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New Lives & Butterflies

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For a couple of agonizing minutes, you wondered if you'd be saved. If the firemen would get into the basement, bring you out of the flames, and rescue you.

Then, as you heard a sudden loud CRACK above you, that was when you knew you wouldn't make it out. The chain around your ankle, now burning hot, was going to be your end.

You hugged yourself into a tighter ball, forehead on your knees. For one moment, there was a whoosh of air and the flames were blown back... Then, the fire-damaged support beam came down on your head, and everything went... black...?


...You died...

...So why is it so bright ?

You lifted your head from your knees and a cool breeze blew past. You were sitting in the middle of a field that spread for what looked like a mile before just dropping off into nothing but a blue sky. The grass rustled behind you, and upon turning, you were greeted by a pair of hooves.

You turned your head upwards, expecting an animal like a goat, but the face that looked back down at you was... human. This person had goat legs. Were you in hell? Is this a Demon? It looks way too nice to be hell, there were butterflies and flowers and cool breezes!

"Helloooo? Are you there??" You were startled out of your thoughts when the goat-man spoke. He took a step forward, you scooted backward. "Holy shit. Am I in heaven or hell? I-"

"Tsh, language." He cut you off and sat down in the grass. "My name is Pan. God of fields, pastures, and nature." He held out a hand, which you took reluctantly. "Don't bother with your name, you'll be given a whole new one soon enough."

"A new name?" You brought your hand back to its place on your knee and stared at him. "What do you mean 'a whole new one?'" His expression changed briefly to one of confusion before he caught up with what he'd said.

"Oh- That just slipped, didn't mean to ruin the surprise. Hm." He leaned back and continued slowly. "Long story short, you died. Do you remember how?"

You'd forgotten what happened for a moment in your initial confusion, but when he asked, the feelings of the searing heat from the fire, the burning metal, and the ashes falling onto your skin flashed through your head.

"...yes." You replied after a pause. He nodded and went on. "Good, we don't have time to go through how you died. Now, onto your actual life, you were a pretty decent person. Did your good deeds, helped when you could, yeah."

"You got treated pretty shitty, too, but you always stayed good. I'm impressed." He gave you a big smile and clapped his hands thrice. "So, the 'whole new name' thing- I was assigned to you to decide what to do with your soul when you, y'know, died."

"And I decide... drum roll please," You stared at him for a few seconds and he gave you an impatient look. Oh. You hesitantly patted your thighs as if they were drums and he smiled, continuing.

"Ta-da! I've decided that you're going to be reincarnated! Whole new name, personality, universe, body, all that jazz." "Wait, universe?- " "Time to go over the basics!"

You watched as he stood up and walked over to the butterflies, as he held out his hand and a black butterfly came nearer and landed on him. He settled back down in the grass and gently pushed the butterfly into your hands.

Now that it was closer, you could see that it wasn't completely black. It had a white half-circle and speckles on its wings, which were a very dark blue now that you looked closer, not black. Its wings moved slightly, revealing the beautiful variety of browns, oranges, and whites on the underside.

"Recognize it?" He asked when you let it flutter away, back to the others. "Yeah... It's a White Admiral, right?" He nodded, watching it leave. "A truly beautiful creature. I've always liked their patterns." He turned back to you with a smile.

"So, I thought I'd do you a favor and stick you in the universe of that manga you read, Hero School." "It's not-" "I know, I'm kidding around. You're going to a My Hero Academia universe."

"Anyway, your new being, it'll be that character you made up for the show- Haruka Mori. I was feeling lazy and you'd already done a great job with her specifics, so we'll use her instead of making a whole new person."

Your eyes widened as you remembered the character, a civilian that worked at a bar. And her quirk- "Oh! Is that why you showed me the butterfly? Because her quirk is butterfly wings?" He shot you finger guns and a wide smile. "Exactly. I thought it'd be a good introduction."

With that, he stood again and offered his hand to you to help you stand. You took it without caution this time, a mistake. He was still holding onto your hand. "Since you already know so much about her, this part will be easy!"

You tried to pull your hand away, confused. "Which pa-" before you could finish, he shoved you backward and let go of your hand. You tried to brace yourself, but you didn't hit the ground. He'd pushed you through some sort of portal.

You watched as he and the light from the field grew smaller and smaller, eventually vanishing altogether. You spun around wildly, trying to see the ground when a flutter of white caught your eye. A White Admiral.

You watched it for a moment, it flew so gracefully through the darkness before disappearing behind you. You tried to turn to look at it and then-

-you startled awake as you hit the floor next to a bed.

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You scrambled up, holding your aching forehead. As you looked around, you took in your surroundings. A medium-ish bedroom with bookshelves, a dresser, and 2 doors.

You walked around in search of a phone or calendar. Bedside Table. Huh- Oh, your phone. It had a fingerprint scanner, thank god, so you wouldn't have to figure out the passcode. Once on, it showed the current date, month, time, all the apps, etc. It was a Sunday. No Work Today.

Alright, nothing to worry about for now. You had time to explore this- apartment? House? Well, time to find out.

You went for the door across the room. A pretty spacious bathroom, enough for 2 people to walk around at least, with another door across from you. This is... maze-like, but familiar? Oof, weird.

You left that door open and opened the second one. Ah, a hallway. With a cautious glance left and right, you stepped out. You were 90 percent sure nobody else lived here since you never made up a roommate for Haruka.

You eventually ended up back where you woke up. You'd discovered a closet, the kitchen (which had an island counter, much to your excitement), the living and dining spaces, which were connected, and a small balcony with potted and hanging plants. Flowers, all different kinds, and a LOT of supplies for them.

You immediately recognized them all even though you'd never gardened in your li- past life... Eh, probably shouldn't stress too much. You reached for the watering can and sprinkled on all of the flowers, touching the blooming flowers as you went around. You made sure to give the Phlox extra water out of habit... not your own habit. Gosh, it's weird being in this new body.

You noticed some butterflies, but not a lot. It was a bit cold out so maybe they were hidden around. You plucked some of the faded dead blooms from the Asters and Zinnias and tossed them into the little trash basket on the floor by the balcony door and went back in, feeling rather fluttery.

Maybe you should try out Haruka's quirk? Or, no, you needed to figure out her schedule and make sure you didn't ruin this new life. There was time for messing around later. You went inside and started a very thorough search for any information.

Starting with calendars and anything with writing on it, you sifted and found out that there were a bunch of dates with "Bsit for Mari" written sloppily on them. Looks like they were mostly weekends except for a few scattered around the week. Babysitting, your- no, Haruka's thoughts provided. You never wrote about a babysitting job... this is weird.

Besides the babysitting surprise, you already knew a lot about her life since you created her but there were still some blanks that you'd filled in with your searching- She worked at the bar a couple of blocks down and her boss was Mr. Arato, and you remember making him like a father figure to her in your writing.

Speaking of writing, a lot of this was different, hm. Pan said he wanted to use Haruka because you'd been so detailed with it, but what was up with babysitting? And you vaguely remember Mari, but you never wrote anything down about her. She was just a side thought...

Did Pan put everything you'd thought about for your character into this universe?? If so, was this the final version of Haruka or... Oh, hell yeah.

You spun around and went straight for the bedroom, rushing to the closet. As you flung open the closet doors, your eyes set on a locked box. Shit, you hoped this was what you thought it was. You remembered the first version of Haruka you wrote would keep the key for this in her phone case...

Christ, there's the key. Was this really what you thought it was? You turned the key into the lock and as the box opened you smiled and lifted the black suit and mask from the box.

This was version one of Haruka... The Butterfly Vigilante.


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When Pan had told you that you'd become Haruka, you'd expected to live as an optimistic bartender who took care of a small garden on her balcony, not all that AND have a side gig as a frickin' vigilante. You hummed absent-mindedly as you rubbed the fabric of the black suit between your fingers.

Besides the mask and bodysuit, which had cuts in the back, there was a dark blue skirt, a gray vest that also had cuts, and a sash. You hadn't put a vest or skirt into the scrapped design for Vigilante Haruka, but you recognized the sash. It was like an ammo sash except the pockets were larger.

You dug around in the box and found a small bottle that fit perfectly into the top pocket. The label said only "GRAPE" and it was empty. Yeah, this was the support gear you'd designed, it would hold all sorts of sugar-filled drinks for when Haruka started getting tired. Gosh, you were heavy on the quirk details back then.

But... You never really put thought into how she'd find the crimes... You took another look inside the box, even emptied it (turns out there aren't just illegal justice things in here, there were also several photos of Haruka with somebody you didn't recognize, but as soon as you laid eyes on them you started tearing up, and you had no clue why.

You shoved the box away, sniffling, and decided to look into that later. You wiped away the random tears and looked down at your phone. Maybe something on there... You pressed your thumb to the scanner and flicked through the apps. You noticed you had several notifications, none of them important, so you hit the "X" button.

Only, one didn't clear. There wasn't an app name over it and when you swiped down it only gave you a couple of words, "Urgent- Robbery, 2B North. - 1-3C." Worry struck you suddenly as the voice in your head made the seemingly random letters clear- Two Blocks down, Robbery, 1 to 3 criminals. Hurry!

Without thinking, you tossed off your clothes and slipped on the bodysuit, the skirt, sash, and vest. Your body was moving almost on its own as if you were just along for the ride. You lost the momentum when you entered the kitchen and paused, what the hell are you doing??

You glanced down at your empty sash and quickly moved to the fridge and opened it. Inside on a shelf, there was a box labeled "jooce." You pulled it forwards and inside were a bunch of the same bottles as the "GRAPE."

You pulled out a couple, all labeled different fruits, but your hand faltered involuntarily as you reached for and pulled out one labeled "MANGO- XXX." You didn't notice this in your rush, though and stuffed it into the bottom pocket on your sash.

Phone down, Mask on, GO. The voice yelled in your head. You rushed back to your bedroom and threw your phone at the bed after checking the location once more, grabbed your mask and instinctively ran for the balcony as you put on your ma- wait, balcony??

Before you knew it you had flung yourself past the glass sliding doors, hopped the fence and started FALLING. It was again not your own instinct, but Haruka's that kicked in. Your wings formed and in seconds you were fluttering, floating just above the trees closest to you. You held in a scream to avoid attention- Thank god your balcony was mostly blocked by buildings and trees.

You became slightly fatigued from the sudden activation and use of the quirk, and your hand moved to the top pocket of the sash as you flew up above the building and landed. You took out the first bottle you felt and barely glanced at the label, "APPLE" before taking a sip and tucking it away again.

Back to business. Something was going down and you needed to get there immediately. This wasn't exactly a well-traversed route for heroes and you needed to help. Oof, where did that come from? Haruka, probably. You flew off down the street and you stopped above a building when you noticed a white van in the alley next to it, engine running.

This was it, it had to be. You lowered yourself down to one of the windows, still above and behind the van, and peered in. It was an electronics store if the wall of TVs and the cases of different phones and tablets said anything. The window, while wide, wasn't very tall, but you could still fit through.

You pushed the window up and slid in, momentarily shrinking the wings, which felt super weird, ew, and then enlarging them once you were in. The front door was barred but there wasn't a person in sight.

God, you hoped nobody was hurt.

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You peeked around the front of the store, behind the registers, in the staff closet, and found nothing, or, nobody. You began walking towards the hall that led to the backroom, you began going over situations in your head.

As you turned a corner to go into the back, you came face to face, well, knees to face, with a man who was sitting on the ground, tied in... black bands? and one black band covered his mouth. He looked frightened and you opened your mouth and remembered the mask, so you simply held a single finger to where your mouth would be.

He gave you a scared, cautious nod and you gave him a thumbs-up. You continued to sneak down the hall and into the back room. You could hear voices, one loud, the other barely audible. As you began to peek in the window on the door, you heard something shuffle behind you and before you could turn, "What a stupid looking h-"

You turned and threw your fist into his jaw, throwing him askew, he sputtered and growled as he regained his balance. You tensed and on mostly instinct, your wings tensed as well and began solidifying- Cocoon Shield, you remembered you'd called it when you were scribbling ideas in your notebook-

He moved to attack and you could see black ribbons sprouting from his arms. You moved a single wing in front of you and blocked as he threw a punch, he let out a loud yelp as his fist connected with your concrete wing. You swiftly kicked him in the side, knocking him over and sending him into the wall.

The ribbons receded into his arms, some of the longer ones fell off, and he laid limp against the wall. You paused, took a breath, and reached for a bottle to drink before another fight. Your hand slipped into the bottom pocket and you took a swig. You were overcome with energy and your hands fidgeted.

Just as you turned back around, the door opened and two people, one a man and the other a woman, came out and glared at you. "Oh shit, Joe! What did this bitch do to you?" The woman said as she laid eyes on the unconscious criminal.

She looked back up at you and her eyes started turning a sickly yellow color. "You'll pay for this, hero." The man spat and rolled up his sleeves. You moved a wing in front of you again as you assessed them and it was the woman who moved first, she burst forward and out of her hands came a gross looking yellow goop.

You dodged to the side to avoid it and as you watched it start to sizzle on the floor, the man caught you off guard with a tackle. He moved to shove his hand at your face so you quickly lifted your wing and blocked. You heard a scream and shoved him off, but his flailing arms knocked into your mask and you felt blood dripping down your forehead.

You sat up quickly and stared down at the broken knife in... literally inside his hand. It looked like he made the blade come out of his skin, or was the blade MADE of his skin? Ugh, gross, no thanks. You concentrated and moved quickly while he was down, you placed your hands on your chin and- YES! Cocoon Silk!-

You swiped your hands down and strands of silk pulled from the glands on your neck, you pushed onwards and he didn't have time to yelp before his mouth and hands were covered, and it was hardening fast. As you backed away, the woman came at you and shoved her hands at you and- fUCK, OW OW OW-

The criminal had let her goop flow again and oh fuck ow it burned, oh my god- You shoved her away and, wing shielding your torso, got close enough to kick her in the side. She went down immediately and you wasted no time wrapping up her hands and mouth. You were pretty sure the slime wouldn't melt the bonds and you panted heavily as you stood up straighter.

Suddenly, a wave of exhaustion hit you and you stumbled before slamming into the wall. What?? What the fuck? Why are you so... tired... you drank for energy and everything... augh. Stuffy. Too stuffy. You pulled up your mask and made your way, walking sluggishly, to the window you came in through.

You had barely made it into the alley, the van from earlier gone, when you collapsed behind a dumpster, still panting, and fell unconscious to the sound of sirens and shouting in the background.


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Bright Lights.

You squinted and raised your head… the grass, these flowers, the trees, this… hoof ... looked familiar.

“It’s been HALF AN HOUR ” Pan shouted down at your slumped form. You sat up, fear in your eyes. “Oh my gods did- did I die again?” He huffed and stomped a hoof down into the dirt. “Damn nearly! What the dickens did you do?!” You shrunk back and sat a bit straighter.

“I… I was fighting somebody?” He gave you a look and you hurriedly added, “I-it was a justified fight! They were robbing a store!” He was still glaring at you but held out his hand for you to take. You grabbed it hesitantly and he yanked you up so you were standing.

You noticed there were even more butterflies and flowers than before, and it even looked like the landscape had changed. You were closer to the edge of the forest than last time. Maybe he was heading into it when you nearly… died.

“I put you in a brand new body and thirty minutes later you’re nearly killing it. The cause wasn’t the fighting, it was something you did, I can sense it. What did you do leading up to passing out?” You stared at your hands for a moment, searching in your memory. Okay, backward from the ally…

Window, Exhaustion, End of the fight, Tied up the woman, Fought her, Tied up the man, Fought him AND her, you drank the juice and… felt jittery… Hm. “I, uh, I remember I had scribbled something down about the potency of her different drinks, I drank one before the fight and it made me really fluttery and energized.”

He nodded along, looking a bit less angry. “C-could it have been the drink? I didn’t read the label, maybe it was a super potent one and I shouldn’t have taken such a big sip…” Pan sighed and patted your shoulder. “Be more careful, if you die in that life and you haven’t done many good things, you may not be reincarnated again. Alright?” You shook slightly at the thought and nodded. He moved his hands to his hips and laughed

“Wow, got pretty dark there for a sec. So, be careful, don’t drink too much, make sure you know your limits and don’t die. Got it?” You smiled and laughed along, anxiously. “Yeah, um, I’ll play it safe. So, uh, how do I get back?”

“Oh!” He exclaimed and grinned wider. “Like so!” And with that, he grabbed your shoulders and pushed you backward. “Bye-bye, butterfly!” He waved and the darkness soon closed over the light ahead. You looked around, still unused to the feeling of weightlessness.

You were turning, trying to see if any butterflies had followed you in, and you saw a bright light above you. What the hell? Were you going back to the field? Oh, fuck, what if you died while he was talking to you. Oh gods oh shit oh-

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“-FUCK!” You screamed as you woke from the void, thoroughly startling the people around you- fuck, people? What? You blinked rapidly and stared at the two spooked boys- they were both wearing uniforms and concerned facial expressions.

One of them, dark blue hair and glasses, had a flashlight out and it looked like he had been waving it over your eyes. Wait, did you like, fall unconscious with your eyes open? They were super dry, ouch, also, yuck.

The other, green hair and freckles, had a phone out and was dialing… a number. You sprang up, a mistake. You cringed at the headache and sat up. “Don’t call 119! I- uh,” you paused, you didn’t know how to explain. His finger hovering over the screen.

He scratched his head as he looked down at you. “Uhm, miss, I think you need some help. You were just- just sitting out here, asleep.” He gave the other boy a look, who shrugged, and looked back to you.

You spoke quickly as he moved to continue typing. “Wait! Please,” You gestured down to your outfit. “I know that you know what I am, this could never pass the actual hero costume safety regulations.” The blue haired boy looked puzzled at that, but said nothing.

“Please, if you call the police they’ll arrest me. I was just trying to do some good. This isn’t a very popular area for heroes to visit.” They both shared a look at your words and the taller sighed. “Midoriya, you have to. It’s the law.” he said firmly as he put away the flashlight.

You internally screamed, oh my god these were main characters. You hadn’t recognized them just after waking up, oh my god, what are the ODDS! Midoriya glanced from who you now knew was Iida and then back to you and gave a half smile.

“I uhm, I won’t call the police, but can I at least call somebody who can help you? You looked, um, really out of it. It looked like you might have a concussion and you're bleeding.” You were almost on the brink of tears. Thank god he listened. Ok. Not going to jail. Phew.

You reached up a hand and he immediately reached down to help you. After you had gotten to your feet, you leaned against the wall and looked him in the eye. “Thank you, so so much, but I think I can handle-”

It was then that Iida stepped in, he held up a hand. “Hold on, you need some medical assistance! If you don’t let us at least call for some help, we’ll call the police.” He elbowed Midoriya, who jumped slightly and nodded his head.

You stared at him, wondering if you had enough time to run away before he grabbed you. If you could get into the air you’d be fine… but could you even lift yourself like this? ...Might as well try.

You exhaled and focused on extending your wings fully. If you could get to a third of the way grown, you could flutter long enough to get on top of a roof and then escape. You clenched your fist and you felt it, your wings coming out, but that feeling didn’t last long before the absolute pain erupted on your back.

You cringed and stumbled forward, the pain offsetting your… everything. Midoriya lurched forward and put his hands on your shoulders to steady you, Iida had moved closer in case you needed more help but didn’t spring to action like Midoriya.

You sighed as you regained your calm and reached behind you, your wings were there, fully grown which surprised you, but moving them gave you pain. You shut your eyes as you tried to flap one and nodded your head.

“Yeah okay fine call somebody but not the police or an ambulance, I’m not going out in public, injured, dressed like this.” Iida simply nodded in agreement as Midoriya started dialing a different number, one you didn’t recognize. He put the phone on speaker as it started ringing and you cringed as a gruff voice answered.

What, Midoriya?!” The boy laughed nervously and scratched at his head again. “We uh, need some help. Iida and I found this lady-” He paused and looked at you for a moment, you knew what he wanted, you gave a curt nod and he continued.

“She needs help, she’s a vigilante and something happened to her in a fight. And she won’t let us call the police or an ambulance!” He added quickly before the other person could ask. There was a ‘hmph’ and after a few tense seconds, he replied.

“I’ll help, send me your location before I change my mind.”   Midoriya smiled and shouted into the phone. “Thank you, Mr. Aizawa!” Midoriya tapped ‘End Call’ and began texting the location, but you were frozen.



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You stood there, frozen, as you leaned against the wall of the building.

A hundred thoughts ran through your head. It’s not like you could run away in your state, and if you started getting weird about them calling Aizawa, they could learn that you know who he is. And that is not what you need. Absolutely no accidentally telling main characters that you used to watch their lives on tv. Nope.

All you could do was wait and hope Aizawa didn’t decide to turn you in. Hell, he could show up with the police. He’s a pro hero. He’s supposed to fight criminals, not help injured vigilantes. Oh god, he’s gonna turn you in.

Midoriya and Iida had started chatting as they waited, you overheard tidbits between your running thoughts, something about Iida breaking Midoriya’s phone and them coming here to get a new one. Hah, that’d be funny if you weren’t about to be arrested.

Or, maybe he’d just help you. You didn’t have very long to contemplate all the possibilities before there were footsteps at the end of the ally. Footsteps as in multiple people. Shit, you’d get like shanked or something in jail.

Well, it’s been a good hour and a half as a new person. Except for all the pain, that is. Not so fun. Just as you looked up, there he was, Shouta Aizawa. He was wearing his capture scarf and a scowl. He looked pissed. The person with him though did not look like a cop.

Oh. That’s because it isn’t a cop.

With him was, damn, is that Midnight? She looked less than happy to be in this dirty ally but she had a smile on her face nonetheless. “Mr. Aizawa!” Iida said loudly, waving his arms.

“We are sorry for calling you to come out here, but this woman refuses any help from police and we couldn’t just leave her here.” Midoriya nodded as Iida spoke. “Yeah, she looked really out of it when we found her.”

Aizawa gave you a quick once-over, from your costume, to your wings, to your mask on the ground and finally to your probably terrified face. Midnight stepped closer to you to do her examination, and she wasn’t as brief.

“You sure do look like hell, darling.” She spoke as she inspected your grimey outfit and your very still wings. She reached out and you jerked back so she wouldn’t touch them. The sudden movement had jostled your wings though, you couldn’t contain the cringe and yelp of pain.

“Oh-” She froze up. “Sorry, I didn’t even ask what hurts, is it your wings?” You nodded and took a deep breath. You looked up to see Aizawa studying you. He looked between you and Midnight and sighed. “If she really doesn’t want a hospital, we can take her to Recovery Girl. She won’t ask too many questions.”

Iida nodded and Midoriya relaxed. You tensed as Midnight came close to you again and she reassured you, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch your wings, but I thought you’d need some help walking.” You slowly pushed off the wall and gripped her arm to steady yourself. “T-thank you.”

She gave you a warm smile and patted your shoulder lightly. “It’s fine, and, do you want any of your gear in a bag or something? Probably not very smart to walk around with stuff like that.” She motioned to your mask, which was on the ground and covered in dirt.

“Oh, sh- crap, uh, yeah, do any of you have a bag?” At this, Midoriya swung his backpack off his shoulder and unzipped it. “Of course, right here.” You mumbled a ‘thank you’ as he picked up the mask.

You couldn’t take the sash off without deactivating your wings though, so you zipped your jacket and hoped nobody would notice. You couldn’t help but notice though that Midoriya was staring at the mask and the sash before you covered it.

As you all made your way out of the ally, you could see him studying your wings and hear him muttering under his breath. You’d have to let him ask questions later while Recovery Girl helped you.

You all began walking towards U.A, or you assumed you were going there. Where else would Recovery Girl be? You lived damn close to the school as well, you guessed, since the robbery was minutes from your apartment and you could already see the tall school building.

You worried momentarily that the gate would stop you, remembering that one episode where the news reporters were kept out, but neither Aizawa nor Midnight seemed worried about it, and you crossed the gate with no problems.

Watching the anime was one thing, but being inside the actual school was nothing short of amazing. You couldn't help your curiosity and wished you weren’t here for medical help.

You saw a sign that said ‘NURSE OFFICE, LEFT’ and sighed, finally almost there. Midoriya turned to look at you again as he walked, almost tripping over himself. “Does it hurt that bad?”

You grimaced and nodded. “Never felt anything like it…” ‘In this life, anyways.’ You finished in your head. He frowned at you and looked forward again, but you kept catching him glancing at you.

All of you rounded the corner and there was a big sign that read ‘NURSE OFFICE.’ Aizawa led you and the boys inside, Midnight parted with a simple ‘ Goodbye, dear, get better soon.’ Guess she was just escorting you.

You looked around as Aizawa called out for Recovery Girl, hoping for the best.

Chapter Text

As soon as he had called for her, the small elderly woman came out from behind one of the privacy screens and up to you with a small, kind smile on her face. “Now who might this be? You look too old to be a student.” You smiled back and introduced yourself as just ‘Haru.’

You would’ve used your full name under different circumstances, but your full name was the last thing these people needed. Can’t have them tracking you down.

“Well, Ms. Haru, you look like you got into quite a bit of trouble.” She patted on of the exam tables. “Sit, tell me what hurts, dear.”

You eased yourself down onto the cushioned table (they were all low to the ground because of her height), inhaled, exhaled, and tried to relax your wings. “It’s my entire back, but whenever I move my wings they hurt like hel- um, heck.”

You turned slightly when she motioned for you to and continued. “It was kinda my fault, got caught up in the… fight… and I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing.” She nodded at you as she inspected your wings.

“Well, dear, you should just need one session to be set right. Would you mind coming a little closer?.” You obliged and bent forward. She gave you a peck on the cheek and you immediately felt the pain leave your body, but the fatigue was back. Side effects of her quirk, eh.

“Thank you so much,” you stood slowly and gave your wings an experimental stretch. they felt perfectly fine now, maybe a little sore. She smiled up at you and patted your hand. “You’re very welcome, dear, now off with you all.”

She waved you goodbye as you exited and you let out a deep sigh as you moved your sore wings. You stretched them as far as they’d go and let out a content hum. Midoriya was watching you again, analyzing your quirk.

“I’m sorry I was rude to you in the ally, I was scared you’d turn me in.” You said to them both. “And thanks for forcing me to come here. I probably would’ve staggered home and done nothing.” You added on, to which Iida gave you a curt but polite ‘ You’re welcome .’

You had a feeling he didn’t like you, but he had good reasons. You were technically a criminal. Midoriya, however, gave you a huge grin. “No problem! Heroes and Heroes-in-training help everyone, right Mr. Aizawa?”

Oh christ, you forgot he was here he’s so quiet. You turned to look at him and he wore the same bored scowl from when you first saw him. “... Right . Get to homeroom, you’ve kept the class long enough.”

Oh no.

Midoriya and Iida both went away without another word, you could hear their chatter as they sped away to get to their class. Aizawa had his focus on you though. He spoke in a quiet tone. “Would you mind telling me how you knew to show up in full costume to that robbery?”

You froze up for what felt like the 5th time today. Shit. You couldn’t tell him, you didn’t know why you’d gotten the notification in the- Haruka's thoughts cut you off- Hacked it… oh my god. “I, uh,” Tell him you saw them going in and changed quick?

No, he’d know you lived nearby. Maybe… Tell him you use a police scanner? Agh, no, it was a Hero Network notification… The truth? ...You gotta… But also, jail does not sound very appealing.

“I was just keeping an eye out and I saw them attack.” You lied and kept a straight face. He stared down- wait, was he shorter than you? Christ you hadn’t noticed, he was looking up at you. Still staring you down though.

“...Alright,” he said after a moment. “Come on, you have to leave now.” He said and turned, heading back towards the entrance. You were surprised he hadn’t called you out on the lie and stumbled as you caught up to him.

You both walked in silence, it was kind of creepy. You glanced down at him as you walked, man, you really were taller than him. Gods, this is weird. He looked up towards you as you neared the exit and you quickly looked away. GREAT now he’d caught you staring.

You were about to walk out the gate and didn’t want to stop when he spoke up. “Do you often get this injured in fights?” You stopped and turned around to face him. You honestly couldn’t give an answer, that was your first fight, you didn’t know about Haruka’s experiences.

“Um.” He watched your face as you struggled for an answer, you stared right back. “, I mean a little?” He raised a brow at that, but after another tense moment, he waved a dismissive hand at you. “Sure. Now get out, and stay out of trouble.”

You couldn’t get away from that mess fast enough, you gave him a quick nod, turned, and sprinted outta there.


Chapter Text

On your way home, you passed another electronics store, this one much dinkier than the one you fought those criminals in, but it had a wall of TVs facing the windows. It was playing the news, and the current story was…

Oof. “New Hero forgets procedure, leaves crime scene before the police show up.” They sure ran with that. At least none of the criminals got away, you thought as you watched the story for a moment. There was that van though…

Eh. Police’s problem until you were stable again.

You came up to your apartment and as you entered the lobby, the woman at the desk greeted you with a confused smile. You must look like shit. You smiled back and made your way to the elevator.

You had to look at the directory to find your floor and pressed the button for the 7th floor. Just as you stepped through, somebody shouted behind you. “Mori!!” 

You held the door as a woman ran up to you, she slowed and stepped through the doors. “Oh my gosh, were you at the gym? Didn’t you hear that a place got robbed down the street?” Oof. Was this… Mari? “Uh, no, I didn’t know.”

She huffed at you and gave you a pat on the arm. “You gotta watch the news more often, and stay safe!” You gave her a half-smile and pressed the 7th-floor button again. The doors closed and you started moving up.

“So, can you still babysit Aki tomorrow? I’ve got to stay late.” She sighed but looked to you hopefully. So this was Mari. Cool? “Oh, of course. I’d be happy to come over.” She grinned and swooped you into a hug. “Thank you!”

The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, you immediately stepped out. “Well, bye, see you tomorrow!” You said and hurried to your apartment. Type in code, turn the knob, shut the door. You could finally relax.

You went to your room and started taking off your outfit. Mari probably knew these as your ‘work out’ clothes from what she said earlier. As you slipped the sash over your shoulders, you reached up to your face instinctively and realized something.

Midoriya had your mask. Damn it, this day just keeps getting worse.

You couldn’t go back now, you thought as you opened the bathroom door. You could buy a new one? It was just a party mask, you’d written that Haruka reinforced it with padding and covered the eye holes with mesh. Craft project. Great.

You turned the shower on and waited for the water to heat, then stepped in. You sighed as the hot water hit your sore back. It felt so nice, you were gonna have to force yourself to get out when you were done.

Hair washed, crud scrubbed, back aching, you got out of the shower and dried off with a towel then threw on a robe hanging on a hook near the curtain. You’d have to go out tonight and buy the materials tonight so you could remake the mask.

You sifted through the clothes in the closet and drawers and found some blue leggings, tank top, which has cuts, and a sweater that didn’t. You put everything on, slipped on some socks and got on your shoes. Might as well get everything now.

You had to shuffle around some things to find your wallet, but you eventually found it in a drawstring bag. You slipped the bag on and went to grab your phone to look up the nearest party store. Oof, that’s a walk… You needed the mask though…

With a sigh, you shoved your phone into the sweater pocket and slipped on some shoes, then you were out the door. The woman at the desk gave you a wave as you left. You looked around the busy street and started following signs.

Time to get crafty, yayyyy. Sigh.

Chapter Text

About an hour later, it was starting to get dark but you’d just arrived in the shopping district. It’d be easy to find a big craft supplies store, right?


30 minutes later, you were pretty lost, you’d got mixed up and now found yourself in the food vendors area. You sighed in defeat as you bought a snack, some pastry you’d never heard of but smelled delicious.

You took a big bite as you wandered the street, trying to find your way. You hadn’t noticed earlier when you’d first woke up, but everything was in Japanese and you could read it perfectly, the words read as English in your head.. It was almost creepy, but probably something Pan did.

You paused to look at a store full of hero merch, there was mostly All Might-themed things in the front window. You began to turn to walk away, but bumped into somebody and dropped your snack. “Oh! Jeez, sorry!” You started, but then you made eye contact with them- Midoriya???

He froze as he saw your face and held up his hands. “S-sorry! I wasn’t looking.” You took a breath and smiled at the kid. “It’s fine, I was just surprised, um, are you okay?” He nodded and began looking you over, a concerned look on his face.

You shook your head. “I’m fine, and nothing hurts from earlier either.” Your smile grew as he relaxed and gave you an awkward grin. “T-that’s good! Although I’m surprised to see you out, every time I pay Recovery Girl a visit I have to take a long nap. I’m never too tired though, haha!”

It shouldn't have surprised you that Izuku visited RG a lot since you used to watch this show, but a frown still crept onto your face when he joked about his incidents. Worry for him wormed into your heart. You shrugged and tried to lighten the tension. “I uh, wasn’t feeling that tired afterward. Maybe it was because my injury was just pain? Aches, y’know?” Now that grabbed his attention. He immediately went off on his speculations about Chiyo’s Quirk. You listened and nodded along as he continued to talk, and then you saw a sign that read ‘Kyo’s Arts & Crafts!’ and you gasped, “Oh! Finally!”

Izuku jumped slightly when you exclaimed and you patted his shoulder excitedly. “I’ve been looking for this dam- darn craft store for ages!” You pointed towards the brightly lit windows and made your way over. He followed behind you, curious.

“Why’re you out so late looking for craft supplies?” Izuku said when you turned to him. “Oh- actually, it’s because I forgot to ask for my- wait, do you still have it? The mask?” The thought to ask when you first bumped into each other had completely evaded you.

He swung his backpack around and unzipped it to shuffle around. He pulled out several books and balanced them on his arm as he looked for- there! He pulled out your mask and handed it to you.

It was chipped in some places and there was a large crack on the side where you got hit by the knife. You turned it over to examine the back and sighed at the destroyed padding. The mesh was coming off around the edges of the eyes as well.

“Well, it’s better than starting from scratch. Thanks for holding on to it.” You stuffed it into your sweater and turned back to the craft store. “Wanna help me find the materials?” You were kinda surprised how easy it was to talk and hang out with him. He shook his head and gave you an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, I have to get going, I was-” He paused and his eyes widened suddenly. “I LEFT IIDA! SORRY, SEE YOU AROUND MISS!” He shouted the last part as he ran off, gaining the attention of a few strangers. “Ah- hah, um, kids, am I right?”

Your cheeks were pink with embarrassment. A few chuckled, probably parents. You shuffled awkwardly into the craft store and looked to the signs to find what you needed. As you waded through the crowds to follow a sign that said ‘Padding/Stuffing/Foam Sheets’ , you began to compile the list in your head. This might be a while...