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Coming Home

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Chapter 1
Carlisle POV

There was a soft knock on the door leading to my office.

"Carlisle, we have to go in ten minutes" Esme said slightly nervously. I didn't want her to be. I wanted to tell her that there was no reason to be nervous, that everything would turn out fine. But I would be lying if I said that I wasn't feeling the same. I nodded and gave her a small smile.

I had to admit, life never got boring when you have a house full of teenagers. Esme and I are still pretty young and people often wonder why we adopted 3 and since 2 months 4 teenagers.

Edward was the first one. We adopted him 3 years ago after his mother, Esme's sister, died after being sick for a long time. He had nowhere else to go so even though we were only 26 years old we welcomed him as a son.

One year later Esme heard about 2 children whose parents died in a car crash. That's how Alice and Emmett came into our life. At first, we were just looking after them until they found a family that would adopt them, but we soon grew attached. Alice is the same age as Edward and Emmett is one year older.

Two months ago, our family was joined by a new member. Rosalie was a stunning girl. She finally fulfilled Alice's wish for an older sister and seemed to fit into our family perfectly. The only problem was that she was very quiet, cold and reserved. She wasn't as open as our other children and she always seemed alone, like someone was missing.

Emmett managed to get her to open up a bit, but I could see that she wasn't truly comfortable. She seemed like she didn't want to raise attention, like she was trying to be as good as possible. It was understandable. She had been in foster care for 5 years now and according to her social worker she never spent more than 9 months in one foster family.

After a few weeks Esme came into my office.

"You have to talk to her. She is so distant, and I don't want her to be lonely. She's a sweet girl, I know it. We just have to give her the feeling that she's welcome here."

"I know. Maybe if all of us sit down with her she may tell us what's bothering her."

"It won't hurt to try. I'll text Edward to tell Alice and Emmett that we'll be talking tonight after dinner."

After dinner we all set down in the living room. Rosalie looked anxious to say the least.

“Am I in trouble?”, she asked quietly.

“No! You did nothing wrong.”, Esme smiled, and she nodded looking a bit calmer.

"Rosalie", I said while I took Esme's hand "We are worried about you. You don't seem to be happy here with us."

"I am happy here…", she said quietly. I looked at my wife a little uncertain. Rosalie didn't seem like she meant it

"I'm glad you are, sweetheart but you are so distant. Carlisle and I have the feeling that you are missing something here. Is there anything we can do? We already love you and we don't want to lose you.", Esme said in her gentle motherly voice. Rosalie looked at her hands in her lap.

"If you think they're going to be mad if you tell them whatever it is, you're holding back, I can tell you, you're wrong." Edward said. Rosalie looked into his eyes for a few second and took a deep breath.

"It's not that I don't like you, I really do. I am happy here and I want to stay with you, but I am missing someone. I miss my brother." She started to cry, and Emmett put here arm around her shoulders to comfort her. I exchanged a look with Esme.

"You have a brother? I was told you are an only child."

"I was told not to mention him. They say he's difficult. That's why they separated us. But I thought they told you about him. That's why I didn't say anything. I had no idea how you would take it that I want to see him." She was crying freely now. "Every time I asked my foster family about him, they sent me away. I don't know what they heard about him but whatever it is it's not his fault."

"What does difficult even mean? I mean what gives them the right to separate siblings?" Emmett was angry now as he looked at Alice.

"We're twins." Rosalie whispered. We all sat in silence for a few moments after that.

"Seriously? You can't just separate twins! How can they justify that?" Emmett was nearly screaming now, and Rosalie was sobbing. Esme gave him a stern look and he calmed down a bit.

"They say he's dangerous. He punched our first foster father, but I know that he would never hurt someone without having a good reason."

"He was protecting you, wasn't he.", Alice said. It wasn’t a question. We all knew the answer. Rosalie only nodded. Esme let go of my hand and knelt in front of her. She took both of her hands and squeezed them slightly.

"I promise you that we will find your brother and that we won't send you away. Sweetheart, you just have to tell us his name." Rosalie smiled and took the tissue Alice gave her.

"His name is Jasper Hale."

It took 2 weeks of terrorizing social services with phone calls and threatening with a lawsuit until they finally gave us the address of Jasper's current foster family. Rosalie finally started opening to us. Although she still was a bit quiet, she smiled more often. She was worried though. Worried that her brother didn't want to stay with her since they haven't been able to see each other for years. Alice was able to comfort her.

"Don't worry. I know that he will stay. I just have a feeling." That didn't completely stop her from worrying but she seemed more optimistic.

"Carlisle, we have to go now!" Esme pulled me out of my thinking. As I walked down the stairs to meet Esme at the car Rosalie sat down in the living room looking at her hands again.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Esme asked her. She shook her head.

"No, I'll wait for you here. I don't want to force him to see me. He should have the opportunity to make this decision himself." I smiled at her and nodded. I knew she was a good kid. 

It was a 2-hour drive from Forks to Aberdeen and Esme got more anxious the closer we got. 

"What if he really doesn't want to come with us? Rosalie would be heartbroken." I took her hand and squeezed it.

"We can't force him to do anything and Rosalie doesn't want that either. She said so herself. Don't worry too much."

The house Jasper was living was small and desperately needed some work. According to social services 6 people are supposed to live there. I gave Esme a questioning look as we walked up to the front door. After knocking we were greeted by a tall woman with a cigarette in her mouth.

"What?" She snapped. I looked at Esme and took a deep breath.

"Hello. My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme. We…"

"I'm not interested in your god. Leave my property before I have to call the police." The women interrupted us and made to close the door. I put my foot in to stop her and stopped her.

"We don't want to sell you anything and we don't want to you to join some religion. We are looking for Jasper Hale. We were told he is staying here." She sighed and opened the door and motioned us to follow her.

"What did he do this time? Let me tell you this boy is nothing but trouble." The house didn't look any better on the inside than it did on the outside. It was dirty and garbage as lying around on the floor. She led us to the back of the house and stopped in front of a door with 2 locks on it. While unlocking them she said, "He's in there have a time out." Before she could open the door I stopped her.

"We are not here because Jasper has done something. We recently adopted his twin Rosalie and she was desperately wishing to see him. I was wondering if he could come with us to Forks for a few days to catch up with her. I can assure you that he will be perfectly fine in our care." The women raised her eyebrows and snorted.

"His twin? I didn't know that brat even had a sibling. You can do with him whatever you want. If you take him, trust me you don't want to keep him." With that she opened the door and left us alone.

The room was tiny. It had one small window with bars in front of it. There was hardly anything in it besides a cupboard and a bed on which a boy was lying with his eyes closed listening to music with headphones. He was thin but he couldn't look more alike with Rosalie if he tried. Although his hair was a bit darker his face was definitely the same.

I cleared my throat to get his attention and immediately regretted it. Jasper jumped and ripped out his headphones while he scooped back on the back until his back was against the wall. Esme threw me a stern look and took one step towards him.

"Jasper my name is Esme and this is Carlisle, my husband. We were looking for you because we recently adopted your sister." Her voice was quiet and gentle. Jasper eyed us uncertainly and swallowed.

"Rosalie was adopted?" was all he said though.

"Yes, she joined our family about two months ago. She is missing you very much and we promised her that we would find you." I said. He was now looking at his hands and I just had to smile. Rosalie did the exact same thing when she was anxious. 

"She does?" His voice was so small it broke my heart. Esme sat down on the bed next to him and made to touch his knees which he had drawn up to his chest. He flinched when she touched him and curled up even more. Esme looked at me desperately before she spoke again very quietly.

"Yes, sweetheart she does. Very much. We came here to ask you if you want to come with us to meet her." At that his head shot up and uncurled himself.

"Is she here? Did she come with you?" He was looking at the door expecting Rosalie to come into the room. Esme came to stand next to me again.

"No sweetie I'm sorry. She didn't want to force you into meeting her and thought that maybe you didn't want to. She stayed at home, but she is hoping that you'll come with us for a few days to catch up with her."

"Oh…" He looked at me again as if he was trying to determine if I was a threat. "How do I know that's not setup?"

I had to think for a few seconds.

"I could call her and let her talk to you. Would that be enough?" Jasper nodded and I took out my phone. Rosalie picked up after the first ring.

"Did you find him?"

"Yes, Rosalie we found him. He's standing next to me at the moment. He wants to talk to you."

"He does?" He hummed my conformation and gave the phone to the boy next to me. He nearly ripped it from my hand and pushed it against his ear.

"Rose?" His voice was still quiet but not as insecure as before. I took Esme's hand and we left the room to give him some privacy. A few minutes later he came out of the room and handed me back my phone.

"Alright I believe you. I guess Maria doesn't care if I go with you?" Oh, so that was her name. I shook my head and he nodded and went back into the room only to come back out with a bag 20 seconds later. I looked at Esme wondering how he packed so quickly. Jasper shrugged having seen our faces.

"I move around a lot. I'm just prepared." Esme made a choking sound and quickly left the house.

"I'll meet you outside in 5 minutes if that's okay." Jasper said. I nodded and took his bag and waited for him on the porch. Exactly 5 minutes later Jasper closed the front door behind him and we went towards the car.