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Sam watched his big brother, smiling softly. It had taken a while and Sam's back was pretty much dead, but in the end he finally had managed to tie Dean up to the chair. It didn't matter if he was going to hate himself the next day because his muscles would be in pain, he was going to be very happy. Extremely happy. For at least two years now Sam had been trying so hard to get Dean to love him. And Dean admitted to loving Sam, but he said Sam was too young. He said that Sam needed to grow up more, because Sam was fourteen and Dean was eighteen (which apparently meant that Dean was more adult and smarter, which was just ridiculous). It didn't make any sense. If Dean wanted Sam and Sam wanted Dean, then why was it so wrong? Sam didn't think it was, he couldn't believe it was. Dean just didn't see how meant for each other they were, but he would. One day he would see that. Sam was just going to make sure that day came sooner than it would if they were dependent on Dean.

Look, Dean was a stubborn son of a bitch. If Dean didn't want to have Sam yet, then he wasn't going to do anything with Sam. He was going to wait until Sam was an adult, just like he said he was going to. And all that time Sam was just going to have to suffer. No, no more suffering for him. He was going to make sure that Dean was going to feel so much pleasure that he never wanted to be without Sam again. Look, it was consensual, okay? Dean was already in love with him, he'd literally said multiple times that he was. This was just Sam giving him a little push in the right direction. It had been so easy to knock him out, too. He just slipped something in his can of coke, and done was Dean.

Dean let out a groan, making Sam perk up. Good, so he hadn't accidentally killed his big brother. That was definitely a plus. Anyways, Dean opened his eyes slowly, looking around with confusion written all over his face. "What the... Sammy? Sammy, are you-"

"I'm right here, De," Sam purred out, moving out of the shadows and standing right in front of his big brother, smiling sweetly. To anyone else it would have looked like he was about to murder you right then and there. But not to Dean, because he was in love with Sam and still convinced that his baby brother was a saint. Which he wasn't, not at all. Otherwise he wouldn't have Dean-o locked up and chained down, now would he? No, he wouldn't. "How are you feeling?"

"My head hurts a little. What happened? Are you okay?" Dean asked, eyes already moving up and down Sam's body. They widened in surprise when Dean finally noticed that Sam wasn't wearing much. Nothing, to be exact. Dean looked down at himself quickly, blush darkening when he noticed that he wasn't wearing anything either. "What the- what kind of monster does this?"

"Me." Sam's voice was so cute, so soft, so innocent, but the look in his eyes sent shivers down Dean's back and he kind of wanted to throw up. This didn't feel like his Sammy. Not this... Dark thing. Whatever this in front of him was. God, no, this wasn't his Sammy. Not the Sammy he'd always known and loved. This was something different. "What are you thinking, De? Don't you like it? I'm all naked, just for you."

"S- Sam," Dean swallowed hard, trying to move back in his chair once Sam started slowly moving closer. He couldn't, though, because he was tied up. Fuck, this was so wrong. So, so, so wrong. Sam just grinned, holding up a syringe, his teeth shining white in the pale motel room light. He looked predatory, and Dean had never felt this afraid of him. "What's that, Sam? What are you doing? What d'ya have there?"

"It's just something to make you feel better, De. Don't worry, I'm not a monster. Or at least not a monster you think I am. Not a shapeshifter, not a demon, nothing," Sam happily said, moving to push the needle into Dean's arm, slowly getting the drug into him while Dean kept struggling. "It's just gonna make you a little more sensitive, okay? But that's gonna make you feel so good, I promise. I only wanna make you feel good, big brother... And now we wait."

Sam stepped back, discarding of the syringe, smiling as he watched Dean. It didn't take long before the drug started working and Dean started feeling weird. Not bad weird, just sensitive. Like Sam had said. It was like he could feel the air on his skin, like he could even feel Sam breathe on him no matter if he was a few feet away from him. Sam grinned when he heard Dean whimper, moving closer to his big brother and pressing their lips together. They'd kissed before, but that had been something sweet. This was all Sam, this was all teeth and tongue and biting and anger and lust. Dean was gasping and whimpering, his nipples hard and his skin filled with goosebumps. 

"I told you I wanted you, De. You said you wanted me too, I just had to wait," Sam breathed out over Dean's ear, rubbing his fingers over Dean's nipples. He moved down a little, licking over Dean's flushed, salty skin. God, it tasted like Dean. It was amazing. "I didn't wanna wait," Sam murmured, sending vibrations through Dean that almost drove him mad. "So I took what I wanted. And I'm gonna make sure that you're gonna want this forever."

"S- Sam." Dean just managed to whimper out, his cock already hard. Sam smirked, eyes so dark they were almost completely black. He moved to rub over Dean's nipples, leaning in to suck on one while pinching the other. Dean let out the most delicious sounds, music to Sam's ears. He kept going until Dean's nipple was raw, moving to the other one then. This was much more fun than he thought it was going to be.

After a while he pulled off, his lips spit slicked, Dean's nipples wet and perk and swollen. Dean was nearly crying, panting and whimpering, his dick weeping. God, he looked pathetic. Sam loved it. "You're so pretty, De. You see, I thought I'd need your approval. Turns out, I don't. I know you want to touch me, but you're just too righteous. Lucky you, I'm not. No, me? I'm a monster. And I am gonna do what I want." 

Dean moaned when Sam went down on his dick, licking up the precum and happily sucking on the tip. He never went any further, though. Just the tip, like the asshole he was. He kept sucking on the tip, driving Dean fucking crazy. It was like his dick was on fire, his nipples were burning, and his skin was itching. It was like he was too big for his own body, like he was going to explode. He let his head fall back, moaning and panting, not even really knowing what the hell was going on anymore. It just felt so good, and he never wanted it to end. But he wanted it to end at the same time. Knew it had to end. Fuck, fuck he wanted to come so bad, and then he wanted Sam to suck his cock again and again and again and-

"You're doing so good," Sam purred out, squeezing Dean's thighs. He was hard himself, because he knew that Dean was feeling very good and Dean was just really fucking hot like this. All tortured, all gorgeous, all sweaty and flushed and crying. It was like heaven for Sam. His own little angel, right there on a chair, all perfect for him. Only for Sam, of course. "I love you so much, Dean. Didn't I tell you this was going to feel amazing? See? I can take care of you so good, De. I'm gonna love you and you're gonna love me forever and ever and ever. Just you and me."

Dean couldn't say anything. Hell, he could hardly even process the words his baby brother was saying. All he knew was pleasure, so much pleasure. He needed more, he really needed so much more and he needed to come most of all. God, fuck, fuck, it was so fucking good. Sam got up, Dean watched him with lust blown drugged eyes, and watched as Sam smiled sweetly at him.

"I stretched myself for you," He whispered, moving to straddle Dean. The chair was just wide enough for Sam to get on top of Dean's lap, rubbing his hole over Dean's cock. Dean whimpered again, bucking his hips up as much as he could, moaning loudly when he got the tip inside. "F- Fuck, impatient, aren't you? Don't worry, De, you're gonna get to come soon. I want you to fill me up."

Yeah, okay, that did sound like heaven. Dean groaned when Sam sank down on him, not even waiting a moment before he started moving up and down, riding Dean's dick like a fucking pro. Dean really couldn't think anymore. No, this was the fucking best thing he had ever felt in his entire life. Sam was so tight around him. So tight and warm and the drug was making it a thousand times better. He was crying again, but Dean couldn't care less. Hell, he didn't even know that he was crying. All he knew was that this felt like heaven and he needed more. He needed this forever and ever and ever. Sam kept riding him, tugging on his nipple with one hand, holding onto his shoulder to keep his balance with the other.

"S- So good, De, so big," Sam got out, looking lost in pleasure himself. Dean's dick kept brushing up against his prostate, Sam knew that was because they were made for each other. Soulmates, they were soulmates. Always would be together. They needed to be together forever and ever and ever and ever. Everyone who was going to try separating them (John) was going to have to be murdered. There was just no other way if you'd ask Sam. "So good. Fill me up, De, fill me up!"

Dean didn't wait any longer. He wasn't sure if it was because of Sam telling him to or because of the drug, but he came right after, groaning loudly. He filled Sam up to the brim, making the younger male shiver and cum as well, spilling right over his big brother. He moaned, riding out their orgasms before he scooped up some of his cum, pushing it into Dean's mouth. Dean groaned a little, swallowing the cum before letting his head fall back again, sweat dripping down his chest. 

Why the hell was he still hard?

"Don't worry, De," Sam happily said, voice back to innocent even though he looked fucked out as hell. It made Dean shiver, because he had never before realized that maybe, just maybe, there might be something very wrong with his little baby brother. "It's only gonna last a few more hours, and until it wears off, I'll be right here to take care of you. Forever and ever..."