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Izuku thinks hes unlucky, not having a quirk. Who wouldn't think that, after all. But hes more upset about the fact that his odd gift to see the things no one else can; is more of a curse, than a blessing. He would rather have a quirk, as trivial as they are, then this.

Growing up knowing you have full access to separate planes of existence is not something a 3 year old should have to deal with.

When he first told his mom that the fairies in their backyard kept nipping at his ears, his mother laughed. When he told his friend, Kacchan, that the hulking nightmare that followed him around was clawing at his head, he laughed. The Nightmare laughed too. When he accepted the fact that he would have to play this off as a quirk, he withered. After all, who would want a quirk that makes the world more crowded.

Izuku was an impossibility, as he was told often. He was quirkless, definitely, but the spirits and fae looked at him in confusion. Some humans have a third eye, the Sight, a way to see into the other planes. But no human has ever been able to interact with the other planes of their own will, much less have access to multiple ones. And Izuku accepted this fact fairly early on.

Izuku had the ability to see and access other Planes of Existence. The Nightmare Plane (so eloquently put by a 5 year old Izuku), where each persons own fears are made into physical manifestations that feed off of their negative feelings. The Holy Spirit Plane, sort of. It's where the gods, reapers, and other holy spirits reside. Izuku doesn't see any of them very often, as the gods are always sleeping or wrecking havoc, the reapers always...reaping, and the other spirits simply doing what they were made to do, too busy to even acknowledge Izuku. The other plane is the Plane of the Dead. self explanatory, it's where the longevity-cursed souls wander the mortal world forever until something comes to eat their fill. Or so Izuku was told by a rather paranoid ghost. The last realm is the living realm, where most living things live. Humans, fairies, trolls and other mythical beasts said only to exist in fairy tales; live here. Although, only those with the Sight are able to see the mythical creatures. So to most humans, this plane is simply their own. And most are OK with that, seeing as a lot of the mythical creatures have a great distaste for humans.

Izuku has always wondered why he can see into all of the Planes.

Izuku kind of wishes he couldn't.

Ever since he admitted that this ‘gift of impossibility’ was a quirk to his mother. They called it Plane Seer. A little white lie. People started leaving him alone, for the most part. They still thought of him as an easy target for bullying. And instead of bullying him for his quirkless-ness, they started because of his weakness.

He still couldn't make any friends. Human friends, that is.

The only person (thing?) that even wanted to be friends with him was his mother's personal nightmare, a boorish wolf that was half rotted and had yellow eyes that looked like rolling lava. Her body slick with a slippery tar-like substance that dripped from her face and form. Her mouth was filled with more teeth than Izuku can count, always changing with the day and the time. Moving as she chattered and flitted around as if she was a weightless leaf despite her size. He felt no fear from the wolf, though. Maybe it was because she was his mothers Nightmare. Or maybe because Izuku himself is partially immune to the Nightmares aura of fear. But Izuku still wonders what this fear is of his mothers that makes the wolf look like this. He named the wolf “Borig”, because he was a child and had no concept of fine names.

Borig would speak to him with her crackling voice, and teach him of the Nightmares. Turns out the Nightmares were quiet friendly with Izuku, as they saw him as part one himself. Not all of them, but most.

“Little Mare,” Borig starts as Izuku makes his way home from elementary school. This was the first time Borig suggested she walk him home, perhaps adapting some traits from his mother. “Why do the little humans do such things to you?” she puts a wet nose to Izuku's burnt arm. Izuku simply sniffles, partially because Borig just swept some black inky substance onto his arm, and partly because the burn really hurts.

“It's not their fault...really.” he starts timidly, not looking at the bleeding wolf. “Then what is it?”, Borig asks, catching Izuku's hand under her head.

Izuku doesn't know.


Izuku thinks being gift-less would be better than being quirkless.

There is a fairy at his window, tapping and tapping and how long has she been doing this? It's 4 in the morning, Izuku has school tomorrow. He rolls out from under his covers, All Might covers, obviously, and glares at the fairy through the window. There is a tidy pile of salt pushed away from the seal. The fairy must mean business then.

Ever since Izuku learned of the things that exist outside of human perception, he went to the library. Which, surprisingly, had a lot of useful information. It was the library after all.

Since the plane of existence of living beings give him no protection of the other creatures, he had to do it himself. Putting piles of salt on the window seals of his house. Making little magical warders and symbols to keep the odd creatures at bay. And keeping a little Christian cross under his pillow, in case some trolls are feeling extra prickly. Thankfully, he has not run into any yet. Ironically, he also has a troll cross on a necklace, taking some tips from the Norse. His mother has one too.

But the creatures know of his existence, weather he wards them off or not. They know that he can see them, and as far as Izuku knows, he's the only one in his prefecture who can.

Opening the window takes flicking a few latches and unlocking multiple chains. The fairy that greets him is small, smaller than the usual ones. Her pure black eyes and stretched skin stare back at him. Her long legs and arms with two pronged fingers and toes look akin to that of a bugs legs. She has thin, silver wings that look almost invisible. Despite what she is, she looks almost human.

“Oh, thank goodness you're awake, I need your help.”. She cries, going to his face. Izuku, being a small 9 year old, steps back. The last time a fairy asked for his help, he ended up having to watch a forest for a month, 10 hours a day.

“D-depends.”Izuku responds, clutching the troll cross around his neck. The fairy huffs, crossing her arms. “Well no one else can do it, can they? I just need you to get me a walnut seed. Just one.” She points one finger up saying this. One of her two fingers.

Izuku rubs his eyes, sighing, “It's really late, couldn't you wait until morning to ask me this?”. He catches a scandalized look on the fairies face. “No-no! I need this now! Like, really soon! It's imperative I need this, do you know what that word means?”. Izuku wonders if little sisters are like this, and is glad he doesn't have one.

Izuku crosses his arms and thinks, “what wi-will you do for me, t-then?”. Anyone who makes deals with fairies know their rules, similar to the workings of spirits and gods, Izuku thinks. But they are in different planes, so the similarity is a coincidence. The fairy hums, “Your not an idiot kid after all! I heard a lot of others talking ill of you, yeah? You look pretty stupid, honestly.”. The fairy rattles on.

Izuku huffs, the fairy sighs. “Ill..ill keep your house clean and safe from other fairies for ...a month.”.

Izuku thinks on this. “Just keep the house safe, you don't need to c-clean it.”. Izuku wonders if genies are a thing, if then, fairies are a lot like genies in their requests and statements.

The fairy claps her hands together. “Done! Now, the walnut seed!”


Izuku grabs his coat, what little money he has, and his shoes and quietly leaves the house with the spare key. Taking off down the road towards the nearest store. Although, he can't really think of what kind of store sells walnut seeds.

Is a walnut a seed, he thinks, the fairy thinks so. Izuku had never thought about this. Isn't a walnut a nut?

He ponders this as he enters the store, fairy in tow. She's grumbling under her breath, but izuku doesn't know why she tagged along. Fairies hate human settlements. Especially fluorescent lights.

He goes up to the man at the counter, tapping it a few times to catch his attention. He looks more than surprised to see a child out at 4 in the morning, but he doesn't say anything.
“S-sir do you have..walnuts?”.

Well, the man must think he's nuts.

Haha ...walnuts...nuts.

Izuku needs to go back to sleep.

After purchasing the bag of, Izuku sighs, walnuts, he hands one to the fairy and she glows in glee.

“Wonderful, thank you, Impossible boy! I will protect you home for 30 days, as per your request!”

Izuku just nods, walking back home and munching on walnuts. He doesn't really like them.


Izuku wants to be a hero.

That is known to every being who has ever met him. Even the fairies and the nightmares know this. Despite their ignorance of the human world.

Izuku wants, no, needs to be a hero. He really cant help it.

He sometimes wishes he had a quirk so he could be a normal hero and not have to worry about the entities on the other Planes.

The ghost who stares at him with huge gallop like tears streaming down his face, frantically searching with flailing hands and hoarse sobs, meets Izukus eyes. His breath hitches and his wet blue hair drips as he staggers towards him. Of course the ghost know about him, everyone seems to.

But Izuku is taking the middle school finals today and he really can't be late.

“Boy! Please please help me find my daughter!”. The ghost Man sobs, grabbing his shoulders. Izuku thinks on this for a moment, hardly a moment, before nodding. “Where did you last see her, Sir?”

The man looks relieved. “A-at the park. T-there was a-a villain attack and...and i fell i-into the lake. P-please i have to know if she's alright!”

Izuku looks at Borig, the wolf is rather ignorant to this exchange. “Borig, how much time do I have before school?”. The wolf looks at him, so tall that she meets his eyes dead on, sitting. “Around 30 minutes.”.

Izuku nods and turns back to the man. “Lets go then.”


He makes it to school with a second to lose.


“Fucking deku, who the hell do you think you are?”. Kacchan sneers, pushing Izuku at his desk.

“B-what do you mean, Kacchan?” Izuku asks, knowing the answer.

“You know, fucker, I'm the only one who's gonna be a hero from this shit-hole of a school. And your getting in my way.”. He says, ripping whatever Izuku is holding out his hands.

Ah, his notebook. His notebook full of notes on heros and their quirks. A silent wish to be a normal person with a normal quirk.

“You still think you can be a hero, eh?” Kacchan laughs, waving the notebook around. “You fucking deku piece of shit. Your quirk is useless, so, this is pretty useless too.” And he throws it out the window.

Izuku tries not to screech.

Borig is growling.

“How about you do everyone a favor and take a swan dive off the Roof; hope for a better life next time 'round.”.

And then he leaves.


Izuku grabs his things in a daze.

“That despicable human, Little Mare, do not take his words to mind.”. Borig growls at the door Kacchan left through. Her presence the only things keeping Izuku from breaking down.

But he doesn't reply.

The notebook is in the koi pond. The spirit that looks over the pond looks at Izuku with a fraction of sympathy. The fish swim.

“Little mare.”.

“It's alright Borig.” Izuku sniffs. “If I took his advice...Kacchan would have it on his record, you know? He couldn't be a hero, then.”.

The koi spirit stares at him, so he leaves.

Petting Borig calms him, leaving inky stains on his hand, but he doesn't mind much.

The sewer grate is thrown open and something crawls out. Izuku at first thinks it's a troll, his senses spiking, but then he notices it's just a human.


That doesn't make it any better.


“A medium sized skin suit, wonderful- hold still kid.”.

“Little Mare!”


Out of all the million ways to die, drowning is not very high on Izukus list.

The wolf is letting auras of murderous intent, and Izuku pulls at the liquid that is drowning him.

No one will come to save him.

Can he even save himself.

As a last ditch effort, he reaches to Borig, hoping on whatever god is nearby that what he has been theorizing about for years is true.

The wolf's fur is greasy.

The villain freezes and lunges back as Borig collides with him, pulling with her many teeth at his watery form.

Izuku is cheering in his mind as he regains his breath.

He had always wondered, if he has a foot in the other planes, does that make him a bridge of sorts.

Guess he was right.



Then all might leaps out from the sewers.

Seeing a liquid villain being apprehended by a nightmarish wolf and a half suffocated boy under a bridge can be a sight, Izuku thinks.

Borig goes back to her plane once Izuku loses concentration because All Might showed up. All Might!!!


“What a quirk you have, my boy!” All might cheers as he signs Izuku's soggy notebook. Izuku is bouncing on his heels. “T-thank you, A-All Might sir!!”. His favorite hero, right here, in front of him! If he hadn't almost died earlier he might have been screaming.

“Of course my boy! Now, I will take this villain to the police!”. Izuku nods violently before stopping, “W-wait All Might!”

All might turns, “I must-”

“Do you think I can be a hero?”.


‘As an impossibility’ is left out.

But all might turns and smiles, shining brighter than Izuku's own future. “Anyone can be a hero, young…”

“Izuku, midoriya Izuku!”

“Young Midoriya. You can be a hero. Might need to gain some muscles though! Now I must be off!”

And he goes. Borig chuckles as Izuku lets out a high pitched sound.

Izuku turns to Borig, a smile as bright as All Mights on his face, and sheer joy in his eyes.

“Im going to be a hero, Borig.”.

And Borig, facing the second sun, just gives Izuku a terrifying grin, “Of course you will, Little Mare.”

And something beneath the earth stirs, the dawn of a new era begins.