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good morning

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The sunlight that’s passing through the sheer curtain forced her up to wake up against her own will, but then again, she had always been a morning person. Opening her heavy eyelids, Shinobu was greeted by the face of her fiance, sleeping soundly with his mouth slightly parted and his drool falling onto the sheet. Then she realised she, too, had been drooling in her sleep.

Sitting up slowly, Shinobu wiped the side of her mouth with her left hand, before catching a gleam of white gold on her ring finger.

Ah, right. Her fiance had officially become her husband last night.

And that sole thought pulled her lips into a smile, her gaze tender looking at the diamond ring adorning her hand. 

Memories of yesterday started to flood back in; the little girls holding the end of her wedding dress, Kanae and Aoi crying quietly at the ceremony, the joyous but exhausting reception, Kanao receiving her wedding bouquet of sweet peas with a blush on her face—

But the fondest memory of them all was Tomioka Giyuu standing at the end of the aisle, hair unusually neat for once but still as impeccably handsome as ever, ready to recite the vow to be with her until death did them part. And of course, the brief brush of his smiling lips against hers the moment they became husband and wife.

She couldn’t believe that man was capable of smiling on times when he’s not having his favourite meal, but he had proven otherwise.

Eyes wandering around the hotel room, Shinobu noted the thrown-away wedding attires that seemed to be everywhere. It was amazing she’d managed to fall asleep amidst this mess, but she had been too tired to care. How did those people who boned after their wedding do that? The only desire she had once she’d arrived at their room was to sleep! And she bet her ass Giyuu felt the same. Heck, he even had the gall to fall asleep when she’s taking off her makeup, and take up her space in bed at that. She had to kick him a few times so he would roll over to retrieve her rightful place. A handful as always, that guy.

However, she couldn’t deny the happiness that had been bubbling in her chest since the previous day, so everything was forgiven.

She was about to leave the bed to clean up the mess when suddenly her hand was being pulled from behind, making her fall into the mattress with a soft ‘oomph’. Looking at her side, Shinobu found her newly-wed husband had finally woken up, eyes half-lidded as he stared at her.

“Good morning,” he mumbled against the pillow.

Something fractured inside her, maybe a dam to hold back her happiness from wrecking her whole being, and she couldn’t help but let out a laugh, cheeks warm from sheer bliss as she scooted closer to kiss his forehead. “Good morning to you, too, Sleepyhead.”

“Mm.” He locked her in his embrace, rolling them so she was on top of him. “Morning, Shinobu.”

Pursing her lips, the woman frowned. “Just that? Even though we’re married now?”

Giyuu lifted his eyebrow in confusion on her question. “… My wife?” he said slowly and quietly, like he’s testing it.

Another laugh burst out from her lips. It’s funny, she felt like floating despite being caged in his arms, her mouth couldn’t seem to stop smiling, and she had this urge to kiss him over and over again like there’s no tomorrow.

Seemed like they’re on the same wavelength, because with a careful hand he brought her head closer and tilted his head to join their lips, molding them together so perfectly and passionately before letting go. “My beautiful wife,” he said again, voice surer than before. "My Shinobu.”

Her face turned a few shades darker, now crimson not only from happiness but also mortification. "You're embarrassing me!"

“You asked for it,” he murmured against her lips, rolling them once again so she’s beneath him, and dived in to indulge in her for the second time, and definitely not the last time.

“Truly a good morning, isn’t it?” Shinobu asked him once they parted, hands now behind his neck.

With a soft gaze in his sapphire eyes, Giyuu gave her a slight smile, and she thought she’d fallen in love all over again.

“Always, when I’m with you.”