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Emerald Crown; Season 1

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Last Time on Emerald Crown we saw the young king rise to power;



Izuku charged at her, moving faster than humanly possible, and his mother’s would be rapist held Inko close as she tried to reload her gun, but she wasn’t fast enough “I SAID LET. HER. GO!” the 10-year-old roared and with inhuman strength, grabbed the would-be rapist’s arm and threw her into the wall.


Now an older more skilled Izuku would’ve been able to release his grip at the right moment to ensure maximum damage while not maiming his target.


This is not what happened, for Izuku had not planned on how to throw her properly, so while his target’s body hit the wall, her arm did not go with her.



Izuku snarled as his tail began to light up, a deep resonating thrum building with it, Logan charged at him, as Izuku sucked in a deep breath, the heat and thrum peaked and Izuku roared .


A gout of flame smashed into the wolverine, pushing the giga beast back. Izuku paused drew in another breath and fire once more, almost killing Logan. The smell of cooked meat filled the air.


Izuku approached and grabbed the burnt wolverine and smashed into the ground, and again, and again, and again, and again, and final time, leaving the giga beast inbedded in the ground. That was when the others showed up, surrounding him.


He through his head back and let out a challenging roar at the others, something primal compelled him to do so, to assert his dominance over them, to show them who the KING was.


Down an arm, tired and young. In a normal situation he would already be dead, but here, now it was different. The others could sense it, he was different than them, he was a KING, and they were his subjects.


Izuku locked eyes with the bear, and it made an aggressive sound, growling at him. Izuku stood still straining it in the eyes, challenging it, the bear backed down. What happened next was burned into the minds of everyone who saw it, the bear bowed. Turning his gaze to the other giga beasts Izuku watched they did the same.



Several things happened in quick succession, all those armed had pulled their guns out and taken aim, the police officers aiming at their once comrade, the traitor aiming at Eri, Izuku had moved Eri on to the seat next to him and had Moved . A powerful impact filled the room and disoriented everyone.


The first thing everyone processed was the humming, a loud thrumming sound that warned of something powerful. The next was the heat, it felt like a sauna in the station, and a visible Heat Haze surrounded the Boy.


Now they registered the Boy, one hand wrapped around the traitor's neck, gripping it hard having raised him off the ground with one arm, the other was melting the gun and bullets letting the molten metal fall to the ground with an angry hiss.


“ I think we have some Questions for you ” Izuku spoke, his voice was a deep and menacing growl, his burning Orange Eyes and slight aura of heat cut a very Intimidating Image.




A grunt answered them, and with a roar, the building began to rise.


The Young Titan’s strength being pushed to its limit in order to accomplish this feat of might surpassing most pro heroes.


Legs then back straightened as the young King pushed his body to its limit, and when that was not enough, he pushed it past the limit.


The signature hum built up, as heat began to radiate from him and then his roar changed, becoming more primal, the roar of a Titan emerged from his throat, blue raced up his tail before settling on green as he pushed the building towards an apex.


With eyes blazing Green and a nearly visible aura of heat, the building was raised, a full 32 centimeters.



Rage built with his heat and sound, with a roar he threw his fist into the mechanised titans arm. The arm was blown away by the sheer force of his strength. Rearing back with a massive inhale, Izuku held it for a second and ROARED .


Blue flashed across his tail and wings, the humming turning into a thrumming as the heat built to such levels that the ground around him melted. His Incandescent Breath, a beam of thermal radiation smashed into the Zero-Pointer, dying the area emerald green.


As Izuku ran out of breath, he surveyed his handiwork. The Zero-Pointer was a heap of molten metal now. He did not know what compelled him to do this, but he threw his head back and ROARED to the heavens, a victory shout and a challenge.


Now Join Izuku and Friends for; EMERALD CROWN SEASON; 1!