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Unlikely Combinations

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Simon runs his fingers through Raphael’s hair, smiling softly as he nuzzles against Simon’s hand. Simon steps back, surveying his handiwork. His eyes run from the very top, where the rope is hooked through a loop in the ceiling before being anchored to the wall to the side. Simon’s able to pull the rope tighter to raise Raphael or loosen the rope to bring him back down to the ground. Lower, the rope splits into more of a web. Different points connecting to the rope around Raphael to better distribute his weight. 

Simon slowly steps around his boy, his fingers gently touching Raphael’s exposed skin. He’s in a black tanktop and black boxers. Raphael’s right leg is bent as his knee, his toes pointed towards the ground. There’s rope wrapped around both of his ankles, attaching to the rig above. His left leg is raised higher than the rest of his body. 

Rope wraps around different points of Raphael’s body, keeping him cradled in the air. Both his ankles, both his thighs. There’s more rope cradling him at his lower back, just above his ass. Each tying to the rig above. 

Simon stops at Raphael’s chest, making sure the rope on his top half isn’t pinching. Raphael lays on his back, his chest pointing towards the rig. There’s rope cradled behind his back just below his pecs and just above, almost running through his armpits. Another length wraps around the back of his neck. All three points connect in the air above Raphael’s chest before connecting to the overall rig. 

“Everything looks perfect,” Simon says, keeping his voice calm and smooth. “How does it feel?”

Raphael’s arms are untied, hanging loosely below him, dangling freely. One of his hands twitch before his lips curve up into a tiny smile. “It feels perfect.”

Simon smiles. “Good.” 

With everything going on with Valentine and the Shadowhunters and Clary, Simon had to put his foot down. They both needed this tonight. Simon needed to be in control and take care of his boy, and Raphael needed to let go and sink into subspace. And shibari was the perfect way to do that.

“You look absolutely beautiful like this, Raphael. My beautiful boy,” he murmurs. 

Raphael’s eyes are closed, his entire body lax and at ease. His eye brows soft, looking less like he wants to murder anyone. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Simon closes his own eyes, reveling in Raphael’s acceptance, his surrender. God. It’s a heady feeling and it feels like a tangible caress. Raphael only calls him that when they’re in a scene, when he’s in the right headspace and Simon doesn’t take it for granted. He loves this. Loves Raphael. 

He runs his fingers through Raphael’s hair again, gently petting his scalp. “Look at me, sweet boy,” Simon whispers. Raphael’s brown eyes open, looking into Simon’s. They’re almost the same height as he dangles in the air.  “Are you comfortable?”


“I’m going to put the blindfold on now. Is that okay?”

“Yes, please.”

Simon smiles as he slides the blindfold over Raphael’s eyes. He leans down, placing a gentle kiss to Raphael’s cheek. He takes a deep breath before pushing. Raphael lets out a sigh, his body sinking even further into the ropes that hold him as he gently swings and sways. 

He’s so beautiful. So at ease, so relaxed. He loves the ropes just as much as Simon does. It’s one of their favorite ways to scene. 

Simon steps back before sitting down in the armchair in the middle of the room. He sits back, relaxing. This is everything, being able to watch his boy sink into subspace, knowing he was the one to give this to Raphael. Sure, it was hard at first to figure out their relationship, what with Raphael being his clan leader. But in the safety of their own space, behind closed doors, Simon’s in charge. There’s something incredibly rewarding knowing such a powerful vampire only kneels for him. 

Simon hears the heartbeat just moments before their door is pushed open. He stands, running to the door using his vampire speed, his fangs bared. Jace stands there, frozen, his eyes wide. 

“What are you doing?” Simon hisses under his breath. “Don’t you know how to knock?”

Simon expects many things. Anger, excuses, some sort of push back. But instead, Jace’s eyes turn to the floor in surrender. He stares at the floor before whispering, “I’m sorry.”

And Christ on a cracker, what the hell is Simon supposed to do with that? Because if he’s being honest, he’s been drawn to the Shadowhunter since the moment he laid eyes on him. He’s beautiful but there’s something about him that makes Simon want to bring Jace to his knees, to pull his submission from him while also encouraging his dominant side. 

Raphael and Simon have talked about Jace because they talk about everything. It was a relief to hear Raphael admit he’s thought about Jace as well. They’re both drawn to him in a way that doesn’t make sense and yet, leaves them both pining. And now he’s here . Standing before Simon, his eyes glued to the ground, his body practically screaming his submission. It’s overwhelming. 

This is such a bad idea. There’s so many reasons to turn Jace away. To tell him to come back later. But something inside Simon clicks into place, having him here, having him in their scene. He wants this so bad. 

Simon swallows. “Do you want to stay?” he whispers.

Jace doesn’t look up, barely moves as he whispers back, “yes. Please.”

It’s the please at the end that does it. “Wait here,” Simon says softly before turning away from Jace and stepping over to Raphael. 

He’s gentle as steps close. “Raphael,” he whispers, keeping his voice soft. He takes one of Raphael’s hands in his own, smiling when Raphael squeezes back. He doesn’t wanna pull Raphael from his headspace but he needs to make sure he’s comfortable. “Someone else is here,” he says slowly. “Is it okay if he stays?”

Raphael’s hand squeezes his again before he whispers, “yes, Daddy. Jace can stay.”

Simon leans down, leaving soft, barely there kisses against each of Raphael’s cheeks before stepping back and pushing Raphael once more, letting him swing. Raphael’s muscles stay lax, sinking against the ropes. Simon can smell how content he is and it fills his chest with pride and affection. 

With that out of the way, Simon turns back to Jace. “I think you need to remember your manners,” he tells Jace. Jace nods slowly, his head still turned down. “Go stand in the corner. I’ll tell you when you can come back out.”

Jace freezes for a moment before finally looking up, giving Simon a questioning look. Simon raises his brow. “Go on. While you’re there, think about how rude it was to barge in without knocking.”

Jace bites his bottom lip before nodding. “Yes, Sir.” He turns, walking into the corner and burying his nose in it. God. Simon’s glad he’s turned away because that little phrase lite a fire in his belly. Fuck. 

He sits back down into his armchair, his eyes glued to Raphael. His ears are tuned to the rapid beating of Jace’s heart and for just a moment, Simon closes his eyes. The beat slows down, coming to a comfortable speed as Jace sinks into his submission, sinks into his punishment. Simon could sit here all night, enjoying the way both men are submitting to him. And to think, they’re both so powerful in their own rights, yet decide to let Simon be in charge. It’s a position he refuses to ever take for granted, to ever take lightly. 

“Jace,” he says softly, knowing Jace will hear him. “Come here.” Jace moves slowly until he’s standing in front of Simon, his eyes still pointed to the floor. “Kneel,” Simon says, opening his thighs, making a space between his feet. 

With a gracefulness Simon’s only seen from Raphael, Jace falls to his knees. Simon gently caresses Jace’s cheek. At the contact, they both suck in a breath and Simon can hear the way Jace’s heart speeds up again. Just maybe, he’s as drawn to Simon and Raphael as they are to Jace. Hope floods Simon’s chest. 

Jace finally looks up, his pretty mismatched eyes staring up into Simon’s. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I’m sorry I didn’t knock. It was rude. It won’t happen again.”

“Good boy,” Simon says without even realizing it. He freezes, watching for Jace’s reaction. Jace closes his eyes, letting out a sigh, his body relaxing where he kneels between Simon’s legs. He’s lovely. All those hard lines and scowls melting away. 

Simon buries his fingers in Jace’s long blonde hair, surprised by how soft it is. He runs his fingers through the strands, watching as Jace shudders. Simon feels so fucking powerful in this moment, so in control. It runs over his skin, filling that need inside his chest. 

His thumb runs over the mark behind Jace’s left ear. His dominant mark. Simon’s never scened with a switch before, always making sure he’s with a submissive. It was just easier that way. But now, with Raphael by his side, could they somehow build a bridge that would work for all three of them?

It feels like too big of a thought for now, too many moving pieces. They should be focusing on taking care of Valentine, not whatever this is going on between them. Too bad Simon can’t tell that to his unbeating heart. 

His eyes flick over Jace’s head, taking in Raphael who is still sunk so deep in subspace. He’s gorgeous, and Simon’s chest feels like it’s close to bursting. 

“We should let Raphael down,” Simon whispers, continuing the gentle caress over Jace’s scalp. “If we keep him up there for too much longer, he’ll start going numb in places.”

Jace nods his head, running his eyes up to Simon. It’s a shock to see how much trust those glassy eyes hold. To think, Jace was letting go to the point of looking like this . Fuck. 

Simon puts his hands out and Jace uses them to stand up. “Go stand over there,” Simon tells him, pointing to where the rope ties against the wall. Jace does as he’s told and Simon can’t stop himself from smiling. 

He steps up to Raphael. “Raphael,” he whispers gently. Raphael’s lips shift slightly, pulling up at the edges. “Hey there, baby.”

“Daddy,” he whispers back, his voice hoarse. Simon touches his face, gently caressing his cheeks. 

“We’re gonna take you down now,” he tells Raphael. 


“Do you want the blindfold to stay on for now?”

“Yes, please.” His boy is being so fucking polite. Simon will have to reward him later somehow for not being his usual bratty self. 

Simon looks over at Jace, nodding his head. Jace carefully unties the rope, carefully loosening it and Raphael slowly lowers. Simon helps him upright. Raphael wraps his arms around Simon’s neck, burying his face against Simon’s throat, leaning heavily against him, and Simon is there to hold him. 

Simon’s hands run up and down Raphael’s sides, knowing how much he needs the touch to ground him after being in the floaty blissful place of subspace. He gently kisses the parts of Raphael’s face he can reach, loving the pleased little hum he gives in response. 

Simon looks over Raphael’s head, finding Jace standing there, watching them, his arms behind his back. The look on his face steals Simon’s breath. Well, if he still needed to breath that is. Unadulterated longing. 

“Start at his ankles,” Simon says, beckoning Jace forward. “Untie the rope and massage the area, make sure everything looks good before moving up to the thighs.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Raphael whispers against his throat, the feel of his lips against Simon’s skin making him breakout in goosebumps. He nuzzles the top of Raphael’s head in response. 

He watches as Jace falls to his knees. He gently picks up one of Raphael’s feet, placing it on his thigh. Jace unties the rope with expert fingers, sliding it from Raphael’s skin. Then his thumbs dig into Raphael’s skin, massaging the area. His finger traces the rope marks left behind and Simon can hear the way his heart is speeding up, the way his scent is changing ever so slightly. How his entire body is changing from submission to somewhere closer to dominant. It’s breathtaking to watch. 

“Good boy, Jace,” Simon says softly. Raphael’s arms tighten around him. But not in jealousy or recoil. They both want this and actually experiencing it is making them cling to each other, worried at any moment the scene will break and shatter. 

Jace moves up to Raphael’s thighs, taking his time to untie the ropes. His hands slide up those strong thighs before landing on Raphael’s hips. 

In the past, scenes like this have never aroused Simon. He was always in control, always reveling in the control. He’d always stayed soft because it wasn’t about sex, especially when his sub was asexual. But right now, watching Jace on his knees, everything is different. Jace brings a new dynamic to their scene and Simon is surprised to find his cock twitching in his jeans, slowly filling with blood. Simon’s eyes drift down, finding Jace having the same problem. 

Jace stands up. Raphael is slightly shorter than them, letting Simon and Jace’s eyes meet over his head. Simon nods before Jace looks down, beginning to untie the rope around Raphael’s lower back. Simon’s hands move over Raphael’s arms, landing on the back of his neck and beginning to release him from that length. 

Once he’s finished, his hands move lower, working the rope free from Raphael’s upper back. His fingers meet Jace’s for a moment, both of them working to release Raphael. Simon can’t help but think how they just fit . Raphael’s a submissive, Simon’s a dom, and Jace is a switch. Through the entire scene, Simon’s been in charge of both of them but right now, Jace is taking care of Raphael with Simon’s permission. He’s getting his duel needs met in one scene. Could it really be this easy to slip together?

The final ropes fall to the floor around Raphael’s feet. Raphael’s hands tighten against the back of Simon’s shirt, his nails digging into Simon’s skin. He nods his head against Simon’s chest and Simon knows what that means. Simon’s eyes flick up. He swallows against his nerves. 

Jace is right there, crowding against Raphael’s back. His hands are floating in the air, not knowing if he can touch or not. Simon takes Jace’s wrists, placing his hands around Raphael’s belly, pulling the three of them tightly against each other. His own hands find Jace’s hips, keeping him in place. 

Raphael stays completely still, his body a relaxed line between them. Jace clears his throat, his eyes dipping down to Simon’s lips before flicking back up. “Can I kiss you?”

“Kiss him, Simon,” Raphael says from where he’s nuzzled against Simon’s throat. 

“Who am I to argue with the brat,” Simon says with a wide smile. Raphael nips at his throat hard enough that Simon knows he’ll have a mark later but he just squeezes around Jace’s hips, leaning forward over Raphael’s shoulder. 

They move slowly, so fucking slowly. Simon’s eyes flick between Jace’s eyes to his lips before finally, finally their lips meet. It’s earth shattering. If Simon still had a beating heart, it would be skipping a beat. Raphael is still right there, still between them, still a part of what’s happening in his own way, making the kiss even better. Jace’s lips are plump and soft against his own, Jace’s bottom lip fitting perfectly between Simon’s. 

Simon’s right hand moves from Raphael’s hip, gently placing it on the back of Jace’s neck. He tilts Jace’s head, deepening the kiss. Simon shivers as their tongues touch for the first time, the hunger that was a slow simmer in his belly ignites, becoming a raging flame, his cock throbbing between his legs. What this Shadowhunter does to him. 

When they pull apart, Jace’s face is flushed, his eyes glassy and dilated with lust, his breathing labored. Fuck, he’s beautiful. His thumb gently caresses Jace’s cheek and Simon’s stomach breaks out into butterflies as he leans into the touch, chasing Simon’s hand. 

Raphael nuzzles against his throat, getting his attention. He whispers, “can you take the blindfold off? I wanna see.”

Jace smiles and it looks so carefree and happy that Simon can’t pull his eyes away. He’s so used to seeing a scowl or a frown along with tense shoulders and the occasional throwaway snark. Simon’s not surprised to find that to be a mask but he never imagined having the privilege of seeing behind that wall, to see the man behind the mask. 

Jace pulls the blindfold over Raphael’s head and Simon looks into his pretty brown eyes as they blink slowly, getting used to the light again. Simon’s chest warms as Raphael smiles up at him. He’s still floating on those endorphins, feeling high and good and loose. 

“I love you,” Simon whispers because he can’t help himself. He’s always been the sappy one between them. Raphael kisses his cheek in response. 

When he looks back up, Simon finds Jace watching them, his face slowly closing off. Simon doesn’t want that. He grabs Jace’s wrist, running his finger over it. 

“I should go.”

“You shouldn’t,” Simon says right away, shaking his head. “You should stay.”

Raphael turns in Simon’s arms until his back is against Simon’s chest. His hands land on Jace’s chest. Simon holds back the smirk that threatens to form on his lips, imagining Raphael’s pleading eyes. There’s a reason Simon calls him a brat. 

“We’ve got a lot to talk about,” Raphael says, his voice soft but pleading. “Stick around?” One of Raphael’s hands come up, touching Jace’s dominant mark. 

“Raphael,” Simon murmurs, his voice a warning. He turns his eyes to Jace. “Whatever you’re comfortable with,” he tells the Shadowhunter. “After ropework like that, Raphael likes to snuggle while I rub his back.”

Jace stares at him for a long moment before his eyes go to Raphael’s. “Do you want me to stay?”

“Yes,” Raphael says before he adds. “Please.”

Jace looks back up at Simon, giving him a tiny nod. “Then I’ll stay.”

And just like that, something inside of Simon clicks into place. It feels so easy, so right to have Jace with them for this. Simon and Jace quickly strip down to their boxers and shirts, crawling into bed with Raphael between them. They’re silent as they run their hands gently over Raphael’s back, over his arms. Jace buries his hand in Raphael’s hair, massaging his scalp. 

“Thank you. For staying,” Simon whispers gently. 

Jace clears his throat. “Thank you for asking me to stay.”

Simon maneuvers until he’s sitting against the headboard and Raphael moves, laying against his chest. 

“So,” Simon says as Jace sits pretzel style in front of them. “Why did you come here in the first place? Did you need something?”

Jace nods his head, looking down at the sheets he runs his fingers over, his blonde hair falling over his eyes. “I do have some important business I need to talk to you about.” Then he looks up, looking up at them from beneath his lashes and Simon bites his bottom lip to keep himself from moaning. He curses his cock which is hard against Raphael’s back. “But I’m not sure right now’s the best time to talk about it.”

“We can talk about it tomorrow morning,” Raphael says. “More reason for you to stay.”

Jace smiles. “I already said I would, you don’t have to keep begging.”

Raphael snorts. “I do not beg.”

“You never have to,” Simon acuses, wrapping his arms tighter around his boy. “You bat your eyes and pout like the brat you are until you get your way.”

Raphael nuzzles against the underside of Simon’s throat, turning his head perfect to nip at him. “I’ve been a good boy today,” he says. 

Simon nods. “You have.” His eyes turn to Jace who sits and watches on. “What do you say, Jace? Do you think Raphael should get a reward for being so good tonight?”

Simon watches as Jace swallows, his mismatched eyes darting between the two of them before nodding. “Yeah,” he breathes out. 

Simon hums in agreement. “What sort of reward do you want, baby?” 

Raphael lets out a happy sigh, his body still a pile of putty under Simon’s hands. Raphael looks over at Jace and the sides of his lips turn up into a smirk. “I want you to kiss him, Daddy,” he says. And then he squeezes Simon’s wrist. “Can I have some cheek kisses first?”

“Of course,” Simon whispers, tilting his head and laying a gentle kiss to Raphael’s cheek. Being ace, Raphael feels differently about kisses depending on the day. He’s always so good at letting Simon know how he’d like to be touched, helping Simon to never cross any lines or make him feel uncomfortable. Today is a cheek kind of day. 

Then he watches Raphael bat those long eye lashes of his at Jace and the Shadowhunter crumbles before his eyes. It’s a beautiful sight if Simon is being honest. Jace leans forward but pauses just before kissing Raphael. “May I?”

Raphael smiles, a real smile. “Yes.” And then Jace is moving those last few inches, placing his lips against Raphael’s cheek softly. His other hand cups Raphael’s other cheek and it’s so gentle that Simon’s chest clenches. They’re lovely together. “Thank you,” Raphael whispers when Jace pulls back, not letting the kiss linger for too long. He’s perfect. 

“That was the loveliest sight,” Simon whispers. He swallows around the lump in his throat when his brain wants to say ‘my boys’. But Jace isn’t his boy. Not yet anyway. 

“Your turn,” Jace says quietly. The room around them seems to charge around them, making their own little cacoon within space and time. It’s perfect and wonderful and Simon isn’t sure anything could make it better. He thinks that right up until Jace places his lips against Simon’s. 

The kiss is just as perfect as the first one, but this time, it’s more heated. Jace opens his lips and Simon greedily dives in, dominating Jace’s mouth. The Shadowhunter tastes so fucking good and Simon moans because he just can’t keep it in. 

Simon’s right hand is tight around Raphael’s right hip, his left hand is buried in Jace’s blond hair, holding him in place. Like this, he feels connected to both of them, tying them together. He’s never felt more whole before than in this very moment. 

Suddenly, Simon feels a hand against the back of his neck and when he opens his eyes, he sees Raphael holding each other them. “ Hermoso ,” Raphael whispers and it makes Simon smile. 

Simon opens his mouth to say something just as Raphael lets out a jaw breaking yawn. His body is still so relaxed against Simon’s chest and Simon doesn’t wanna lose that. “Let’s lay down,” he whispers, running his fingers through Raphael’s hair. Raphael nods. 

Simon lays down on his left side, pulling Raphael down in front of him and spooning up behind him. Jace lays down opposite of Raphael so they’re nose to nose. 

“We still have so much to talk about,” Simon says, looking at Jace over Raphael’s head. 

“I promise to be here in the morning,” Jace answers. Then he bites his lip, his eyes flashing with indecisiveness. Simon’s chest fills with pride as he watches those pretty mismatched eyes find whatever Jace was looking for before he’s adding, “and just so we’re all on the same page-” his left hand finds Simon’s, lacing their fingers together on Raphael’s hip, “I don’t want this to be a one time thing.”

Simon watches as Raphael runs his nose over Jace’s. “Then stay. We’ll figure out the details later. Just commit to being here.”

Jace’s eyes flick between them before he gives a tiny nod. “I can do that. We’ll figure out the rest as we go.”

Falling asleep with Raphael against his chest and the soft snores of Jace filling the room, Simon’s never felt so content. He can only hope that this’ll become a regular thing. Tomorrow there’ll be plans to make and missions to decide, but for tonight, Simon’s walls shatter, allowing his boys in.