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To Be a Star

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Before I get into the real introduction, I'd like to introduce myself in case you haven't read my main book!

I'm e1ana, im 16, and this book is based on my own high school experience! No, my school isn't nearly as glamorous as you'll find UA Academy of the Arts to be. However, it's a performing arts school, and it's pretty  damn famous. This book started with me thinking "hmmm... what major would Bakugo be? Or Deku? or Todoroki? Or?? Or?????" And then I wrote what you'll read as the intro and didn't stop.

This really is one of my favorite things I've ever written, probably second to only Their Hero Academia (my main book that you can also find on here, heeheehee). That being said, it is a more leisurely project, so don't expect frequent and long updates. I'm writing this simply because I want to and I think it's gonna be a good time! 


Enjoy the intro!



The spotlight flickered on. Stood in the middle of the stage was a slight, green haired boy clad in a black, sparkling mesh top and flared pants. He holds his chin high, looking right into the audience. The audience applauds wildly as he shifts his foot and gaze up, arching deep into a slow attitude. 


Admittedly, Midoriya Izuku hadn’t expected to stand and dance on this stage, much less at his age. He was the youngest competitor at the World Dance Exposition’s Finale. Hundreds had entered - only 10 spots could be secured. At the ripe old age of 15, he was ready to take gold, to finish first in the finale with a bang.


Somewhere in the pit, a violin draws its bow across the strings. With a jolt, he bends one knee and leaps into the air.  He extends both legs into a grand jeté, his long legs opening into a perfect split in midair. Both arms splay out to his sides as if a gust of warm spring air pushes them up. He makes a show of landing, sweeping one leg back before he switches position. 


His body moves fluidly and easily through a sequence of small spins, all finishing in a small jump. He lands, finishing the move by pulling one leg into the sky and pulling it flush against his body in an upward split. The audience roars and he can’t help but smirk as he bounds back across the stage. No matter how many times he practices, he never gets bored of the slow annd admittedly impressive dace - that much is clear to see when is face lights up with each move. The audience is trapped in his blinding smile and his calm motion across the stage and back again. That’s when he sees it. 


He looks into the crowd for a dramatic second when a blinding white light fills his vision. He blinks, his smile deflating and mouth rounding into a soft ‘o’ before he shakes his head and stands back up. He bends back slowly, his arms reached over his head. He looks absolutely weightless, his green curls suspended and arms over his head as if he were draped across an invisible barre. 


The light flashes again. This time, the intense light sends him reeling. He loses his balance and topples over, landing on the floor with a loud thud. The crowd ‘oohs’ and winces in pity. He touches his hand to his lip. Sure enough, his finger is slick and red with blood from where he accidentally bit down. 


He swallows the lump and blood in his throat and stands. The room still spins slightly, the booming announcement of ‘no flash photography’ going in one ringing ear and out the other. 


There’s a final flash, and Midoriya Izuku falls unconscious to the floor.


“And by god, if I don't… if I don’t… god damn it! Line, please.”


Katsuki Bakugo shakes his head at himself. How the hell was he still forgetting lines? His audition was less than a month away. If he wanted to get into General Performance Arts at UA Academy, he’d have to perform a hell of a lot better than whatever this shit is. 


“Relax, Kacchan. Seriously! The more you overthink, the more lines you’re going to forget. The line is ‘And by god, if I don’t come out on top-’”


“Then there’s no reason for me to be here in the first place!” He pumps his fist into the air as practiced, a stone cold look on his face. His hand drops to his side and the expression melts when he looks to his friend for reassurance. 


Deku nods. “It’s good. I think you’re stressed out, though. Your movements are stiff and you’re taking long pauses. You need to relax, or you’ll be too stressed to perform when the day comes.”


Katsuki nods sharply. “I know. I’m just…” He runs a hand over his face, releasing the tension in his body with a gust of breath. His worries bubble to the surface all at once. Katsuki packs them neatly into a box before shipping them out of his mouth in a gust of words.


“I’m just nervous that I won’t bring the emotion factor, ya know? I’m worried that it'll seem forced, that I'll sound like a damn robot. And I'm worried about how I keep fucking up the lines. Like, it's been nearly a month with this god forsaken monologue. It should sound better than this shit.”


Izuku nods understandingly. Katsuki furrows his brow, looking at him quizzically.


“Hey, Deku?”


The green haired boy hums in response. 


“I really think you should audition for GPA. I know you’re down because of last week, but you need to overcome it!”


“What would I even do? I don’t have any choreo or a song, and none of my monologues are refined enough for that big of a task. Every single performance I do goes to shit since the Expo. I’d make a fool out of myself.”


“Eh? You sound like you don't think I'll be able to handle your oh-so-heavy burden. I’ll whip your ass into shape! Unless you wanna pussy out and never reach your dreams? That'd suck.”


Izuku sighs. He blinks slowly, skin pulling where he drags a calloused hand over his very contrasting baby face. “You're not gonna let me off the hook unless I do this, are you?”


“Come with your monologue from camp prepared tomorrow. And the dance from the Expo. I’ll find you an audition song by tomorrow, swear on it.”


“Kacchan, I can’t possibly-”


“You can.” He’s met with a steely glare. “You can possibly. If I have to beat it into your brain with my bare fists, I will. You bring out the best in my performances. You've literally sat around and listened to me fuck up my lines and songs and dances a million god damn times over, and I want to do the same for you. Well, maybe less of the sitting around part. But still. I’ll be damned if some extra passes me before you get the chance to. I wanna beat your ass myself, at your full potential.”


His narrow eyes are full of warm anger - not the cold, harsh, nipping words that forcibly cut through skin, but the subtle burn of motivation and ambition, the strive to do better. He holds his firm gaze, not letting up until the green eyes move away from his. Izuku sighs once more. 


“Fine. But that means you bring your all - no overthinking or stressing yourself out. You’re always going on about a ‘fair competition,’ so I expect the same from you.”


A wicked grin spread across Katsuki’s face. 


“Hell yeah.”