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fis·sure   a long, narrow opening or line of breakage made by cracking or splitting, especially in rock or earth.





Chloe Decker sobbed until her body shook from shear exhaustion. She managed to stumble to Lucifer’s bedroom where she collapsed among his rumpled bed sheets. The smell that was uniquely him lingering all around her was both a comfort and a curse. She grabbed one of his pillows and buried her face in it. 

He was gone. He loved her. He was gone. He loved her. He was gone.

It was possible she may never see him again.  Her chest felt as though it were caving in.The pain was overwhelming and there were just too many thoughts to process. She kicked off her shoes, stripped out of her clothing and cocooned herself within the silk sheets.

She had somehow managed to get her shaking hands under control long enough to send Maze a message that she would be staying at Lucifer’s and would explain everything further tomorrow.  Had she texted Dan to make sure Trixie was okay? Yes, a message from Maze had confirmed that Trixie was with her, Linda and Charlie and she was fine. Chloe was definitely not getting any nominations for mother of the year tonight.

How was she going to explain Lucifer’s absence to her daughter? To everyone not on team Celestial? It wasn’t as if she could just tell everyone that he had returned to Hell to prevent a demon uprising. They would toss her into the wacky shack faster than she could say H-e-l-l.

Right now, she didn’t want to think about any of that. She just wanted to pretend that laying naked in Lucifer’s bed was somehow going to make things better. She hoped it was something that the two of them would have eventually experienced together. His bed would be a place where they would have brought each other pleasure, expressed their feelings for one another and for Chloe a place where she could fall asleep safe and sound in the Devil’s arms.

The tears finally stopped when there wasn’t any left to cry. She shivered beneath the covers not sure if it was from the cold or if her body had taken on this new state of violent trembling.  She wrapped the comforter around herself holding tightly with both hands.  It was dark in the entire penthouse. When had she turned off the lights?

She found herself laying in the quiet- too quiet wide awake her heartbeat thundering in her ears.  

“Why?” she yelled into the pitch black of the room.  The sound of her voice echoed off the walls.

 “I love Lucifer!” she said the words hoping for some magical fairy tale response from God himself. As if he would he would send him back to her. As if she even deserved that.

She shouted her feelings of sorrow and guilt- for the wasted time, for not believing in her partner, for trying to send him back to Hell; until her throat was raw and her voice was hoarse.

“I don’t know if we would have had a future together, but now I’ll never get the chance to find out,” her voice dropped to a whisper. “If things were different. If we were just two ordinary people-,”

She took a deep breath, “I’d give anything to see him again in this lifetime.”

It started to rain outside the heavy downpour finally calming her enough to sleep. She laughed to herself remembering a conversation she had had with Lucifer about how his father didn’t control the weather.

It was foolish to think God would be listening to her anyway. Lucifer always complained about how his father never listened.

The tears started again but the shaking had finally stopped. She was thankful for that.  Chloe hoped for peaceful dreams because starting tomorrow her life was going to be significantly different without Lucifer in it.


Chloe was awakened by the sound of a dog barking. A dog barking? Lucifer didn’t have a dog. She was sure she had closed the balcony doors last night so the sound couldn’t be coming from outside. Was someone else in the penthouse?