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An Offer I Can't Refuse

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A desperate moan left her plump lips. Squirming into the mattress, Cordelia sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down. That moan had definitely been too loud, she didn’t want everyone to know what she was doing. It just felt so good.

Her fingers on her clit. Rubbing fast. The sounds present in the room revealing how wet she really was. Her eyes were closed as visions of a certain blonde, wild haired witch played in her mind. Her left hand gripped onto the edge of the pillow that was underneath her head. Lip sliding out from between her teeth and another moan coming out.

Her hips writhed back into the firm mattress. She was so close to…

“Miss Cordelia?”

Her eyes popped open to see none other than Misty standing in her doorway, holding onto the doorknob. Seeing the objection of her desires in flesh and blood made it too much. She couldn’t stop her fingers, not now. “Misty…,” she whispered before her eyes were forced shut from the power of her orgasm.

Needy moans bordering on whines escaped as she gripped onto the pillow. Her body writhing harder at the pleasure that came crashing over her wave after wave.

When it subsided, a breathy gasp left her. Her hand moving away from her body and falling to the mattress.

She opened her eyes again as the euphoria went away. Seeing Misty looking at her with a blush on her face and eyes dark with lust. Cordelia’s hand let go of the pillow. She would have been embarrassed about getting caught if it wouldn’t have been for the way the other witch was looking at her. Staring at her naked body like it was the most beautiful site she’d ever seen.

She would’ve never guessed that the young witch wanted her too.

Cordelia held her hand out, “Come here.”

It was an offer that Misty couldn’t seem to refuse as she hurried to come into the room and shut the door behind her.