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Call Me Lover

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     Summer. 1986.

     The day had finally come for your father's annual Summer Celebration Party. Not that you were excited or anything—you've been to 21 of these already and weren't fazed at all by everything that goes on. Luckily for you, your father was rich and was able to hire the best chefs in the business for today. You had to admit the food was amazing but having to watch people stumble around slightly tipsy was something you'd rather not experience. You decided that today you were just going to sit by the pool, dangling your feet in the water while sipping on some water. Even though you were 21, you knew that your father would still not allow you to drink alcohol, despite being at home and in a relatively safe environment.

     The party had officially started at 2pm—now it was 4pm and your back yard was almost full to the brim with people, most of them government officials or friends of your father's. You recognised a few people but the majority of people, you had never even seen before.

     You stood up out of the pool, making your way back to the kitchen for a refill. As you went to open the back door, your hand jerked forward as the door opened before you got a chance to do it. Your hand collided with someone's chest, before you quickly grabbed onto their shirt material to steady yourself. As you stood back on your feet, you looked up as to who you had just nearly fell into. You recognised him, but couldn't figure out who he was exactly. Although, he didn't seem like the talkative type as he just grumbled something and moved past you to go back out to the yard.

     You shook your head, trying to ignore his rude actions and went to the sink to refill your cup. As you finished, you looked up to see the same man you had just hit with your hand, having what seems to be a lighthearted conversation with your father. However, you could tell a fake laugh when you saw one and it wasn't coming from your father. You knew there were several people who didn't like or trust your father and clearly this man was one of them, but was just trying to get through the day without pissing anyone off—except he already had done that with you.

     You headed back out the kitchen and unfortunately, your father caught you in bis peripheral vision and called you over. You had no intention of wanting to talk to the other man but there was no way out of it now. You smiled at your father as you gave him a hug, before pulling back and looking up at the other man. As if it wasn't bad enough that you hit him, now you had to talk to him.

     "There's someone I'd like you to meet. This is Jim Hopper, he's the Chief of Police here. So, if you ever got a problem, you go to him. He'll help you out." You rolled your eyes and thankfully your father never noticed. Jim reached his hand out towards you and you reluctantly took it in your own, shaking his hand slightly. His grip on your hand slightly tightened and you swallowed thickly, feeling slightly intimidated by the older man.

     "Oh, ok. Yeah, thanks." Jim chuckled, sensing you weren't really one for talking. As he pulled his hand away from you, he watched your facial expression change slightly, as well as carefully observing how your body language changed too. He just nodded at you as you slowly walked off to find your spot at the pool again. Unfortunately, someone had taken your spot in the shade and you sighed, looking around the garden to find another spot. You noticed the bench in the corner of the garden was free and made your way over, unaware that Jim was watching as you walked away, sipping at his beer.

     As you sat down, you noticed Jim's gaze was still on you for a second before he turned back to your father. You practically downed the full glass of water from catching his longing gaze on you, feeling slightly intimidated by him all of a sudden. He was much older you and much bigger than you, which didn't really help. Shaking that thought out of your head, you tried focusing on the rest of the celebration, watching as the kids played around in the garden, the moms drinking wine and getting a little tipsy and the dads zoning in on the buffet and barbecue. You were so engrossed in everything going on that you didn't even notice someone sitting next to you.

     "I'm sorry." You turned your head, noticing Jim sitting next to you. You raised your eyebrow, wondering why he was apologising to you. You just turned your head back forward and took a sip of your water, before noticing you only had a droplet left in the glass. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for you to be sat right next to him with no water, considering you couldn't even comprehend him looking at you for a second before downing your glass of water.

     "You know, for uhm, for what happened in your kitchen. I didn't mean to be rude, just kinda don't want to be here." You smiled at him, turning back to face him. You obviously knew he didn't want to be here, he wasn't good at hiding that. From the clearly fake laugh, to the fact that he's sat talking to you in the corner of your backyard rather than flirting up the women or following the dads to the buffet, you knew he would rather be anywhere but here.

     "Well, that's obvious. But I don't blame you. I've been to every single one of these parties and every year they just get bigger and more crowded. I'd rather be watching from my room upstairs." Jim just smiled, taking a sip of his beer and turning his head towards the rest of the celebrations. There was a small and awkward silence between the two of you, before Jim coughed slightly to try and break through it.

     "Can't be much fun though, can it? Just sat up there on a hot day when there's a perfectly good pool out here, hm?" You just smiled and shook your head, making him turn back to look at you again. He smiled at you, before taking another sip of his beer again. You could tell something was off about him but you couldn't figure out exactly what it was, but you were intrigued to find out.

     "Well, I use the pool almost everyday so it gets boring. Anyway, why aren't you using the pool, you look like you could use a bit of relaxation, Chief." You didn't notice Jim's hand tense up around his glass of beer after you addressed him using his title, but you did notice him swallowing thickly before taking another sip of his beer. He just shook his head and chuckles slightly, trying to bring himself back to reality.

     "Don't think anyone would appreciate me going into that pool, I'm a hundred percent sure I'd scare everyone off. Besides, nobody wants to see me without a shirt on anyway." This made you frown, knowing now that he was self-conscious, and clearly self-loathing as well. You placed your hand on his thigh, making him tense up underneath your touch, before he locked eyes with your own, his mouth slightly hung open.

     "That's not true. And hey, so what if you're a bit bigger than other people, there's people out there that won't care how big, or how old, you are." Jim just nodded, wiggling his thigh gently, almost trying to get you to remove your hand. Thankfully, you soon did, returning it to your own thigh, which Jim now had his eyes on. Your skin was soft, he hadn't noticed it before but now as he looks at your arms and your neck and your face, he notices just how soft and warm your skin looks.

     "Anyway, I think I'm gonna head. Don't bother telling your father that I'm gone, I'm sure he doesn't care that much anyway." Jim forced a smile, moving to stand up, while you quickly followed suit. He reached his hand out to yours again and you took it, shaking his hand and feeling your palm slowly become quite sweaty from his touch. He just chuckled, pulling his hand away and smiling softly at you.

     You watched as Jim placed the empty beer glass down on a table before walking to the back gate and heading out. Sighing, you went to grab the glass and take it inside to wash it, knowing your father would kill whoever just left it lying around. Maybe it was the heat or maybe it was just the fact that your hormones have been acting up lately, but something about the way Jim shook your hand and the way he tensed up when you touched his thigh, was enough to make you want to have a cold shower—or even two. You blinked quickly, pulling yourself out of your daydream to dry the glass and put it back on the shelf.

     Usually, you were in bed by midnight and asleep by half past. But tonight you kept tossing and turning, never being able to find a position comfortable enough to fall asleep in. Lying on your stomach, you huffed into her pillow, before slowly sitting up. You softly padded over to your window, drawing the curtains and looking out into your backyard. You sighed, heading back to bed with your curtains drawn, lying down on your stomach and hugging one of your pillows close to your chest.

     "Just kinda don't want to be here..." Those words played on repeat in your mind, thinking about everything that happened today. If Jim hadn't turned up today, would you have gotten an easy nights sleep. If Jim hadn't turned up today, would you even be thinking about how he shook your hand? Would you even be thinking about how he smiled at you? Would you even be thinking about him?

     In reality, he hadn't even left your head. For the last three hours of your father's party, you just couldn't shake the older man out of your mind. The sound of his voice was enough to lull you to sleep and soon enough, you felt your eyes fall closed. You curled into your pillow more and you soon slowly fell asleep, Jim's voice echoing in your head, helping you to fall asleep.

"Keep going.. keep touching yourself for me, baby.." You whined, your fingers slowly sliding in and out of your slightly swollen lips. The deep voice behind you was pushing you in the right direction for an orgasm. You sobbed softly, the pressure building up inside you, making you cry out incoherently. It was all getting too much for you and you knew you couldn't handle much more before you would break.

"Did I tell you to stop? Keep going. Or do you not want me to fuck you later? Keep fucking going, little girl.." You sobbed against the bedsheets softly, your fingers and legs starting to shake as you felt your orgasm building and building even further inside you. With your spare hand, you had to reach and grip the bed sheets underneath you, trying to have some sort of balance before your orgasm rippled through you.

Your whines and sobs were enough for the man behind you to reach for his own pants and unbuckle his belt. You heard the clinking of metal behind you and you whimpered, preparing yourself for him just pushing himself inside you at any moment. But just the thought of that was enough for your orgasm to hit you like a freight train, your legs shaking and spasming out of your control. You gently slid your fingers out of you and gripped the bedsheets, feeling the last waves of your orgasm flow out of you.

     As you breathed a sigh of relief, you slowly blinked your eyes open, turning around to see your room completely empty, with only the light of the moon shining onto your floor. It was then that you realised that whatever the hell just happened, didn't actually happen. You just had a wet dream about the goddamn Chief of Police.

     You just had a wet dream about Jim fucking Hopper.

     Looking down between your legs, you noticed a slight wet patch on the sheets. You mentally reminded yourself to quickly throw them in the laundry tomorrow, without your parents catching you in the act. You then moved your hand and felt a slight wetness, and you quietly tiptoed to your ensuite, trying to be as quiet as you can while you washed your hands. Once you were done, you looked up at yourself in the mirror.

     Your cheeks were flushed red and your hair was askew, slightly damp in places as well. If this was how you looked after just thinking about sex with Jim, you were totally afraid of what would happen if by some miracle, you actually had sex with Jim for real.

     And with that thought, you quietly tiptoed over to your window, drawing the curtains closed, before heading back to bed. You lay there awake for a good 5 minutes before your eyelids got heavy and fluttered closed. You hoped to god that there were no more wet dreams about Jim that night—you don't think you could prepare for another mind-shattering orgasm.

     You soon fell asleep, your body on complete lockdown. Having never really touched yourself before, you were quite shocked at what had just happened. So, thankfully your mind just shoved it away at the back of your head and forgot all about it to let you sleep this time.

     But the thought of Jim watching you while you touched yourself wasn't just going to go away that easily. The whole situation was something that was clearly not just a one time thing, but rather a repeating event. One that would replay on your mind forever.