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Lost Princess

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Dear Diary,


You already know who I am, but my name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and I'm 17 years old. I live with my parents on top of our bakery, and I'm currently in my last year of high school. I'm from Singapore, but I can't remember anything from my time there since we moved to Paris when I was two years old. I've always wanted to visit Singapore, but I can't afford to go, plus it is my duty as a superheroine to stay here and protect the citizens of Paris. Oh, I forgot to tell you, when I was 13 years I became the superheroine, Ladybug, and with the help of my partner, Chat Noir, we protect the people of Paris against the villain Hawkmoth. For four years, Hawkmoth has been terrorizing Paris, praying on peoples negative emotions, trying to make them do his bidding and take hold of our miraculous. For what he wants them, we still don't have a clue, but our master told us that if our miraculous are combined, the person that states the mantra can have one wish fulfill, but we know that everything comes at a price. 


For over the years, we have defeated every Akuma victim, and sometimes with the help of other temporary miraculous holders, like Queen Bee, Rena Rouge, Carapace, Viperion, Aspik, Pegasus, King Monkey, Multimouse (this one was also me, but we can get the details later on), Bunnyx (she was from the future), and Ryuko. I was the one who selected the people behind the miraculous, so I know all their identities, but unfortunately, Hawkmoth knows about two of them, Queen Bee, known as Chloé Bourgeois, and Ryoku, known as Kagami Tsurugi. Even though he knows their identities, this are the only ones, including Luka, Adrien, Chat, and Viperion, that I can trust as my civilian form. The other miraculous holders haven't been seen in over two years, the year that Lila Rossi enrolled in my school.


Before she came, I was planning on choosing other people from my class as temporary miraculous holders. So, I think we all know who is who, but here is the recap. Rena Rouge, her miraculous is a fox and is none other than Alya Césaire, and her partner, Carapace, the turtle miraculous, is her real-life boyfriend, Nino Lahiffe. Viperion is my good friend Luka, and Aspik, with only one debut, was none other than Adrien Agrest, the boy who still has my heart, but we can get into the details later on. Both Luka and Adrien wore the miraculous of the snake. Pegasus, the miraculous of the horse, was wielded by Max Kanté; King Monkey, guess what miraculous, the monkey miraculous, was worn by Lê Chiên Kim, and Bunnyx, the bunny miraculous, is worn by the future self of Alix Kubdel. I was planning on giving the ox miraculous to Ivan Bruel, the mouse to his girlfriend, Mylène Haprèle; the dog miraculous to Sabrina Raincomprix; the tiger to Juleka Couffaine, Luka's sister, the pig miraculous to Rose Lavillant, and the rooster to Nathaniel Kurtzberg, with only the goat miraculous left without a holder. 


Now, I'll explain what happened two years ago with Lila Rossi. When she came back from her supposed illness, she threatens me to get all my friends against me if I didn't become her friend and if I kept pursuing my relationship as more than friends with Adrien, which that would have never happen since Adrien loves another girl. When I refused and tried to expose Lila for what she truly is, she began to tell my friends that I was the one threating her, and started to tell lies about me. Usually, you would think that friends would believe their friends and not a person that came into their lives but was I wrong. 


After she 'exposed me' as a liar, no one talks to me, Alya cut her ties with me, and with her, Nino and the others followed. The only one that knew that she was lying was Adrien, and he tried to help me, but it make thing worse for me, so I told him that I was going to be okay. When Lila tried to get Chloé against me, she stood up to her and told her that she didn't believe that I could do or say that stuff, but Sabrina believed her, and now that don't speak to one another. After that incident, Chloé has been my friend, and so has been Kagami, the other person that never believed the lies of Lila. Lila wanted Kagami on her side, but with one slip up on one of her lies, where she said that she knew the famous fencer that one the cup that year, but Kagami already knew she was lying when she said it was a woman, but the winner for the past five years has been a man. 


That is why I still entrusted them with their miraculous because I knew that no matter what, they trusted me. So, I decided to tell them that I was Ladybug, and we have been best of friends ever since. 


With the identity of Chat Noir still unknown to me, I trust him with all his heart, but what would happen if his identity is revealed? Would I trust him as my civilian self? Of course, Chat has always been on my side.


Now back to what I was going to write, my maman and papa told me they have some news for me. They said that it could change my life, but told me that after school they would tell me. I wonder what it is?