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Viridian Nights

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The night air was cool and comfortable, a blessed reprieve from the hot sun that had baked the city earlier the same day. Atop one of the many tall buildings that looked out over the city a figure sat, legs dangling off the edge and arms laid casually on the cold metal of the railings that lined the edge of the roof, the only thing between them and imminent death. Lilac hair blew harshly, moved by the stronger winds that were usually present twenty stories up.

From above every light from below looked like twinkling stars, reflected in the tired eyes of the pro hero in training who gazed blankly down at the night hustle of the city from his perch. A tired sigh left his lips, slouching his upper body over to rest his head in his arms.

He'd called in earlier to check in with Aizawa, the next check in not due for another forty five minutes at the most. And with his sector cleared that left him with plenty of free time.

A shiver ran through him as another cold wind blew over, goosebumps rising over his arms as the harsh creak of the metal antennae towers ran through the air. He only slightly regretted not bringing a jacket with him to help against the chill, pulling his arms tighter towards himself as if that would help with the chill.

Shinsou jumped as something warm was placed over his shoulders, turning quickly and ready to land a punch, only to have it caught in a rough, tanned hand adorned in fingerless gloves.

"It's just me BrainDead."

At the sound of the rough sounding voice behind the mask he calmed down, lowering his clenched fist once it had been released, gripping the soft material of the blanket that he realized was what had been placed on him by the other.

The other underground hero took a seat next to him, shifting to get comfortable before settling down, a breath of amusement leaving the mask in a puff of cold air.

Shit, it really was cold up here.

"You should really bring a jacket if you're going to continue coming up here." The other said, presenting his lilac haired companion with a thermos.

Upon opening it the smell of hot coffee permeated the air immediately, the permanently tired features of the underground hero in training brightening considerably at the smell. Tipping his mask down enough to take a careful sip the hero sighed in pure content, eyes closing for a moment as he gathered the words to speak. "Thanks, I really needed this," A moment of pause, "You know what would make this perfect-"

There was a rustle of paper, enough so he reopened his eyes to see the other holding out an unwrapped pastry, steam coiling off of it in thin wisps as the warm treat met cold air.

He graciously took that as well, nearly moaning when he bit into the soft, warm treat. He was sure if he were a lesser man he would have cried.

Which is why he was going to save his crying for when he got home.

" You keep this up and I'll have to marry you."

A huff of laughter met his ears, "Oh, really?"

"Yes." His voice was deadpan, completely serious. The quickest way to a man's heart was through his stomach after all. Didn't help that Shinsou was weak for bright eyes and kind hearts as well. And if those bright eyes knew how to make his favorite coffee to perfection and bake like a god?

Well, he was a goner from the start.

They both sat in comfortable silence after that, watching the city lights that twinkled down below. It wasn't until Shinsou had finished with his food that he finally spoke, "Are you coming to that hero charity ball tomorrow night?"

The other hero gave a noncommittal shrug, "I might, are you going?" He turned a curious gaze to the other, eyes bright even behind the tinted green of his goggles.

"Yeah, got security detail, boring shit." He huffed, laying back against the hard surface of the roof, cold seeping up even through the blanket pressed into his back, tired eyes looking for stars that weren't there thanks to smog and city lights.

"I think that's nice, they trust you to handle an important task like that, a hero protecting the heroes."

Even if he couldn't see it outright, Shinsou could just about picture the small, shy smile his friend (Were they friends? He didn't even know the other's hero name for as long as they've known each other.) had on his face for him.

He couldn't help the own quirk to his lips as well, already feeling somewhat better about his security detail.

"I guess, at least the food might be halfway decent." He muttered, shutting his eyes against the biting wind.

"Anything new happening lately?" Shinsou asked, turning a tired, purple gaze to his companion.

"Why are you asking me? Don't you work with Network?"

A huff of laughter, "Network has nothing on what you know. You know things before its even in their radar, I've timed it." He said, amusement every bit in his tone, even as the other punched him playfully in the shoulder.

"I'm not that good."

"You are, give yourself some credit, that little girl wouldn't have gone home without your help."

The other turned back towards the city view, head in his arms as he took a breath of the cool air. "She would have made it home just fine without me."

Shinsou just shrugged, leaving it alone for now. His companion was never one for praise, shying away from it and constantly selling himself short. But that was a conversation for another day. And Shinsou didn't feel it was his place to say anything.


Shinsou's comm blinked red, most likely Aizawa calling him for a regular check in. He hadn't even realized that much time had passed.

Calling in was a quick affair, once he'd finished he glanced a look at the other, who had gotten up and stretched his cold sore muscles before letting out a relieved sigh.

"That's my cue to leave then, I'll see you around BrainDead." A wave of a gloved hand met Shinsou's tired gaze, the underground hero going back to nursing his coffee, which was still warm.

"See you around dude."


He turned to look back at his sort of friend, a puzzled expression on his face. "What?"

"Deku. That's my hero name."

He could very much hear the smile in his voice as he told Shinsou, the lilac haired boy unable to keep his own smile from forming at the information presented to him.

He made a two fingered salute towards the other, smile on his face as he gave him his goodbye. "See you around Deku."

Another thought popped into his head and he hurried to voice it before Deku could disappear.

"So how'd you get up here without getting the stairway door to make any noise?"

Deku froze, turning to set his goggled gaze on Shinsou, clear confusion in his posture.

"There are stairs?"