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Stronger Than You

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Ever since I was a kid, I had loved learning about and trying new things. My favorite subject was monsters. I learned about their history, their culture, and their magic. They really were such amazing and interesting beings. Hearing about the war and them being forced to live underground broke my heart and tugged at something deep inside of me. I made the decision to do whatever I could... whatever it took, to help them. It seemed destiny had other plans for me though. My younger sibling was the one to go and free them while I was working to make things easier for them to adjust to the surface. We made quite the team and together we made friends and a new family that would change everything and stand the tests of time. But all good things come to an end eventually. The story I'm about to tell is how my finally perfect life crumbled before my eyes.     

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The sound of yelling and slamming from downstairs made Frisk jump in my tense arms. "It's okay Frisk. He won't hurt you. He'll have to get through me first. Mom and Strider are getting things ready to go now. When they give the signal, you're going to run and don't stop. Don't look back. Okay?" Looking up at me with tears rolling down their face, they shook their head and held onto me tighter. 


Sighing lightly, I wiped them away. "Frisk... you have to trust me. We'll be right behind you and if we get separated, that's what the bracelet is for. We will come and find you." Seeing how uneasy they still were, I took off my favorite and most treasured necklace and hooked it around their neck. "This is our special promise. Our promise to come back to each other no matter what."


No sooner did we agree to that promise did things take a turn for the worse. I was only able to get Frisk out the window before I was dragged downstairs to see my mother and older brother on the ground, hurt. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I was determined to stay strong and get us out of here. I was the only one left who could. I promised Frisk I would get back to them. I had no other choice.



Things were finally settling down. Our injuries were taken care of and healing nicely and we got a new home away from that man. The only problem was that we couldn't find Frisk. I tried to get ahold of them through my bracelet but they didn't pick up. It meant one of two things. Either the bracelet was broken or Frisk was... No! I couldn't think like that. It's been a week and I was at Ebott's Laboratory trying to get some sort of work done when my wrist started to vibrate.


Looking down at my bracelet, I felt relief fool through me at the sight of my smiling sibling. They looked a little beat up but okay. Alive. I couldn't help the tears that fell from my eyes as a smile stretched across my face. "Frisk. You're okay... what happened? Where are you? I'll come and get you."


Shaking their head, they smiled. "I'm okay. I ran to Mt. Ebott and fell down a hole. I'm with the monsters... I want to help them."


Gasping, I grabbed my bag and started out for my car. "Stay put! I-I'll come and help you!"


"No. I can handle things here. But could you please help out with getting things handled on your side? I don't know how the rest of the humans will take to having monsters just suddenly freed..."


'Oh man... I hate speaking to people. Especially important people. But... this is for my little Frisk and the fate of the monsters! I can do this!' I thought as I felt determination fill me. "Leave it to me. I'll make sure everything is taken care of. Call me if you need anything and keep me updated. We were all so worried."


"I will. I love you."


"I love you too." 


Things started to get better from that day on. It wasn't easy to meet with and convince the people who could change things but I was persistent and eventually wore them down enough to actually listen to me. Mom had left Ebott to seek help from some friends and Strider had gone off traveling to try and earn some money to send back to us. So, I was alone for two months before the barrier had broke. Luckily, Frisk did stay in contact and told me all about the Underground and the monsters they've met and befriended. I'll never forget the day the barrier broke. I was climbing Mt. Ebott when it suddenly started to shake. I'm not sure what protected me from the falling rocks or from tumbling all the way back down, but I thank the force or being every day. When I finally reached the top, I saw a bunch of monsters run off down the mountain leaving only a goat woman and... Frisk.


They turned to me with a huge smile on their face and ran into my open arms. "(Y/n)! You're here..."


I held them close to me as if it were our last moment together. "Of course I am, Frisk." Pulling back from our hug, I cupped their face. "You're okay. I had thought that I lost you."


"Oh my. I see you do have someone to return home to."


Meeting Toriel was a treat. She was such a lovely lady and had become very attached to Frisk. I invited her to stay with us for the night before they had to go and meet with our leaders. She made us some really delicious pie and we explained what our home life was like. Even though she had stayed with us for one night... I already felt like I had another mom. It was a wonderful thing... to feel loved again. Our mom had come home that morning after hearing about what happened. Her and Toriel had hit it off right away and decided that for the time being that it would be a good idea for Frisk to live with me and Toriel, switching homes every now and then. Which worked fine with me. As much as I missed Frisk, I worked almost the entire week but I had reworked my schedule to have time with them. Monday thru Friday, Frisk would be with Toriel (especially after they had named them the ambassador for monsters) and Friday thru Sunday they stayed with me.


It wasn't long after that, that the Laboratory earned two new employees. One was a yellow dinosaur named Alphys. She would be working in her very own space down the hall and loved anime. She was also very shy but warmed up to me fairly quickly. I had a new friend to talk about anime and nerd stuff with and someone to make cool inventions with. Not long after she started working at the lab (literally not even three days had passed), we got were introduced to a skeleton that would be working with us. He would be mostly working on his own projects but was asking to work with me on my research. 


That had never happened before and I was excited for another work friend. His name was Sans. After meeting him and Alphys, I met a whole bunch of different monsters! I guess a lot of them were close friends of Frisk which made it even better. Over the past two years, we had made a very close, very weird, and chaotic family. I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

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December 31st, 2019  -  11:55 P.M.:


It was New Year's Eve, and here you were working in the lab instead of out partying with your friends. Mettaton was hosting a huge party that everyone in Ebott has been invited to. But, You had decided to stay behind like the anti-social creature that you were and fiddle with a Top Secret Special Project you had hoped to have finished by now. Sighing, you put another piece into place that would most likely make it explode yet again and make you have to completely rebuild it. Again. You were probably the only person in Ebott who didn't go to the party...


"Hey there, Starshine." Well, almost the only person. Looking up at your grinning colleague, roommate, and wonderful... you're not really sure what the two of you were. It was complicated. He was leaning on the door frame with his hands stuffed into his 


"Not just yet. I've almost got this thing figured out." Focusing back on the metal cube in your hands, I groaned as it turned blue and flew out of my hands. "Sans. Really?"


"Oh come on. I have something really out of this world for you to see." I gave him a look that started to make him sweat nervously. "Alright. I'll give it back if you meet me at my lab in three minutes."


"Alright. I'll comet see it." 


His grin widened as he returned the cube. "I'll see ya then, Starshine."


Rolling your eyes at his retreating figure, you got back to work. "I have a name. Though I do love it when he calls me Starshine." Heat rose to your cheeks at the deep chuckle echoing in your head. Looking next to you, you huffed out at the transparent figure smiling in amusement. "Oh, shut up."


"You love him... both of them. I know you do. I also know that they love you too."


"You know why I can't tell them." Putting the last piece into place, you gasped in delight as the cube in your hands lite up in a soft pink glow. "I did it! It's finally complete! Sans!"


Watching you run from the room, Gaster smiled before letting out a tired sigh. "My boys have found an amazing soulmate in that human. Now, if only the three of them would stop being idiots and just admit their feelings already." 


"Sans! You'll never believe what just... happened..." You trailed off as you took in the sight before you. Sans' lab, the one that only you're allowed in (not even Alphys was allowed in and Papyrus was only let in during emergencies), looked like a galaxy had exploded in it. Slowly walking more into the room, you turned and tried to take everything in. Reaching out, you touched one of the stars and flinched back at the heat that came off of it. It was so realistic. So dangerous. Oh, so beautiful. And in the middle of it all was Sans, smiling so gently, sweetly, and real, holding a blue glowing orb.


"What's wrong? Skeleton got your tongue?"


"This... is amazing."


"You could say it's-"


"Out of this world?"


Snorting, he went over and placed the orb in your hands. "My thoughts exactly. I... made this for you. That way, if for some reason we weren't with ya you'd be able to fall asleep surrounded by the stars and our magic."


"This is just- I don't know what to- thank you." Holding the orb close to your soul, you smiled at the blushing skeleton in front of you. "Wait. What do you mean 'our magic'?"


His smile turned into a nervous grin and he started to sweat. Tugging on his shirt's collar, Sans averted his eye lights. "W-Well... I guess I had a little help. I got Paps to put some of his magic into it. He was ecstatic. "


Your heart swelled happily at the thoughtfulness of your two favorite skeletons. They do so much for you and maybe Gaster was right. Maybe... you should tell them how you feel. They care for you and accept you for who you are. But a flash of panic in your chest stopped you from spilling your secret right then and there.


"There was uh... something else I wanted to do while we were down here. I-If that's okay with you."


"Sure. What is it?"


"Close your eyes." Seeing you raise your eyebrow at him, he innocently held up his hands in front of him. "Come on Starshine. Humerus me here."


Giggling, you did as told and closed your eyes. Feeling his magic right in front of you, you felt your heartbeat speed up. "Sans...?"


Maybe shortcutting right in front of you wasn't the best idea. But this way, he wouldn't be able to chicken out. He could feel how nervous you were and that made him twice as nervous. 'Am I really going to do this? I mean I did plan all this for her...' Shaking his head, Sans took a breath and squeezed his eye sockets closed in an attempt to make himself less likely to shortcut away. Leaning forward, he was almost to your lips when his lap door was thrown open.


Squealing, you jumped forward knocking your head into Sans' and both you to the ground along with a chair. "Ow. My head." Groaning, you sat up and looked at the object that helped trip you. "Why is there a chair?"


"No reason."


You were going to question it until you were suddenly lifted off the ground into a crushing embrace. Wheezing a bit, you smiled back at the tall skeleton holding you. "Hey, Paps. What's up? I thought you and Frisk were going to be at Mettaton's big bash."




"Aw. How sweet of them. RIght, Sans?"




Going over to the shorter skeleton, Frisk tugged on his sleeve and made a kissy face before winking.


Cheeks flushing with his magic, Sans pushed them over, laughing as they easily (and dramatically) fell to the floor. "Nothing like that happened. Sorry to disappoint ya, kiddo."




Getting out of Papyrus' grip and feet back on the ground, you offered him a bright smile and giggled at his now orange cheeks. 'He's so cute. Now that they're both here... I can tell them. No chickening out this time.' 






Seeing the look on your face, Frisk decided to be a good and helpful sibling and push you to stand in front of some machine in the middle of the room so you could easily be seen by them both. Giving you a thumbs up and a smile, Frisk stood behind you just in case you needed an extra push. It filled you with determination.







Smiling back at them, you stuck your tongue out before clearing your throat. "Hey, guys... I-I have something t-to tell you." Once their attention fully focused on you, you felt your cheeks burning once again. 








"Yeah, Starshine. What's on your mind?"




"I-It's just... I... um..." Squeezing your eyes closed, you felt a tiny hand take yours. Letting out a breath you didn't know you were holding, you smiled a bit. You were filled with bravery




Taking a deep breath, you looked them in the eye lights. "There's something that I've been meaning to tell you two. I think it's about time to finally say that... I... I lo-" The machine behind you and Frisk roared to life with many lights and colors filling the room. Grabbing hold of Frisk, you held them tight to your chest as the air started to move around violently. "Sans! What's going on?"


"I don't know! Get away from there!"


Before you could take a single step, a light blue and orange portal opened up and started to suck you both in. 




Reaching out towards the gloved hand, you could almost reach it. "I can't reach! Papyrus take Frisk!"


"No! I want to stay with you!"


"Frisk now is not the time. I need you to go with Papyrus." 


"No! I won't be separated from you again!"


No matter how much you begged and pleaded with them, they wouldn't budge. No matter how much you reached for the brothers, they were just out of reach. No matter what you did, it was almost as if fate was pulling you towards the portal. Finally, you couldn't fight it anymore as your body was pulled back and into the swirling and colorful gateway into who knows where. You were filled with fear. "Sans!"


"(Y/n)! Frisk!"


It was dark and cold. The two of you were all alone wrapped in each other's arms. You screamed and cried and called for someone to come and save you. But... no one came.


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Name: (Y/n) (L/n)


Age: 24


Height: 5 foot 10


Hair: Stops at hips, bangs cover the left eye, usually worn up in a high ponytail held up by a black ribbon with gold designs


Looks: Click here


Universe: Undertale


Soul: Unknown


Species: Human/Mage


Nicknames: Starshine (Sans), My dear (Papyrus)

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Groaning, you slowly opened her eyes to see trees, snow, and a worried Frisk standing over you. "What happened?" Sitting up, you rubbed your sore and pounding head. "Are you okay, Frisk?"


Nodding, they threw themselves into your arms, shaking. "A-Are you okay...?'


"Don't worry. I'm fine." Standing, you took in your surroundings. "Where are we?"


"In the Underground. Close to Snowdin."


'What on Earth are we doing in the Underground? Maybe I can call Sans to come and get us.' You thought, fiddling with the bracelet on your left arm. Tapping the invisible screen, you sighed out in frustration. "Are you kidding me? I think the fall knocked a few things loose. Unforuntantly, I didn't bring my tools."


Looking around, Frisk felt a chill ran down their spine. "(Y/n)... something is wrong. I don't think this is the same Underground back home. I have a really bad feeling."


Scanning over the area, you agreed. There was something very off with where ever they were. You had a feeling that Sans wouldn't be able to get you out of this one. "Looks like we'll have to find our own way out of here. This Underground should have a similar layout to the one back home right? If so, do you think you could guide us through it?" Seeing Frisk nod, you smiled before turning your attention to what felt like a familiar sense of magic. "Frisk... I want you to find a place to hide. I'm going to scout up ahead and come back for you. If you run into any trouble, come and get me right away." 



Packing up his guitar, Strider held his phone between his ear and his shoulder, nerves standing on edge. It was New Years and this was when he would call his sister to check in and see how everything was going back home. The only problem was that she wasn't picking up. It was so unlike her. His little sis would never miss a chance to chat. Something had to be wrong. He could feel it in his gut. Giving up on calling her, Strider switched his focus to the only person he knew she'd be with right now. "Come on. Pick up, you stupid bag of bones."


"Hey... listen, Strider. I don't have time to talk. Something happened at the lab."


"Is my sister okay? She isn't answering her phone! Tell me the truth Sans!"


Sighing, Sans knew there was no putting this off or beating around the bush. When it came to sibling protection, Strider was almost on par with himself. That was one of the reasons they got along so well. "You're not going to like my answer."


"It was silent for a moment before Strider spoke again. "I'm on my way. We're only a few hours away. You better be the one to tell our mom about this and explain everything once I get there."



You hated leaving Frisk behind in that forest, but it was the best choice for now. Ever since you found a trail, it felt like someone had been following you. 'How long is this person going to stalk me?' You thought, carefully stepping over the large and heavy branch blocking the way. 'I don't know what I'll do if this person tries to attack me. I'd rather avoid a fight if possible.' Both you and your thoughts froze at the loud snap that came from behind you and seemed to echo in the silent forest. Slowly, you turned head and what you saw made your blood turn to ice. The branch had been snapped in two. "What could have been strong enough to break that?" Shaking your head, you turned back around to continue on your way. 


'It's probably best not to stick around... I might end up in trouble if whatever broke it comes back. Unless... whoever is following me is what broke the branch.' The thought sent chills down your spine and you quickened your pace. You soon reached a bridge with a post in the middle to block the way. There seemed there was just enough room to squeeze through. When you took a step towards the bridge, however, you found you couldn't move.


"Human." A rough, low, male voice called out from behind you. "Don't ya know how to greet a new pal?"


You were filled with Fear.


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Name: Strider (L/n)


Age: 28


Height: 6 foot


Looks: Click here


Universe: Undertale


Soul: Purple (Perseverance)


Species: Human/Mage

Chapter Text

Walking through the forest instead of being at his post, Sans grumbled and kicked the snow in frustration. He had felt her soul, yet his brother and his stupid pride and heart of stone wouldn't believe him. He'd find proof and show him. "I felt her... I'll find her and show him that I'm not crazy." Sighing, Sans was starting to think that just maybe, he was crazy. He had been out here for hours searching for her. He hadn't felt her soul for far too long. "I should just go back before boss finds out I ditched my station for some wild goose chase."


His soul jumped behind his rib cage before trying to break free. "Hey! What's the matter with you? Calm down. It's just another false alarm."


But his soul was restless, threatening to jump out of his chest and fly off. "Fine! I'll follow. But, I'm tellin' ya that she's-" The smell of something sweet and smoky, almost like cigarettes mixed with vanilla, smacked him in the face. Before he knew it, Sans was chasing after the scent as fast as his feet could carry him. Comin to a stop by the trail that leads to the door to the ruins and his post, Sans caught sight of a human female. She looked young but old enough to be considered an adult. All of this was familiar to him and filled him with Hope


Sticking his hands in his jacket pockets, Sans smirked and began to follow her. Take that Papyrus! In his excitement, he once again forgot to step over the branch instead of on it and broke it. She was already aware of him following her, but this was like having a bell around his neck. Shortcutting away, he cursed at his mistake and narrow escape. Watching her, he was a bit disappointed that her reaction was different than the first time. That didn't matter. What mattered was what she looked like and her actions. In no time, they made it to the bride. Sans watched as the human examined the posts his brother had put there. Seeing her take a step towards it, he used his magic to freeze her in place. Shortcutting so he was right behind her, Sans took a moment to cross things off his mental checklist. 


'They have the same scent. Sweet, smoky, and addictive. Same height, figure, and hair. The only difference so far is the color of her hair. The clothes are the same as when she first showed up here, too. Now, just need to see her face and her soul. Then, I can take her to Papyrus and things can go back to normal.' He could smell fear mixing in with her scent. A part of his soul felt pride in it, but the other part was hurting because of it. "Human. Don't ya know how to greet a new pal?"


Releasing his magical hold on her, Sans stuck his hand out for the human to shake. Slowly, she turned around, her fear melting into shock. Those familiar (e/c) orbs met his red eyelights, filling him with something he hadn't felt in a really long time. He kept his lazy but dangerous grin, never giving away his own surprise as he waited. But, she didn't take his hand. She took a look at his hand, then him, then back to his hand again. Instead of shaking his hand as he expected, she grabbed his wrist and smacked the palm of his hand into his face, causing him to get zapped by his own joy buzzer strapped there!


Blinking away the stars from his vision, whatever he was going to say died on his tongue. Sans felt his cheekbones flood with magic and his soul hammer against his chest. He was almost certain that his eyelights had turned into hearts. All from this human female falling into the snow, laughing until she couldn't breathe. He didn't need to check her soul at that point. He knew with every bit of magic humming through his body. This was her. His one and only. The one that was made just for him. His soulmate.


"You're back... I knew it." Moving slowly towards her, Sans let his fake grin fall into his real, tired, and relieved smile. Falling to his knees in front of her, he held up a hand to cut off what she was about to say. There would be time for that later. "We can talk later, sweetheart. Right now," Wrapping his arms around her waist, his smile grew at the soft gasp that came from her as his head fell onto her shoulder.


"...Sans...?" She sounded so unsure. So lost. So scared. Mentally cursing himself for making her feel that way, he let one of his hands mentally play in her silky hair.


"It's okay, sweetheart. I gotcha." Feeling her relax a bit in his arms, he let out a small sigh in content. "I just... can't believe that you're back. We've really missed ya, Alex."

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"Human." A rough, low, male voice called out from behind you. "Don't ya know how to greet a new pal?" After he asked you that, you were finally able to move again. Slowly turning around to face him, your (e/c) eyes met with red eyelights. The only beings you knew that had eyelights were skeletons. You looked over the rest of him, missing the slight flicker of shock on his face that matched your own. Standing right in front of you with his hand outstretched, was Sans. Only, he was decked out in red and black.


'These colors, this style, even his rin is different! Almost like it wants me to let my guard down, but as soon as I do, I'll regret it. Maybe Frisk was wrong and we ended up in some weird future where the monsters were forced back into the Underground? Or... maybe...'


You looked at his outstretched hand and back at him, remembering how when you first met Sans, that he had a whoopie cushion hidden up his sleeve. Taking another look at his hand, something in your mind was whispering to you. 


'It's a joy buzzer.'


If the whispering in your head was right, then there was no way you were shaking that hand. If this was Sans or a different version of him (you weren't completely sure yet)... he'd get a kick out of what you had planned. Grabbing the skeleton's wrist, you made the palm of his hand smack into his face. An electric shock, one that a normal joy buzzer should have been capable of, was sent through his bones and caused him to become disoriented. After blinking it away, he opened his mouth to say something. Probably yell at you. You knew you were about to be in so much trouble, however, you couldn't find it in yourself to care as you burst out laughing.


You ended up laughing so hard that you fell into the snow. After a moment, you found yourself finally able to breathe again and sat up on your knees. Looking up at him expecting him to be mad, you were caught off guard by the look on he wore. His face was flushed red with magic and he looked utterly lovestruck. If you looked closer, maybe even relieved.


"You're back... I knew it." Sans began to move slowly towards you. Almost as if he were approaching a frightened and wounded animal, afraid you would run off or disappear. Falling to his knees in front of you, he held up a hand as you were about to ask him what was going on. "We can talk later sweetheart. Right now..."


You couldn't help the small gasp that escaped as he wrapped his arms around your waist and let his head fall onto your shoulder. Nor could you stop the way your cheeks heated up from the low chuckle at your reaction. Something was very wrong. 'Sans never called me sweetheart before. I was always Starshine. He also never held me like this. It's so... so... intimate! Something lovers or mates would do. What is going on?'


A million things raced through your mind as you tried to sort everything out and make sense of this mess. This skeleton wasn't your Sans. You were a hundred percent certain of that now. Right? Something kept nagging at the back of your head that this was the Sans you held near and dear to you. But... "...Sans...?" You were confused, lost in a strange place, and filled with Fear. As if sensing this, this Sans gently ran his phalanges through your soft, (h/c) hair. 


The act was so familiar. You weren't used to Sans doing it, but, it comforted you none the less. Something deep in your soul told you that you could trust this Sans, that he wouldn't hurt you. Heck, maybe he could help you get home.


"It's okay, sweetheart. I gotcha." You started to relax in his arms as he let out a content sigh. You could almost fool yourself into thinking you were back home with your boys. Almost. "I just... can't believe that you're back. We've really missed ya, Alex." 


Alex? "Alex? I'm sorry, but my name isn't Alex."


Eyelights turning to pinpricks, Sans placed a boney hand on your chest where your soul rested. "There's no way that you're not her. You have the same face, the same scent, even the same soul signature."


You felt your soul being pulled from your body. Before you could stop it, a heart, your soul, was floating between the two of you. You saw relief flood his face as he read your stats.


Name: (Y/n) (L/n)

LV: 3




Weapon: N/A

Armor: N/A

EXP: 500


"Just like when you first appeared here. You had me scared there for a moment Alex. I guess if you had reset with the kid, then you wouldn't remember the name we gave ya." Standing, he let your soul drift back towards you and waiting for you to catch up. But all you could do was stare at your soul. Your blood-red soul that screamed for you to touch it.


Shaking your head, you lead it back into your body without touching it and stood on shaky legs. "Sans. What do you mean reset? I haven't- Frisk hasn't-"


"You wouldn't remember resetting. You never did. Which makes me wonder... how could the kid reset after so long of being dead?"


"Dead? Frisk isn't dead, they're- I have to go back and find them!"


"Whoa! Alex, calm down! The kid is probably back at the house with boss. Let's go home and warm up. They'll be there, you'll see. I promise."


Sighing, you looked down at your red hands that were starting to go numb. Sticking them into the pockets of your jacket, you followed Sans back to his home. You noticed along the way that it was very quiet and seemed empty. Almost deserted. "Why is it so silent here?"


"That's cause all the monsters made it to the surface. Which means that this can't be a resest. If it was, then all their sorry asses would be back down here." Opening the door, he let you in and grabbed a couple of blankets. "Boss? Are you home? I have something to show you!"


"I am very business right now Sans! This brat doesn't want to hold still for a bath!"


'Brat? Wait... could it be...?'


Chuckling, Sans led you over to the couch. "Told ya those two would be here."


Ducking under his arm, you darted up the stairs. "Frisk!" There was a lot of banging and yelling before a door was thrown up. Making it upstairs, you were almost sent back down them when a blur of brown, blue, and purple knocked into you. Falling onto your butt, you held them close. "Frisk. I'm so sorry. I should have never left you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."


They shook their head and snuggled deeper into your jacket. "It's okay... it's my fault. I saw Papyrus and thought-"


"You brat! You don't just knock someone into the bath they prepared for you and just run off!" Someone, you assumed to be the Papyrus of where ever you were, yelled and stomped down the hall. Rounding the corner was a very wet, very angry, very edgy looking Papyrus. You don't know why, but you found the sight extremely funny. "There you-" His voice died as his eyelights landed on you. "You- you- Alex?"


"Why did he call you Alex?" Frisk whispered, hoping to not draw the attention of the skeleton in front of them.


"I... don't know. I think him and this Sans have us confused for someone else." Even saying that it felt as if someone was hitting you in the chest with a sledgehammer. Looking back at him, you about let out a scream from the way your soul felt. It was hot, burning you like a brand. Your vision got blurry and you thought you could hear voices but they sounded distant. 'What the hell is going on? Why is this happening? Someone! Help, please me!'  


But no one came. Or that's what you thought.

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