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Hot weather

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Shinobu doesn't like summer.

If she want, she can even rambling all night long about the reasons she disliked it. How the wind no longer give her skin a cool sensation, how the cicadas been loud as hell, and how she easily sweats.

But, today's an exception.

It's another hot day in the summer when the couple taking a stroll— ah, i mean, *as a date*. The two has been busy lately to the fact that they haven't had some time together, even though both of them in the same school.

Shinobu didn't mind if she spends her day with Giyuu in this weather. While Giyuu enjoyed the silence between them. Just admiring how the smaller girl still looks pretty with anything she wears— Or, he's just being whipped. Who knows?

“Oh! Giyuu-san, look!” Shinobu suddenly pointed at a nearby ice cream stand, with her smile getting wider. “Let's go buy some!”

Giyuu raises his eyebrows. Suprised to her reaction. “I thought you're on a diet, yet.. Ouch! What was that for?”

Shinobu pinched his arm, sighing. “Now, now, Giyuu-san. It's rude for a boyfriend to discuss about her girlfriend diet schedule, you know? Also, today's an exception since the weather is hot.”

Giyuu almost roll his eyes before Shinobu dragged him to the ice cream stand. Resulting a frown from the man.

“Two scoops of choco mint, please.” She said happily to the woman who reply back with 'Alright, please wait a sec.' Then, Shinobu take a glance back at Giyuu, who still frowning and.. pouting. She almost burst out laughing at the sight of her boyfriend getting annoyed, and boy, did it make Shinobu want to teased him even more.

“You should stop making that face, Giyuu-san," She whispered softly while leaning her body towards him. "Or i might fall for you again for the countless times... Well, not that you disliked it right?”

Giyuu feels his cheeks getting warmer. Damn, even though he already know her personality, the fact that he hasn't get used to it only make it even worse.

“Here's your choco mint!”

“Ah, thank you!”

Shinobu turn her body back to the woman before Giyuu could react back. She turn her body back after she payed, tasting the ice cream, and found Giyuu dumbfounded expression towards her.

“Wanna taste, Giyuu-san?” She hold her spoon with some ice cream out for the older man. Acting like she didn't do anything for him to be this dumbfounded. “I don't know if you like this flavor, though.”

Giyuu feels like he's been challenged. He stay still for like a second when he notice some ice cream on the corner of Shinobu's lips.


Maybe this do.

Giyuu suddenly leans in as he skips the spoon, aiming for her lips, then pressed his lips against Shinobu's. Unaware of they're surrounding— a public area, where they're still an inches close to the ice cream stand.

Actually nevermind. It's just Giyuu being Giyuu, after all.

“Yummy.” He mumbled, licking some of remaining ice cream on his own lips. Didn't realize of how impactful his action were.

It took Shinobu some time to realize that, her boyfriend, who always dense, suddenly make an extreme move— to kissed her in public.

She didn't realize how her cheeks were getting red. She didn't realize about how the school going to make a huge rumours if someone saw it. She didn't realize how naturally she caressed Giyuu's cheeks, and how her lips is already pressed against his. Kissing him back in a soft, gentle kiss.

Shinobu let go, blinking twice, then starts to stare at her ice cream with the same embarrassed face.

Perhaps, summer isn't so bad after all.