going to fight but Izuku was prepared to fight him, so instead of going into with his normal method he did something that even he was surprised at. He wrapped his arms around the teen and just hugged him.

Izuku was a little thrown back by this and tried to push away but Katsuki locked his arms together. “I’m … sorry for being … such a dick to you …” Izuku wasn’t hearing his words and struggled to free himself. “Hey, nerd! Fuck’n listen already … I’m only going to do this once.” His voice was louder and caused Izuku to finally stop moving. “I’m sorry for all the shit I did to you …”

There was a long silence that lingered in the air, both of the teen where unsure of how to continue. It was out of character for Bakugo to apologize like that, it was shocking for him and he was the one doing the apologizing. The two of them quickly pulled away from each other as the hug was becoming a bit uncomfortable for the both of them.

“Why … Kacchan … why say this now?” Izuku’s voice was weak and barely audible. It was clear to him that the teen was still recovering from a bout of crying. He couldn’t blame him either, Izuku’s mood matched the weather, gloomy and cold.

“I … don’t …” He was tripping on his words but he knew what he had to say, “I’m a part of your shitty attitude and you deserve answer for it.” He could feel the pain in the side of his face as a bruise was starting to form, a clear sign of what just occurred.

“Why … Why do this …” Izuku started to walk in the opposite direction, he wasn’t in the mood yet to accept Katsuki’s words just yet and he had to accept that. He had to let Izuku go and walk away from this. The two of them still needed a lot of time to even fix this relationship of theirs, right now they were barely functioning rivals. He was going to have to suffer through this if he wanted to fix what he did to Izuku. He started to feel the desire to make an effort to accept what he had done in the past and make a genuine effort to repent for his actions.


It was late in the evening at the girls of class 1-A were sitting in the lounge area of their dormitory. They knew what a green-haired classmate was going through at the moment and they all wanted to do something to help cheer him up. He was slipping into a funk and was falling deeper and deeper into it. They were quiet at the moment, still brainstorming some ideas and who should approach him.

“There has to be something we can do or try …” Uraraka slumped in her seat in a show of defeat. She was out of ideas, and not that her suggestions were bad they were just a little hard to show as a sign of cheering him up and were more like a date. It wasn’t news to the girls that Izuku was overly shy with them. He stumbled and stuttered on his words around any of them. Some of them found it annoying while others found his nervous shyness was a little endearing.

Momo was thinking of more like a class outing like they did when they went to the mall a few times. It didn’t help that it was early fall and there wasn’t much they could do at the moment. With no outdoor activities, they only had the indoor activities to think of. She couldn’t think of anything at the moment, and it was Asui who came up with a brilliant idea and it was so simple why didn’t she think of it.

“Why don’t we just take him out for dinner as a group. You know, just a good time with everyone and cheerful company.” She looked over everyone in the group, “That’s what my parents do for any my siblings and myself. If we are feeling down a nice meal out with family usually cheered everyone up.”

“Wow! That’s a perfect idea! I’ll Kirishima know and it’s not too late. We can go out tonight.” Ashido was cheering on the idea of Asui. She was quick to pull out her phone, obviously sending a text to Kirishima about their plan. He was building up to a crazy.

Momo could only offer a nod in agreement, though she was a little bummed about not being able to offer a suggestion of her own. She didn’t think much of Midoriya when they first entered U.A., but over time he started to standout to her. She didn’t know when but somewhere along the way she was just pulled toward him. He had a lot of good qualities in a person and a hero. He was very diligent at his studies, always in the top percentile of the class and the school as well, he performed excellent at every test and task in his way, he trained relentlessly on his quirk and body to the point that he was making leaps ahead of the class. Every training event seem to take him to the next level.

Most importantly he had the heart of hero, he wasn’t going to leave anyone behind, it there were only two options he would fight to make a third one possible. His drive, his focus, and his energy to become a hero was infectious and help mold everyone in her class. There were many times that everyone pushed themselves further to keep up with him. He was even humble about his progress, always sheering everyone on while talking about how much he still had to improve. He was just that good of a person.

She was even watching him grow up with them. Izuku was shorter than her in their first year but now halfway through their second year he was now the same height as her. She didn’t know when she started to view him differently, it just sorts of happened and with not a lot of experience in the area she was unsure of how to approach it. It was clear to everyone in the group that Uraraka had a crush on the teen. Though she was very hesitant on acting on it. Momo did a very good job at hiding it, it most likely was because he was single.

Every time she wanted to talk to him and let him know how she felt there was always something that was in the way. This time it was his mother’s passing and she couldn’t use this time to let him know. It was too improper to do such a thing. The more she thought about it the more she lost her confidence in herself. She didn’t even feel like she was even on a close level with him as a friend, she was still just a classmate to him.

She decided it was a good idea to leave the group and head to her room, she wanted to lay down for a bit. Her mind wasn’t letting go of all the thoughts in her head. She needed to focus on just helping him out of his funk.

“Is everything okay Yaomomo?” Kyoka followed her towards her room with a worried expression plastered over her face.

“Oh Kyoka … no everything is fine … I just need to lay down for a bit. Just a little tired from today.” She waved her friend off as she walked into her room. She just really wanted to be alone with her thoughts. And her thoughts did frustrate her at times, handling this alone was the only thing she could think of doing. She gently closed the door and laid down on her bed just look up at the ceiling.

Every time she thought of what to do Midoriya was there in her mind showing her what she should do. It was like that during the provisional exam last year, it was like that during last semester’s finals, it was even like that when she was at her internship handling patrols. He just popped in her mind when she questioned what she should be doing.

She wasn’t sure of what to do but she had to say something to somebody soon or else she was going to come apart at the seams. She even wondered why more girls didn’t pay him any attention, questioning why she focused on him. They talked about the boys in their class several times and each time no one really focused on Midoriya other than to tease Uraraka a little with it.

At first, she along with many others thought that her and Todoroki would become an item, but over time she really just had an admiration for him as a fellow classmate who go in on recommendations with her. She did compare herself to him and his performance in class but that was all that there was to it. She never really felt much more for him and he never really approached in a way that spoke to her that there was something deeper than that. It was the same with Midoriya at first, she just thought it was her usual comparing herself to him.

But this was a different feeling. Each time she would look his way she found herself taking in the sight of him a little longer. She didn’t realize it at first, at least not until the class decided to use to pool again over the summer. Yes, they did hero training and that meant they all did regular work outs, but that was the first time she really looked at Midoriya or any of the boys like this. She didn’t know why it was happening, maybe it was just being a teenager.

And on cue her mind flashed that image to her relentlessly. She didn’t know how or why her mind managed to burn the image of a shirtless Midoriya so perfectly into her memory ready to be pulled out at any given moment. She rolled over to bury her face in her pillow and let out a frustrated sigh and grunt. She needed to ignore these frustrating feelings. She needed to be like him and focus on becoming a hero. Yes, that is it just focus on her studies and becoming a hero.