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Damnatio Memoriae

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“Give me your keys.” Stiles wanted to object, but he knew better. He tossed them towards the wolf, and he easily caught them.

“Careful. She grinds in second.” Stiles pauses, before adding “So, you're not gonna kill me? Oh God.” Stiles sighs in relief, thanking any possible higher power behind this.

“Don't you understand yet? I'm not the bad guy here.” Stiles wants to laugh, but he knows Peter won't take kindly to that. He was already on thin ice as it was.

“You turn into a giant monster with red eyes and fangs, and you're not the bad guy here?” Stiles points out, and Peter wants to smack him. That wasn't the whole story, but how could this child know that?

“I like you, Stiles. Since you've helped me, I'm going to give you something in return. Do you want the bite?” Stiles freezes; yes his inner voice screams, I want Derek, I want to prove I can take care of myself, but he scolds himself, no, that's not true! Derek is an asshole, and the bite is a curse! I can already take care of myself, don't fall for these lies!

“What?” He asks instead of answering the question.

“Do you want the bite? If it doesn't kill you - and it could - you'll become like us.” Peter elaborates, clearly trying to be patient with the human.

“Like you?” Stiles stalls.

“Yes, a werewolf. Would you like me to draw you a picture? The first night in the woods, I took Scott because I needed a new pack. It could have easily been you. You'd be every bit as powerful as him. No more standing by his side, watching him become stronger, and quicker, more popular, watching him get the girl he wants while what you want wanders further away. You'd be equals. Maybe more. Yes or no?” Peter pushes, exasperated.

“I don't want to be like you.” Stiles lies, and he knows he is lying, but the truth is, he doesn't want to accept the truth.

“Do you know what I heard just then? Your heart beating slightly faster over the words “I don't want.” You may believe that you're telling me the truth, but you're lying to yourself. Goodbye Stiles.” Peter turns, starting to walk away.

Stiles pauses. He'd be able to protect his dad if he took the bite, or at least that was all it took to convince himself to take what he wanted. He knew internally it was a lie. He knew his father wouldn't be in danger, but if he had the bite, he would be able to insure that fact.

“WAIT!” Stiles screeches, reaching out towards the wolf’s direction.

“What, Stiles?” Peter stops, looking down to the concrete.

“I want it. I want to protect my dad, if things get worse. I cannot stand idly by and watch him get hurt.” Stiles speaks, his voice wavering.

“What do you want, Stiles. Say it.” Peter demands.

“I want the bite. I want to be a werewolf.” Peter nods, approaching Stiles and taking his arm gently. He looked down at his arm, then back up to Stiles to make sure he wasn't backing out. When Peter was satisfied, he bit down… hard.

Stiles saw blood, then nothing.


When he woke up, he was in the Hale home, Derek standing over him, yelling at who he could assume was Peter. Stiles cringed at the loud noises, moving his hands to cover his ears, but it didn't help any.

“I can't believe you! First Scott, now him? He's sixteen years old! He's a child!” Peter scoffed from across the room.

“For the last time, nephew, he asked me for it. I only gave him what he wanted.”

“He doesn't know what he wants, Uncle! And to blackmail me with him? What if he doesn't survive, Uncle? What then? He has a father that would miss him! And if he does survive? What of his training? He’ll need more than Scott in fighting, I'm positive! He's also got to go to school! Schoolwork and learning control, and any supernatural creature that comes our way is too much for a human, let alone a werewolf!” Derek growls, causing Stiles to curl up, hating how loud they were. Derek notices this movement and curses himself.

“Stiles, hey,” Derek lowers his voice to accommodate the new wolf, while Peter rolls his eyes.

“Don't baby him, nephew. He will never learn if you baby him.” Stiles looked to Peter, his eyes glowing yellow for the first time. Peter didn't take offence, knowing that Derek wouldn't either.

“Well, I survived,” Stiles spoke hoarsely, looking to Derek, “now what?” Derek shook his head.

“Now you go home, hug your dad. You were out for three days, he's probably worried sick.” Stiles wanted to object, say his dad never leaves work, and when he does, it's to sleep, and that he wouldn't even notice, but when he got a glare from Derek and Peter, he caved. If Stiles had a tail, it would be between his legs as he walked out the door. Peter sighed, shaking his head.

“What is with him? He's almost the exact opposite of when Scott turned. Scott couldn't get away from you fast enough, and Stiles literally sulked when we told him to leave. Hell, we had to tell him to leave” Peter asked Derek, sounding exasperated.

“I don't know. He almost seemed hurt we didn't want him around here… Uncle, what if he… ” Derek pondered for a moment. Why wouldn't he want to go home, after all, Peter said he wanted the bite to protect his father. “Peter, I don’t have a good feeling about this.” They made eye contact and Peter nodded.

“Neither do I, nephew.” Peter’s insides twisted at the thought of what could be wrong. He hadn't been apart of his pack for very long, but the pack bond between him and Stiles was stronger than between him and Scott. Peter felt that it meant that it was Stiles destiny to be with the Hale pack, human or werewolf, and that even if he hadn't have taken the bite, he would have stayed by their sides, or at least Derek’s.

“We need to go, now,” Derek speaks, rushing out the door, Peter falling in suit, following after Stiles, but they were too late. When the got there, the piercing scream of Stiles erupted, and could be heard across the town. Derek quickly took off into the house, taking Stiles into his arms, not knowing what to do. Peter called the police, not knowing how to try and comfort his new beta. He also gave Derek a teasing nudge, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work.

Derek wasn't one for contact, or anything, but regardless, the pain seeping through the pack bond that he didn't even know they had was crippling. Stiles was shaking and gripping at any piece of the leather jacket Derek wore that he could, hoping to keep himself grounded. The sight was horrible and painful. Even after Peter had covered it, Stiles still knew what was under it. It was too late to erase that image from his head.

“I hate to drag you away, Stiles, but I called the cops, and if they find out you have nowhere to go, they will put you in foster care, so go with Derek, okay? You don't need to be taken from your pack at this point in time. Maybe once you've learned enough to keep you on your feet, you can leave if you want, but it really depends on how things pan out. Just… go with Derek, okay?” Peter tried in the softest voice possible. Stiles nodded into Derek’s chest, knowing they weren't far away. He could hear the sirens from here, and it was nauseating. Before Stiles could comment on how close they were getting, Derek picked the boy up, running to his burned home while Peter dealt with the cops.

When the cops arrived, they rushed to the body. Peter stood to the side, in a dark corner. He didn't need to be questioned, but he needed to make sure everything went smoothly. He couldn't have them look for Stiles. Slowly, one of the cops pulled off the blanket, and underneath is Noah, a bullet hole in his forehead. His face was pale, warm blood still rolling from his wound. They had killed him right before Stiles got home, so they had to have used a silencer, Peter concludes. Another officer finds a note, left by Peter, but they won't know that.

“Stiles is dead, too, so don't bother.” The cop reads, bursting into tears. She is pulled into the arms of the one who uncovered Noah.

“We need to take him to the station, along with that note. C’mon.” The cop urges, and she falls in line, still sobbing softly. When they leave, Peter sighs softly, going upstairs to raid Stiles room of anything he would need. One glance at the Adderall on his desk side table, before disregarding it. He wouldn't need that anymore.

Back at the Hale home, Stiles had fallen asleep on Derek while Derek looked at a loft for them to live at. With Stiles now living with them, they couldn't stay here. Peter would agree that now that they were responsible for a minor, they needed somewhere stable to live.

“Stiles,” Derek tried to wake him, knowing that shaking him awake was a last resort, “Stiles,” he tried again, a little louder, and that seemed to work because he stirred, before giving Derek his doe eyed look.

“Hmm?” Stiles tried to sit up, but Derek shook his head, not letting him. The taller man handed Stiles his phone.

“What about there?” Derek asked, and Stiles offered a small smile and nod.

“I like it…” Stiles answered, and Derek beamed. He did his pack member good, and that meant everything to him. Stiles face changed from happy to confused really quick.

“W-What was that?” Stiles asked, a hand placed against his chest.

“What was what, Stiles?” Derek almost rolled his eyes at Stiles’ inability to elaborate.

“I felt you feel proud? Derek, what the hell?” Derek suddenly wanted to laugh, the look on the tiny boy’s face was so lost.

“A pack bond, Stiles. The closer we are as a pack, the stronger the feelings will go through the pack bond. The stronger the pack bond, the closer we can become. You and I are the closest so far, but we've got a long way to go before…”

“You are a lot different than a big broody guy you try and portray, Derek. I like it,” Stiles interrupted. Derek froze, not used to getting compliments, or the feelings it gave him.

“You're a lot different than the annoying, hyperactive spaz I thought you were. I haven't decided if that's good or not, yet,” Derek teased, causing Stiles to mock innocence.

“Who, me? I'm an angel and you know it!” Derek snickered, shaking his head.

“No, you're a werewolf,” Derek stated and Stiles instantly looked offended.

“I am no dog!” Stiles sounded exasperated, playfully slapping Derek, causing Derek to laugh softly. Derek moved so that he was on top of Stiles, and shifted slightly.

“Down, boy!” Stiles demanded, laughing loudly. Derek growls softly, before losing his balance and almost falling on top of him. Stiles was quick to act, putting his hands out to catch him. Thankfully, Stiles acted quick enough because if Stiles was any later, they would have head butted. Now, Derek’s face was inches away from Stiles’ and Stiles was about to shit his pants.

“I didn't mean literally, Derek,” Stiles teased, trying to break the awkward silence, but he only made it more awkward. It wasn't broken until Peter walked in. He rolled his eyes.

“No sex on the couch, guys.” Derek shot up off the couch at that, shivering at the thought.

“Uncle, it was nothing of the sort. I was just trying to comfort him. You know what it was like when we lost our family, and now he has lost his.” Peter gave his nephew a knowing look, but dropped it. Stiles looked between the Hales in confusion before standing up slowly.

“What is going on with Scott? Is he still training with you, Derek?” Derek shook his head, looking to his Uncle.

“After he found out you were bitten, he decided that we were the enemy. As of now, we have an inside person telling us what he is planning. So far, he plans on killing me,” Peter explains, looking down, “I know the killing rampage wasn't the best way about it, but they needed to die. They helped cover up the fact that my family was murdered, and I would not stand for it.” Peter grinds his teeth, causing both Derek and Stiles to look down.

“Uncle, did you smell anyone at Stilinski's?” Peter nodded, but looked down.

“You're not going to like it…” Derek was suddenly on edge, his whole body tensing and suddenly the tension was thick enough to cut.

“Um, what is going on?”


One week later


“What?” Stiles growled, glaring at Derek. Derek growled back, their eyes flashing each other.

“Find an anchor. Something to keep your human side in control! This is getting ridiculous!” Stiles looked at the crashed lamp that he threw against the wall because he couldn't figure something out. It was his job to figure out Kate’s motive. What could she possibly want with killing the Sheriff? So far, only dead ends.

“This is shit, Derek! Nothing! There was no possible way for her to know I had been bitten unless she was watching us, or had someone watching us, but there was no one there that night, and you never left my side after Peter got you from Kate. Which, hey, you never told me what happened.”

“Oh, uh, nothing…” Stiles glared at Derek, his eyes glowing as he growled.

“I need to know, Derek! I have to know if I'm missing anything!”

“She mostly tortured me and asked questions that I refused to answer. She taunted me when I didn't answer, tried to edge me. Then she repeated the process. It was a cycle, ” Derek sounded defeated, and it made Stiles hurt that he pushed it, but he has to know how his dad tied into this.

“Derek, there has to be more. Did she mention my dad? Me?” Derek slowly nodded.

“If I didn't talk, she threatened to hurt you, but I thought she was bluffing. She never mentioned anything about your dad, I swear.”

“Why me? I- we didn't even get along before I got the bite. We mostly yelled at each other… Derek, what are you not telling me?”

“Nothing.” Derek growled defensively, walking back downstairs and into the kitchen were Peter was smirking.

“Nephew, you aren't doing a very good job and keeping your pack bond shut.”

“That's because it's still weak… we need it to grow, we need to get closer as a pack,” Derek tried, but Peter shook his head

“Your bond with Stiles will still suffer if you act like there isn't anything there, Derek. You don't have to tell him that, but stop acting like you don't care about him. He’ll figure it out eventually and then he’ll be mad at you for acting like a dick.”

“I don't know how to do that, Peter. How do I show him that I care?”

“Try physical contact, Derek,” Peter tried, but with another crash from upstairs, he sighed, “Go try now, before he tears up the office anymore than he already has?” Derek nodded, agreeing that Stiles was very destructive when he is angry. Derek rushed upstairs, and into the office where Stiles was wolfed out, clawing at his head.

“Hey, hey now, Stiles,” Derek grabs his hands, moving them to they were folded in between them both, pulling Stiles into a rough hug, “Calm down, Sti.”

Stiles rumbled happily as he nuzzled into Derek’s neck, taking in his scent. Derek noticed the sudden change and rumbled back. Suddenly, Stiles pushes himself closer to Derek, rumbling again. Derek realises that Stiles has found an anchor, which was good considering his first full moon was coming up. When Stiles sends content through the pack bond, both Derek and Peter smile. Finally, the young wolf found peace.

Later that night, they all had fallen asleep on their sectional, Derek spooning Stiles, with Peter partially underneath both of them. Stiles was rumbling happily in his sleep, and while no one realised it, their puppy pile had strengthened their pack bond. And while Peter was the Alpha, when he was asleep, he never acted like one. If one person moved, he whined uncontrollably until all three were comfortably situated again. By morning, all three were on the floor, and Stiles was being used as a cushion for the Hale boys. Derek was acting as a blanket for Stiles, pulling him closer every time he felt nervous. Peter laid over them both, growling at the door whenever it made noise. He had been up for a while now, keeping his nephew and Stiles safe.

A couple days ago, Peter got word from a source that Scott was planning on making a move, and it had him a little anxious. He didn't want anything to happen to his nephew and Stiles, let alone someone killing them. He needed to be awake just in case someone came for them. If only he could just… stay… awake. Peter slowly let his eyes close, relaxing on top of his nephew.

When Peter woke up, he was chained to a wall, along with his nephew and Stiles. Stiles was the only other one awake, and he was currently fighting his restraints to get to his pack members. Derek was still out cold, and it terrified Stiles. After a few more minutes of desperate screaming for Derek to get up, someone walked in - well, two people. Scott and Kate approached the small pack, causing Stiles to growl lowly in his throat.

“Finally, Peter is awake. I was getting tired of hurting Stiles. He's a party pooper,” complained Kate, causing Peter to growl. Regardless of blood, Stiles was his pack now.

“What do you want!” Peter snapped, snarling, pulling against his restraints as Stiles cowered against the wall. The full moon was affecting him more than most new wolves, and he already hurt because of Kate. The moon just made it worse.

“You're Alpha spark, duh,” Scott speaks, “if I have your Alpha spark, you won't control Stiles anymore.” Stiles roars in anguish, pulling against his restraints. This finally wakes Derek, and then he is pulling as well, trying to get to the shifting wolf.

“Stiles, your anchor. Use it,” Derek coaxed, but Stiles was hurting. His pack was hurting. He pulled once more and finally his restraints gave. Another roar comes from the young wolf, but Kate pulls out a gun, shooting him in the left arm. Oddly enough, Stiles doesn't go down. You can tell he wants to, but something in him just won't give.

“Scott, knock him out, damn it! We need him alive if the Hales are ever going to consider talking to us!” Kate demands, and Scott attempts to comply, but Stiles is fuelled by rage. When Scott lays unconscious, Kate grinds her teeth, grabbing a chair and hitting Stiles upside the head. When Stiles goes limp, Derek roars at the girl, pulling against the restraints, along with Peter. Before Kate can tie him up, Derek speaks.

“Let him go! He didn't hurt anyone. His eyes are yellow, he is innocent!” Derek pleads.

“Oh, that's right,” Kate stands, walking to Derek, “beg for your boyfriends life, Derek.” Derek growled at that comment, causing her to knock him upside the head as well. Peter growled protectively, causing Kate to snarl back.

“Useless Hales.” Then nothing but blackness swarmed Peter’s vision.

When Derek woke again, he was in a different room. He recognised this one as the one he was in before, because he was chained to the same electric wall. The only difference was that Stiles sat in front of him, cuts and bruises all over his torso. Derek growled at the sight. The rumbling woke Stiles up quickly, and he jolted from the chair he was tied to. The ropes were made of wolfsbane to make sure he didn't break out this time.

“Derek?” Stiles asked, looking forwards towards the taller man, “Oh thank god you're okay. Kate has been injecting wolfsbane in your system. Just enough to keep you weak, but not enough to kill you.”

“She let you watch her?” Derek sounded astonished, and he was. Kate doesn't like to leave her prey awake when she does her thing.

“Let's just say I have amazing acting skills,” Stiles winked, but winced soon after.

“A-are you okay?” Derek asked Stiles, pulling against the chains weakly as he tried to get to Stiles.

“Wolfsbane ropes, and I still have some fresh cuts from her. She was in a couple minutes ago. We've got another half hour before she comes back, unless she decides she's in a tourcher mood today, then we've got about ten.” Derek sighs, looking down. He lets his ears try and pinpoint where she is, if she is even here at all.

“Make that one minute, Stiles. She's coming back down, and from the sound of it, she isn't alone.” Stiles shrugs, leaning back and working with the wolfsbane ropes, hissing when he hit a sensitive area.

“Normally she goes to Peter next. She might bring me with her, she might not. Scott is probably with her, trying to get his Alpha spark…”

“How much does Scott weigh, Stiles, because this person sounds a little heavier.” Derek points out, causing Stiles to listen in.

“No, no, no, not this. She said he wasn't supposed to be here for another week. Derek, you're not going to like this,” Stiles shook in the chair in front of Derek, causing Derek to want to wrap him in his arms.

“What’s going on, Stiles,” Derek was becoming antsy, not liking how the petite boy reacted to the person coming down with Kate.

“Gerard.” Oh shit Derek thought, causing the whole room to tense.


“Well, look who's finally awake! You've been out for a while, Der, didn't think you were going to wake up.” Kate giggled, the figure following her. Kate didn't keep her attention to Derek for long, quickly shifting to stand in front of Stiles.

“You remember Gerard, don't you, Stiles? From our little chat? You didn't tell me what I wanted, so my dear old dad is going to do what I said he would. Oh, and Derek is going to have to watch. Toodles. And Daddy, we need them alive.” With that, she walked out, and Stiles shook intensely, refusing to look anywhere but Derek's eyes.

“Look away, Derek, close your eyes, anything, something,” Stiles begged, and Derek complied, shutting his eyes tight, “now don't open them until I say it's okay. No matter what happens, don't open them, okay?” Stiles asked softly, and the stench of his sadness reaked, but Derek nodded anyways.

“Ready, pretty boy?” Gerard spoke, and you could hear Stiles shake in the chair. He was terrified, and Derek felt that through the bond. He wanted to open his eyes when the screaming started, but he stayed true to his promise. When Stiles started crying, Derek tensed, but he still kept his eyes closed. The slapping of skin was obscene, but Derek just remembers the terrified screams. Never once did he stop screaming. Not even when the slapping of skin stopped, Stiles kept screaming, he kept crying. It wasn't until Stiles gave him the okay that Derek realised his eyes were still closed.

The flood of light was difficult to handle, but he suffered through it just to see his Stiles. When his eyes landed on Stiles, his face was red, and eyes puffy, his shirt was missing, and so was his pants. He was only wearing boxers, and even though it was covered, he could still tell that Stiles thighs had Gerard sized hand prints on them, and that caused him to pull against the chains again. Derek roared loudly, and much to their surprise, Peter roared back.

One chain, then two, three, four. Both Hale’s were free, and angry beyond belief. Stiles' eyes widen as Derek cuts through the ropes, picking him up carefully, trying his best to be gentle with the scarred and shaking boy. Derek pulled Stiles close, shoving his nose into Stiles neck. Stiles lifted his arm to go the the back of Derek’s neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Derek rumbled happily at the feeling of Stiles skin on his felt great, and it calmed him.

Peter calmed himself after one of the guards lay dead outside his room. He walked to the only other room there was downstairs, finding Stiles and Derek close together, and keeping each other grounded. Mates his subconscious screamed, and Peter knew that's what they were. He knew long before he bit Stiles. He knew before the fire, that Derek had a mate in Beacon Hills. The sheriff’s boy was always in the woods; drawn to it, just like Derek. Everytime Stiles ran into the woods, Derek ended up having to bring him back. It wasn't until his mother died that Stiles stopped wandering into the woods; his spirit had been broken.

“Alright, boys, we get it, but they probably heard us, so we need to head out. And Derek, I need to speak with you, alone, when we get the chance.” Derek nodded, looking down to Stiles, who had put his head on Derek’s chest.

“I wanna get outta here, Der… please?” Derke knew he couldn't resist the younger boy’s plea, and led the way out of the cellar. Peter followed carefully, making sure to listen in for intruders while Derek was more concerned on the packmate slowly falling in and out of consciousness. Even with his enhanced healing, Stiles lay in pain. Gerard didn't care and just did whatever the hell he wanted. He even came inside Stiles, and Derek was very lucky to be holding Stiles right now. As they exited the cellar, they were met with an empty house. Thank god Derek thought, relief washing over him. Derek looked down to Stiles and he was out, completely. Unconsciousness overtook his body a while ago.

“Take the spark, nephew,” Peter spoke, causing Derek’s head to jolt up.

“What? Peter, I can't take the spark. I wasn't trained for this, Laura was.”

“Laura is dead, Derek. She died in the fire, along with Talia. They were meant to be Alphas, not us, but we are all that is left, Derek. I'm afraid they are going to catch up to me soon, so take the spark. Keep Stiles safe. I have to leave for a while. Make Kate and Scott follow me for the spark that I don't have. I have to get them away from you and Stiles. Make a new pack, grow, get stronger, rise above.” Derek just nodded, swallowing thickly. Peter bowed down into one knee, head tucked in.

“I, Alpha Peter Hale, submit to you, Beta Derek Hale, and in doing so, give you Alpha status,” Peter spoke, grabbing onto Derek's arm. Slowly, the red drained from Peter’s eyes, into his arm, travelling to Derek’s, slowly travelling into his eyes. When Derek felt Stiles lighten significantly, he knew the transfer was complete.

“Where will you go?” Derek asks, his red eyes slowly fading into his normal green.

“Anywhere I can to make sure they follow. Wait until you hear from Danny to start taking in new wolves. He'll let you know when it's safe. Until then, work with Stiles on his training. He can't lose control like he did when Kate had us, okay?” Derek sighed, nodding.

“I've got that under control. Good luck, Uncle.” Peter nodded, smiling at his nephew, ruffling his hair.

“Take care of our glue for me, kid.” Derek cracked a smile at that.

“Always.” And with that, Peter disappeared into the darkness of the night, making sure to leave tracks, but nothing too obvious.