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Infinity Beings: Inception

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❝What would happen if Infinity Stones' powers were possessed by some simple humans?❞

A question that seems impossible, and it seems not logical to ask. How could it be even considerable that six simple humans on Earth had the powers of the most powerful weapons in the universe? Wouldn't they die in the process? And why humans? Aren't there more powerful aliens in the universe?

However, they're not six normal simple humans to begin with. They are six special humans, meticulously chosen by the very destiny to restore peace in the universe with their abilities of space, reality, power, mind, time and soul. They will try to control their powers to fight existing evils. There is no one who can stop them.

Or yes?

Think about it for a moment. What kind of weakness can the most powerful beings of the universe have?

Internal weakness. Physical weakness is technically impossible for them (and when they're exhausted it means their human bodies are tired), but each one has an internal weakness, to a greater or lesser degree, which will make it difficult for them to control their abilities.

Enough abilities to be able to destroy things. Would they make it?