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The bus came to a stop and you looked outside of your window at the stadium where you’d be playing your game against the Americans. A few of your Red Stars teammates had come to watch the game, most likely to see you and Julie going against each other. In all the years you had been playing with the Red Stars, none of them had seen you ever go against the blonde player. You had been the rookie when you started and Julie took you under her wing, even though the two of you didn’t necessarily play the same position all the time. In the years since your professional career starts, both of you had moved around a bit. You found yourself up top normally and she switched between the midfield and defending.

“You know, I think we might actually win this,” Kailen Sheridan, the backup keeper for your team said. The two of you were bus buddies and had been since she started playing on the senior team.

“Of course we will, if we didn’t, JJ would never let me hear the end of it,” you said and Kailen rolled her eyes at you. “What?”

“Nothing, just focus on the game when we’re playing tonight,” Kailen said, pushing you forward. The warm ups went over well and you were up top with Christine Sinclair. You were excited to get to play in this friendly. Even though you had been playing professionally for quite some time, you hadn’t gotten onto your national team until just the 2018 She Believes tournament.

“(Y/n),” Julie said, stopping you before you could go to your locker room. She pulled you aside and Kailen gave you a weird look before just continuing on. “I think this is the first time we’ll be facing each other like this.”

“Yeah, ready to lose?” Julie scoffed at your question, not dignifying it with a response. “Because I’m ready to see you lose.”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna happen,” Julie said, shoving you lightly. “Because there’s no way any of my team is letting Canada win. Even if they give us cute pouts. I’ll slide tackle that look right off your face rookie.”

“You’ve only been playing a year longer than me ma’am,” you said and Julie put her arm around your shoulders. “Also, if you’re so confident that you’ll beat Canada tonight, let’s fucking bet on it.”

“Yeah sure, what do you want, a kiss or something?” Julie joked and you couldn’t think of anything else, so that was what you agreed to.

“Yeah, a kiss. An honest to god, tongue on tongue, moan inducing kiss,” you said and Julie shook your hand. “What do you want if you win?”

“You do my laundry for the next season,” Julie said and your face fell. There was no way you were losing the match now. She let you go and you gave your team the pep talk of the century before you went out there. You held off on the attack for the majority of the first half of the game, but got an assist to Janine Beckie in the 30th minute, putting the first point up on the board.

The Americans didn’t let that slide though. In the 44th minute, Julie managed to get a header in from a corner that you didn’t believe they should have gotten. It was on, if Julie was scoring to tie the game up, you had to put your team ahead somehow. Your chance came when there was a little gap in the defense by Dahlkemper and you ran the ball through there. Harris was a bit distracted it seemed and you managed to get the ball in right past her easily. You were ahead by one and confident enough to play the rest of the 20 minutes of the game defensively. Julie had taught you how to defend properly and you could tell that she was beginning to regret it a bit. She was making a run in the 88th minute and was about 2 yards from the box when you came in with a slide tackle, effectively knocking away the ball without getting yourself a card.

“Fuck you,” Julie said as you hopped up with ease.

“That comes after the kiss love,” you said with a wink. There was no added time and once that whistle blew, you celebrated on the field a bit with your team. That lasted only a little while because Kailen came walking over towards you with Julie, who looked a little bit nervous. “I told you Canada was winning tonight.”

“Yeah, you did. Won fair and square,” Julie said, pulling you into a hug. She backed away a bit and leaned down slightly to give you a kiss. It was the best kiss you’d ever had in your entire life. Her lips were soft, but she put just enough force behind it so that you were melting into putty right there on the field. She slipped her tongue into your mouth and you moaned into the kiss. Your arms wrapped around her neck just as she broke the kiss. You rested your forehead against the crook of her neck as the two of you just stood there. “Alright, I’m gonna have to ask you to let go, you’re all sweaty.” 

“As long as you promise to do that again sometime,” you said with a chuckle as you let go. Julie took your hand in hers and the two of you walked back towards where the locker rooms were, parting ways only when you had to. You had never actually spoken with Julie about the possibility of a relationship, but you had a pretty good feeling about what the future held for the two of you.