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After the morning encounter with Namjoon they made sure to run to the table -for breakfast- before Jin got angry. They wanted to take Jimin to the mall and spoil him a bit. Maybe even get him a new collar.
Did I mention Jimin was a Hybrid? I don’t think I did. Well, Jimin is a squirrel hybrid which means he’s pretty tiny. As in exactly five foot, tiny. Which also means he gets lost easily, which exactly what’s going to happen today. He’s going to get lost in the mall, But not only does he get lost, he taken away.
Even after searching for hours in the mall to having to split up and search around the mall. Do you think they can find him?
In a world where hybrids are kept in labs to experiment on and are only bought for the use of sexual pleasure. 6 guys and one girl adopt a Hybrid named Jimin. Because hybrids are kept in labs their whole life, they have absolutely no concept on what feelings are. They only know the book definition. After adopting Jimin, they made sure he got everything he needed but what happens when he goes missing?

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