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The First Persian

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"I'll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind"

He could sense the smell from far, far away, three or more halls ahead, and it was insufferable. Since Ubbe came to Wessex the only thing in his mind has been Alfred, and he hated himself for it, how weak he must look to Bjorn, Lagertha, but above all, Torvi. Torvi, who stood beside him in moments of need and didn’t abandon him like his own brother Hvitserk. Thing is, all Ubbe’s being was intoxicated by the smell; part of him wished to kill Alfred to stop once for all his suffering. The day he and Bjorn had a discussion about the land and how Alfred should've given them what it was promise, even then Ubbe couldn’t control himself and not snap as soon Alfred said he couldn’t give the lands – 'not yet', the King said – and living in the same roof as the King wasn’t helping Ubbe’s mind.

Ubba opened the door without knocking, Alfred was already waiting for him and the guards by the door did nothing to block Ubbe. ‘If only they knew what I am thinking right now’ for sure not even the King would agree to see Ubbe if he could read how many times Ubbe though about throwing him on the floor and taking him from his back. First thing Ubbe saw was Alfred’s cat tail, white and not as full of fur as Ubbe’s tail, but yet, very graceful, after Ubbe saw small black cat ears moving slowly to the sound of the door cracking and making the King turn, but what really captured Ubbe was his green eyes staring at the Viking. Alfred had the features of all royal English, apparently, a Ragdoll breed. For Vikings that meant nothing, since their breeds were to be Maine Coon – as all Ragnar’s sons, and Ragnar before his death – marking those who not fear a battle and came from Odin themselves. Bengal, the exotic breed sign of good presage or just, the ones close to the gods that came from Freya's womb, and the Norwegian Forest, as warriors and the majority of Northman from Thor hammer. Ragdolls were no breed, and the unknown was usually seeing as wrong for hybrids. It didn’t change the fact that Alfred was an omega and Ubbe an alpha. 

“You asked to see me?” Ubbe spoke after some seconds staring at the sweet creature. He frowned, trying to imagine why the King would agree to meet him alone, knowing very well – by the non-subtle way Ubbe’s body reacted in the King’s presence – how much Ubbe wanted to bed him.

 “Yes” Alfred said, diverting his eyes and taking a long breath. The attraction wasn’t light for him either, it was clear that the Goddess was testing his will, but the Goddess also made him a fertile man, someone able to provide heirs. Why would the Goddess give something so important and at the same time ask for him to preserve himself till a future husband or wife could be worthy of him? Ubbe was a sin, a delightful sin to look at. “Please, sit”

Ubbe stood his ground, his own orange with white ear moving along with his orange-white tail. From all sons of Ragnar, Ubbe was exactly like his father. From face, to color, not even Bjorn could be compared in that aspect, Bjorn having his orange tail but white ears. Ubbe was strong, physically and in mind, Alfred could tell because he has been using the calming tone of an omega to peace the conversation. True be told, Ubbe was trying to not give in the first sentence, the tone was getting into his nerves.

“Some wine?” Alfred tried again, pouring some wine and knowing for a fact Ubbe was watching him. Alfred cleared his throat before speaking again. “I think your brother Bjorn had set his heart against me.” And if that wasn’t the reason Ubbe tried his best to keep distance between him and the King, then he didn’t know why he resisted the temptation.

“He feels… betrayed.” Saying the true was an easy path to Ubbe, and there was no motivation to lie. He also felt betrayed by Alfred’s grandfather; the lands were theirs by right.

“I understand that, but what can I do? It was not of my doing. And for the time being it is not easy for me to grant those lands again, many are against it.” For record, Ubbe hated how much Alfred could get under his skin effortless. How he was already considering whatever Alfred throw at him.

“So what we are supposed to do?”

As if Alfred was expecting the question, he didn’t take a breath before saying. “Conciliation. You can public renounce your pagan gods and follow Bastet as a believer on the only Goddess.” Alfred dared to ask this from a son of Ragnar, the ones closest to the gods in Earth. No, he couldn’t. “Can’t imagine Bjorn would ever agree to that.” Why, why he chose those words? Ubbe didn’t want to stay anymore, million of thoughts crossing him and asking himself if he would agree on that. He turned ready to leave.

“I am not talking about Bjorn, but about you.” Any omega asking something from an alpha is already a burden to not met the expectations. Alfred seemed to have both omega and King on his side, because Ubbe once again couldn’t resist facing the younger one. As a way of distraction, and to find an excuse to get close, Ubbe pointed to the wine, which Alfred soon poured some on a glass and gave to the Northman. They both sat at the same time.

“You do that for me, Ubbe.” Does he really need to say the name? Turning Ubbe’s life a circle of desperation for one single omega? “And a part of my burden is lifted. Ragnar talked to me when I was a boy, he talked about your people, my people, sharing the land and I think of all his sons you are closest to him.” It was annoying how Alfred was able to read right throw Ubbe’s face. Ubbe was aware of that, more than he could admit. “He told my grandfather that he no longer believed in your gods.” That was Alfred mistake. To speak about Ragnar as someone that he knew very well, Ubbe was sure not even his father knew himself at the end of his days, but Ragnar’d never stop believing in Thor, Freya or Odin. The gods that made them who they are, that lay down on Freya’s cats to create the hybrids. Ubbe gave a sarcastic smile. 

“That’s not true.”

“My grandfather told me everything.” ‘He was an arse.’ Ubbe thought, but Alfred kept speaking. “He wanted to prepare me for times such as this and he loved your father, I know that. Your father’s death broke him, destroyed him.” With that, Ubbe wasn’t able to contain himself anymore, he stooped and got closer, face to face with Alfred. So close the smell was unbearable to fight. He gave a good look, from the small black ears to the green shining eyes and the red lips so appetizing. Ubbe wanted to believe in Alfred, he wanted more to believe Ragnar was able to convert himself just so he could give the King the World in a silver plate. Alfred didn’t move, he was still and his ears didn’t bow which was a sign of straight, especially coming from alpha to omega. 

“I have one condition, and if you say ‘yes’ I will convert to your religion in a heartbeat.” Ubbe said, maybe it was the heat between them, or the fact that this would peace his whole being once for all. Ubbe wasn’t going to be able to suddenly pray for a Goddess he barely heard about, but he didn’t need to if Alfred did that for both of them. May the gods forgive his ambitions and desires, because he is only hybrid after all.

“What do you wish?” Alfred asked, holding the stare. One thing, only one, for a lifetime of service in name of Bastet. Alfred could deliver it, he thought.

“You.” Shameless, Ubbe said, still too close for comfort. Now Alfred’s heart was pumping hard and his ears finally gave an indication of submission by going down.

“Marry me, King of Wessex, and my axe shall be yours forever.”