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The Spider and the Archer

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The lake house had a lovely view of the lake.


Thats where Peter was now, watching the birds come in to roost in the surrounding trees. Although his mind was not on the birds, it was on his semi-mentor, Tony Stark. The man had given his life to protect the universe, but had left a rather large hole in many people’s hearts. 


Tony’s relationship with his mentor was interesting, because, quite frankly, Tony hadn’t been much of a mentor. After giving Peter a suit with a FREAKING KILL MODE! Tony had left Peter alone, not answering his calls, pawning him off to his overloaded head of security, who quite simply, couldn’t waste time on his bosses mentee. 


“Whatcha doing”


Immediately spinning around, Peter caught sight of a female teen, Lila Barton, if he remembered correctly. 


“Just thinking”


“Thinking about what”






Silence fell between the two, not a tense silence, but a compainable one.


“I just don’t know what to think of him”




“He never trained me, he gave me some tech and left it at that.”


Lila looked thoughtful for a minute.


“I think my dad knows some people who can help you”



“Yeah, he mentioned some street level heroes in New York once, I’ll see what I can do.”


Lila headed back inside, she like many others had gotten attached to Morgan, fortunately the Peter knew that Bartons were meant to be in town for a while.


Peter found that he enjoyed Lila’s company, he hoped that they could talk again soon.