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Lanterns and Fireflies

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      "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!" Wei Wuxian spoke excitedly to Lan Wangji with a wide, and happy grin. His eyes sparkling. They were in the Jingshi, still lying on the bed together.

  "Mn." Lan Wangji replied. Wei Wuxian laughed and leaned forward to kiss his husband in the nose, and nuzzle him affectionately. Lan Wangji's mouth lifted into a small gentle smile, as he in turn, stole a kiss from his lover. 

   Wei Wuxian didn't mind in the least, giving him his al, letting Lan Wangji take everything. They touched their foreheads together, just basking in a simple but beautiful moment. 

   "Lan Zhan! You distracted me!" Wei Wuxian, pulled away just slightly to pout at his husband. 

  "Mn. My fault." Lan Wangji spoke, but his tone didn't sound like he was sorry at all.

  "Lan Zhan!" He laughed again. "I have an idea! Let's go into Caiyi town tonight, out on the water, on a boat together! We can light lanterns and release them out on the water! Please, Lan Zhan? Lan Er Ge?" He pouted, big steel, gray eyes shimmering. 

  Lan Wangji sighed, yet he knew he could not deny his love anything. "Mn. Tonight."

   He watched Wei Ying brighten even more, practically squealing and giggling with excitement; always so full of life and energy.

   Lan Wangji would never deny his lover, his heart, anything. Not when his life gazed at him, with such a big and beautiful smile, he felt blinded by the sheer brightness of it but gifted all the same. 

   Lan Wangji had just stared at him and watched his lover in content, his heart so full of love that it swelled up and threatened to burst.


    Lan Wangji smiled. He had his whole, entire world, right in his arms, and he would never let go.




   Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were out on the water in Caiyi town, both had a lantern. It was just the two of them, under a bright full moon and twinkling stars greeting them in the night sky. 

   They stood side by side, getting the lanterns ready. 

    Wei Wuxian looked over at Lan Wangji, eyes shining just like the stars in the sky, full of love and affection, with excitement. 

   "At the same time. Ready, Lan Zhan?" Wei Wuxian asked softly, Lan Wangji gazed at his lover and nodded in reply. 

   "One. Two. Three!" As one, they released the lanterns at the same time, and both froze with shock, just noticing the audience of Caiyi town, and even-Lan sect members?! They all had lanterns too! 


  One by one all the lanterns were released. The Lan Juniors stood with Lan Xichen and was that Lan Qiren? 


  Even more shocking, was that all around them were fireflies, and they too lit up the dark. 


   Wei Wuxian waved at Sizhui and Jingyi with a bright smile before turning to his husband. "This was your doing, Lan Zhan? How did you even convince them? Especially your uncle?" 

    Lan Wangji just smiled without a reply, and intertwined their fingers together. Wei Wuxian laughed and held his husband's hand, and together they looked up at all the lanterns aglow in the night sky, both of their lanterns so far in the distance just like two stars dancing together in the sky.

    It was such a peaceful, content, and awe filled, beautiful scenery. The entire world around them was engulfed but light glowing lights in the sky, and the fireflies surrounding them. The two lovers looked at each other on the lake, even the water was beautiful glowing and shimmering with reflections of the small lights of the fireflies. 

   Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji looked at each other as though they were the only two people in the universe, in that single moment. Without looking away, they wrapped arms around each other, holding fast and tight, and drew on another into a breathtaking kiss. They were gasping when the separated, coming up for air.

   Wei Wuxian laughed and hugged Lan Zhan with all his might after the kiss, giddy and dazed with joy overflowing with happiness. Lan Wangji was the same. 

   Wei Wuxian pulled away to pull out his flute. Lan Wangji, who had brought the guqin, pulled it out as well.

    Gazes never leaving the other, both basking on the glowing light around them, love searing in their gazes and their hearts.

   As one, they began to play their song.

One playing the flute, the other playing the guqin. Music filled the atmosphere.

The surrounding world quiet, and listening to the song in awe, eyes staring out at the two souls standing on a boat in the middle of the lake surrounded by fireflies and fading lanterns in the night sky, listening to the song.

   The world smiled, because all was well, and the world hummed along, hearts captured by such a sight, warmth and love overflowing, awashed in a shimmering glow of light, all throughout the night, which never seemed to end. 

  What a beautiful sight.