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Emerald Crown; Season 1

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Once more performing his morning routine, Izuku got ready for the day. “No warm water again? For Fuck's Sake” he grumbled in the shower and once more warmed it up for the other guys.


“Oh, morning Tenya - got any word from Tensei bout the next race?” Izuku asked his long time friend, curious as to when this ‘race’ event would take place.


“Morning Izuku and yes; it has been cancelled with the rise of this ‘Hero Killer.’ Elder brother has said he wishes to focus on patrolling and keeping his sidekicks safe from him” the speedster said.


“Ah, disappointing but fair enough-Morning Girls,” Izuku greeted as the girls approached from behind “you ready for today?” he asked them as today was their first lesson with All Might and the excitement was palpable in most of them.


At the unified “Yes/Yeah/Of Course” they began their journey to school, only to be interrupted by the paparazzi, questions of “What’s it like being in the Hero Course?” or “hey you were the one who caught the building, is it true that you got special training from All Might for it?”


With an irritated growl,Izuku deployed a small EMP, fritzing up the equipment of the reporters on campus. “Hey what gives this is a brand new Camera - why’s it fucking up like this?”


“That EMP will be temporary, let's move” Izuku whispered to his friends as they swiftly moved on, entering the main campus and into their home room in short order. “Damn vultures” Izuku muttered as they walked through the door.


Much like yesterday, their classmates trickled in and Shota assigned them their seating plan - from the left side of the room to the right in alphabetical order. This meant Izuku’s neighbours were Koji and Minoru.


Koji visibly relaxed when Izuku turned his presence down, allowing the animal connected boy to calm down as he was no longer in the presence of a powerful predator. I really need to get on asking one of the others to tell him my Quirk - poor guy deserves that much at least . Izuku thought to himself.


Home room was done quickly enough and soon it was time for English with Present Mic. Denki showed a surprising talent for the English language, as did Kyoka and Hiryu. Tsuyu and Momo both did better with the language than Tenya and Izuku did.


After that it was time for lunch, in the truly massive lunch hall. Izuku had just finished off his hyper spicy meal of Katsudon with flame grilled Barbecue sauce in place of the normal one, much to the looks of horror and awe from some of his new classmates.


“I breath FIRE on the regular, why is this so hard to comprehend?” he asked his classmates as those who didn’t know him made various noises or proclamations of understanding “yeah, fire breath tends to kill ya taste buds real quick”


Mina piped up here “think that they’re are other weird Quirk foods - like food we enjoy cause our Quirks change our bodies to enjoy them more?” she asked. For clarification she stated “Like, I don’t think a normal person could handle the sugar I put away.” 


“Actually, there was a study about that a few years ago - according to geneticists all Quirks, even emitters, adapt the body to better suit the power; for example My quirk; Creation allows me to convert my lipids into non-living matter - so my Quirk allows my body to store not only more lipids, the lipids also store more fat to enable me to better use my Quirk” Momo explained to her classmates.


Her excited voice causing many of them to listen in happiness, “wow, you're super smart Yaomomo” Mina spoke up and at Momo’s flushed face and confused look said “its a cute nickname, right?”


Momo’s almost blinding smile and animated chatting with the other classmates made Izuku’s face soften, he had lost count of the amount of times people in their old school had tried to exploit her for homework, a look to Tenya affirmed that he had reached the same conclusion - it was nice to see Momo had real friends now.


It was here that Mei, the pinkette from last night, approached him with glasses in her hands and a manic grin on her face. “HEY RADS BOY!” she called to him, his eye brow raised at the name “I got your new item here!” with that said she presented him with the glasses.


“So, what are these bad boys? And what do they do?” the glasses were triangular shaped and green, he could feel them drawing his natural field in, there were no temples on them but as he brought them up to his eyes, he felt them magnetise to his face.


Green flashed across his back and eyes as he ramped up his electrical output to boost their charge. When its charge was complete it began to scan the area; highlighting people’s phones as well as their own Auras.


“Charge complete, beginning initiation. Hello Master, I am the Artificial Intelligence known as Personal Interface Processor or P.I.P” a digitised voice spoke into his ears, Mina looked like she could vaguely hear something but no one else did.


“I see, compatibility with my bracers?” he spoke below the hearing range of a human.


“Fully compatible Master” the AI responded with


“Awesome,” locking eyes with the practically vibrating gear head “there a user manual for this?” he asked her.


“He’s wirelessly connected to your bracers and is able to project their images for everyone to see as well as act as a more personal screen for you,” she explained in one breath “he can also use your electromagnetic Aura to create a sonar on your HUD” she paused here “oh yeah, he’s mostly voice activated”


“Incoming call from one Shield, Melissa. Master, should I answer?” the voice of his AI asked him.


“Put her on here and on my phone, I think these Gear Heads should meet.” the Titan instructed his AI. With a gentle pass he gave Mei his phone.


“Izuku, why am I getting strange readings from you Bracers? Bracers which are nowhere near you I might add” came Melissa’s voice in his ears as she spoke with concern but mostly curiosity.


“That would be the work of one Mei Hatsume, she’s on the line now” Izuku repsoned


“OK Miss Hatsume, how did you create an almost clone signal of my P.I.A Bracers? And does it have something to do with Izuku talking to both of us?” - Melissa


“Yes it does,” she paused as she took in a deep breath “using a Tantalum-Hafnium carbide outer coating, to keep up with Rad Boy’s heat level,” another deep breath “with a graphene electronics layer Superconducting his charge allowing for maximum processing speed and feedback,” the final breath “after that I added a titanium/tungsten/Molybdenum/tantalum alloy with green/ruby lenses for protection and scratch resistance. I call these the P.I.P. Shades, say Hi sweetie” Mei finished her explanation.


“Hello Miss Shield, I am P.I.P. Master Izuku’s Personal Information Processor - I will scan and record his battles and terrain to help him grow as a hero.” the AI spoke with the young woman on the other end of the line.


“Didn’t tell me that” the Lizard grumbled irritated at the lack of information he got in comparison to Melissa.


“Hello P.I.P. it's a pleasure to meet you,” she responded to the AI before addressing Mei “it also explains a few things” she paused for a second her to gather her thoughts, “hmmm, it seems that P.I.P. is fully compatible with the P.I.A Bracers and can even transmit charges through electromagnetism - very clever Miss Hatsume” she complimented the pinkette


“Thank you, Miss Shield” Izuku had know Mei all of an hour or so cumulatively and he could already tell she was not used to receiving such sincere compliments from others.


“One more Question, the materials needed to make this are incredibly expensive, to the point were even my Dad and I can barely afford to get them,” she paused here for a calming breath “so how did you get those materials?” she asked her fellow gear head.


“Oh that’s easy, I drained the schools power supply for a fusion cell and used that to power the schools ‘Creatitrix’ to make all the materials I needed” she cheerfully explained, oblivious to the looks of anger she got from the boys at the table.


With the test done, and Numbers exchanged the pink haired gear head left the group like the maelstrom of manic energy that she was. And with her departure, the end of Lunch soon came, and the atmosphere of excitement built, for it was time for All Might's Class.


After the class had trickled back into the room, excited babble emanated from them, the theme of which was around how would the number one hero, the symbol of peace, teach them?’


I AM, ” the voice of All Might boomed out “ COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” he exclaimed as he leaned through the door, almost posing in the doorway.


“WOW! It’s All Might” Denki said in awe, not able to process the reality before him.


“Huh, so he really is a Teacher” Hiryuu conceded having been amongst those who had not believed it to be true.


“That’s his silver age costume isn’t it?” Tsuyu questioned aloud, her eyes shining with excitement just like the rest of them.


“Man, its giving me goosebumps” Hanta murmured in awe.



I teach basic hero training ” he began “ it's a subject where you train in the different aspects of being a hero; Combat - Armed & Unarmed, Rescue - First Aid & Injury Priority and finally Reconnaissance - Information Gathering & Investigating ” came his information “ This will make up the bulk of your time here, now let's dive into it with.. COMBAT TRAINING” he boomed his finish.


Before that however, ” with a grand gesture to a wall, 4 rails started to emerge, each one containing 5 boxes, “ Costumes made, based on your Quirk registry as well as the requests sent in before school started,” he spoke as he moved to stand beside the costume rails.


Now get changed and head to ground Beta!” with that said All Might flicked out of existence as he sped through the door. With excitement, they grabbed their costumes and headed to the locker rooms.


“Huh… Yo Guys - someone left a hole here, think we should call the ladies and ask Yaoyorozu to patch it” Mineta questioned the rest of them upon noticing the hole.


“No need,” Hiryu said before yelling “YO! JIRO, ASHIDO YOU HEAR THAT?” 


“YEAH, WE DID YAOMOMO’S ON IT, THANKS MINETA” came Mina’s voice before Momo placed a finger in the hole and with a burst of rainbow light filled it with concrete. And with that done they were able to change in peace.


They say the clothes make the hero, I completely agree!” All Might exclaimed upon seeing them in their costumes.


Tenya was adorned in a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wore various pieces of armor, all a pale silver in color, including a chestplate, a metal collar around his neck and another around his upper arm, and metal vambraces that extended past his elbows, pointed at the ends.


He wore a helmet covering his entire face, its sharp bevor full of holes to allow him to speak and breathe easily, and its upper piece rounded over his head with two larger holes on either side, two curved horns just behind and a single spike sticking out of the back of his head.


Completing his outfit were the boots on his feet; silver knee-highs with gold accessories, which are specialized to withstand his own force and speed, with soles designed to grip most surfaces.


Tsuyu wore a bright green skintight bodysuit highly reminiscent of the suits used for Water Aerobics, Scuba Diving, WindSurfing, Water Skiing and all manners of water based activities. Atop this she wore an aquamarine ‘vest’ of sorts, thin and flexible the subtle glow was lost to most but hinted at various functions.


On her hands were tan gloves with similar lights to her vest, while her feet were adorned in green webbed flippers resembling frogs’ toes. On her head she had a headband, its color matching that of her gloves, and goggles with dark green-tinted lenses attached on either side. 


Momo wore a form highlighting high-collared, sleeveless crimson leotard with silver lines running across her form. Across her breast was the symbol of an anvil embroiled in gold and silver.


On her feet were thigh high boots of the same colour as her leotard, with silver lines down the sides of them. What skin was revealed was covered in a set of tights - which reflected light, hinting at what they were made of. 


Around her waist was a utility belt, with 17 pockets on it. On her arms were mid bicep long gloves that had wrist wallets on them. This was topped off with a visor around her eyes, silver in colour with a black screen.


Eijiro was adorned with two gear-shaped shoulder pads, dark red in color, a jagged sash joining the one in his left to the right side of his belt, which has a red “R” set into its center, standing for his hero name, “Red Riot”.


Below this, he wore baggy black pants and a half cape with a ripped hem, also sporting black boots, multiple thick rings going around his calves. He bore his chest to the world and wore a wired guard around his face, reaching from just above his hairline to below his jaw, an extra piece going over the bridge of his nose, and some spiked pieces around his mouth which resembled little fangs.


Mina’s costume consisted of a plain white mask over her eyes, and a purple and turquoise backless skintight bodysuit with a camouflage pattern, ending just above her breasts. On her waist was a belt, which had a combat knife and first aid kit fitted to it.


Around her neck was a fluffy white choker with a Pink ‘M’ embroiled on it. She wor custom made plum violet and beige acid-proof boots with holes in the soles.


Minoru wore a simple skin tight purple bodysuit, though it had padding at the knees and elbows. Atop this he wore some basic black bullet proof armour and had a small white utility belt.


On his hands were gloves of yellow, the same shade being on his cape and boots. With his face being coated by a mask.


Setsuna wore a blue, scaly mask over her eyes, a simple bodysuit with a matching design and black knee-high boots. Though the glint the suit gave off hinted at its material.


She wor fingerless gloves with orange, three-piece wrist-guards, and a belt around her waist with what looked to be a jewel embedded into the center. 


Ochako’s consisted of a black full-bodysuit with a pale pink design down the middle of her torso, two black circles on her chest and a black rectangle below her waist, running between her legs. There are two more pink patches over her shoulders, both cut off by darker pink armbands that match the thick choker around her neck.


She had circular wrist guards, a dark pink handle on the back of each one, wide knee-high boots with magenta soles and a two-piece belt around her waist a circle embedded into the centre where the pieces join up, a helmet with a tinted visor sometimes worn on her head, all of which were the same pale pink color.


Toru wore a green chrome bodysuit, with noticeable ‘veins’ running around it, connected to some kind of generators on her calves, thighs, stomach and back, shoulders and chest, on her hands and feet were gloves and boots of the same colour.


Shoto wore a plain off-white shirt with matching pants and boots, with two gold-colored straps going over his shoulders. He had what appeared to be a material resembling ice covering his whole left side.


Katsuki bore a tight, black, sleeveless tank top, with an orange “X” across the middle, forming a v-neck. There were two dots along the left line of his collar, indicating the support company that designed his costume.


His costume also had a metallic neck brace worn with rectangular ends that had three holes in each side. His sleeves reach from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carries grenades, holds up his baggy pants with knee guards, below which he sports black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets.

His mask is jagged and black, and as it goes around his eyes, a large, orange-rimmed flare shape protrudes from each side.


Fumikage wore a robe, black, but tinted a dark purple where light hits it, that covered his entire body, only stopping halfway down his shins, and knee-high black boots. From what little could be seen underneath it was a generic padded suit.


Kyoka was adorned in a black leather jacket, long salmon-colored shirt with several rips at the collar and hem, black pants, and boots with stereos built into their shafts.


She also had two small, triangular red paint marks just below her eyes, a plain black choker, and white fingerless gloves.


Denki came out in a plain white shirt, over which he wore an open black jacket with a white lightning pattern across his back, and matching pants with two lines running down his legs.


He had a single, square-shaped earphone over his right ear, something resembling a radio antenna sticking out of the top.


Rikido wore a yellow full-bodysuit, covering the entirety of his body, the only exceptions being the holes around his mouth, each of his eyes, and his hair. He wore white gloves and boots, and a utility belt around his waist, small quantities of sugar stored inside its pouches. 


Koji wore a tight yellow suit, only reaching to his knees and elbows, with a large red marking over his torso and at the ends of his sleeves. On his chest was a symbol resembling an open mouth, and he wore yellow shoes with red lining.


Mezo’s was that of a tight blue tank top, six white markings resembling eyes decorating it like a dice, connected at the top to a darker, more indigo-colored mask, its design the same as the one he usually wore.


He has a belt with another, larger eye shape embedded into its center, this time yellow, below which he wore slightly baggy trousers to match his shirt, two darker lines running down the sides of his legs, and indigo boots.


Standing at 6’6” Izuku cut an intimidating figure in his costume; A green single piece suit, with a zipper in the middle was there his already impressive size being added to by the bulk of the suit. Pulling it out revealed its spacious pockets on the waist and thighs. Reinforced elbows and knees give it extra durability under heavy use, with the interface port over the left breast used for a variety of purposes.


On both arms, at the forearms were miniaturized computers - something to help monitor his radiation and heat levels, along with other various other things Mel probably put in there to be helpful. This was topped off by a long coat much like the one his uncle Godzillo wore; high collared and ripped to match its tattered hem, coloured green and purple to match his suit, all in all he was an imposing figure.


Hanta wore a black, skin-tight bodysuit with a turtleneck, which was plain apart from a white design on his mid-torso area, and two yellow trimmings around each of his elbow-length sleeves.


He wore white boots, lined with yellow, and had white short bands around his waist and the sides of his thighs, with a larger one across his chest to connect his shoulder pads, which were shaped like tape dispensers. He completes his outfit with a yellow helmet, shaped similarly to his shoulder pads, which had a large black visor obscuring his face.  


And finally Hiryu had chosen a costume of light colored knee high boots, a dark vest with white clouds across it and a collar that covered his chin. He wore a belt tied around his waist with pouches on the side, with a pair of large gloves and a visor on his head. His outfit appeared similar to a Jiangshi and his visor was similar to the talismans commonly seen pasted on their forehead.


Beware now my students, from this moment on ” he paused for a breath before booming “ YOU ARE ALL HEROES!


Now, it's time for combat training, ” he spoke “ So shall we begin you Zygotes?” he asked them


“Sensei!” Tenya’s hand shot up, and at All Might's nod he asked “since this was one of the areas used in the entrance Exam, are we doing urban battles again?”


No, where moving on from that ” All Might announced. “ Most villain battles observed by the public are outdoors, but the numbers tell us a far more sinister story. the most cunning and intelligent of villains are the ones holed up in hideouts, secret lairs, or black market back alleys.


Its was with this in mind, that this exercise was made, you shall be divided into teams of two ” with this he spread his arms out in a grand gesture “ one set of Heroes and one set of Villains, now draw your lot and lets begin” 


With that said, they all reached into the box and drew a card with a letter on it, this meant that the teams were as follows;


Team A consisted of Momo & Hiryu.

Team B were Izuku & Denki.

Team C held Tenya & Koji.

Team D contained Shoto & Katsuki.

Team E saw Toru & Hanata paired up.

Team F saw the combo of Mina & Fumikage.

Team G paired Ochako & Minoru.

Team H saw Rikido & Mezo collaborating.

Team I held the combination Eijiro & Tsuyu.

Team J allowed Setsuna & Kyoka to team up.


Now for our first contestants; Villain Team A Vs Hero Team D” All Might announced, while Momo and Hiryu nodded at each other, Shoto ignored his partners glare to focus on the building.





His face was a mask of shock as his attack was deflected.



Omake – Non-Canon; Izuku Vs Jaws


Deciding to get away from the heroing for a day, Izuku and crew went to Dagobah beach – which the guys had been cleaning/using as a training ground since their second year.


Izuku had brought an inflatable pool bed and was lounging on that a small distance away from the shore, almost lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the waves.


His rest was interrupted by Something swimming towards Eri. With an irritated growl he deployed his wings and took to the skies.


As the shark surged forward it was interrupted by Izuku’s head breaching the water and his dead eyed stare. The king of the seas froze before turning and retreating.


With that done he flew back to his bed and promptly went back to lazing under the sun.