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- Ezra POV -

Kanan said that if I got angry or was scared, I could eventually be vulnerable to the dark side.
Funny thing is Kanan is....I'm already am on the dark side.
It's inside of me.
I've had it since forever, and it all started that night of my birth.

I was just born, my parents told me I had this electric blue glow in my eyes. At first when I heard this, and I was three that I was special. In fact, that's what my parents said I was for years that is until I found the truth when I had just turned seven.

My parents where in the living room. I was watching afar, a teddy bear in my hand and my thumb in my mouth. I couldn't sleep that night, even so as I look back, I wish I had just stayed in bed.

"Dear did you see his eyes?" My mother spoke, she was pacing around while my father on the other hand seemed calm, I could feel though his anxiety as he nodded.

"Yes, but remember it could of just been a thing with the light."
My mother shook her head, "It couldn't be, remember when Skywalker got infected?"

'Infected?' I though, what does that mean? And what does that got to do with me?

"My dear, I remember too well. Remember when we told Ezra the stories of the Clone Wars?"

I couldn't help but smile then, it was my favorite time of day when they told me the stories. They were jedi and so I was fascinated on maybe one day I can just be like my parents.

"Yes but remember how Yoda described him? He said his eyes glowed bright blue before turning dead black."

I frowned, after all I remember my dad impersonating Yoda, odd accent and all and I laughed every time cause he make a silly face.

"Well we got to just look after Ezra and we'll be fine so long as no one finds out."

That's when it happened. The lights turned dark, I was scared, my eyes though quickly adjusted as I saw my parents before I knew it sweep me up in my mom's arms.

"Mommy what's happening?!" I could see my dad going into the broadcasting room, before coming out with tons of computer chips, I was shocked what did this mean?!

"Ephirm get the chips and give them to Ezra." Daddy nodded, and gave them to me and put them in my pockets in my orange jacket.

"Daddy what are you....."

He turned to me, his blue eyes looked at me, his look was one I'll never forget. It was dead serious.

"Ezra my boy, listen to me," I nod, knowing this was it, "Those chips, you must guard with your life. And here..." He hands me the house key, "We are getting you out of here. I don't know how but they found us."

I start to cry, "Daddy who? How could it be? It could have been a blackout....."

Bang bang! Two shots ringed shot out of the night it seemed.

All I felt was the ground as I was dropped to the ground. When I got to my feet, I turned to see my parents not getting up. Their bodies laid next to each other, both with holes in their backs. I didn't see but I could feel the blood seep through the floor.

They were dead.

Everything then just stopped, time stood still as I just sat there. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't move I felt like ice, but before I could even try to even touch my parents, for the last time, maybe get them out and bury them, I heard more gunshots.

Bang! bang! bang!

I could barley breath, nor see but I could run and I did, all through the smoke and dust I ran for my life.

I never stopped and soon before I knew it crash into a old trash bag in a nearby alleyway.

I didn't cry nor scream from what just happened. I knew as soon as I left that house I would never cry again, I would never make what I was make others die because of me.

And as I fell asleep, I keep asking these questions.

What was I? What am I infected with? And can I be cured?