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“Wow, your room looks so cool Shinsou!” Ashido jumped excitedly. ”Oh, we're gonna have a dorm meeting in a few minutes so we can talk about boring rules and stuff. It won't take long, I promise!”

“K. I'll be down in five.” And with that Hitoshi shut his door.

This class would definitely take some getting used to. Almost everyone was as annoyingly friendly as Midoriya. Maybe they learned it from him. Most people don't run up to the person they defeated in battle with a phone number and an offer of friendship. And it was a genuine offer of friendship. No judgment about his sleeping or eating habits, and none of the fake-caring he’d expected. Midoriya genuinely wanted to know how Hitoshi felt and how he could help. It's still kind of weird, but you can't exactly shut someone out when they abandon movie plans to get cat food for you, which isn't even the strangest thing he's done for Hitoshi. He was just the right kind of weird.

Sighing he threw a sweatshirt over the shirt he'd been wearing for 3 days straight. Was he ashamed? No. At least, not enough to get off his ass and do laundry. He made doubly certain that his door was locked before meandering down to the common area.

Stairs, as everyone knows, are fake. Only elevators are valid, and that's final.

At its base, the common room was like his old dorm, if you ignored the many gaming consoles, the shelves of board games, and occasional yoga mat off to the side. They had also managed to replace at least one chair with a gigantic bean bag. There's room for three people on that thing holy shit.

People were gathered all over the furniture. Ashido, Kaminari, and Jirou sat quite proudly on the table. Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Ojiro were occupying the only couch. Tokoyami was inexplicably on top of the bookshelf full of games, squished between it and the ceiling. Shouji sat in front of it, careful not to lean back and knock the thing over. Aoyama sat incorrectly on the most be-dazzled Ottoman Hitoshi had ever seen. Asui, no Tsu and Uraraka were squashed into a one-person seat in some form of Person-Tetris that could not be comfortable. Sero and Hagakure were lounging along the back of the couch. Midoriya and Todoroki had taken up The Beanbag™️ and were waving him to join them. And finally, Satou, Kouda, and Bakugou were various places on the floor.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” Ashido began. “I call this meeting to order. It's serious-time bitches!”

People paused their chatter to laugh at the fanfare before quieting down.

“Class representative Tenya, I relinquish the floor to you.”

“Thank you, Mina. As we all know, Shinsou Hitoshi has joined our class. In seat order, let's all state our pronouns and pre-approved personal preferences for future reference.”

“Aoyama, she/her or he/him whichever you feel like~ Don't touch my hand towels without asking first s’il vous plait.”

“Ashido, she/her. Tooru and I have some pixie-sticks and fun-dip at the top of the cabinets. Please don't mess with that. Oh! And don't touch my laundry, mostly for your safety. They've been treated to resist my acid but your skin hasn't.”

“Tsu, she/her please Kero. I keep gummy vitamins in the fridge that you don't want to eat. Same with the brown paper bag.”

“Iida, he/him. I cannot stand people eating with their mouth open. I understand if you can't help it due to medical issues, but please try to refrain from smacking your lips or making other gross eating sounds.”

“Uraraka, she/her! Please don't ask me to help you fly more than once a month. It gets in the way of my studying and everyday life. Training exercises don't count.”

“Ojiro, they/them. Everyone but Denki needs permission to touch my tail.”

“Kirishima, he/him. I have a stash of protein bars in my room so don't worry about grabbing the ones in the kitchen. The powder is ask-only though.”

“Kouda, they/them. Zuku can you?”

“Of course! They don't like talking very much so they're more likely to sign or type at you. You don't need to learn how but they'd appreciate it. You can go now Rikidou.”

“Okay. I'm Satou, he/him. I love baking so there are some supplies in the kitchen area. You can use it whenever you feel like, just let me know afterward.”

“Shouji, they/them. I also am not a fan of talking. I sometimes take naps on the couch. Wake me and I'll move.”

“Jirou, she/her usually but I won't be offended if you use something else. It shouldn't affect you, but I do play instruments late at night. If you find a guitar pic somewhere weird don't move it. Looking at you Denki and Hanta.”

“Rude! Sero, he/him. I'll help you tape things to your walls or ceilings, but nothing overkill. Denki and I have fidget spinners laying around everywhere so feel free to borrow them, just text us to say you have it, cause if you tell either of us in person we'll forget.”

“First of all, how dare you. Second, if you break or lose a spinner you gotta buy a new one.”

“Tokoyami, he/him but the supreme leader of darkness or a shortening thereof also works. I have several, strange habits. Please tell me if they bother you when you see them. Also, don't touch me without permission.”

“Todoroki, he/him. Mention of the flaming pile of shit is not appreciated. So are jokes about my mother or scar.”

“Who’s the flaming pile of shit?” Hitoshi whispered

“Starts with an E and deserves to die slowly and painfully,” Midoriya whispered back. Oh. That flaming pile of shit.

“Hagakure, she/her! Don't ask if I can spy on someone for you unless you're concerned about their mental health. It's wrong and I don't like it.”

“Bakugou, he/him ONLY. I have scars on my chest. Mention them and you're dead.”

“Midoriya, he/him. You already know this but please don't touch my notebooks without permission.” While he wasn't sure why Bakugou flinched after that sentence. That's probably worth remembering.

“Guess I'm next huh. Shinsou, he/him. I plan on labeling a box of instant coffee in the kitchen so don't touch it. If I sleep past noon on a weekend it's normal, I'm probably not dead. Don't touch me. Midoriya is the exception, but not often.”

“Yaoyorozu, she/her. I'm the vice representative. I have a tea set in the back of the far left cabinet. It was a gift from my grandmother so please do not use it. I will happily make pg items for you if you bring something to replenish my lipids.”

“Wonderful. On to the dormitory rules. All school-mandated rules apply, these are just some we decided on together. Please let myself or Momo know if a rule should be added or changed. A list including individual preferences can be found on each floor and in the elevator if you are ever unsure.” So that's what that was. “If a food item is unlabeled it can be consumed by anyone. Please refrain from drinking directly from the carton of milk. Anything labeled that hasn't been previously mentioned should be asked about first. Blankets kept in the common area are folded for a reason. Please refold them after use. Everyone is responsible for their dishes and laundry. Same goes for common room garbage. Make sure all game pieces are put away after playing with the boxed games. Disks should also be returned to their cases, and consoles turned off. And for the love of everything holy, clean the microwave if you make a mess.” Iida looked visibly irritated the further down the list he got. “Any questions?”

“Yeah, what's with the giant wheel over there?” Hitoshi pointed to what looked like a decorated prize wheel on the other side of the room with everyone’s names but his. There were a blank space and velcro where he could be added though. If he wanted to be added.

“Tenya can I explain this one?” Why on earth is Midoriya excited.

“The floor is yours.”

“It's the decision wheel. When we decide monthly chores, figure out who picks the movie on movie night, or just can't decide who to seek comfort from, we spin the wheel!” Midoriya spun the wheel for emphasis, not caring who it landed on.

“Right. Anything else or can I leave?”

“Izuku, may I?”

“Sure!” And oh was it unfair when he grinned like that. Every ray of the sun shone through that smile.

“I'd like to call one last thing to attention.” Whatever Yaoyorozu was talking about, it made the smile go away, and that's not okay. “A final thank you to Izuku and his three-step plan. May we never be harassed like that again!”

“YEAH!” All of the girls cheered enthusiastically.

“What three-step plan?”

“You never told him did you?” Sero asked with a grin. “Mina, you're the best at telling stories here. Would you do the honors?”

“Absofuckinglutely! So there's this absolute piece of garbage right? Not the fire one, a different one. We don't speak its name either though. It was at the sports festival? Anyway, so it starts out not really bothering a ton of people. Maybe like one or two a week right? But it got so much worse as the semester went on. It started “accidentally” brushing against our ass or tits during exercises and looking up our skirts. That wasn't even the half of it though. When we moved in here things were out of control. None of us could shower in peace even though the bathrooms are COMPLETELY SEPARATE. We got some of the guys to guard the door it got so bad. Anyway so Zuku had had enough of its behavior so he developed a Plan™️. Step one, place recording devices everywhere, even on most of us during the day. Step two, take all the evidence to Nedzu directly and have him expelled. Step three, which side note, I thought was insane but you know that's why we love him, write an eight-page essay on why you should join us in the hero course!”

“Eight pages??? You told me it was two!” This is too much. Really too much. I don't deserve all this.

“I didn't want you to freak out, so I compressed it as much as I could on a second document and I was able to get the most important bits into two pages.” This time when Midoriya grinned it was extremely guilty and nervous. “Momo helped me comb through it and remove the tangents and curse words. It was ten pages with those in there.”

“You wrote a ten-page essay, with two pages worth of curse words and tangents just so I could switch classes?”


“I'm going to bed.” Hitoshi tried to get up, he really did. Midoriya had other plans.

“Impromptu movie night! Someone spin the wheel!!”

Satou sprung from his place on the floor to spin the wheel. Click click click click “Katsuki you're up!”

“Fucking finally. Any objections to the movie Red?”

Is this even the same Bakugou?? He asked permission.

Kouda began signing and damn did Hitoshi need a refresher on sign language. Something about audio?

“I guess. I just planned on adjusting the volume whenever loud shit was about to happen. I've seen this movie like 10 times.”

Kouda nodded vigorously. “Thanks!” At least I know that one.

The movie gave Hitoshi time to think about everything that just happened. He knew they'd been through a lot, and they were bound to be close, but given names for everyone? Midoriya and Todoroki seemed rather close too. Maybe Midoriya finally got the guts to confess to him. That's good. Probably.


Shouji and Uraraka cooked dinner for everyone which was awfully sweet, but do they do this all the time? They're gonna make me cook, aren't they? Best not think about that right now. They were trying so hard to make him comfortable. It was too much honestly, but he couldn't leave just yet. Not after they put in so much effort. After dinner though, he's out of here. Too many people.


Izuku did his best to keep an eye on Shinsou when he wasn't looking. This entire situation required an immense amount of delicacy and precision. Sure 12 boyfriends and 6 girlfriends were unusual, but he’d understand, right? There was just so much you could deal with alongside someone before you never wanted to let that person (or persons in his case) go.

When Shinsou left for his room everyone drew a collective sigh of relief.

“That was so awkward!” Ochako complained, beet red. “What if he stops liking us?”

“It's okay, Kero. He'll understand. Right Deku?”

“He should. I haven't brought it up with him yet. I don't want him to regret transferring just because we're a bit, unique.

“He can fucking get over himself. We shouldn't have to walk on glass around him just cause he might not understand. Let's talk to the fucker outright and lay it all on the table like we did earlier.” Katsuki snarled.

“It's not that simple kacchan. We all want to be heroes. It'd be selfish to hold him back by making him uncomfortable with us.”

“What does he know about us?” Kouji signed. “Maybe we can speed the transition up a bit? I hate not being allowed to cuddle you guys.”

“No one said anything on not being allowed to interact with each other. We’ve just got to be careful.” If it weren't such a serious conversation Izuku would be laughing at Tenya’s gesturing. So cute.

“I propose we introduce the relationships over time. Denki can share what polyamory is and we can go from there.” Note to self. Massage tension out of Momo’s shoulders. “That way he can get used to us slowly instead of all at once.”

“So we're lying?” Eijirou didn't seem to happy about that. “That's not very manly at all in my opinion.”

“Well, what else are we gonna do?” Tooru pouted. “It's the best idea we have so far.”

“Why am I the designated poly ambassador?”

“Because you explained it to us when all of this started.” Momo was getting visibly worried by the minute.

“Look, why don't we all take a breather? We're working each other up and that's not healthy. I suggest we all get some rest and talk about it again tomorrow.” Izuku explained.

Some people were still unhappy, but at least everyone agreed to sleep on it. They probably should have thought this through more.