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Scott dies because he's too good at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. More @ 11.

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"Scott - stop doin- sonvabit-!" Sara practically screams at her brother in a mix of rage and slight fear. Her fingers smash on the buttons of the joy-con with urgency and desperation. "You're cheatin-godda-!" In a fit of rage, the older Ryder twin chucks the controller towards the far corner of the room with a scream. In the background, the screen of an old-school television depicted Scott's character, Joker, doing the typical victory pose which rubbed salt further into Sara's wound.

Scott watched beside her on the sofa with a grin clear on his features. "Damn, what did the controller do to you? It's not the controller's fault that you keep losing." Sara whips her head around so fast that it looked like she might've snapped her neck and stared daggers right into her brother. Any other person would cower at her gaze but not Scott. Scott has seen the look many times, it seldemly scares him anymore.
"Scott if you keep using Joker on my goddamn switch, I'll kill you with my bare hands."

"Do it then, you coward," Scott says with a raise of his brow. "No balls, no balls."



"Lieutenant Harper, Scott requires your assistance in the Pathfinder's room." SAM, the ships AI, voices over the intercom.


Cora, right in midst of writing this week of reports, groans. "Can you ask him if it can wait? Tell him I'm busy."

"He says it cannot wait," SAM says, "and that you please hurry."

Cora groans in frustration before rising out of her chair. The paperwork will have to wait until later. Leaving her corridor and traveling to the door of the room that the Ryder twins share, Cora knocks hard on the metal door. "It's me, Harper," She voices before entering. Upon opening the door, she sees Scott receiving a firm headlock from Sara while what seemed like a television that is old enough to be her great-great-great-grandparents to be playing some sort of video game. Both twins paused in their fight briefly looked up at the newcomer before Sara resumed kicking Scott's ass.

"What in the hell is happening here!?" The lieutenant watching the chaos with a look of pure confusion.

"Scott's a cheating bastard!"

"Sara's a - ow! - sore loser!"

"Enough! You guys are too old for this! Dammit - Drack! Get in here!"


“Okay, so here's what we are doing. Since you two can't act like normal adults, I will be taking your game." Cora says as she stood in front of the seated duo, arms tightly crossed and her face even more so. The look reminded both of the twins of their father and for a moment, Scott believed his dead father possessed Cora because the expression was so damningly similar.

As Cora is biting their head off, Liam is behind her trying to unhook the system and the television from whatever set up the twins had conjured up. Liam whistles as scours through the mess of wires looking for the HDMI and power cord. “Damn, how the hell did you two set this bad boy up?“ Liam asks with a puzzled look. “This thing is so ancient it could be Drack's grandfather!“

Drack, who sat in between the twins grunted. “Hell, it probably is.“ He says with a shrug.

Scott drew his attention to Liam and grinned. “Like her? We bought her from some turian on Kandara for practically a steal.“

Sara turned sharply towards her brother, “We? You mean I bought that thing from that turian while you got drunk with some guy back at the bar?“

Scott shrugged at her response, “Same thing.“

“No, it's not.“

“It is. I came with you in spirit.“

“That's a load of shit and you know it.“

"Alright, enough," Cora groaned out as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Neither of you have it now because - once again - you can't behave like proper adults. You'll get it back when,“ Cora thinks for a moment before resuming, "neither of you doesn't argue or fight each other for a solid week. Understood?"

“Okay, mom.“ Sara says with a roll of her eye while Scott continued watching Liam unhook his machine, likely not even hearing the Lieutenant.

"Alright, good. Liam," Cora turns to face the concentrated and slightly frustrated Costa, "when you're done here drop that thing off on my desk, please?“

Liam grunted which Cora took as confirmation. Cora, for the umpteenth time that day, groaned. She was the first to walk out the door, soon followed by Drack, and five minutes later Liam with the twins' console in hand. Before leaving entirely, Liam looks back at the pouty twins and smiles his award-winning smile. "Don't worry you guys. I'm sure you guys can cooperate for a week to earn this bad boy back. I have faith in you two." He says before leaving the twins to themselves.


Scott looked almost in tears seeing the switch go while his sister scoffed. "This is all your fault, y'know?" Scott says as he turns his gaze towards his sibling.

"Shut the hell up, you cheating sonvabitch."

"Fuck you, you sour grape looking bitch."

This is going to be a long week for the Ryder Twins.