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The Perfect Guy

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"I just had a great date the other day," Washimi was going on, standing up on her yoga mat and giving Retsuko and Gori what was the closest to a smile.
Gori nodded and grinned, lifting a leg up and her arms into the air. "I'm meeting a really handsome guy for dinner later this week. So excited."

Retsuko sweat a little. She knew it was coming.

"Retsuko...any guys in your life?" They asked together, turning their attention towards her.

"Well,, not right now..." Retsuko stammered, shaking a little off balance from the question. 

There was a pause.

"Well, you don't want to rush into it dear," Washimi said, fanning her feathers. "Don't settle for less. When the right guy comes, you'll know. You know?"

"Yeah! A hunky Casanova that will sweep you off your feet into his rippling muscles!" Gori jumped in, her eyes bright with the image.   

"Erm, I was thinking more like a handsome intellectual with poise, a high end job," Washimi said with some coolness.

"Hard pass." Gori grunted, going into another stretch. "Retsuko, what you need is someone who can match you on all levels." She winked.

"W-well I-" Retsuko blushed.

"What she needs is a man who is as complex as her, understanding of her needs," Washimi retorted. 

"I- I guess-" Retsuko stammered.

Gori huffed. "Well with our standards, Retsuko is gonna have a hard time."

"You're right. Nobody at the office is up to snuff." 

Retsuko was starting to feel very awkward. "I'm gonna go grab some water," she said, and she split to the side of the room to grab her drink for a quick break.

As much as she loved them...they could be so overbearing.

She took a quick peek at her phone and smiled.


It was only a one word greeting, but it was who it was from that made all the difference. Haida.

He might not qualify as all the things her friends said, but to Retsuko, he was so much better.