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Ask Red and Reader!!

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Ask Red n Reader.

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Question asked on DA:
Apologizes for the most disliked common question but... what's your favorite color?

Color Options:

Red, Purple, Blue

or another color!

Put it to a vote!!


~Thanks for taking the time to do this~

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Feel free to comment here or on my DA questions you want to ask Reader n Red!

Be sure to put @Reader or @Red, so I know who the question is for!

Please keep questions PG 13, Thank you!

Remember! This is just for fun,

I am not the owner of UnderFell that honor belongs to !!

I am not the owner of Undertale, that honor belongs to
Toby Fox !!

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What questions would you like drawn by me??

Your suggestions would be put to a vote on here after you ask the question.

Remember this is just for fun, so please keep PG13.

If it HAS to be NSFW, I will consider drawing it but I make no promises. :)

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@Red: what is your favorite thing(s) about Reader??

@Reader: What does Red do that makes you love him even more??

Help me decide how they respond!!

Thanks for taking the time to vote/answer and ask questions!
It honestly makes my day!