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"Just Watch Me"

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He has been trying to be patient, he really has.

After all, it was Namjoon’s day and everyone (and by everyone it meant millions of people) had their eyes on him. He couldn’t blame it on him, but Namjoon surely looked so unreachable when he was literally just there next to Jungkook the whole day. The maknae knew how it was like though… After all, he had just had his own birthday a few days before and went through the same thing…

So, Jungkook waited.

But it was only when the day was almost finished when Jungkook finally, finally , managed to find Namjoon in his studio by himself, relaxing on his own, listening to some music...

Jungkook knocked at the door before he got inside the room.

It got Namjoon startled, even though he should have guessed. His Jungkook had felt absent, though he had been orbiting him all day.

“Hyung, do you have a moment now?”

Namjoon’s eyes widened.

“Yes, of course, what is it?”

Jungkook sighed loudly, and Namjoon knew he was just testing him by playing dumb.

“Please, stand up.”


Please,” it came out as a whisper.

While the first sentence had a more authoritarian ring to it, that mumble felt completely different and Namjoon noticed it right away. The birthday boy was a cunning and sensitive person after all, he could tell the subtle differences in people’s speech rather easily. On top of it, Jungkook had always been a very transparent person, making things even simpler to figure out…

Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows, more curiously than confused in fact. That whisper had some urgency attached to it, like Jungkook was on edge, desperate and impatient to get what he needed.

Namjoon didn’t question it, as he stood up from his chair.

“On the couch,” Jungkook asked.

No, he ordered .

Namjoon bit his lip, trying to stop him from riposting. No honorifics, no manners, no nothing… That kid was literally bossing him around now, which confirmed his theory of Jungkook being on edge, eager for something.

Namjoon moved until he was in front of the couch. When he was exactly where the maknae wanted him,

Jungkook placed a hand on the other one’s chest, pushing him hard enough to make him fall on his butt. Namjoon looked up at the maknae right after. He couldn’t be mad at him, he knew exactly where things were going. 

Still, he pretended to be oblivious about it, however, he couldn’t help himself but showing a sly smirk as he asked:

“What is this all about, Kook?”

Namjoon knew he was playing with fire by pretending he hadn’t been ignoring Jungkook the whole day. The youngest one had even made a public post about his birthday that Namjoon had yet to comment about…

Jungkook looked down at him, somewhat resentful for the lack of attention from his number one idol throughout the day.

“Your birthday present,” he simply answered.

Namjoon chuckled, both nervous and excited for what he could only predict.

The atmosphere was just right, there was music still playing from Namjoon’s computer and Jungkook was completely feeling himself, anxiously waiting for this moment alone with Namjoon.

Before he could say anything back, he saw Jungkook’s grabbing the hem of his own shirt, as he slowly started pulling it up.

Namjoon sank further into the couch as he couldn’t help but smile, the moment Jungkook undressed his shirt, making his red hair a bit messy and revealing his fine abs and overall toned body. He was wearing some jeans with a pair of Calvin Klein briefs showing underneath them.

“Jungkook, you really…”

Namjoon couldn’t finish the sentence, so absorbed in what he was seeing, making him move forward, in a futile attempt to touch Jungkook’s thighs, but the other one quickly acted.

“No,” he said, “just watch me.”

His speech was still dominant, but Namjoon decided to play along and enjoy himself.

He leaned back comfortably on the couch once more as Jungkook slowly ran his hands up and down his torso, his hips provocatively moving side to side, slowly to whichever song that was playing at the moment.

Namjoon swallowed as he watched the scene, seeing Jungkook sliding his hands down past his navel, taking his time to unbutton and unzip his jeans, pulling them down before.

By then Namjoon couldn’t stop himself but noticing how Jungkook was half-hard already in his briefs as the younger male discarded his pants somewhere else in the room. The leader wasn’t strong enough to not hold his arousal, as the scene was clearly affecting him, mesmerized by the younger one’s body.

“I missed you the whole day… No, the whole week, always so busy with work…,” Jungkook admitted, “I’ve been trying to get your attention all day, hyung…”

I know, Namjoon thought, but he wanted to stay in character.

“Am I not interesting, hyung?,” Jungkook started, slowly starting to pull down his briefs, “am I not good enough?...”

The other one almost forgot how to breathe when Jungkook got rid of his underwear at last, leaving him completely naked, in front of Namjoon.

When Jungkook moved closer and placed a knee on the couch, next to Namjoon’s leg, before he placed the other one on the other side to straddled him, Namjoon swore he was about to lose it.

“Damn you, Kook,” it was all he could say, feeling himself hardening quickly inside his own clothes as Jungkook placed his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders for some support.

“Am I not pretty enough for you, hyung?”

Namjoon wanted to shout out the truth, that Jungkook was the most amazing, the most beautiful, the bestest boy he knew. He loved him so much that sometimes it hurt.

Jungkook started moving his hips slowly, rubbing himself against Namjoon.

The older male gasped. Jungkook’s fit, naked body against his, especially with his now hard cock rubbing right against the leader’s clothed erection felt incredibly good.

“Answer me, hyung.”

Jungkook kept up with that attitude and Namjoon didn’t feel like letting him continue…

The moment Namjoon looked straight into his eyes, Jungkook knew exactly the damage he had made.

“Aren’t you being a little bit too cocky?,” his hyung teased, breaking from his previous character at last, “first you boss me around, then you provoke me like this… Plus, you are being disrespectful...”

Namjoon brought his hands to hold Jungkook’s buttcheeks, who exhale loudly as he felt being touched at last.

“What are you going to do?”

The older one simply tightened the grip on Jungkook’s buttcheeks. It was far from being soft, in fact, it kind of hurt. Though, Jungkook found himself hissing at the pain, feeling Namjoon’s nails digging deep into the skin of his bum. When the grip loosened up, Namjoon massaged it apologetically, making Jungkook breathe loudly, clearly enjoying the feeling.

“Look at you…”

Jungkook didn’t have to.

He was well aware of how painfully hard he was, laying against Namjoon’s tummy. He felt the blood rising to his cheeks, he was completely naked when his hyung hasn’t even got rid of his socks. He might have been feeling a bit embarrassed in that situation, but never vulnerable. Namjoon was the type of person that had always made him feel safe around, either in public events or in private moments like now.

Namjoon felt the urge to reward his adorable boy with kisses on the neck and Jungkook wasn’t worried about how he moaned with only that, rocking his hips slowly on Namjoon’s lap in search for some friction.

“Hyung, I want-“

“No,” he interrupted.

The leader had other ideas, and Jungkook could understand it immediately when his large hands came back to his rear and squeezed his buttcheecks hard again as he said:

“Remember, you’re not in charge here.”

It didn’t sound cold, but it was rather firm the way he pronounced those words.

“Bend over.”

“W-What?,” Jungkook babbled.

“Over my lap,” Namjoon added, “quickly.”

Jungkook didn’t protest anymore, as he stood up from Namjoon’s lap, just enough so that he could turn to his side to bend over the other one’s lap.

He could feel Namjoon’s gaze glued to every inch of his body as he moved, his muscles stiff and his full erection standing proudly in between his legs slightly bouncing with his every move.

Namjoon wore an uncanny expression on his face, somehow a mix of both of a stern look and satisfied one with what he was looking at.

The moment Jungkook positioned himself on his lap, with his stiff cock against Namjoon’s thigh and his rear in complete display for him too, Namjoon’s hand descended quickly to slap one of his buttcheeks.

It caught Jungkook by surprised, choking a moan at the sudden pain, breathing hard as the burning sensation manifested afterwards.

“You have been trying to get my attention the entire day, you think I didn’t notice it?,” Namjoon slapped him again on the same place, making Jungkook hiss excitedly, “people trying to wish me a happy birthday and you were always there as if you were my shadow.”

“H-Hyung, no, it’s just- ah!

He hit him again, either harder than the one before, or that place was starting to become sore, Jungkook couldn’t decide.

“You have always been very possessive over your hyungs… Over me too obviously,” Namjoon said, “that’s not a good behavior, Kookie…”

“I’m sorry, Namjoon hyung, I will-“

Namjoon moved his hand fast, hitting three times in a row in the other buttcheek.

In any other situation, it would probably hurt. Not to Jungkook. It turned him on as he moaned shamelessly after each hit.

After those hits, he sank his face in a nearby pillow that was on the couch, groaning. Instinctively, he also started moving his hips up and down, rubbing himself against his hyung’s thigh, seeking for some relief.

“What are you trying to do, naughty boy?”

Namjoon grabbed one of the abused buttcheeks and squeezed it hard. Jungkook literally screamed into the pillows, as he thrust hard against his hyung once more.

“H-hyung, hyung, please…”

He felt overwhelmingly turned on, for both his hyung’s actions and for finally being given the attention he had been seeking the entire damn day.

“Our precious baby is so slutty, who would have guessed it,” he spanked him once more, and Jungkook finally felt some tears rising to his eyes, “coming to find his hyung alone in an empty room to have him for himself, bossing him around… The Golden Maknae, who does everything perfectly…”

He spanked Jungkook once more, harder than any other time as before, making Jungkook lift his head to let a scream out, as tears fell down from his face, while he gasped for air.

“Little do people know how badly you behave in private...”

“Yes!,” Jungkook snapped, as he started desperately rutting against the other one’s leg, “I want hyung’s attention all the time, I need it, please, please, hit me more, I’ll be a good-“

Namjoon didn’t stop him this time, finally deciding to let him come as he abused his butt a few more times, spanking him hard enough that it would certainly leave a bruise. The older man’s hand hurt, but he enjoyed seeing Jungkook breaking down under his treatment.

Jungkook held onto the pillows with a tight grip as fat tears rolled down his cheeks as he wailed in pleasure, rapidly and rhythmically thrusting his hips along with each and every slap on his ass. The friction of his dick against the other one’s pants wasn’t the most pleasant thing, but he was desperate for his release.

“Come, baby.”

Namjoon’s voice had some sort of impact in the youngest that triggered his desire to succumb to that order.

Jungkook gave one final thrust as he finally came, screaming into the pillow, hoping that the rest of the dorm wouldn’t hear it. He felt the hot, sticky mess underneath himself as he dirtied Namjoon’s pants considerably…

He could hear Namjoon worked up breathing too and Jungkook felt so overwhelmed that he couldn’t avoid but whimper as he came down from his climax.

“Kookie, are you alright?,” Namjoon called right away, as he touched his hair, rubbing it worriedly, “Kookie, talk to me, please, I’m sorry, I was too rough this time, I hurt you…”

Jungkook took a few deep breaths as he tried to collect his thoughts again as Namjoon softly stroked his back in an attempt to make him relax.

I’m okay ,” it came out muffled by the pillow, before he moved his face away from it so he could speak more clearly, “I just got… It felt really good, hyung, I loved it.”

“I’m glad,” he said, “can you sit up?”

Jungkook nodded as he moved. His bottom hurt a lot, being as red as his hair, which meant that the pain would probably be worse later. So, Jungkook chose to sit on his knees rather than directly on the couch to avoid the friction from the contact.

When he found a position that was comfortable enough, he noticed how Namjoon had managed to get a nearby blanket, quickly wrapping around the naked body of the maknae.

He stood up right after, to get a bottle of water he had over his desk.

Namjoon went back to the couch, opening the bottle, handing it to the other one.

Jungkook accepted it, taking a few sips of it, as the leader stroked his hair, before he used the back of his hand to wipe some tears away, and then placed a kiss on one of his still wet cheeks.

“You were amazing, Kookie, I’m so proud of you.”

Jungkook’s lips curved into a smile and his doe-eyes lit up at the words he was always so eager to hear from the person he admired the most, whatever the reason was.

Namjoon leaned forward once more to give him a quick kiss on his lips as he added:

“Let’s get you clean and take care of your bruises, otherwise it will hurt a lot more tomorrow.”

“Hyung, wait,” Jungkook suddenly remember the obvious when he came back to himself, and immediately drove his attention to Namjoon’s pants.

His eyes widened in surprise as he found the clear evidence of the maknae’s orgasm very visible on the older one’s dark pants… And that alone made Jungkook realized, almost embarrassed that he had forgotten:

“Hyung, did you already…?”

But when he drifted his eyes to Namjoon’s crotch, he could see a slight bulge, together with a dark, wet spot on it, which made him realize what happened.

“Oh, no, I, hum…,” Namjoon started as he rubbed his hair before he admitted, “you were so beautiful and you were rubbing so hard against me so, yeah...”

Namjoon smiled embarrassingly with his dimples showing, a completely different character compared to the one just a few moments ago, when they were both approaching the peak of their heat.

“So… You liked it that much?”

Namjoon came closer to lay a kiss on top of Jungkook’s forehead this time, wrapping his arms around the maknae right after, who leaned into the touch.

“I loved it,” he didn’t hesitate in saying, “it was an amazing birthday present… Thank you.”

Jungkook smiled, happy about himself and especially happy to make his first and last role model, his love, happy and proud of him too.