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Let's Spin the Wheel

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As he fell, he waited for the final blow to come. He was utterly out of magic. All he had was what kept his bones together and those had seen better days. He was pretty sure every bone on his left side was broken or at least cracked. He didn’t even need to check to know he was clinging to life by the barest thread of HP.

Who knew this stranger would be so crazy strong? He and the Boss had thrown everything they had at the guy and still he kept on coming! Even just looking at the creepy, dripping goopy freak had pissed Red off to no end. For whatever reason, just being in the same area as the guy had brought Red’s self-doubt and depression creeping out past his wall of apathy and nihilism and that pissed him off more. Sure he felt that way most of the time, but it was on his own damned terms!

Now he was falling. That dick of a tentacled asshole had managed to get the better of the Boss, getting its slimy appendages on him and lifting him into the air. Red had used the last of his magic to shortcut between the stranger and his Boss, using a bone attack to bash through the tentacle wrapped around the Boss’s neck and skull. His moment of fierce glee had been short-lived however. The stranger had bellowed in pain before two more tentacles had smashed into Red, sending him flying. There had been a shocked moment of blinding pain followed by the realization that he was falling. The blow had sent him high into the air.

But he’d given his Boss the breathing room he needed and managed to land a good blow at the same time. Red could hear the fight sill going, though the words didn’t make it past the ringing in his skull. His was sure the Boss would win though. So Red closed his sockets and waited for a final blow to come. If their opponent didn’t Dust him, impact with the ground would. He could already feel himself passing out. At least he wouldn’t be awake to feel it.

“Heh, sorry, Pap…” he muttered with a pained laugh.

Then, he passed out.





What was that? Oh, damn, did he hurt! Nope, nope he wasn’t dealing with this. He was going back to sleep until that stopped.

“Sans! You lazy jerk! Don’t you dare Dust on me!”

Aww, crap, his Boss. Wait… Red’s mind suddenly snapped to the last thing he remembered. He’d been falling.


Oh shit, the Boss still sounded pissed, but there was something in that tone he hadn’t heard in years.

“You promised! You promised you’d always be with me so don’t you dare go back on your word!”

Oh, damn, Edge was starting to sound both pissed and frantic. He’d better say something.

“…always hated makin’ promises,” he croaked.

“Sans!” Edge exclaimed, sounding relieved and annoyed, “I would smack you for that if you had more than a tenth of a health point.”

Red felt a gentle tug on his collar and managed a breath of a chuckle. He cracked open a socket, which amusingly was about the only part of him that didn’t feel cracked, and managed to focus a white eye light on Edge.

“Knew ya’d win, Boss,” he said.

Edge snorted, “Of course I won! At least, I would have if the coward had not fled.”

“Ah. In that case, gonna be honest while we’re at it, wasn’t really expectin’ to wake up again.”

Edge flushed and looked to the side. Red was rather surprised he didn’t cross his arms. This was looking like a pout otherwise. At least until he noticed that Edge’s left arm was resting limply on his lap.

“Shit, Boss, what happened?” Red demanded, struggling to push himself onto his uninjured right arm.

“Lay back down before you damage yourself further!” Edge snapped, pushing Red back down with little force.

Red grunted but looked pointedly at the arm Edge wasn’t moving. Edge scowled and looked away again.

“It is broken. I wasn’t about to let you land from such a fall. I caught you by your Soul just as that strange monster made his parting strike,” he grudgingly explained.

Red let out a breath, relaxing, “Man, Boss, you’re so cool.”

He was rewarded by seeing Edge sit up straighter, smirk wide and bright.

“Naturally! After all, I am the Great and Terrible Papyrus! Nyeheheh!”

Red managed a real laugh at that even though it made his damaged ribs flare up hot with pain. Edge’s smirk softened into something close to a smile and he snorted, shaking his head.

“Very well, let us get you healed, idiot brother of mine,” Edge said, rough affection warming his words.

Red smiled as soothing coolness spread from the hand still pressed to his chest. He relaxed more and simply accepted the healing magic, letting it do as it wished.

“Thanks, Boss.”

“You are welcome.”

Red’s sockets started to drift closed. Healing always made him drowsy.

“And Sans?”

“Yeah, Boss?”

“You may sleep in tomorrow.”

Red grinned despite himself. Those words were gratitude, relief, and everything Edge couldn’t actually say.

“Thanks, Pap.”