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As the storm raged on, no-one saw the small figure soaked from rain running across the grass fields of Resembool. The person's flame-styled silver hair gleamed as lightning flashed from the sky. A pair of heavy-lidded crimson eyes glared forward, the person's lips pressed tightly together underneath the black cloth-mask that was covering the lower half of the dark-skinned youngster's face. Please tell me I'm not too late! the androgynous person thought, running with upper body leaning forward and arms almost parallel to it; the person's palms faced upwards as they trailed like a running dog's tail.

The person accelerated, racing to a detached house that was standing by itself atop a hill.

Coming to a stop in front of the house, the person panted with hands on knees; a moment later the 14-year-old lock-picked the house's front door and entered.

Just as 11-year-old Edward Elric and 10-year-old Alphonse Elric placed their hands onto their transmutation circle, the basement door was kicked open. Their happy smiles replaced by shocked facial expressions, the 2 brothers partially whirled around. "Who the hell are you?! What are you doing in our house?" Ed demanded.

The silverette slumped against the doorway in relief. "Don't do it."

"What?!" Ed exclaimed at the same time as Alphonse stiffened.

The 14-year-old knew their reaction wasn't a question, but replied anyway: "If you two do this, Alphonse will die."

"WHAT?!" Ed fully turned around, getting up; he rushed forward to grab the bigger 'boy' be the brown leather straps that formed an X over 'his' flat chest. "Who the fuck are you?! How dare you break into our house and start spewing bullshit?! How do you know what we're planning?!"

"Because I'm from an Alternate Universe," the silverette stated, "My name is Hana Kemp."

"That's a stupid name!" Ed shouted; not really disliking the mysterious teen's name, but he was so enraged that he wanted to lash out at 'him'.

"Brother, please calm down," Alphonse said, getting up.

Ed glanced at the other golden blonde over his shoulder before turning his head to glare up at Hana again. "This creep broke into our house and threatened you, and you want me to calm down?!"

"I'm sorry for breaking into your house. But I had to at least try to stop you two from doing Human Transmutation."

"How do you know about that?!"

"I told you already, it's because I'm from another World."


A sigh. "Your name is Edward Elric, his is Alphonse Elric, you two want to do Human Transmutation in hopes of bringing your dead mother back, she died from an illness and your father's name is Van Hohenheim."

"How do you know all that?" Alphonse asked, staring up at Hana with a creeped out look on his face.

Ed gritted his teeth as he kept glaring up at the silverette. "He's clearly been spying on us!"

"I arrived on this World earlier today," Hana replied.

Ed let go of the straps and shoved 'him'. "Go away, you arse; or else I'll call the military on you!"

"I'm trying to save your brother's life and you'd repay that by getting me killed?!" Hana growled, voice turning almost dog-like.

Ed's glare still hadn't relented, golden eyes locking with bright red ones. "They wouldn't kill you," he said, but his words lacked the confident certainty from earlier.

Alphonse took a step forward. "Brother, please don't call the military."

"Then what am I supposed to do with him?" Ed glanced over a shoulder at his younger brother again.

Hana sighed again. "How about listening to me? Don't attempt Human Transmutation, please."

Ed clenched his fists, dropping his glare to the floor so that his fringe partially hid his eyes; he said nothing.

No-one spoke for a long moment.

A.N.: Finally, I've actually done the first Chapter!!

To clarify; yes, Hana has Sharingan in both eyes. But they don't have any tomoe meaning they look like ordinary eyes with bright red irises an' she won't ever gain Mangekyō Sharingan & Kamui.

B.t.w., Hana doesn't gain Kakashi's memories; she has his abilities (plus the general 3-tomoe Sharingan abilities), but can't use them without a lot of practice first. Plus, although Hana can't do alchemy or alkahestry at all, she is sorta limited by the rule of equivalent exchange: when she uses her Chakra for something, it takes time to recover from it. She can't recover immediately & is limited by e.g. how many Chidori canon 14-year-old Kakashi could do before he got Chakra exhaustion; Hana also is at extremely huuuuge risk of dying if she gets Chakra exhaustion. (I'm including these limits so she can't just Chidori her way out of every problem...)

P.S. I'll add a picture of Hana here as soon as I've drawn it.