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What Would Happen If...?

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Chapter 1. Quicksands


Ander & Omar




Omar felt that the relationship between Ander and him was going down. During the last few months, he felt him farther away and nothing he did seemed to be enough to get him back... When they were together, his mind was miles away and all his efforts to bring him back were sterile... just now he was not able to reach him.


It was paradoxical because since Ander gave him asylum in his home, far from strengthening his relationship, it was cooling even more than an ice floe. It had been a great mistake to accept his offer to move in with him, because, deep down, Omar believed that Ander was sorry and felt uncomfortable with his presence but didn't dare to confess. It was increasingly common to see him with a glass of alcohol in his hand, taking refuge in the drink as if it were its best friend. Omar couldn't recognize him.


So, finally, he made the decision he had been putting off for weeks. Just thinking about being away from Ander caused him even physical pain, but he could no longer ignore what was happening between them and keep playing the fool ... it was simply unsustainable.


He had decided what was best for both of them. With the first pay of the bar, he had enough money to rent a small flat near the neighborhood where his parents' store was located. Thus, even if it was through Nadia, he could keep an eye on Baba's health and try to continue with his life. He had to take back the reins, finish his studies, face the consequences of his decisions and move on.

While he was meditating on all this, he finished folding a pair of shirts and left them next to his small sports bag; there was no more space. He sat on the bed and smiled sadly as he remembered the last time he and Ander had fucked right in that room.


It had been amazing ... He still remembered the moment when Ander put the latex wrap between his lips and looking into his eyes, told him speechlessly that they would exchange roles for the first time. Omar had always played a passive role and felt good about it, but the fact that Ander gave him control in that way had reached him very deeply. The fact to remember Ander's gestures and his hoarse voice muttering horny words to his ear while Omar was inside him was enough to get hard again.

The steps of Ander climbing the stairs two at a time, made him return suddenly to a nothing promising present.


-"Fuck ..."- he murmured as he stood nervously.






It was over. Guzman knew the truth and hadn't been precisely thanks to him. All these months of anguish, of feeling the worst shit... had finally ended, and with it his friendship with Guzman, but above all, he knew that he had lost Omar.


He was afraid that this moment would come after all. The fact that Omar had to endure in recent weeks, Omar had even taken time trying to understand him, but by the time Ander entered the room and their eyes met, he knew he had finally lost him. The determination of Omar's face along with the small suitcase on the bed was the unequivocal signal that Omar was sick of his fucking lies.


Even knowing it, he asked: -"Omar, but what's up dude?"-


-"I’ll have to come back for the rest..."- Omar replied bluntly.


He wasn't able to bear with it for any longer. He dropped onto the bed watching his relationship shatter in front of him and he knew he had it well deserved.


-"I knew it, Omar... I knew everything,"- he whispered crumbling.


-"Since when?"- Asked incredulously sitting again on the mattress.


-“What does it matter? Even going one day without confessing would be enough to make me a coward, a lowlife… I'm worse than Polo. Polo killed someone in a fit of rage, I've lied to everyone. I've deceived the people I care about the most…”- he continued in a trembling voice.


–“I don't deserve Guzman, nor do I deserve you,"- he continued with tears in his eyes. -"I deserve to have no one... Please leave."- He finished while clumsily trying to keep the rest of Omar's clothes inside the briefcase.


-"Ander, what are you doing?"-  Omar asked visibly affected, rising too. -“Ander...!”-


-"Just leave... Go away! ... For fuck's sake!"- Ander shouted, pushing Omar while crying inconsolably.


-“Ander, Ander, calm down!”- Omar cornered him against the wall trying to reassure him, covering his face with both hands, -“it’s ok…. Mystery solved. You were put in an impossible situation and didn't know how to react. You fucked up. You are a human being. We fuck up all the time…"- He snapped wrapping him with both hands around the back of his neck while touching his forehead with his.


After a few moments, Omar separated his forehead to look Ander directly in the eyes and without letting go of his neck he confessed: -"If you think you will get rid of me just because of this, you're very wrong."-


Ander looked at him without believing what he had just heard. He closed his eyes and continued to cry but feeling a little lighter, sketching an incipient smile. Slowly he leaned on Omar and hugged him as tightly as if he never wanted to let him go. Omar began to give him tender kisses and they both merged into a caress so real that it was no longer necessary to say a single word.





¡And…cut!” - Dani de la Orden exclaimed as a stage director. - "It's been amazing... congratulations guys." - He finished satisfied.


While the production team reviewed the last details of the sequence, Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso split up with a smile.


- "This time we made it at the first shoot, colleague ..." - Omar laughed while giving a warm blow with his fist clenched on Aron's shoulder.


- “Yeah, we did it, right? It was good because crying several times for the same scene is exhausting. - The actor replied smiling too.


- “Will you hang out tonight? You know, to celebrate the end of the season… ”- Omar asked Aron, while they both walked off the set.



- "I don’t know dude... tomorrow we have a call with Ramon at noon to start reviewing the script of the third season and I don't want to mess it up..." -


- "Well, yeah, but we could also relax a little, couldn't we, buddy?" - Omar insisted fearing deep down that Aron felt uncomfortable. He didn't know exactly what was going on with him, but it had been while since he enjoyed his partner's closeness too much.


Leaving aside that annoying little voice that whispered in his ear that he perfectly knew the real reason, he looked towards Aron to study his reaction and spit the question: - “The most partying guy is now the best bearer, isn't it?” -


Aron couldn't avoid a laugh, - "Now that I think about it, I do feel like having some beers... –


- "It sounds better..." - Omar nodded trying to hide the emotion and taking the phone opened the WhatsApp application. - "I've agreed to go with some friends to Teatro Barceló" –


- "Well, that's it, see you later, then" - Aron confirmed, as he said goodbye to Omar walking away to his car.







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Chapter 2. Saturday Nights


Aron & Omar A.




Two hours later, Aron was lying on the large sofa he had bought to furnish his new apartment in one of the poshest neighborhoods of Madrid, seeing his friends' recent posts on Instagram when he ran into a post. He clicked on the profile picture and the latest insta-stories that his friend had uploaded were immediately displayed.


The first one was a short paid advertising video of “Reebok” in which he could be seen modeling a pair of white sneakers while answering some questions about icons, classics and things like that. Aron let the video run while deciding whether he liked the sneakers or not; but once the video ended, the following “insta-story” appeared. In this story, Omar could be seen in a crowded nightclub, taking shots with a group of friends while dancing to the beat of the music.


Aron made a gesture of annoyance and looked at his watch only to confirm what he already knew. He was late to meet Omar and hadn't even taken a shower. For a moment, he weighed his options between lying on his fluffy sofa or getting ready and going out to celebrate as his comrade had proposed.


While watching the story a second time, he remembered Omar's insistence to go out to have fun with him. For a moment, when Omar looked at him waiting for his answer, Aron felt like his friend was flirting with him. It was only a moment, and he quickly dismissed the idea since although it was true that Omar was known for his broad criteria and for being very friendly with his companions, his love life was a total mystery, so Aron didn't know for sure about Omar's sexual preferences.


- "You are seeing things that are not ..." - He scolded himself while sending Omar a beer emoji to answer his story.


He sighed leaving that crazy idea aside and got up lazily, stripping off the clothes he was wearing on the way to the shower. An hour later, between shouts and some shoves from fans who wanted to take a pic with him, he made his way to enter the Barceló Theater. While this fame was pleasant, at that time he missed when he wasn't such a well-known public figure and could come and go as he pleased, going mildly unnoticed. And he thought of the words "mildly unnoticed"  because he considered himself attractive and was used to being the center of the girls' looks.


(Omar A.)


All his friends were laughing, drinking and dancing and he imitated them, but deep down he wasn't enjoying it at all, even though he was trying. He couldn't hide the disappointment 'cause Aron hadn't appeared. It was after midnight, and more than an hour ago he'd received a notification from his friend with an "emoji" of beer jars but nothing more.


- "Bah ... turn the page" - He thought as he finished his drink feeling somehow dizzy due to the alcohol. He got up from the table and went to the bar for another drink. Seconds later, the bar-tender slid one more glass. He was about to take a sip when he felt that someone was taking him by the shoulder and some lips were touching his ear while listening to Aron's characteristic voice saying:


-"Hello, dude! I see that you are having so much fun" -


Something inside Omar moved. He immediately felt a tug in his stomach as the corners of his lips curved into a frank smile.


- "Hey, buddy ! you finally decided to come..." - Omar greeted him shaking his hand while trying to control his emotions and mentally thanking the place to be dark enough so that Aron couldn't notice that he was affected in a positive way by seeing him standing right in front of him.


Showing a white perfect smile, Aron took him by the shoulder again, he came close enough to be heard. - “I told you I'd come, didn’t I? What are you drinking?"-


- "Wait and see..." - Shouted Omar making himself heard above the music while making a signal to the bartender to serve another drink like his.  Their glasses collided to toast while they drank and danced to the rhythm of “China” by Anuel AA / Daddy Yankee / J Balvin.



Despite being in the VIP area of the disco, the presence of the two actors together caused even more stir among the young women who were there, approaching them to ask for selfies and autographs, so an hour later, both agreed that it hadn’t been the best choice to go there that night.


While they were descending the steps towards the exit, between people shouting "Omander" and more than a tug of clothes, Omar scoffed: - "You're the sensation, macho..."


- "It's not just me..." – he continued: - "Obviously, we are the hottest ones here" - Aron said, repeating word by word one of his lines of the first season.


Both boys were laughing as they left the place.




Despite having spent little time in the disco, he had a great time, Omar always made him laugh with his jokes, so without thinking too much, he looked at his colleague and said:


- “Too bad that we have to go… Do you want to go to my flat to have some beers?” -


- "I don't think so dude, I'm already a little drunk and tomorrow we have the call" - Omar apologized, while he picked up his phone and opened the app to ask for an Uber.


He didn't know why, but Omar's response disappointed him; He wanted to keep hanging out with his colleague, so when he saw that he was about to ask for the taxi service, he briefly touched Omar's hand to stop him and said: -“Come on, let's go to my flat and if you want you can stay there, and tomorrow we can go together with Ramón”-.


Omar looked at him hesitantly for what seemed like an eternity but finally accepted, -"Ok ... but only if you wake me up" - he said with a sly smile.




When they reached Aron's apartment, Omar entered and gave a whistle as he admired the place. The living-dining space was spacious with few furniture but in a nice way, in warm colors and wooden floor and a canvas of the film "La Mala Educación" as the only painting, completed the decoration.


- “Fuck… how cool… macho! Did you know that movie marked me when I turned fifteen? When I saw it I discovered the cinema from the director's point of view. Since then, I dream of creating and directing my own stories...”-  Omar confessed as he dropped into the soft sofa.


Aron looked at him, raising both eyebrows in surprise. -“Really, dude? I never thought you were interested in directing besides acting; From now on,  when I look at the picture, I'll remember you…”-



Aron went to the kitchen for a couple of beers, so he didn't notice Omar's expression of disbelief because of his comment. Seconds later the youngest, got up from the sofa to go behind him.


When he entered the kitchen, Aron handed him a bottle of beer and, taking the other, hit it against Omar's. - "Well, let's toast for that... because our dreams come true" -


- "Cheers" - Omar nodded smiling.


- "Looking into our eyes ..." - Aron replied as he sipped his beer without breaking eye contact.


They sat in the living room and continued chatting about their projects, while listening in the background “God’s Plan by Drake, one of the playlist songs that Aron had chosen.


Suddenly, Omar received a notification on his phone. He read it and said: - “Uff… What an annoying girl… Judy is one of the friends I was with; She got annoyed because I left her at the bar without letting her know that I was leaving...” -


- "Do you want to go back to go with her?" - Aron asked looking at his beer for more time than necessary, before looking again to see his friend's reaction.


- "What? No way! Lately, she has become very weird. I don't know what's wrong with her”- He complained.


- "Maybe she likes you and you haven't noticed" - Aron questioned him looking carefully at his reaction.


Omar just shrugged and smiled.


A couple of hours and several beers later, they decided they had had enough.


- "I think it's better that we go to sleep, 'cause tomorrow we won't get up" - Aron suggested repressing a yawn.


- "I agree... besides, this couch is very comfy" - Omar said while jumping to land on it.


- “What are you saying, dude? My bed is huge, there is enough space for both of us”- Aron replied. - "Come on, let's go... I'm not gonna bite you" -.  Aron finished the sentence with a giggle and without waiting for an answer he went to his room.




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Chapter 3. An Awkward Moment


Aron & Omar A.


(Omar A.)


The sun's rays that filtered through the curtains woke him up.


The first thing he felt was the weight of an arm around his waist holding him tightly, followed by an annoying headache.


For a moment he didn't know where he was until he remembered that he had stayed in Arón's flat the night before. They had drunk a dozen beers each.


They had talked, laughed and finally had fallen asleep. Dot.

Nothing had happened between the two of them, but then, "What was Arón doing, not only holding me by the waist as if he never wanted to release me, but also resting one leg on mine?" – Omar thought as he watched him sleep peacefully in front of him.


For a few seconds, he allowed himself to do nothing but observe him. Asleep as deeply as he was, Aron's features were much softer. The straight nose, well-defined pinky lips, long eyelashes resting on the curve of his cheeks and that little mole on his left cheekbone, completed an attractive face.


- "Very attractive" - Omar thought feeling a little awkward.


Suddenly, Arón woke up and their eyes met. In that instant, his heart began to beat fast.





The disturbing feeling of being watched woke him up. He opened his eyes slowly and the first thing he saw was populated eyebrows framing a look so intense that it made him blush. Omar was a few inches from his face, looking at him in detail.


In just fractions of seconds, he realized that his left arm and leg were hooked to Omar's body.


- "But what...?" - Arón asked confused as he separated from Omar.


Omar did the same also reflecting some discomfort.


- "I just woke up too... and I didn't know how to wake you up dude..." - Omar answered lowering the feet of the bed and turning his back to Arón.  Seconds later he turned to look at him.


Aron rubbed both hands against his eyelids and also sat on the mattress. He felt ashamed. -"Fuck! But what a shame, dude... you would have woken me up with a punch. "


- “Yeah… but it's not that bad, I mean, nothing happened, colleague”.- Omar replied as he got out of bed and took the clothes that he had left on the dresser. -


- "It's true, come on, we're gonna be late" - he replied as he walked to the shower.


They were in silence all the way to the recording set. Soon, the music of Billie Eilish began to be heard inside the car and while Omar checked his phone, Arón drove remembering how strange he had felt in the morning with Omar so close to him.


Although Omar told him not to give importance to the matter, he felt him too quiet and when they met with the rest of the cast, each one went by their side.


Twenty minutes later, all the cast was already sitting in their respective places to read the first script.




Ander & Omar S.




It had been two weeks since Omar had left and although he'd assured him that the decision to move was the best thing for their relationship, Ander didn't consider it in that way. He felt alone and his bed, now empty, reminded that to him every night.


He laid upside down and closed his eyes, missing the time when he only had to extend his arm to feel Omar's warm body beside him breathing closely. That simple fact was enough to feel protected and to fall asleep. Now at night, insomnia was his only partner...


He knew that in recent months he'd behaved like a real jerk with his boyfriend, discharging his anger and frustration at not being able to confess the truth to Guzmán about Marina's murder, but, nonetheless when Omar knew the reason of his actions, the only thing what he did was show his love and understanding.


He remembered the fear gripping his throat when he thought he had lost him, but instead, Omar took him in his arms and told him that he loved him; and whatever happened in the future, he would be by his side to hold his hand and support him... and, eventually, everything would be fine.


But the truth was that he was scared. When Omar was with him, he could forget about the shit his life had become for a while, but when Omar left and Ander was left alone in his room, the fear returned even stronger.


He was terrified to feel that way, only by holding to Omar, depending one hundred percent on him; and wondering what would happen if after some time Omar got tired of supporting him? Therefore, he couldn't afford to feel happy even for a minute, because he ran the risk of everything falling apart ... and if he hit the bottom, he wouldn't know if he would be able to survive.




(Omar S.)


Omar left Ander's house feeling helpless for not being able to make his boyfriend completely overcome the problem he faced, now that everyone knew the secret he had kept. He had never seen him so vulnerable and lacking confidence before and that made him feel very sad.


Most of the time they spent together, he tried to make him feel better, make him smile and forget his problems and sometimes he achieved it; but they were only fleeting moments when he could see the light in his eyes. That was when the old Ander returned, but moments later, his eyes darkened and he stopped smiling.


- "Hey... Ander, change that face please, it kills me to see you like this" - he had said a few hours before, while they were on the bed, after having sex.


Ander just looked at him and gave a sad smile.


Omar insisted. - "Come on, come here" - he whispered as he opened his arms to cradle him. Ander obeyed by closing the space between them, letting himself be hugged from behind.


Even though he couldn't see his face in that position, he knew Ander was crying. Slowly, he began to trace a caress along his right arm while giving chaste kisses on the brown curls he loved so much, and finally, he managed to make Ander slowly relax his shoulders.


- "I wouldn't want to go back to school ..." - Ander muttered without looking at him yet.


Omar was silent, encouraging him to continue, still gently stroking his side.


- "Since Polo returned, things have gotten worse if that is possible ... His presence at the school has made Guzman become more violent and treat me as if I were the worst scum. I think he will never forgive me Omar... and I don't blame him”- He had concluded in a broken voice.


Omar took a deep breath. He didn't know what to tell him; there was nothing he hadn't told him before to try to cheer him up, so he just hugged him harder and whispered in his ear:


-"You know I love you right? You have become the most important person in my life and I don’t ever want you to doubt that”-.


Omar could feel his words take effect because gradually Ander began to calm down. They stayed like that, hugging each other, for a little while listening only to each other’s’ breath. When Omar tried to join, Ander pressed himself against him and asked: - "Ten more minutes ... please" -


- "Ten minutes..." - Omar had repeated, remembering all the times that Ander had religiously gone to look for him last summer, just to be able to see him for only ten minutes each day.


- “It seems as if a lifetime has passed since you went to the store to see me, while my father went out to the bank, remember? How did you not get fed up with that, babe?" - He had asked Ander while he leaned with an elbow to see his face.


Ander turned to look at him, showing him a sincere smile when he said:


- "Because I love you silly... because being with you even for ten minutes was a thousand times better than wasting my time in stupid tennis tournaments missing you... How I would like to return to those days when nothing worried me." -


Omar made a sad face while raising his hand to caress Ander's neck. - “You made the summer bearable in spite of my father repressing me the rest of the time. Really, thank you… ”- He had said while kissing him slowly enjoying the touch of his skin.


Ander had already fully incorporated by kissing him back, so Omar could only get carried away; unconsciously, he opened his mouth to deepen the contact. He could feel how Ander introduced his tongue stroking inside while emitting light gasps. They had been fucking an hour before, but that was no impediment to have an erection again.


Omar broke the contact, only to begin to draw a long line of kisses between the collarbone and the back of Ander's ear and had marveled at the feel of his boyfriend's skin, reacting to his caress.


He just wanted to show him once again, how important Ander was to him and how much he loved him. He still had one more hour, before going to work at the club, so unlike his previous meeting, Omar had decided to take his time and do it without hurry.


Omar had knelt on the mattress, while with one hand gently pushing Ander to lie down again, taking advantage, to admire his naked body.


Slowly he began to kiss his abs, while with his thumb he touched his cock. Once his boyfriend had a complete erection, he slowly lowered to put him into his mouth, while moving his hand from top to bottom in sync with his lips.


Ander began to moan louder, as he moved his hips against his mouth in a faster pace. Omar knew that at any moment Ander would come, so he sucked more greedily until he felt the warm liquid at the bottom of his throat.


He didn't separate from him until Ander's movements slowed down and his spasms ceased. When he looked up, he could only smile at the face of satisfaction Ander showed.


- "Fuck! You are amazing Omar... I love you "-. Ander had confessed to him without being able to erase that beautiful smile.


- "And I love you too, you know that, right?" - He had answered, as he approached him to give Ander a brief kiss on the lips. - “I have to leave now, or I'll be late for work. I'll call you later, okay? ”-





- “Omar…! Are you going to stay there all night, or are you going to help me with these boxes? ”- his boss yelled, taking him out of his morbid memories.



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Chapter 4.   Confession


Arón & Omar A.




They had spent the last hour laughing and joking between co-stars, before beginning to review the script of the third season, but Arón noticed that Omar was barely following the game, on the opposite, he seemed absorbed in his thoughts.


"But it wasn't a big deal, man ... fuck!" He thought to himself, although deep down he felt somewhat uncomfortable due to Omar's attitude affecting him, nevertheless, to be honest, he had no intention to scratch in his subconscious to know the reason... For now.


The enclosure was equipped with chairs and tables arranged in the shape of a horseshoe and audiovisual equipment; generally, he and Omar sat together to facilitate the reading of the script, however, that morning had been different.


As they entered, each of the actors began to take a seat, accommodating themselves in pairs or thirds depending on whom they interacted with the most. Aron saw two chairs available and sat in one of them waiting for Omar to enter the room and take the place by his side.



The workday was about to begin but there were no signs of Omar, so Ramón - the director - asked out loud: - “Where's Omar? Has anyone seen him? ”-


- "He was walking around here ... In fact, both of you arrived together, right, Arón?" - Álvaro asked, addressing him.


Aron stiffened for no reason. -As if someone could read my mind, pussy! - He thought to himself, before answering:


- "Yes, he was here a moment ago... but I don't know where he is now" - he replied briefly, showing one of those gestures of annoyance that characterized him so much.


- “Can any of you send him a WhatsApp to let him know that we are waiting for him?” - Ramón asked.


- "I already sent it to him..." - Danna answered.


Five minutes later, Omar rushed in, muttering an "I'm sorry” and sitting next to Danna, right on the opposite end of where Aron was.


Once they finished reading the first chapter, Ramón gave them the instructions: thirty minutes of recess and then, everybody would meet again in the room in order, to begin with, the exercises and the first rehearsals.


It was planned that, just as they did in the previous two seasons, they would be rehearsing the first four weeks in order to incorporate the new talents and give their characters more naturalness.


Aron went to the backyard to smoke a cigarette when he realized that Omar and Danna were sitting chatting some distance from where he was, but they were so immersed in the talk, that they didn't notice his presence.


Omar was smoking and talking, while Danna looked at him in disbelief, with a look of surprise on her face. At that distance, he couldn't hear them, but it was clear that it was something important because of the gestures the Mexican actress made when listening to Omar.


He looked away from them, and took a couple more puffs of the cigar, releasing a large puff of smoke from the side of his mouth, and then threw the butt with more force than necessary a few meters from him. - “And now what? damn!” - He thought intrigued as he walked back inside.


(Omar A.)


From what had happened in the morning plus the silent journey to the recording forum, Omar felt that Arón was avoiding him and that made him feel worse.


Minutes before the meeting began, Omar went to the bathroom; there, he opened the cold water tap, cooling his face and neck, while his mind wandered remembering Aron's face in front of him sleeping soundly and what had been his own response to it, having an erection because of his colleague's breathing very close of him.


At that moment, he paid attention to the image that the mirror projected: the beat of his pulse at the base of the neck, the parted lips, and the slightly dilated pupils were synonymous of the arousal reflected on his face.


At that moment, he had to admit what was going on with him and recognized that he needed to tell someone he trusted.


The cell phone's beep took him out of the trance he was in. It was Danna. They were waiting for him. - "Fuck!" - he whispered as he hurried out.




- "Are you okay, honey?" - Danna hissed when Omar sat next to her.


- "Can we talk later?" -He answered.


- "Sure..." - she whispered affectionately squeezing his arm, ditching the conversation with it, while both of them returned to the script reading.


The friendship he had forged in the recent months with Danna Paola, made him approach her and decide to tell her what was going on with him.


So, during the break, sitting on the edge of a small sidewalk outside the main hall, Omar lit a cigarette, while Danna looked at him with a worried face.


- "Well, are you going to tell me what is wrong with you, man?" - The girl asked.


- "It happens to me that I think I've messed it up..." - Omar replied, rubbing his neck with his left hand, while he exhaled the smoke of the cigarette.


-"What do you mean?"-


- "That I'm into Arón... that I like him...shit!" - He confessed, looking her in the eyes.


The actress looked at him for several seconds, opened her mouth and closed it again.


- "Aren't you going to say anything?" - Omar asked impatiently.


- "Oh my gosh, Are you serious?" - She said more to herself than to Omar. And immediately she continued: - "I thought you were dating the girl you introduced me a few months ago..." -


- “No, that ended before it even started. The truth is that I liked her but not enough and with Arón, well... I don't know... for a while here...”- he didn't finish the sentence.


- “Well, what about him? Does Arón feel the same as you? I didn't think he liked boys... ”-


- "Pfff... that's the issue, I don't think so, girl... Today he has been very serious and the truth is that nothing happened..." -


After saying that, Omar summed up what happened last night between them, and how they had woken up in the morning. - "And when he opened his eyes, he caught me watching him with my stupid face and now the things between the two of us, are getting weird... and that really fucks me up" - Omar confessed, sighing.


Danna listened attentively and finally said: - “Well, you don't know and it's not like you have confessed how you feel about him already… You must act normal and wait to see his reaction after a few days. Once you know what he thinks, you can take a decision, don't you think? ”-


- "Thank you for listening to me" -


- "Anytime, honey..." - She replied kissing him on the cheek.


Both smiled and hugged before returning to the lounge.





(Omar A. / Arón)


When they returned from the recess, the horseshoe table had disappeared and instead there were small sofas distributed in various parts of the lounge, so that they were divided into groups to rehearse.


Aron was leaning against the back of one of the fluffy beige couches, studying his dialogues when Omar approached him.


- “Is everything ok, dude?” - Arón asked, returning his attention to the script after a few seconds, in which Omar remained silent.


- "Yeah, dude, why are you asking?" - Omar replied defensively, as he sat down next to him and took the script that Arón gave him.


- "I'm just asking... don't be rude" -


They couldn't say anything else since at that moment Dani De La Orden - the other scene director - approached them and asked:


- “Are you ready to start guys?” - and without waiting for an answer he said: - “Ramón is with Mina and Miguel, so I'll work with both of you. I propose that we could choose any random scene and rehearse it… Arón? Tell me a number"-


- "Mmm... I don't know... four?" He replied with a shrug.


- “Okay, let's look for scene four. Can you read it, Omar? ”- Dani asked, sitting in front of them crossing his legs.


Omar began to turn the pages until he found it. Clearing his throat, he read aloud:


- “Ander's room; At night. Ander and Omar discuss Ander's concerns for return to Las Encinas. He feels sad and Omar tries to comfort him. He tells Ander that he loves him and that eventually, everything will be fine. Ander and Omar roll around in the bed and make out passionately. ”-


- "Stop there..." - Dani asked -“Let's start by reading the dialogues and then you're gonna play the scene, okay?”


- “Fuck…!” - Omar thought, looking away from the libretto to see Arón who at that time ran his hand over the back of his neck rubbing it while making an almost imperceptible grimace, although not so imperceptible to him.


- "Come on... let's do it" - replied Aron nodding to the director, then look at his partner, who, as soon as their eyes met, broke eye contact between them. - "Fuck... there we go again" - Arón thought, returning his attention to the script.


Omar was tense. That was evident. Arón thought over, looking at him from time to time as he read his dialogues and deep down, he thought he knew the reason. At that moment, he recalled when last night, he felt as if Omar was flirting with him and it occurred to him to do something to prove his theory.


While listening to Dani's instructions, Omar began to remember about all the times that he and Arón had kissed, in fact, he had already lost count since it had happened numerous, and the reality was that by now it shouldn't bother him at all if it wasn't for...


- "Omar, do you agree?" - Dani asked, getting him out of his thoughts.


- "Sorry, Dani... I got distracted for a moment, what did you say?" - Omar replied feeling how he blushed. He felt nervous and was annoyed that Arón could realize.


- "I've said that we should repeat the dialogues once again and then rehearse the kiss" -


- "Ah, that... of course... it's ok" - Omar hesitated looking down while listening to a giggle from Arón.


When they finished reading the sequence one more time, Dani asked them to sit on the couch. - "Well, we don't have a bed but we have this comfortable armchair..." - He mocked and continued: - "Omar, lie on your back and Arón, get on top of him" -


And he continued giving directions: - “Arón, approach your face a few centimeters from Omar's and caress his cheek with one hand, while with the other you lean and recite the line we just rehearsed, okay? The one that goes like this: - “Because I love you silly… because being with you even if they were only ten minutes was a thousand times better than wasting my time in stupid tennis tournaments missing you… How I would like to return to those days, where nothing worried me. ”-


Once the director finished reading Arón’s line, he continued: - “You must conclude the last words almost in a whisper Arón, and after that, begin to kiss Omar slowly.  And Omar, you must look at him as if he was the most important person in your life; and then, take him with both hands and kissing him with tenderness. Is it clear guys? ”- He asked looking at them.


Arón and Omar nodded as they sat on the couch.


Aron, taking his time, stood on top of Omar and looking into his eyes, began to recite his line. When he said the last words, he moved closer to Omar and touched his forehead with his own and then touched his mouth. The caress was slow at the beginning, it seemed even shy, but a few seconds later, Arón opened his lips and introduced his tongue into Omar's mouth to kiss him with, almost, an excessive urgency.


Omar on the other hand, began to feel his heart beating faster and faster while listening to Arón speak so closely. Feeling hypnotized, he couldn't separate his gaze from Aron's eyes. As soon as he felt the first touch from a lip to the other, he forgot about everything... He forgot about where they were; that this kiss being a part of the rehearsal, and even that Dani was watching them. He closed his eyes and suddenly, nothing else mattered, except to feel all those sensations that Aron's lips gave him, so, without thinking about the consequences, he responded the kiss with the same ferocity, when unwittingly, a groan escaped from his throat and the clear evidence of his excitement became undeniable.


-"Wow! That was awesome, guys!”- Dani cut the moment as he clapping a couple of times.


At that moment, the two actors moved away from each other. Arón got up, while Omar sat on the couch while crossing his arms so that at least Dani didn't realize the embarrassing situation he was in because he was sure that Arón had noticed.


“We are done for today. See you tomorrow guys ”- Dani said goodbye leaving them alone.


An awkward silence took hold of both of them, but after a few seconds, Arón approached Omar and said:


- "It doesn’t really matter, dude... it can happen to anyone" - Arón murmured in his ear as he squeezed his shoulder and then left the room at a rapid pace.


- "What the fuck? I was right" - Arón thought as he walked down the hall towards the exit, still feeling somewhat incredulous about what had happened moments before.


He got into his car, closed the door and leaned against the steering wheel. He took a deep breath. Far from feeling uncomfortable, strangely he didn't dislike it at all. To tell the truth, he felt a twinge in his stomach and it wasn't exactly distasteful.


-"What the hell…? And now, what? ”- He murmured, starting the engine while touching his lips with his tongue as he remembered the kiss he had shared with Omar.



Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Eyes closed


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


A few weeks later, things had not changed significantly. Ander's mood improved at times, but definitely, he was far from being that cheerful guy who lived care-freely. On the contrary, Omar could say every time he saw him more hermetic as if trying to lock himself in a shell so that no other person could harm him.


Despite this, Omar knew that his boyfriend loved him even if he didn't tell him so often since he could see it in his eyes when they made love and felt it when he curled up beside him once they laid in bed.


Even so, Omar felt a little lost. He no longer knew what else to do to get Ander out of that emotional lethargy he was in and that hurt a lot. Because even though he knew they were very young, something inside his heart made him feel that this love was like few others. Like those loves that come only once and hit you so hard that they make you and make you be someone different.


This is how Omar felt about Ander and wished with all his strength that his boyfriend could recover. He knew that they were very young, yes, but for him, there was no one more important in his life than Ander.



One afternoon, before going to the bar to work they had talked again about Guzman even though Ander was reluctant to express his feelings.


-“As I told you, you were wrong, but eventually people forget and forgive. And I'm sure that Guzman will soon or later forgive you”-


- "I'm not so sure about it Omar ... You should see the way he looks at me when he deigns to do it ... And the truth is that I already made up my mind about losing his friendship forever"- replied Ander disappointed.


Omar said nothing, just returned a sad smile as he hugged him trying to make him feel a little better.


- "And how are things going in the bar?" - Ander asked changing the subject.


“A little rough… but fine, I need the money to pay the rent, so I don't complain. In fact, I have to leave in a little while, because I'm training the new guy who replaced Marcos and since he has only a week in the job, he isn't familiar with everything that needs to be done yet. But I appreciate it, you know because I was going crazy on my own...”- Omar replied as he placed an affectionate kiss on Ander’s temple.


- "That's good news because it means you won't have to take extra turns" - said Ander kissing him on the lips.


- "Yes ... although the additional money didn’t hurt me either" - complained Omar making a face. - “Hey, what do you think if you dare and go to the bar tonight to keep me company? It has been a while since you don't go there... I think it would be good for you to go out and clear your mind a little...”- Omar encouraged him.


- “Mmm… I don't know Omar. I don't think it's a good idea; the last time I was there, I had a terrible time ... you know about fainting and that ... and honestly, I don't feel like meeting up with anyone I know ... I’m sick about seeing them every day in school already”-


- "Sooner or later you will have to resume your life Ander ... and as for alcohol, it seems good to me that you have decided to put it aside ... it was already taking over you." -


- "I did it to avoid myself, but even that didn't work ... The only thing that I managed to do was make you spend a few shitty months too ..." - He accepted sadly as he rubbed his eyes with both hands with a sigh.


- "Fuck ... let's change the subject we are getting very serious" - Ander asked with a smile while opening the drawer of his dresser to get a small velvet box giving it to Omar.


- "And this?" - Omar asked with trembling hands while holding the box between his fingers.


- "Go... open it and tell me if you like it" - He said as he studied his reaction. - "Don’t get excited because is not a big deal, man..." -


Even though his boyfriend had told him not to get excited, his heart was beating very fast due to surprise. From that cushion that took him to his parents' shop, Ander had not had any other details for him, so this was never expected. When he opened the box, he saw a small silver arcade that shone inside.


- “I remembered that in that dinner with Lu and Guzman, you said you wanted to put an earring on your ear and when I saw it, I thought it would look terrific. Although if you don't like it, we can return it… ”- Ander said with a shrug.


- “But what are you saying, dude? This earring is cool… Will you accompany me to do the drilling? ”- Omar asked excitedly as he approached Ander and passed both arms around his neck.


- “Sure… let's go on the weekend. But yes ... please do not touch those beautiful eyebrows ... Just as they are, they are perfect Omar”- Ander asked while closing the space between them to kiss him.


And Omar kissed him back, while he could feel through that caress, as Ander smiled as his lips touched.


-"Mmm... I don't know. I don't promise you anything…”– Omar answered breaking the contact while making a brief caress in his neck. - "I must go, cari..." - said goodbye while taking the jacket that he had left on the back of the chair.


- "Omar... I'm serious. Just as you are, I like you. Is it really so important for you to shave your eyebrows? ”- Ander asked getting serious.


- "Do you really want to talk about this right now?" - Omar asked in a tired tone.


- "Leave it, doesn’t matter ..." – Ander answered.


- "I'll call you later" - Omar finished by way of farewell, closing the door behind him, visibly annoyed.





Through the windows of his room, he could see the street lamps that illuminated the small garden of his new house, where he and his mother had moved a few weeks ago due to the divorce of their parents.


He opened the window wide to let the fresh air of the night run and with his eyes closed, he breathed in the scent of grass and wet soil. At that moment he thought of Omar.


The little discussion they had had moments before had left him with a bad feeling. Omar was the only one who had been with him all these months, even though he hadn't done much to keep him by his side, and deep down he knew he wasn't acting reasonably.  -If Omar was happy shaving his eyebrows or wearing colorful clothes, there was no reason for him to act that way, right? - He wondered, trying to understand what really bothered him.


Finally, his boyfriend had left the closet and with those small changes, he felt comfortable, so, who was him to tell him not to do so? What was he really afraid of? Was he really that afraid of him becoming effeminate?  - He reflected as he remembered the last time they made love.  In fact, as effeminate he didn't have much and it wasn't something he had to feel threatened by, was it?


He only knew that he loved him and that it was time to leave behind all fears, to stop feeling self-pity for himself and for what he had done and show him that he wanted to be by his side.


For that reason, when he saw the earring on the sideboard of that store, he knew he should buy it. He wanted to give him a little detail to let him know that he was thinking about him and that he wanted to thank him for the support he had given him, even though he was aware that lately, he wasn’t the best company ... So, - “why did he have to be such an asshole and raise the issue about the eyebrows?”- He recriminated himself mentally.


The beep of a cell phone took him out of his thoughts. He put his hand in his pants bag just to make sure it wasn't his that had rung. He looked around and found Omar's cell phone on his bed. He had forgotten it.


It was Nadia who had sent him a message. He looked at his watch and noticed that he only had an hour before the bar opened, so he put on a jacket and packed away Omar's cell phone, so headed to the bar to hand it over to him. Luckily he cheered up a little and he'd stayed for a while to keep Omar company, just as his boyfriend had suggested before they argued about the stupid eyebrow issue.


When he arrived at the Barceló Theater, the place was still closed, but Tony - the security guard - greeted him and let him in.


Martin, Omar's boss was behind the bar arranging some bottles when he saw him approaching.


- “Look who can be seen here, kid! How have you been? ”- he asked cheerfully.


- “I'm fine, thanks Martín. I'm looking for Omar, he forgot his cell phone”- Ander replied while showing him the phone.


- "He's in the back arranging some boxes, go get him because I'm a little busy" -


- "Thank you" - replied Ander nodding, as he headed to where Martin had pointed.


When he entered the wine cellar, in the distance he heard the unmistakable laugh of Omar and another voice he could not recognize. From the entrance where he was, he could not see Omar since he had to cross a narrow corridor before turning and arriving at the cargo area, where the voices came from. He paused for a moment, hesitant to continue, but finally walked accelerating the pace.


When he walked in, he could see Omar sitting on a stage and a handsome-looking guy with a brunette complexion that he had never seen before, leaning beside him. The stranger was speaking and Omar looked at him in a way that Ander did not like at all.


Omar looked relaxed and smiling, while the other guy continued saying whatever he was telling him. They had not yet noticed his presence and at that moment, Ander did nothing to be noticed.


All his fears came back suddenly when the stranger raised an arm and ran his hand through Omar's hair. It was only for a few seconds, but it was enough for Ander to feel the blood rising to his face and a wave of anger he had never felt before was made present.


- “Fuck…!” - He exclaimed walking towards them. - "Sorry if I interrupted you ..." - he snapped sarcastically, - "I just came to give you your cell phone, you had left in my house" - he concluded as he handed the phone to Omar, who was clearly surprised to see him.


Ander looked at him coldly for a few seconds before turning around and starting to walk towards the exit.


- “Wait! Ander ...! Wait! ”- Omar shouted, jumping off the platform and walking quickly to reach him.


When he reached him, he took him by the shoulder to stop him. - "Don’t be angry ... is not what you think Ander" - Omar asked taking his arm.


Ander didn't know what to think. The only thing that was clear for him was that at that moment Omar was the last person he wanted to see and that what he was feeling he had never experienced before, but it was true that he can't control it.


- "It doesn't matter ... leave me!" - Ander replied, freeing himself from Omar's grip, leaving him there, as he walked away.



Chapter Text

Capítulo 6.   Kiss me like Omander


Arón & Omar A.




The following days passed without him or Omar making any reference about what had happened in his apartment, much less about what had happened during the rehearsal with Dani. They saw each other during the work and greeted each other, but instead of spending time, together as before, now, each one went by his side until they had to meet again to record some scene they shared, but nothing more. Suddenly that camaraderie that had existed between them now seemed far away.


The truth was that as far as he was concerned, he didn't even know how to address the issue in case he was willing to do so at some point. Generally, he was given to swallow things and demonstrate very little. That was how he handled things and so far, he had been fine with it.


On the opposite, Omar was the type of person who expressed his feelings all the time and said what he thought, but in relation to what happened between them, he seemed to make an exception, since he behaved somewhat cold and distant with him, and for a strange reason that he still couldn't discern that made Arón feel quite bad.


Despite this, it was a reality that something was happening. At least concerning Arón, since he had the feeling that Omar was attracted to him, something inside him began to change, realizing small details about his partner that hadn't even noticed before. Anyway, the day had passed very similarly to the previous ones: with Omar avoiding him and Arón doing the same.


Reflecting on this, he was driving to his flat. Today the crew had finished recording relatively early, but he didn't feel like going out with any of his friends, so he parked his car and entered the building. While waiting for the elevator to go up to the “pent-house”, he picked up the cell phone and recorded an insta-story making faces in front of the elevator mirrors. Once the doors opened, he entered his apartment.


He turned the lights on, took off his shirt and connected his cell phone to the new speakers he had just bought; a few seconds later, Sextasy of Swae Lee, began to be heard. He asked for Japanese food through an app and while he waited, he went to the balcony to smoke. The view from there was spectacular, that was one of the reasons why he decided to acquire that apartment in the first place and make it his new home. It was worth each Euro he had paid for it.


Madrid at night looked imposing, showing the contrast of the old buildings with the new constructions. Just as the lights, the people and the bustle of the big city completed that magnificent view. –“How many stories weren't happening right now in that great metropolis?”- He thought about it, imagining some.


The sound of the doorbell along with the notification on his mobile about the food delivery arriving made him leave the trance in which he was, imagining stories of ordinary people with issues such as love or heartbreak.


He took a final drag on the cigar, entered the apartment and put it out against the ashtray that was resting on a side table. He received his order and sat on the sofa to eat since the dining room table, which he had bought a few weeks ago, hadn't yet arrived.


“God’s Plan by Drake began to sound and he immediately remembered the moment when he and Omar were in his apartment a few days ago drinking beers and talking about life. - "I had a good time" - he remembered smiling. - “In fact, if he thought about it more closely, until a few days ago, whenever he was with Omar, he had a good time. It was very easy to be with him and Omar had the ability to make him talk about deep issues and tell him almost anything”-


Suddenly, an idea crossed his mind and without thinking too much, he picked up his cell phone and began recording. - "Kiss me like Omander ... Kiss me, kiss me like Omander ... yeah!" - He smiled and cut the video. It was only a few seconds but he hoped they were enough to send the message he wanted to give. He pressed send and a few moments later, he began receiving hundreds of notifications on his Instagram account.



- "I hope you can understand the message ..." - He whispered as he entered Omar's profile to see if he was online.



He finished dinner and took the leftovers to the kitchen. He was finishing cleaning when suddenly his cell phone started ringing. He felt a turn in his stomach when he looked at the screen and saw that it was Omar who was calling. He had to recognize it: this game was beginning to like him.




(Omar A.)


- "It's not a big deal dude... it can happen to anyone" - Those had been the words that Arón had said to him, once he realized how turned on he was after having kissed rehearsing the scene.


- “And he had still patted his back as a sign of condescension...!  What a shitty asshole...”- Omar thought ashamed, trying to erase the image of Aron's face from his mind.


After that embarrassing incident, Omar had decided to evade Arón as much as possible, since it was clear that his partner didn't even remotely feel the same way as he did.


He remembered the times they had talked about deeper issues; they had never mentioned anything about their sexual orientation. So, Omar assumed that Arón was straight but had never seen him with a girl. Therefore, his frustration...


- "It doesn't matter..." - he murmured trying to forget the situation while lighting a cigarette.


At that moment, Danna Paola approached him. -"Hi, Omar! What's going on with Arón? ”- She asked lowering her voice while taking a seat next to him.


-"Nothing. End of the sentence ”-. Omar replied with a shrug.


- "Well, you'll say what you want, but since you told me what happened, I’ve paid more attention to him and... it seems to me that he behaves differently with you" - Danna observed winking, while she took the cigar from Omar's hands and inhaled the smoke a couple of times, before returning it.


- "Yeah... different in a wrong way, you mean" - Omar complained affectionately hitting his shoulder with hers.


- "Of course not... dumb!" - The Mexican contradicted him. - "As a woman, I can tell you that we realize things that could go unnoticed by men... And it seems to me that he is also into you..." - And she continued: - "You'll see... you'll give me the reason in the future”. - She finished with a smile.




That day, they finished recording earlier than usual and fortunately for Omar, there was no scene with Arón planned, so they only crossed a distant greeting in the morning and didn't see each other again for the rest of the day.


When he left the recording set, Omar received a WhatsApp from his friends asking if he was free. He looked at the time and realized that he had some hours available to meet with them before he had to leave for an interview he had already arranged with the presenter Carolina Iglesias.


When he arrived at Roci's house, the rest of his colleagues were already there, including Alonso. He entered and greeted them cheerfully, while someone of them offered him a beer; everyone laughed and it seemed like they were having fun.


He and Alonso had become very close, although for a while here, Omar had moved away, which Alonso hadn't liked and let him know.


Omar had a very special affection for him and he also recognized that his friend was physically attractive, however, never during that period they established a relationship; although more than once and after a few drinks, both exceeded the friendship line, sharing kisses first and a good dose of sex, time later.


- "Hello, my brown eyes!" - Alonso greeted him with the nickname with which he referred to Omar, kissing him very close to the corner of his lips.


- "Meu filho..." - Omar greeted him, in the way he used to call him.


He raised his beer to hit it against his, as a toast and drank a great sip. The rest of the afternoon, he had a good time sharing and laughing with his pals, but avoiding as much as possible, the closeness with his friend due to what had happened with Arón, he didn't feel like having anything sexual with Alonso.


A while later, Omar said goodbye: - "I must go..." - said getting up from the table where everyone was gathered.


-"Don't! Why are you leaving so soon? ”- Irene another of his friends, complained.


- "I know... I wouldn't like, but duty calls... I have an interview scheduled in a while" - he explained kissing her on the cheek.


- “Leave him!” - Alonso intervened, and continued in a bad mood: - “Don't you see that since he is already famous, he has no time for us?”-


- "Really, Alonso?" - Roci scolded. - "But what an ass you have become" - she finished. - "Don't listen to him Omar, he's already drunk" - she said trying to excuse him.


Omar said nothing, just looked at him and shook his head in disapproval as he headed to the door.




He entered the venue where he and Carolina would do the interview entitled "A drink with Omar Ayuso." It was a pretty nice format because the Mahou brewery sponsored that space, and it was supposed that the guests could enjoy a beer while they were interviewed. 



The interviewer was already waiting for him and after greeting her and the rest of the production team, the interview began.


- “Well, first of all, I have to ask you THE awkward question. This question is left by the previous person who has come as a guest… ”- Carolina explained.


- "Ok..." - Omar smiled.


- "...Which offers you the challenge of picking up your phone, scrolling, touching one of the contacts randomly, calling him or her and saying: "Do you wanna drink some beers with me?" - She explained laughing.


- “But this scares me a lot…” – Omar said taking out his cell phone. - "Let's see... I've to do this, right?" - Omar asked as he showed the phone.


- "Yes..." - answered the interviewer.


Omar did it and his aunt's name appeared on the screen. - “My aunt, Arab, I can't. They charge me a lot”- he explained laughing while raising his arms.


- "Come on, try again" - Carolina encouraged him.


This is what Omar did and when he pointed with his finger, the name of Arón Piper appeared on the screen… - “Shit… really?!” - he thought, as he showed the screen to his interlocutor and read-aloud Aron's name, showing a slight smile, although inside he was shitting his pants.


- "Come on!" - She encouraged him.


-"Yeah? I'm ashamed... But what do I say?”- Omar complained, feeling his pulse begin to accelerate.


- "Come on man!" - The girl scoffed, waiting for him to make the call.


- "I've to put it on speaker obviously, right?" - Omar asked more nervous every time without wanting them to notice it.


-"Of course! But don't say that this is a challenge!"- Carolina replied, nodding.


- "He won't answer it ... he never does." - Omar replied as he dialed.


- “Haha, I wouldn't answer either. I would say: "Omar... uh..." - she replied jokingly.


Omar laughed, touching his face evidently nervous and waited.


After three rings, he felt relief and he was about to hang up when Aron's voice was heard on the speaker: - "Omar?"


Omar wanted the earth to swallow him, but he had no choice but kept going with that.


- "What's up, dude?" - And he continued without waiting for an answer: - "Hey, mmm... do you wanna drink some beers with me?" - He asked nervously, without looking up from the phone.


After a few seconds of silence on the other side of the line, which seemed like an eternity to Omar, he heard Arón say: - “When, now?” -


Omar couldn't believe what was happening... - "And now what am I going to tell him when I see him?" - He thought while laughing nervously.


- “In an hour and a half, is it ok for you?" - He confirmed, with a smile that he couldn't hide.


- "Ok... see you at my flat?" - He heard Aron's hoarsely voice through the phone.


- "It's a fact... I'll see you then." - And hung up.



Chapter Text

Chapter 7: Do I wanna know?


Ander & Omar S.



It was not until he heard the door slamming as a product of the excessive force with which Ander had closed the door, that he could react. Ander's attitude had left him speechless, he had never seen him behave in such a cold way, not even during the time he had to carry the secret that Polo had confessed to him and because of that, he used to take it off on him sometimes.


This time had been different. - Ander was ... jealous? - Omar thought while rewinding in his mind what his boyfriend had seen moments before, in order to try to understand his attitude.


- "Are you okay, Omar?" - He heard Yeray ask - pulling him out of his speculations - as he approached him.


Yeray, he was the new guy who had replaced Marcos at the bar a week ago. He was a nice and unpretentious dude who had arrived a few weeks ago from the Canary Islands to settle in Madrid.


Ten minutes before, both had finished rearranging the cellar, as Martin had ordered, and had decided to sit down for a moment. Omar told him about the activities that could be done in the city and Yeray talked about his plans on finishing high school.


Just before Ander appeared, he had confessed that his father was a government official who had been transferred to Madrid and had enrolled him and his brother Malick in a school called Las Encinas ”, but that for him, unlike his brother, was important to work and not give himself a rich guy like life.


The latter had surprised Omar and he thought it could be a good opportunity to introduce Ander, Samu and his sister Nadia so that when Yeray began his classes, he knew some familiar faces.


- "Oh Really, Omar? It would be nice to meet your pals!" - He had answered while raising his arm and running his hand over his head in a grateful gesture.


It was at that moment that Ander had appeared and had seen them... Omar noticed it, closing his eyes for a moment and bringing both hands to his face.


Seconds later, he turned to Yeray to answer:


- "Yes, I'm fine... it's just that he seems to have misunderstood things... I think you'll have to meet Ander at another time ..." - He replied with a grimace.


- "I didn't know... sorry if I did something that bothered your… boyfriend?" - Yeray asked looking at him intrigued.


Omar looked back at him only to confirm that there were no veiled intentions in his question, but only true curiosity.


- "Yes, we have a relationship ... and there is nothing to apologize, dude, I'll talk to him later" - he patted his shoulder.


- "Interesting..." - Yeray replied raising his eyebrows.


- "What’s so interesting?" - Omar asked with a frown.


- "Nothing... it's just that I hadn’t realized you like boys -


And before Omar could ask him what he meant by that statement, Yeray clarified:


-"Come on! It's not what you think dude, I'm not judging you... You'll have a chance to get to know me better. ”- he concluded as he left the cellar. - "I'm going with Martín, see you later" -.






When he got out of the bar a blast of cold air hit him right on the face, he received it at once, so he adjusted his jacket zipper and put it his hood on. He introduced both hands in his pockets looking for his headphones and played the "playlist" on the mobile by pressing "play" randomly. A few seconds later “Do I wanna know, from Arctic Monkeys began to sound.


"...Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

Now I've thought it through

Crawling back to you

So have you got the guts?

Been wondering if your heart's still open and

if so I wanna know what time it shuts…

…I don't know if you feel the same as I do

But we could be together if you wanted to

If this feeling flows both ways

(Sad to see you go)

Was sorta hoping that you'd stay

(Baby we both know)

That the nights were mainly made for saying

things that you can't say tomorrow day..."


He made a sad face as he listened carefully to the lyrics of the song. It seemed that it perfectly described his relationship with Omar right now. He had never really felt so close to the possibility that Omar could be interested in someone other than him.


After how he had collapsed because of the consequences of deciding to cover Polo, he often thought of the possibility that Omar would get tired of holding him and walk away, but thinking about him seeing him as palpable as he did moments ago, there was a big difference.


He walked aimlessly, engrossed in his thoughts, trying to understand why he had reacted that way. And the reality was raw. Beyond the irrational jealousy he felt when he saw that guy touching his hair, what really made him angry was seeing Omar relaxed and laughing out loud with someone other than him. If he was honest to himself, it had been a long time since Omar didn't laugh like that when they were together and he knew perfectly who was responsible for it.


"Who would like to be with someone who is sad most of the time?" Ander mused, kicking a bottle that had crossed his path.


Suddenly, a very intense headache began to afflict him, to the point in which he began to feel nauseous, so a couple of streets later, he stopped and looked for a bench to sit on. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was until he looked around and realized that he was in Barceló Park.


-He had to get over it now and start demonstrating to Omar how much he mattered to him, because if he didn't, he ran the risk of losing him too, and only by thinking of chance of seeing Omar with someone else, was something he didn't think he would be able to deal with ... - He thought sadly.


Not knowing what to do. –Would he call Omar and apologize for his attitude to be so out of place? Or was it better to wait for his boyfriend to finish his shift so they could speak calmly and explain how he felt? -


Finally, he picked up his cell phone and wrote: - “Omar, I'm an asshole… Forgive me, please... Can we talk later? ”- He sent the text and stared at his cell phone.


Seconds later, he saw that Omar had already read the message. After a couple of minutes without getting an answer, he put his cell phone in his pocket and got up to go home.


Half an hour later, he entered the door and saw his mother watching TV. Azucena looked at him and, smiling, made a sign by tapping on the sofa so that he would sit next to her.


- "Where do you come from son?" - She asked giving him a warm kiss on the cheekbone.


Ander knew that his mother was worried about him, since being the principal, she had known about what happened with Guzman. Not to mention all the times she had seen him roam the house like a real mess since then.


- "Omar forgot his cell phone and I went to give it back to him at the bar" – Ander answered sitting next to her, watching the program that his mother tuned, but without really paying attention. His head revolved around Omar and the fact that he had seen his message but had decided not to respond.


- “And why haven't you stayed for a while? It's Friday and it’s been a while since you don’t go out at night.  Look, son, think about it... if it wasn't for school, and because Omar comes to see you, you wouldn't have contact with anyone else... ”-


- "I know mom... I just didn't feel like going out tonight" - He snorted, massaging his temples with both hands. - “Do you have a headache pill? I feel like it will explode”-


- “Have you drunk again Ander?” - asked her worried mother.


- “No… I haven’t done it. I promised you. To you and Omar.  What happened that night won’t happen again. It’s probably because I didn’t eat well. I'm going to rest.”- Ander said, rising from the sofa.


- "Wait, let me give you some pills before" - Azucena answered getting up and heading to the medicine cabinet.


Once he swallowed the medicine, he went up to his room and locked himself inside. He dropped onto the mattress and turned off the lamp, staying almost dark except for the dim moonlight that filtered from the skylight located just above his bed.  He took out his cell phone to check the messages, but there was no response from Omar.







- "It seemed that the night was going from bad to worse" - Omar complained mentally while serving one drink after another without rest. He was down after the way Ander had acted and just tonight, he had to attend the VIP area, where at midnight, Guzmán and Valerio appeared.


- "Look, look... who do we have here?" - Guzman scoffed at him. - "Tell me, is your boyfriend here keeping you company?" - Asked sarcastically, while looking around for Ander. - "I'm going to be happy to find him so I can beat his ass" - he scoffed.


- "Guzman, now... leave it" - Valerio intervened, pulling him back to their table.


As he walked away, he turned to Omar and said: - "Tell him not to appear, because if I see him around here, I won’t contain myself as I do in school..." - He concluded threatening him.


Omar just watched him without answering a single word to his threats.


-"What was that? And why does he hate your boyfriend? ”- Yeray asked approaching Omar.


- "It's a long story ... forget it man" - replied Omar, avoiding the question. - “Can you cover me for a moment? I have to go to the bathroom”- he asked his partner.


When he entered the employee toilet, he closed the door and leaned over the sink. It was about two hours before his shift ended, so he cooled his face and threw the paper towel in the trash can. He was about to leave when he heard the notification of a new message.


He picked up his cell phone and read Ander's text apologizing. He sighed. He felt physically and mentally exhausted, but he was also upset. Not only because of how his boyfriend had behaved hours ago in the cellar, but also because of the way he constantly mentioned the topic about his clothes or about the eyebrows and all that.


Those attitudes he had let go, not only did he let them pass until today, but the truth was they hurt him in the deepest. And he’d been trying to minimize it all the time, but he knew it wasn't right. It hurt that Ander could feel ashamed of the changes he had decided to make about himself; because deep down he knew it was, in fact, true.


He decided that he wouldn't answer Ander now. He needed to think because as much as he loved him, he was not willing to keep going that way.




Chapter Text

Capítulo 8: Fuego


(Arón & Omar A.)




The interview ended half an hour later, but the reality was that once he hung up that phone, it was hard for him to concentrate. He answered without thinking the following questions that Carolina asked him since his head only thought about what he would say to Arón when he met him in… - “less than an hour?” - he confirmed looking at the clock on his phone, feeling a tug in the stomach.


- "Clearly, fate made fun of him and his conviction to stay away from Arón...How possible was that his name would randomly pop up if he had more than two hundred contacts?" - He reflected feeling mortified


He sat down in one of the armchairs of the hotel where the interview had been conducted and waited for the “Cabify” service he had requested. While doing so, he opened Instagram and began to upload a couple of videos he had recorded hours ago at Roci's house; and one more in which he was promoting his interview with Carolina a few moments ago, with the saying: “A drink with Omar Ayuso... available soon”.


Once he uploaded the stories, he began to look at the posts of the people who followed, when he came across Aron's story. He clicked it and a moment later, Arón with his naked torso, sitting on a sofa, said: - “Kiss me like Omander… Kiss me; kiss me like Omander… yeah!” -


-"What the fuck...?”- He muttered, looking at the story again. Arón had uploaded it three hours ago, according to Instagram, which meant that Arón had recorded it long before he had made the call.


- "What does this mean?" - Omar thought, wracking his brains while looking again at the story for the third time. The beep of his cell phone indicating that the taxi service had arrived, distracted him a moment from his thoughts.


He asked the driver to stop in a supermarket, although in reality, what he was unconsciously doing was making time to postpone the inevitable; He left with cigarettes and beers and returned to the car where the driver was already waiting for him. Along the way, he received a message from WhatsApp. It was Alonso.


Meu Filho: [What are you doing?]

Omar: [Finishing the interview]

Meu Filho: [I wanna see you...]

Omar: [I can't now, I'm busy]

Meu Filho: [????]


Omar closed the app. He began to play nervously with the phone between his hands while thinking: - "What am I supposed to answer?"-


- "That I met someone? That I don't want to see him, because he's drunk and he is acting like an asshole? Or even better... I can't see you, because right now I don't even know what am I feeling?" - He took a deep breath to try to calm down and put the phone away.


"Besides, after the way he'd behaved with him at Roci's house, he didn't feel like talking to him either," he thought angrily.


Fifteen minutes later, he was in front of the luxurious building where Arón lived. Omar thanked the driver and getting out of the car, walked slowly towards the intercom. He pressed number 1020 and waited.


A few seconds later, he could see Aron's face through the small screen. - "Come on... get in" - He had said at the time that he rang the bell to open the door; Omar entered the wide hallway and headed for the elevator. He pressed number 10 and waited.


When the doors opened, Arón was leaning on the doorframe dressed only with a pair of jeans and a beer in his hand. He greeted him with a half-smile and nodded for him to enter.








Two hours before…


Once he hung up with Omar, he sat on the kitchen counter and set aside his cell phone. He put both hands to his head and rubbed his neck. - “Fuck, it had worked!” - He thought without believing how simple it had been.


He jumped off from the kitchen counter and opened the fridge; He took a beer, opened it and gave it a big drink. He felt anxious. Happy… but anxious.


- "Are you sure about this?" - He wondered to himself.


When he recorded the video, he did it thinking that Omar would see it and understand the hidden meaning, but never, nor in his best dreams, he imagined that he would speak to him tonight to invite him for a drink... And even less with how distant Omar had been with him in the last weeks.


If he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he was excited to see him. Even though it wasn't the first time he recognized feeling attracted to a man, it was the first time he was willing to let himself go without feeling guilty about it. He opened the second beer and headed to the couch.


While he drank, he remembered clearly the time a guy had caught his attention. It was during the recording of his first film: "Fifteen years and one day", Pau Poch, an actor four years older than him, had participated in the movie that summer, and although nothing happened beyond a few kisses, it had been a revelation for him.


But once the movie ended, he decided to get away from acting and break all contact with the actors, forgetting that episode. In the following years, he led a teenage life like any other boy of his age, dating girls from school and starting his sex life. He never again questioned his sexual preferences until today.


 Now, several years later, and due to Pau's participation in the “Merlí” series, they had encountered in some event occasionally, but he avoided as far as possible crossing beyond a simple greeting.


He took a deep breath, and put those memories aside. For now, what he wanted, was to discover what was happening between Omar and him, and whatever it was, he wanted to see if he wasn't confusing what he felt as a result of his closeness with Omar at work.




Aron looked at the clock once more. There was nothing worse than waiting. Omar was half an hour late and he had no sign of him. He took his phone and wrote: - “r u coming?” - But immediately deleted it.


- "What if, he had decided not to come at the last minute?" - He snorted annoyed while finishing another beer.



He didn't like feeling that way. He was usually a self-confident guy who was used to others looking for him, so feeling insecure was a feeling unknown to him... and he wasn't comfortable with it at all.


He was about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. He let out a sigh he didn't know he had been holding and rose to the intercom. He pressed the button and immediately saw Omar through the small screen. He smiled in relief. - "Come on... get in" - greeted him while pressing the button so he could enter.




(Omar A. / Arón)


- "I brought a few beers because I didn't know if you had some..." - Omar greeted him, bumping his hand with Aron's.


Aron took them, threw one to him and put the rest in the fridge. - "Thanks, man...  beers are always welcome... good reflexes by the way!" - He pointed out amusingly showing a smile when Omar caught the beer in the air. - "Come on, let's go to the living room" - He suggested passing by his side.


- "Sure..." - Omar replied, walking after him. While following him, he wanted to ask about the video he'd uploaded, but instead, he only managed to say: - “Aren't you cold, macho?”- Pointing to his bare torso and bare feet.


- “Nah… you say it because outside is cold, but the heating is on. After a while you’ll get warm”- Arón replied, regretting almost immediately that Omar could find a double meaning in his answer.


They dropped onto the fluffy couch relatively close to each other; Omar drank from the beer and then left it on the coffee table. For a few seconds, they remained silent without knowing what to say, each fighting against their demons.


Trying to avoid that awkward moment, Arón suddenly asked: - “Do you wanna have dinner? We could order food if you want to… ”-


“The last thing that Omar wanted at the time was food. What he really wanted was to kiss his partner's mouth, just as he had asked in his story a few hours before. ” He thought to himself as he looked down at Aron's lips. - "Eh ... no, I'm fine, I ate something before" - he replied and turned to get his beer as soon as their eyes met.


- "Right..." - Arón replied briefly. After a few seconds in which the silence continued to reign, he suddenly said: - "I thought you... wouldn't come" - he confessed, looking directly at him.


- "Right..." - Omar imitated, nodding. This was getting so fucking weird, so he decided to grab the bull by its horns and know once and for all what was going on with Arón, he took a deep breath and let go: - "I watched the video you uploaded..." –


Aron looked at him for a long suspended moment. - "It's now or never... don't be a coward" - he thought to himself. He ran a hand over his head almost absently and asked: - “And…? Did you like it?"


- "This rocks..." - Omar replied, feeling the faster and faster throbbing in his chest. “Is it happening?" He thought uncertainly looking at Aron's face to try to read him.


In response, Arón approached Omar to the point of almost brushing his lips with his own. At that distance he could feel his breath; it was a mixture of beer and mint that seemed irresistible. Almost immediately, he felt the pants begin to tighten at the height of the crotch 'cause he was getting hard.


- “Fuck!” - Omar hissed without being able to resist another second. At last, what he dreamed so many times in the last days came true...


With a slow movement as if trying not to do anything that could break the magic, he raised his hand and took the back of Aron's neck, closing the space between them. The moment he felt Aron's tongue breaking through his lips, he closed his eyes and let out a small moan. They kissed slowly, savoring each other; exploring every corner as if it were the first time their tongues touched.


"Although they had kissed on the recording set countless times, this caress felt very different from any other." Arón reasoned, without separating from Omar. Aron dropped his body against Omar's, imprisoning him against the cozy sofa and began to trace a series of wet kisses from the corner of his lips to his neck.


While kissing him, Omar sat up trying to take off his shirt, so Arón separated from him and helped him get rid of it. At that moment, they made eye contact again and Omar took the opportunity to look for any hint that showed that Arón might be regretting, but all he found was desire. His dilated pupils were a sign of the purest and crude desire.


Without separating his gaze from Aron's, Omar lowered his hands and began unbuttoning his pants. When he lowered the zipper of the jeans, he put his hand inside the boxers and could feel how hard he was. He began to stroke him slowly at first and faster as he listened to the gasps coming from Aron. Omar couldn't believe he was who made him feel in that way.


Aron closed his eyes and parted his lips for more. They continued that game for a few more minutes until Arón stopped him.


- "Stop... because I'm close to coming" - he pleaded.


Omar obeyed him by leaning back on the couch, letting Aron take control.


Aron approached Omar and began to kiss him slowly, trapping his lower lip between his and then introducing his tongue. Omar let out a muffled groan.


- "Your taste is so fucking addictive that I could settle for just kissing you all night..." he whispered against his lips.


Omar smiled. It felt so good to feel Aron's weight on his, that he let him do it. With one hand he caressed his back while with the other he held his face that was a few inches from his.


- "Are you sure about this?" - Omar questioned at some point.


- "Aha..." - he replied while kissing him.


- "Piper... I'm serious" - he insisted moving away a moment to confront him.


Arón kept his eyes on him and then added: - “I like you… If that’s what you ask. I knew it the day we had the rehearsal with Dani and since then I have wanted to do this without anyone else watching us...”- and having said that, he started kissing him again.


After such a confession, Omar left behind any uncertainty he might have had and let himself be kissed... The chemistry between them was undeniable. Arón made him horny just by looking at him the way he did now.


Suddenly, he felt Aron's hand go down to his pants and unbutton it. Moments later, he felt Aron's firm hand caressing his dick.


 - "This is the first time I touch a guy in this way..." - Arón confessed while continuing to do so. And that was true. "But it felt so good... He didn't feel guilt or regret." He could only admire Omar's response to his touch.


- "Well, to be the first time, you don't do it nothing bad at all..." - Omar scoffed, emitting slight gasps convulsing at his touch, while in turn, he began to touch Aron again.


- "Let's go slowly..." - He whispered against his mouth. - "We don't need to fuck tonight... if you're not ready yet" - Omar proposed as he continued kissing him.


Aron silently thanked that gesture. The reality is that he wasn't completely sure he wanted to take that step now, so he smiled in response and both continued to enjoy the moment. Minutes later they got an orgasm into each other's hands.


They laid down, catching their breath until their agitated breaths gradually returned to normal.


- “That was cool… right?” - Arón asked after a while looking for an answer in Omar's eyes. He wanted to be sure that Omar had enjoyed it as much as he had.


Omar couldn't hide a big smile when he replied: - "It was fucking awesome Piper...”


- “Piper? Really Omar? It sounds weird, don't you think? ”- he asked raising his eyebrow.


Omar just smiled. - "Mmm... I don't think so, I like it" - And then he placed a warm kiss on his chin.


Aron smiled in turn. - "If it's your way of being sweet... let me tell you you're weirdo..." –


They got up from the sofa and went to the bathroom to clean themselves. Aron opened the shower tap and went into the shower, while Omar was cleaning himself in the sink.


- "Don't you prefer to take a shower?" - He asked.


Omar looked at him and smiled. - "Yes, I think that would be easier..." - And saying that, he joined him into the shower.


After a while, Arón came out first and began to dry up. As he did, he watched Omar bathe in his shower and smiled. He never felt uncomfortable due to what they had shared, so without having second thoughts, he raised his voice so Omar could hear him through the stream of water:


- “I’ll leave you a clean towel. I’ll see you out here... ”- And immediately, he left the bathroom. He put on clean underpants, sweatpants and sat on the bed to wait for him.


When Omar got out to the bathroom, he wore the towel around his waist and his clothes in his hands.



- "I'm going to get dress and..." -


Aron didn't let him finish. - "Why don't you stay tonight?" - He asked looking at him.


- "Are you sure?" - Omar asked - "I don't want to bother you... I can take a taxi and go home..." - He explained.


Aron shook his head from side to side. - “If I'm asking you, it's because you don't bother me at all. Unless you want to leave… ”


Omar smiled. - "Ok... but you'll have to lend me some clothes because..." - He said pointing to his clothes.


- "Take what you want... there are clean underpants..." - said pointing to the drawer - "and there are comfortable pants" -


A while later, they laid on the bed. A light blanket covered them and both rested in silence. But unlike before, this wasn't an awkward silence at all.


After a few minutes, Arón murmured: - "I like that you are here" - but he got no answer. He turned to look at him just to see that Omar was sound asleep.


Aron sighed.  "He didn't know what was going on, but he didn't want to think about it either... the only thing that was clear to him was, he liked Omar a lot..."


Twenty minutes later, Omar's cell phone, which was in the dresser right next to Arón, began to vibrate, illuminating the screen, so he woke him up.


- "At two in the morning... Really?" - Aron murmured, looking back at the phone. Immediately, a second message illuminated the screen again making the text visible:


Meu Filho: [I'm asking you... where the hell r u? I'm outside your house…]



Chapter Text

Chapter 9: Fading Away


Ander & Omar S.




When he left the Barceló Theater it was already dawn; the temperature had dropped considerably, so he buttoned up the coat and adjusted the scarf. At that moment he began to feel melancholy when he remembered that it was Baba who had given Nadia the coat, so she could hand it to him. "It's so you don't get cold," his sister had told him. But he knew immediately, that his father was responsible for it.


Baba was a tough man; with deep-rooted customs and ideas. Nevertheless, Omar knew through his sister that Baba and Mama were having a hard time and that hurt him a lot. It destroyed him, not only to not be able to talk with his family about his life but also to be away from them. And even though Nadia was unconditional to him, he needed his parents.


Now that he had left Ander's house and began to live alone, he resented further distancing himself from his parents. Arriving at his apartment and not being able to eat a hot dish prepared by Mama was one of the many things he had to leave behind in order to live his life.


He walked at a rapid pace thinking about it and also about the jealousy scene that Ander had starred before, when a car approached slowing down, stopping by his side. Omar turned around and recognized his partner at the bar behind the wheel.


-Hey man! Get in; I'll take you home- Yeray offered.


-Are you sure? I shouldn't get you far from where you are going- Omar replied uncertainly.


-No way! Besides, it's getting colder... come on, get in- Yeray replied opening the door.


As soon as he got in the car, Omar silently thanked the warmth radiating from the heating. -Thanks, dude... I live several blocks south; I hope not to deviate you that much-. He insisted, rubbing his hands trying to get warm.


-Not at all! Give me the address to put it on the map- asked his partner.


During the journey to his apartment, Yeray turned the music up and began to dance and sing while driving, making the road much more enjoyable. During that time, Omar forgot about his worries while imitating him. They talked about how tough the night had been and about the drunken idiots they had to deal with.


Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at his house.


-Hey dude, thank you very much for the ride, seriously... - Omar said gratefully.


-You’ve nothing to thank Omar, it doesn't bother me at all to deviate a bit- Yeray replied starting the engine while making a sign with his hand as a farewell.


Omar didn't move until he saw the car disappear; “He's a nice guy,” he thought with a half-smile, before turning around and entering the building.


When Omar entered his apartment, he went to the small kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He sat in the only chair he had and looked at the tiny and practically empty apartment. He only had the bed he had bought, a set of sheets that Nadia had given him, and a couple of huge pillows that Ander had brought with him the first time he visited his apartment.


"To make us sleep more comfortable ... when I stay overnight," he had said with a wink.


Omar smiled when he remembered that episode. It was one of the few moments in which he saw Ander happy and without the heavy burden, he had imposed on himself. And that had been the only night so far, in which he and his boyfriend had been able to enjoy the privacy provided by their little new home.


It had been so pleasant that they didn't have to hold back each time they touched each other for fear of being heard... That night, like the first time they made love, they were completely alone enjoying each other. He was marveled when he listened loudly and clearly Ander's moans as a result of his caresses, to feel Ander's lips on his body, giving pleasure completely alien to anything that was not themselves.


-Ander...- Omar whispered.


Several times during the nights when he was alone, he imagined building a life with him. Living together and sharing a roof, without parents, without problems and with nothing to overshadow their happiness.


At some point during those crazy nights, he thought about proposing him to move in with him, but he held back. He knew it wasn't a good idea since they were still young and deep down he was afraid that their relationship was not strong enough to take that step.


He suppressed a yawn and got up. He brushed his teeth and closed the curtains to prevent sunlight from coming out within a few hours, seeping through the windows. He laid down and picked up his cell phone to mute it, but before doing so, he looked back at the message Ander had sent him hours ago. Surprised, he noticed that despite the time, Ander was online.


Omar wrote:


Omar: [I'm home now, can we talk tomorrow?]


He stared at the mobile screen for a long time before pressing "send." After a few more minutes thinking about what he should do, he deleted the text without further ado and sighed.



He felt bad about ignoring him, but he needed to tidy his head before talking to him. Releasing a sigh, he left the application and silenced the phone. He wanted to sleep as much as he could and he didn't want anyone to bother him. That included Ander as well.



Chapter Text

Chapter 10: What You Keep To Yourself


(Arón & Omar A.)




After the message popped up and woke him up, it was hard for him to fall asleep again. As much as he wanted not to give importance to the matter, his mind invariably betrayed him. So the next few hours he spent around the bed thinking about it.


"Meu Filho...? Who the fuck was that…?” Arón wondered, watching Omar sleep peacefully. It was clear that by the nickname with which Omar had him registered, he wasn't just any guy, and on top of that, regarding the way the guy had written the messages, it was evident that he was romantically involved with Omar in some way.


"And? What did you expect? Asshole!” He scolded himself mentally while listened to Omar's accompanied breath.


The fact that they had kissed and that Omar had agreed to spend the night with him wouldn’t mean that they would begin to have an exclusive relationship... In fact, nothing assured that they would even be together again.


There was no doubt that Omar was attracted to him, he had clearly shown it a while ago, but at no time he hinted that he was interested in maintaining some kind of relationship… “And to be honest, he wasn't interested in him either, wasn't he?"


"It was true that they had had a good time and he was sure that Omar had enjoyed it as much as he did, but that gave him no right to ask anything about it," he thought uncertainly.


At that moment, Omar moved against him, whispering something unintelligible; he put an arm around his abdomen and rested his head on his chest. Almost immediately, his breathing returned rhythmic, signal that he was once again sound asleep. The feeling that the hug produced him was warm and confusing at the same time since he had never slept hugging anyone before. In such a short time there were already several "first times" with Omar and that scared him a lot.


He pushed those thoughts aside and slowly stroked Omar's jaw, feeling the stubble. - "All this felt strange but it gave him a very pleasant feeling at the same time..." - he reflected before fatigue overcame him and fell asleep with Omar hugging him.




The smell of fresh coffee woke him up. Refusing to open his eyes yet, he moved upside down and stretched across the width of the bed. Slowly, he turned his face to the dresser only to confirm that Omar's cell phone was just where he had left it last night, so it was very likely that he hadn't seen the messages yet.


He breathed a sigh of annoyance and sat on the bed. He had decided that this issue was none of his business, so he wouldn't comment it to Omar. He dressed in the sweatpants he had worn the night before and a sweatshirt and left the room.


-Hey, Morning! I made coffee, I hope it doesn't bother you that I've used your kitchen...- Omar greeted him by raising the corner of his lips in a frank smile.


-Not at all...- Arón responded by shaking his head and suppressing the pleasant sensation he felt when he saw Omar still at home.


- Do you want a cup of coffee? - Omar asked opening the cupboard to get one.


-Ok... - He answered dryly, sitting on one of the stools in front of the kitchen bar.


-Take it... - Omar said, handing him the steaming cup. - Did you sleep well? Because I fell asleep like a baby, dude ...-


"Yes of course..." He mocked mentally, remembering what had happened last night. But he only managed to nod. He didn't have the right to feel upset, but deep down he was and that bothered him a lot.


-Is everything all right? - Omar inquired, looking at him.


-Yes… why shouldn't it be? - He replied sullenly.


-Well, your face says the opposite- Omar pointed out somehow confused.


Realizing that he was fucking it up with his attitude, Arón tried to hide: -It's just that I'm not a morning person... -


-Morning person, really, dude? But if it's almost ten in the morning- Omar scoffed looking at the clock hanging off the wall.


Then, a mobile began to ring and Arón felt as he was being stabbed in the stomach because of a feeling he couldn't identify.


-It's mine... I’ll take it- Omar pointed out, as he walked quickly towards the bedroom.


Aron took a sip of the coffee as he sharpened his ear trying to hear the conversation.


Almost immediately, Omar came back with his cell phone attached to his ear. -Yes, that's fine. Okay ... When did you say? - He asked his interlocutor. -Done. See you next week, until then- Confirmed before hanging up.


Once he cut the call, he turned to Arón and, by way of explanation, said: -He was from the agency; they’ve scheduled an interview for next week with Formula TV... they will probably call you later too - he concluded.


Aron only nodded.


Immediately afterwards, Omar began to check his phone and due to his surprised face, Arón knew immediately that he was reading the messages.


-Is everything ok? - He took the opportunity to ask, waiting for Omar's reaction.


- Eh... sure - Omar answered distractedly while looking at the phone. Seconds later, he put it in his pants pocket and looked up at him.


-I must go... I have some things to fix- he said by way of farewell. -Hey, I had a great time last night... - he suddenly confessed approaching his face a few inches from his.


Aron didn't move. Suddenly he began to feel anger growing inside him. He looked at him knowing for sure that he would go see the guy who had sent those messages to him, so he sketched a forced smile, replying briefly: - Yes, it wasn't bad... -




Omar raised his hand and led it to the back of Aron's neck, massaging him with circular movements, without even realizing his attitude yet.


-I don't get used to it yet, - he pointed out, referring to Aron's shaved head.


In response, Arón made a face of disdain, holding both hands to his head, and shrugging his shoulders, he murmured: -It will grow...-


-Hey, I'm not complaining, huh! You don't look bad at all, Piper... – Omar replied jokingly as he closed the space between them and began to kiss him, but almost immediately, Arón separated by moving his head to the side, avoiding Omar from deepening the kiss.


Omar looked at him, raising both eyebrows, evidently surprised, and although he said nothing at that moment, he was disappointed. He dropped his arm and carried it into his pocket.


-You should leave... - Arón muttered him, looking away.


"Really?" Omar asked incredulously.


When he saw that Arón didn't even look at him, he turned around saying: -Fuck off dude! - And without waiting for an answer, he left the kitchen towards the exit door.


Arón didn't answer nor did he do anything to stop him, on the opposite, he remained silent playing with his phone and didn't take his eyes off of it until he heard the door close with violently.


"Fuck!" He hissed, visibly affected, putting his hands to his head putting the phone aside.


Chapter Text

Chapter 11: Broken


Ander & Omar S.




He was having a crappy night. Among the strong migraine that seemed to hammer his head and Omar's haunting silence, it was difficult for him to rest.


When he saw Omar was online at about three o'clock in the morning, he assumed his boyfriend was already in his apartment. He was so eager to pick up the phone and dial him as he did almost every night, just to ask him how his day had been and listen to Omar's deep voice telling him any anecdote that happened at the bar and ending the call only to listen to Omar's voice saying: I love you.


He hated the way he behaved lately; he hated being mad at Omar... he knew he'd been a complete asshole and he wanted Omar to forgive him, to stop ignoring him... but he knew he shouldn't force him. He had already made it clear through that message that he had regretted it and that he was sorry about his attitude. Now it was Omar's turn to look for him and talk. "Because he would do it, right?" Ander thought worried.


His attitude was pathetic and he didn't like it at all. He had to calm down and stop bombarding his head with absurd stories in which in every one of them, Omar would abandon him. What he had to do was give him time. "He'd reply or look for him tomorrow," he repeated himself once more as if it was a mantra, before closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep.




The imminent need to puke woke him up. As he could, he sat up on the bed and jumped to the W.C. He knelt on the cold tiles and hugged the toilet; he vomited until little by little the strong arches began to go away.


Breathing heavily, he got up and leaned against the sink; he turned on the cold water tap and took a big sip, then washed his face; he took the toothbrush and taking it to his mouth began to brush it.


His reflection in the mirror only served to confirm what was evident. He looked just as bad as he felt. He returned to his room and sat on the edge of the bed, holding it with both hands, because of the effort, he had felt somewhat dizzy.


He picked up the cell phone and looked at the time. It was past noon and he still had no sign of Omar. He knew that Saturday was his day off so he dressed and left his room with the firm idea of going to look for him. Enough time had already passed for Omar to answer but he hadn't done so and he didn't want to keep waiting. He needed to talk to him.


When he went downstairs, he found his mother preparing lunch, who, listening to him, greeted him cheerfully.


-Good morning ... or should I say good afternoon?  How did you sleep? - She asked.


But her smile faded when she looked at his son. He was pale and somewhat haggard and could see slight droplets of sweat piercing his forehead.


-Hi, mom... - Ander greeted trying to smile.


-You feel sick, right? - Azucena asked, approaching him while touching his forehead.


-I probably ate something that made me sick- Ander replied putting on his jacket. "But I'll feel better soon for sure... I'll be right back," he said, walking towards the door.


"Where do you think are you going, Ander?" His mother asked, with a serious gesture.


-I'm going to see Omar-


-No, no way, son. Eat something and stay to rest. And if you want to see Omar, then call him and ask him to come - his mother ordered him as she gestured for him to sit at the table.


Ander felt so bad, he didn't want to argue with her, so he silently sat down to eat the plate of vegetables with meat that his mother served him.


Once he finished eating, more at the insistence of his mother and not because he had much appetite, he got up and returned to his room.


He took the cell phone and began to check the different social networks to see if he had news of Omar but didn't find a single post from his boyfriend. Tired of uncertainty, he dialed Omar.


After four tones, the voicemail jumped. "You know what to do ..." Omar's voice was heard, followed by a beep that indicated the beginning of the recording.


-Fuck...! -  Ander hissed before throwing his cell phone on his bed, feeling increasingly insecure.


He ran his hand through his hair and picked up his cell phone again. He pressed the redial key and waited. Again the voicemail jumped, but this time, Ander began to speak:


- Hey, Omar I know you're still upset and that's why you don't take my calls, but I just want to tell you that I'm sorry... I fucking miss you...! Talk to me when you hear my message ... please.-


He leaned back and put both hands to his head trying to lessen the pangs of pain that threatened to appear again. He closed his eyelids and took a deep breath doing his best to relax and try to sleep.


A familiar voice accompanied by an intense chill, made him open his eyes. At first, he could only see a blurred figure, but after a couple of blinks, he could focus on his mother's face.



Azucena looked worried as she passed a damp cloth across his forehead.


-You have a fever, son. I already called the doctor and he will come at any moment - she explained while changing the cloth for a cooler one.


-What time is it? - Ander asked still a little sleepy.


-Almost ten o'clock in the morning- answered his mother, keeping the thermometer she had just removed from Ander's left armpit.


-What…? How? - Ander asked confused.


-You slept almost twenty hours in a row son- she explained with a loving smile.


Hearing that, Ander tried to sit down, but his mother didn't allow him. -Don't... please lay down-


-Where is my cell phone? - He asked while looking for it next to him in his bed.


-Here it is- she replied, as she got up from the bed and walked to the desk to take it and give it to his son.


"I'll be right back, I'm going to bring you some water," she explained, leaving him alone in his room.


Once his mother came down the stairs, Ander leaned against the pillows and unlocked the phone. Disappointment seized him when he saw that he had neither a message, nor a call, nor anything to indicate that Omar had tried to contact him.


Releasing a sigh, he closed his eyes again falling into deep drowsiness.




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Chapter 12: Treat me gently


(Arón & Omar A.)




He closed the door behind him without believing the way Arón had behaved. “As a total and complete asshole”. He didn't expect that after what they had shared, he would act that way. "Surely he had regrets about what had happened the night before... It's my fault for hooking up with guys who are still in the closet."


- Fuck off! - He muttered annoyed and hurt at the same time while leaving the building.


On the other hand, Alonso's message had taken him completely out of balance. He had never behaved that way and that screwed him up a lot.


When he arrived at his apartment, he prepared something to eat, showered and then laid down. He needed to think. What had happened last night had been a true discovery for him. Everything had flowed so well between them... to the extent that he had invited him to spend the night together... And when he woke up today in the morning, Arón was very close to him with his arm around his chest... so he didn't understand the attitude he had adopted.




While thinking about it, he received a message from Alonso.


Meu Filho: [Can we talk?]


Omar breathed a sigh. He hadn't liked the messages Alonso had left him last night, but deep down he felt bad for him. He had a very special affection and he knew his attitude had changed because of how much he had been drinking.


Omar: [You're fuckin' kidding me, aren't you?]

Meu Filho: [I screwed up... forgive me]

Omar: [You're an asshole: /]

Meu Filho: [Can I go to your house later?]

Omar: [I dunno, dude...]

Meu Filho: [please?]

Omar: [k...]




The rest of the day he didn't hear from Arón; not a message, not a call, nothing... "It was more than clear that he had regretted it," Omar thought both angry and hurt. So to avoid thinking about him and get distracted for a while, he prepared a bowl of popcorn and went into the living room to watch movies and read.


The sound of the bell woke him up; he had fallen asleep with a book in his lap. He rubbed his eyes and suppressed a yawn, looked at the time, it was about eight o'clock at night.


When he opened the door, Alonso stood in front of him, facing the floor visibly distressed.


-Come on, get in now- Omar said as he stepped back a little to let him pass.


Alonso put his head up and looked at him. "Between the hangover and the unveiled, he looked devastated," Omar acknowledged, closing the door and sitting again on the couch.


Alonso sat down in front of him and asked: - Are you still pissed off? -


"What do you think, man?" He replied, lighting a cigarette.


-I know that yesterday at Roci's house I acted like an ass... and I shouldn't have sent you those messages either; I know I screwed up... -


-That's right. -  He agreed, exhaling the smoke.


-It's just... It bothers me not being able to spend time with you as before- he confessed.


Omar didn't know what to answer. He put the cigarette back to his lips and breathed in a big breath.


-Don't you have anything to tell me?-


Omar looked at him for a long time before answering. - We talked about this before... What happened, it happened and that's it, we had a good time, but we agreed that we would continue to be friends, right? - He reminded him.


"But why can't we try, man?" He insisted, rising from the sofa where he was, to sit beside him. "When we were together, we had a fucking good time... didn’t we?" He challenged him.


-Yes, we had a great time and we'll continue to do it… but… -


He didn't let it end. – But…? What's up Omar, are you involved with someone else? -


Omar clearly knew that he wasn't going to tell him what had happened with Arón last night for two reasons mainly.


The first one was because long ago, Alonso had joked that Arón seemed to enjoy the hot scenes with him too much, and had even assured that he was gay. "We are actors, don't be an ass, dude!" Omar had replied on that occasion. "If you say so... but I don't like that guy..." he had said in response.


And on the other hand, after the way in which Arón had behaved today in the morning, it was more than evident that they had no future. So there was no point in getting involved with Alonso in a pointless discussion. The reality was that he didn't want to make him feel bad in any way.


-So? - Alonso pressed.


Omar let out a sigh while extinguishing the cigar against the ashtray. "Fuck... there we go," he thought as he responded in the only way that occurred to him at that time: -I just don't want to be in a relationship now ... I hardly have time for anything other than work... do you understand me? - concluded.


Alonso remained silent for a long time as if he were meditating on Omar's explanation. -Ok...- He muttered, avoiding looking him in the eye.


-Come on... change that face, it doesn't mean that we'll stop seeing each other or anything like that; you are someone very important to me and I wouldn't like you to move away. - Omar said.


-Yeah... if you say so- he replied with a grimace and ending that conversation, he asked: -Come on, give me a stogy-. He lit the cigar that Omar gave him and leaned back on the couch.


After several puffs on the cigar, he turned to Omar and without giving him time to react, he kissed him. It was a very different kiss to the ones he shared with Arón a night ago, not only because it lasted only a few seconds, but because he didn't feel that desire consumed him as when Arón passed his tongue between his lips.


-What was that? - He asked surprised.


-Is not a big deal man... you've already made it clear to me that you don't want to have a relationship, but that doesn't mean we can't do this... - he counterattacked kissing him again.


This time, Omar kissed him back. He knew for sure, that he was driven by Aron's rejection, but at that moment, he didn't care. He just wanted to forget about the kisses and caresses they had shared hours before, but far from achieving it, it only served to reaffirm that the chemistry he had felt with him was far from being able to feel it with Alonso.




A while later, they were both sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a movie, when someone knocked on the door.


-Are you waiting for someone? - Alonso asked distractedly.


-No, no one... - Omar answered walking towards the door.


-Who is it? - He asked.


When he saw that no one answered, intrigued, he opened.


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” He thought to himself when he saw Aron standing in front of him.



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Chapter 13: Don't give up on me


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


Thinking about trying to take care of his mental health, Omar had decided to spend the entire weekend disconnected from the phone and social networks. So, taking advantage of his day off, he got out of bed, picked up his cell phone and put it inside one of the small kitchen cabinets.


He needed time with himself to process the maelstrom of events that he had been living a few months from now and that he hadn't allowed himself to think about it.


He got carried away by the events, without thinking; leaving his home to stay at Ander's, coping with his boyfriend for months without understanding the reason for his behavior, looking for a job, moving at his own place, supporting Ander now he knew what was going on with him, among other things ... But never, during all this time, he had stopped to think about what he really needed.


Once he finished having breakfast, he took his bike and left the flat. He spent the day touring the streets of Madrid, stopping occasionally to rest. He visited El Retiro Park and for a few hours, he did nothing but sit on the grass and observe people who were walking around.


In the afternoon, before returning to his apartment, he turned to his parents' store and stopped at the back corner of the house, making sure he was not seen. Wistfully, he watched his mother sitting behind the counter attending customers and Baba arranging the fruit shelves. His sister wasn't there.


For more than ten minutes he didn't move, he only thought about all the times that behind that same counter, denied his destiny. He let out a sigh and wiping away a couple of tears that threatened to get out, got back up on his bike and got away from there pedaling as fast as his legs allowed him to.


Instead of going straight to his place, he went to look for Samuel. There had been some time since he didn't spend time with him and missed talking to his friend. He hoped Samu was at home since he didn't carry his cell phone to call him. He rang the bell and waited. After a few seconds, Samu leaned out the window and greeted him cheerfully.


-What a surprise dude! - He shouted from the window.  I’m coming.  


The two friends greeted each other with a big hug. Samuel took some beers from the fridge and then they went for a walk. They found a place and sat down to chat.



-And what brings you here, Omar? - Samuel asked taking a sip of his drink.


-Well, I said to myself: you have to visit your friend... and here I am- Omar replied with a smile.


-It's nice to hear that... - Samuel nodded. - And how are you doing? - he asked.


-Mmm… well, I don't complain. You know, working at the bar to pay the rent and save money... - Omar replied.


-And what about Ander? - Samuel asked.


-Ander? Well, at home I guess- He replied plainly.


-Damn...! Troubles in paradise, perhaps? - Samuel scoffed.


-I don't know dude... Things between us have been weird lately... - He was honest.


-And why do you say so? -  Asked surprised.


-Well, with everything that has happened with Guzman, Ander hasn’t been the same. And besides... I don't know dude... - Omar kept silent.


-What aren't you telling me? Or you don't love him anymore? - Samuel asked, putting aside the jokes.


-No... It’s not that Samu. I love him.  I do.  I don’t doubt it; it's just that I don't know if that's gonna be enough for us to stay together- Omar confessed, looking sadly at him.


-So what's up, then? Or is it Ander who no longer feels the same? -


Omar was silent for a moment analyzing the question that his friend had asked him.


- I think Ander loves me... I don't doubt it, Samu. In fact, he got jealous yesterday for no valid reason. The thing is that I don't know if deep down he accepts me the way I am now. I don't know if you get me... - Omar asked looking at him.


-Well, if he doesn't, then Ander doesn't deserve to be with you Omar- Samuel replied bluntly.


And he continued:


-You've been for him without questioning his actions, and I think he should do the same if he really loves you. Think about it, you have left your father's yoke behind to be you, so whoever is by your side must accept you the way as you are, don't you think so? - Samuel concluded waiting for his friend to answer.


-Well, maybe you're right... - Omar answered drinking from the beers can.


-Hey, and how is it that he became jealous? - he asked curiously.


Omar shrugged and told him what happened at the bar. He told him about Yeray and ended up telling him that he would introduce Yeray to him soon since he would start attending classes at Las Encinas.


- He's a good guy, you'll see. I think you will like him, he is not the typical posh boy who boasts about his parents' money-. Omar explained.


-Okay... I believe you- Samuel nodded and then returning to his joking style, suggesting:


-It will be fun to see Ander's expression when he finds out that the guy who became jealous will now be his desk partner... -. He ended up letting out a laugh.


Omar rolled his eyes at Samu's joke and settled the issue by opening another beer.


-Now it's your turn to talk.  Have the issues with the marquise been solved? -


As soon as he heard Omar refer to Carla, Samuel stopped laughing and adopted a serious attitude telling him about it.


A while later, they returned to Samuel's house and spent time drinking beers and playing video games until the tiredness beat them.




Pilar, Samuel's mother woke them up the next morning when she opened the door to let Samu know she was going to the supermarket.


-Hey Omar! I didn't know you had spent the night here- She greeted him.


-Hi mom, it wasn't planned but in the end, we fell asleep- Samuel greeted.


- Then come now, get up and have breakfast. I have to go - she said goodbye.




When Omar arrived at his place on Sunday at noon, he went directly to the kitchen to find his cell phone. He wanted to call Ander to talk to him. He had thought things through a lot and had made a decision.


Before calling him, he saw that he had several messages and missed calls among them from Nadia, Ander, and Yeray. He listened to the voice message Ander had left him and smiled wistfully. He dialed and waited.


After several rings, he was surprised to hear Ander's mother answer the call.


-Hello Omar, how are you? - Greeted Azucena.


-Hello Azucena... I’d like to talk to Ander, is that possible? - Omar greeted her strangely.


-Ander has been sick and now he's sleeping- she explained.


-But what's wrong with him? -


-He had a fever and migraine, the doctor came and gave him medication and he said Ander must rest - she replied.


"Can I go to see him?" He asked without thinking.


-Of course, I'm sure he'll be glad to see you. - Azucena told him before hanging up.


When Omar arrived at Ander's house, Azucena opened the door and told him that Ander was still asleep.


-But if you want to you can go upstairs, he'll surely wake up soon. Or if you prefer so, you can stay with me, I'm preparing something to eat- She smiled.


-Thanks, but if it doesn't bother you, I'd rather go up to see Ander- Omar replied shyly.


-Of course... go with him. You know this is your house- she replied lovingly.


Omar thanked her and headed to Ander's room.


He opened the door slowly to make no noise and entered. Ander was lying on his side curled up. He was pale and sweaty.


Careful not to wake him up, Omar approached the bed, took off his shoes and laid beside him. For several minutes he did nothing but watch him sleep. One of the things he enjoyed most during the time he lived with Ander was snuggling at his side and watching him sleep.


Although at this time Ander was clearly decayed with his brown curls glued to his forehead due to the sweat, he didn't lose the beauty that characterized him. Carefully, Omar ran his hand through Ander's hair and placed a chaste kiss on his temple.


He settled himself better by putting his head on one of the pillows, thereby aligning his face just in front of Ander's. He brought the index finger to Ander's lower lip and brushed it lightly. Ander stirred and ran his tongue over his lips.


Omar gave a slight smile. During the nights they shared in that bed, it had become a habit for Omar, to caress Ander just like that, since it was cool to see the gestures his boyfriend made when he felt the contact of his fingers. "Your fingers tickle me" he had confessed once.


Suddenly, Ander woke up. He opened his eyes slowly and with a smile, closed them again. Seconds later, as if he was in a dream, he processed that Omar was at his side, he opened them suddenly and muttered touching his face: -Omar? -


-Shh ... rest. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere - Omar replied, getting closer to Ander as he brushed his lips with his.


They would talk later, what he wanted now, was to be with him and to take care of him.




Chapter Text

Chapter 14: The One I Want


(Arón & Omar A.)




"None of this made sense," Arón thought once Omar left his house clearly pissed off. If it was true that he wasn't interested in starting any kind of relationship with him, "Why had he acted like a jealous boyfriend, because of a message he didn't even know the background of?"


He couldn't keep fooling himself… He hadn't stopped thinking about him for a minute since he had left. After what had happened, he recognized that he liked Omar and didn't want things to stay that way. Uncompleted.


He needed to know if Omar felt the same way as he did.    And with this, it didn't mean that he was looking to start some kind of relationship, he just wanted them to have the chance to get to know each other better and let time go by fitting everything in its place.


He knew that he had acted badly the moment he rejected him and saw his face of disappointment. He had completely screwed it up. Even though, his pride ruled over the situation by allowing Omar to leave without giving him an explanation for his behavior and as a result, he felt shitty.


He’d been wondering more than once, what would have happened if he hadn't reacted like that. If instead of being silent acting as if he were regretful, he would have asked him directly who the guy that had sent the messages was.


He had some questions, but no answers. The reality was that for the first time, he wanted to dare to be with someone who he really liked, with whom he could talk about anything for hours without getting bored in the least, of being able to kiss him and forget about all the prejudices... and with Omar he had discovered that he felt that way.


He picked up the phone and when he was about to call him, he’d a second thought. What he wanted was to do it face to face and not over the phone, so he decided that it would be better to go find him. He would go to his house to talk to him and he would be honest. He'd tell him the reason for his behavior and he'd ask him directly what he thought about it.


He knew where he lived, because several times he, along with Álvaro, Miguel and Itzan, had gathered in Omar's flat to have some beers. So, being determined, he went there.


When he arrived at the address, he stayed for a few moments outside smoking a cigar; a few minutes later a household truck arrived and parked in front of the building.  Two workers began to maneuvering up some boxes, so he took advantage that they left the door open, and he entered. Once he was in front of Omar’s door, he took a deep breath as he rang the bell.



He was nervous. His hands were cold and sweaty and his stomach was fluttering. When he heard Omar ask who was knocking, he was silent. He hesitated to leave for a moment, but he no longer had time to regret since seconds later, the door opened and there in front of him, Omar looked at him clearly dumbfounded.


-Hey... - He greeted him with a slight nod trying to sketch a smile without success.


-Omar, I... I've come to apologize. I've behaved like a real moron today’s morning... -


Omar opened his mouth but closed it again without saying a word. By his expression, Arón knew that Omar wasn't expected it, so arming himself with courage, he confessed:


- Last night, I was awakened by a message someone sent you and I didn't like it…at all.  But the reality is that I want to spend more time with you and get to know you better, finish what we started… don't you want to? - Arón asked looking directly at him waiting for his answer.

Omar was going to respond, when suddenly, a noise was heard coming from inside the flat and seconds later, a guy appeared standing right next to Omar.


He was thin, with very short hair and he was barefoot. He was wearing a white shirt and denim shorts and looked at him barely a few seconds before turned around to Omar and say:


-Look who do we have here? Isn't this your very friendly co-star? - The stranger replied with a mocking tone. And almost immediately, looking again to Aron, asked: -With him is who you were with last night? - He continued.


-Alonso... stop! - Omar threatened.


Aron didn't say a single word. He only studied the guy for a moment, thinking to himself:


“So that's it... The guy of the messages finally had a face and name too: Alonso.  His name is Alonso”.


There was no doubt that he was a complete asshole when he assumed that it had been as meaningful to Omar as it had been to him. "I couldn't be more wrong, and the worst thing is that this asshole, has heard my pathetic confession..." He thought pissed off.


"Can you give us a moment?" Omar asked, looking at him severely.


Alonso looked at him without the slightest intention of moving, but when he saw that Omar was serious, he obeyed reluctantly, but not before saying,  -Sure, I'm going to your room... Brown Eyes...- He muttered, moving slowly away.


Omar didn't even look at him. His sight was fixed on Aron and as soon as they were alone he took two steps towards him.


Aron backed away. -Haha...- He let out a forced laugh. -"Brown eyes...!"- He repeated somewhat incredulously while holding both hands to his face, in a gesture of clear discomfort.


-Arón, don't... - Omar murmured raising his hand to touch him, but Arón swung it away.


-Forget it... I shouldn't have come in the first place- And having said that, he turned around and went down the steps, leaving Omar without the possibility of saying anything.






He didn't know what to do for a few seconds; He just stood at the door watching him walk away. Once he overcame the initial shock of understanding what Arón had confessed to him, he pressed the elevator button and not caring that he was barefoot, he went down to look for him.


When he reached the ground floor, he saw Arón leaving the building while talking on the phone and walking at a rapid pace.


-Where did you say you are? - Arón asked his interlocutor, while Omar kept trying to reach him.


-Okay, see you there buddy- Arón confirmed hanging up the call.


He had almost reached the corner of the block when Omar reached him.


-Wait! - Omar exclaimed, taking him by the arm.


-What?- Arón shouted visibly upset, looking him up and down stopping for a second on his bare feet before turning his attention back to his face.


-What do you want? - He asked again


Some curious people looked at the scene somewhat incredulously when they recognized who they were.


Omar didn't care that they could be giving a show, so he asked: -So, your bad attitude wasn't because you were sorry? -


Aron looked at him and grimacing in disgust, yelled at him: -What does that matter now?-


-Of course, it matters ... for god's sake! - Omar confirmed holding his gaze.


-You already know now... I wasn't sorry, but now I am. Come back with... Alonso, right? And leave me alone. - He released himself from Omar's arm leaving him standing in the middle of the sidewalk feeling helpless.



Chapter Text

Chapter 15: I would stay with you


Ander & Omar S.




As soon as he was certain that it wasn't a dream and that it was Omar who was lying next to him, he tried to make a huge effort to open his eyes but his eyelids refused to obey him.


He wanted to apologize and tell him that he regretted behaving like a complete asshole. That he trusted him and felt awful about the way he had treated him lately.


But he simply didn't have the strength to do it; it seemed as if he was drugged since his body didn't respond; He felt extremely exhausted.


He could feel the heat coming from Omar's body and his somewhat rough hands caressing his face. It was such a pleasant feeling and he felt so comfortable that he decided to stop fighting the urge to speak or even move.


-Ander... - He heard Omar's voice whispering in his ear. -I love you, silly-


He tried to crack a smile, but he didn't know if he had been able to do it since he began to sink into a deep sleep until he ceased to be aware of what was happening around him.






As he had promised, Omar didn't separate from Ander for a single moment since he had arrived at his home almost an hour ago. Lying beside him, he played absentmindedly with one of his boyfriend's brown curls while in his mind, as if it were a movie, he began to daydream about all the moments they had spent together since they met.


From those furtive glances, they shared the first time they saw each other, to the panic that seized him when he thought Ander had been seriously hurt by those guys in that alley.


He clearly remembered the fear in his stomach when he realized that Ander was the boy who he had connected with through the Grindr app; when Ander had gone after a few kisses because he had thought Omar wanted to steal his wallet. All the times that Ander looked for him and the same ones that Omar rejected him because he was afraid of being discovered. The first time they made love, as well as the moment when Ander opened his heart and said to him: "I love you."


While he remembered all these memories, he looked at his boyfriend and accepted how handsome Ander was. That smile with these adorable dimples, a straight nose, perfect eyebrows and that mole on the cheekbone that he'd kissed more than once; the way he played with his rebel curls when he was nervous, those lips that had taken him to heaven more than once, his thin but firm hands when he caressed him, and finally, that earring that made him look fucking hot.


He released the strand of hair that he still held between his fingers and placed his hand on Ander's cheek, leaving it there for a few seconds, and then traced with his thumb the firm line of his jaw.


At that moment, Azucena opened the door, and Omar returned to the present leaving aside so many pleasant memories.


-Is he still sleeping? - She asked approaching.


-Yes… He woke up for a moment, but almost immediately he slept again. What did the doctor say about that? Is it normal? - Omar asked a little worried.


-He said that due to the stress he has been subjected lately, he has probably brought down his defenses and that it is a way in which the body tries to recover...- Ander's mother explained while taking the thermometer to check if the fever had stopped.


-Mmm... - Omar replied, looking back at his boyfriend.


-Either way, I think we should wake him up.  He needs to eat. He has hardly done so and if he continues like this, it will take longer for him to recover - Azucena reasoned.


-I agree. I'll wake him up and then we’ll go downstairs- Omar offered.


-Ok. I'll see you in a moment. - Azucena nodded as she closed the door behind her.


Once he was alone with his boyfriend, he leaned against his elbow and brought his mouth to Ander's ear, giving him light kisses on the temple.


-Hey... sleepyhead, it's time for you to wake up-. He whispered in his ear. -Hey... Ander, come on. Wake up.-


Slowly, Ander opened his eyes and as soon as he realized Omar was there, automatically, the corner of his lips curved into a tender smile.


-You aren't gone ... - he greeted with a hoarse voice and hopeful eyes.


-I told you that I'd stay to take care of you, isn't it? - He replied, trapping his lower lip between his.


Ander emitted a slight gasp and tried to deepen the kiss, but Omar, smiling against his mouth whispered:


-From what I see, you already feel better, don't you? - He said winking.


Ander responded with a slight "aha" while hugging him against his chest kissing his neck. -Yep, I feel much better and even more, because you're here...- And looking at him for a few seconds, he muttered: -Omar, I'd like to talk about what happened at the bar... -


Omar cut off his attempt to apologize: -Come on, your mom is waiting for us downstairs; she prepared some food for you. We'll talk about this, later-. He said, letting go of his hug.


Ander nodded reluctantly and he said nothing more. He got up and followed Omar downstairs feeling a twist in the stomach.






While they were eating, he felt how little by little the strength and energy he had lost were coming back, and although the migraine and fever had stopped, he still felt dizzy when he made sudden movements. He confirmed it when he went downstairs, and he almost fell if it wasn't because Omar, who was in front of him, and was able to hold him.


-Oops...! Be careful “cari”- He had told him while holding him firmly by the arm. - Do you want us to stop for a moment? -


Ander shook his head feeling the clumsiest guy in the world. -I'm fine, it's just that I felt somewhat dizzy, but now I'm ok- he assured him.


Omar nodded but didn't let go until they reached the dining room table and Ander was sitting.


Sitting in front of him, Azucena looked at his son a little calmer and smiled every time he tasted the food; meanwhile, Omar ate in silence and looked at him from time to time somewhat thoughtfully.


-How are you feeling sweetie? - His mother asked him when they were almost finished eating.


-I feel better mom, I don't have a fever or a headache anymore. I'm sure that tomorrow I'll be perfectly fine- He assured her by drawing a half-smile on his face.


-I hope so, anyway, tomorrow you won't go to school. I don't want you to relapse again. I'll talk to my assistant, to see if she can move some of the meetings that I have scheduled so I can stay at home with you- She explained more talking to herself, than to Ander and Omar.


At that moment, Omar intervened: -If you want to, I could stay with Ander to keep him company... Tomorrow is Monday and the bar is closed so I don't have to go to work-


Upon hearing Omar's suggestion, Ander's face lit up and turning to his mother, he said: -That sounds good, don't you think mom?-


-I don't know... You may not have to go to the bar, but you must go to school and I don't think you should skip classes Omar... - Azucena replied meditating the matter.


-It’s not a big deal, believe me.  It's only one day and I could ask any of my classmates to share the notes. I'd really like to take care of Ander-.


Ander looked at Omar feeling his heart get warm at the moment he heard his boyfriend suggested to take care of him. He loved Omar in a way he didn't even know, and as soon as he was fully aware of it, that truth struck him with such force that he felt stunned.


He didn't know if it was partly because Omar was the first and the only guy he had been with, without counting of course what happened with Polo, but he felt an irrational fear at the slightest chance of losing him.


He put aside those negative thoughts and addressing his mother, he insisted: -Really mom, you don't need to stay, you already heard Omar, and he has no problem staying with me-


Finally, Azucena accepted because of the insistence of her son and thanking Omar for that gesture, they finished eating animatedly.


A few minutes later, his mother got up from the table and began to clean the kitchen, so Ander took advantage of this and suggested Omar go up to his room, but Omar shook his head denying.


-Come on, lie on the couch and I'll go with you in a moment. I'm gonna help your mother to clean the table, ok? - Omar replied and without waiting for an answer, he began to lift the cutlery.


With a sigh of resignation, Ander obeyed Omar and lay on the couch watching his mother and his boyfriend chat amicably, while one washed the dishes and the other dried them.


Once they finished and the kitchen was clean, Azucena sat at the table and began to review some school documents, while Omar reached the sofa where Ander was and sat on the couch with him to watch the TV.


Once Omar sat down with him, Ander rested his head on his boyfriend's legs, while Omar took the opportunity to stroke his hair by inserting his fingers between his hairs to massage him.


-Omar... - Ander called him getting up a little from his lap to look at his face.


-Yes, "cari"? - Omar answered distractedly, still looking at the screen.


-I'd like us to talk-, Ander said quietly while enjoying the caresses that Omar lavished on him.


Omar turned to look at him and answered in a low voice:


- Tomorrow we are alone and we can speak calmly. Now your mother is here and I must leave soon. Okay? - He concluded, lowering his head until he reached Ander's lips. He gave him a brief kiss and settled back on the couch now playing with one of his curls.


Ander said nothing. Clearly, Omar seemed to be avoiding having that conversation with him, but at that moment he didn't feel in a position to discuss it, so without arguing anything else, he returned his attention to the film which had begun a moment before.


A vibration very close to his head made him wake up. He had fallen asleep in Omar's lap, so he moved a little to stretch and Omar took the opportunity to take out his cell phone that was still vibrating in his pants pocket. Omar frowned as he read the message that seconds before had received; He wrote something fast and put it again inside his pocket.


-I need to go, but I'll see you tomorrow, okay? - He said goodbye by placing a kiss on Ander's forehead while accommodating a cushion in the space he had left so Ander could rest his head.


-Why are you leaving? - Ander asked when, in fact, what he wanted to ask was who had written him the text. But he didn't dare to do so. He didn't want Omar to think he was trying to control him.


Either way, Omar made no mention of the message, he simply touched his face with affection and said goodbye. –It's late, see you tomorrow, and rest cari… -


For some reason he couldn't understand, he felt sad. Seeing Omar go out the door without looking back, made him feel a void he couldn't explain.




Chapter Text

Chapter 16:  The Lost Boys


(Arón & Omar A.)




He left Omar alone in the middle of the sidewalk and took the first taxi that passed over the street.  “Fuck off!” He muttered pissed off.


-We're going to Cha Chá Club, please- he asked the driver, while he closed the door and settled back in the seat. Sideways, he looked back and could see Omar barefoot looking towards the car. Maybe at some other time, that scene would have seemed funny for him, but now he could only think of how naive he had been.


He still couldn't believe what had happened. It hadn't been more than twenty-four hours since he and Omar had been together and now, Omar was already with that asshole, doing who knows what kind of things… “Although he could clearly imagine what they had been doing,” he thought sullenly.


-What is the address, sir? - The driver asked, taking him out for a moment from the thread of those thoughts.


-Alcalá number 20, where the Bogart cinema used to be- explained Arón.


The man nodded and started driving.


After what happened with Omar, what he wished was to forget everything and spend a night of excesses.  Dancing, singing, and drinking with his friends were everything he wanted. When he arrived at the club, there was already a considerable line of people waiting to enter. One of the things that he loved the most about this place, besides trap and reggaeton as music standards, was the atmosphere offered by the club since unlike the Barceló Theater, this was a more private format. The celebrities of the moment used to go and the atmosphere was quite relaxed.


Moonkey - a good friend of him, - would perform that night and a few weeks before, he had invited Arón to sing with him. When he proposed it, he didn't give it much importance, and to be honest, he had forgotten it until a few minutes before, his friend called to ask if he would go.


He was somewhat hesitant to accept his offer since that particular group of friends tended to get the worst out of him, but given the events of that night, he didn't care at all.


In addition to acting, music was another of his great passions, since, through the lyrics he composed, he could express his emotions and reflect himself, and although the times he had sung, he had done it only as a hobby and nothing more, he was seriously considering giving a little more exposure to that facet of his life.


He greeted the club's security officer and entered through the back door to meet his pal. When he entered the room, the unmistakable smell of marijuana assaulted him; Moonkey approached him and greeted him clearly excited.


- It's cool that you decided to come! Are you gonna sing even one with me? - He asked, bumping his fist against his.


- Of course, dumbass! - He replied smiling, trying to look relaxed even though he was far from feeling that way.


He greeted the guys he knew and ignored the rest; He lit a cigarette and checked his cell phone. He had a missed call from Omar and a WhatsApp message asking him to answer.


Omar: [Arón, pick up the phone, we need to talk...]


"Fuck you!" He hissed under his breath, keeping his cell phone in his jacket again, still feeling annoyed.


He looked around and made a gesture of disapproval when he saw the table covered with bottles of alcohol and several lines of cocaine arranged one after another.


He took a beer and sat down to talk with his friend. A while later, Jaime or Jimbo - as his friends used to call him - also arrived. When he saw that Aron was there, he approached and greeted him affectionately.


He met Jimbo several months ago and when he did, he thought that he was a very nice guy. He was openly gay and had no problem with that. He remembered that one time, in the heat of the drinks, he had approached him and said: “Are you sure you don't like guys even a little? It's a shame because you seem pretty cute to me…”


Arón had laughed at his impudence and had answered something like: "I’m sure... but if I change my mind, I'll surely let you know."




They continued chatting for several minutes before heading to the small stage that was arranged in the center of the dance floor. Moonkey smoked a joint of maria and passed it to Aron. He looked at him somewhat hesitantly, but finally, he accepted it and smoked three puffs.


Two hours later, he danced, sang and had fun leaving behind everything that worried him lately, and that also included Omar. He didn't know if that feeling of well-being and euphoria that he suddenly began to feel was due to alcohol, music or the company of his friends, but suddenly he began to see things from another perspective.


In an instant of lucidity, he understood that his reaction to Omar had been unjustified. Because, there was no romantic relationship between them; the fact that they had shared a few kisses and caresses, didn't imply things should change between them, or even better, he had no right to recriminate him for being with another guy. "Definitely, I shouldn't have behaved like a boyfriend who was cheated on..." He reflected shaking his head feeling embarrassed to remember his attitude from hours before.


Omar had a life far from his; another circle of friends, another way to look at life, clearly other people with whom he was romantically involved, in short… something very different from the life he led. So he promised himself, turn the page and stop doing stupid dramas.


- Come on, you asshole! Let's make an insta-story! - Moonkey yelled back to the present.


Smiling, they began recording with their cell phones; he hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, just as seconds later Moonkey did the same. The night passed between music, dance, and fun.




It was already dawn when he decided that he had had enough. He felt somewhat dizzy due to alcohol and knew he needed to sleep, so he asked for a taxi service and without saying goodbye to anyone to prevent him from being told to stay longer, he headed for the exit.


While he waited, Jimbo approached him. - Are you leaving so soon, boy? -He asked, slamming his shoulder against his.


-Yes, I've had enough for tonight- Arón replied nodding.


-I could go with you... if you want to- he told him, approaching his face a few inches from his.


Aron could smell his scent due to proximity; he looked into Jimbo's eyes for a moment without knowing what to answer. Now he knew why people said that alcohol was a bad advisor since for a moment he hesitated. He was an attractive guy, and it would be very easy to accept Jimbo's proposal and let things happen, but suddenly the memory of Omar prevented him to do so.


-Thanks, but I’d prefer for you to not to do so. I'm a little bit drunk and I don't wanna do anything that I can regret later - he replied without looking away but stepping aside to maintain his personal space.


-Well, I see it clearly, boy... but do as you please. Maybe another time-. And having said that, he walked away to enter the club again, without feeling rejected at all.


- What the fuck? - Arón exclaimed, giggling nervously. "This guy is quite insistent..." He thought.


The taxi arrived and Arón got in. During the trip, he thought about Jimbo’s proposal and immediately, he began to feel an uncontrollable desire to be with Omar. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol he wasn't thinking clearly, but he wanted to see him, regardless of whether or not he had a relationship with the other fucking guy.


Getting carried away by an impulse, he took his cell phone and wrote:


Arón: [Hey ...]

Arón: [Omar, I wanna see you ...]


As soon as he sent the text and saw the two marks which indicated the message has been sent, he regretted it.


"What are you doing asshole?" He hissed deleting the messages hoping Omar hadn't seen them yet.






Chapter Text

Chapter 17: Almost is never enough


Ander & Omar S.




He was a few blocks away from his apartment when he received a second message from Yeray telling him he was about to arrive at his place.


He had been calling since Saturday, but since he had left his cell phone at home he hadn't been able to take the call. A while earlier, while he was at Ander's house, Yeray had sent him a message asking him to meet.


Because of how Ander had behaved when he saw them talking, he had decided not to say anything to avoid a possible argument, but the truth is that he didn't feel well hiding this kind of thing. Although there was no hidden background, he was not used to behaving in that way and couldn't take away that sense of discomfort he felt.


Yeray had told him that he wanted to talk to him and Omar had been curious about what he wanted to tell him. "What was so important, he couldn't wait until they saw each other at the bar?" He wondered as he saw Yeray leaning against his car smoking a cigar, just at the entrance of the building. He crossed the street and approached him to greet him.



- Hi Omar, thanks for accepting to meet me. - he greeted him shaking hands -.


- I must say that I'm intrigued - he said as he pulled out the keys to open the door of the main entrance -. - Come on; let's go inside because it's cold outside here.


Once they entered his small apartment, Omar turned to him, saying by way of apology:


-I only have one chair, so do you want to sit down?  -He asked with a shrug as he giggled-.


Yeray denied with his head. - No, I'm fine, thanks - he replied leaning against the window sill -.


-I've beers, do you fancy one?  -He asked opening the fridge-. Without waiting for an answer, he took out two cans and handed him one, while he opened the other taking a sip. He took out a cigar and lit it a few seconds later, paying him one hundred percent of his attention.


-Well, and tell me what do you want to talk about? - Omar inquired curiously-.


Yeray looked visibly nervous when he raised his face to meet Omar's expectant gaze.


-Well... mmm... it will probably seem strange to you what I'm gonna tell you, but since you opened up with me and told me that the boy who went to the cellar was your boyfriend, I've been thinking that you are the right person with whom I could talk…


-You're joking, aren't you? - Omar asked-, but immediately changed his expression when he realized that Yeray was serious.


-That's why I wanted to talk to you alone and not at the bar. Because I think you could understand me without judging me. I've never told anyone, dude… but I feel like I'm drowning, -Yeray concluded almost whispering.


Omar froze. He never thought that what Yeray wanted to say was that. After a few seconds, he reacted and approaching him began to chat.


Omar told him a little more about his life, how he felt while he was still in the closet, about the deep-rooted values of his family, and the way he had left his house without being able to confess to his father who he really was. They talked for a long time until they finally said goodbye with a fraternal hug.


-You don't know how good it has made me talk to you, man. I appreciate it – Yeray said.


-You have nothing to thank me. I'm glad I could help you even a little - Omar replied -.


-Hey... - he said before leaving -. I'd like this thing we talked about to stay private. I'm not ready for anyone else to know.


-So it will be, don't worry. You'll know when it will be the best moment. - Omar said smiling -.




The next day, he got up earlier than usual and took a shower. He wanted to get to Ander's house before his boyfriend's mother left for school.


When he arrived, Azucena was drinking coffee. - Good morning Omar, do you want a cup? Ander is still in his bedroom, he'll surely come down in a moment - she greeted him-.


-Yes, thanks, -he replied-, taking a seat at the table. How is he?


-I see him much better, I wanted to prepare breakfast, but I'm going a little late - she complained -.


-Don't worry; I can cook something for him.


Azucena looked at him for a moment before adding:


-I wanna thank you for everything you do for my son, especially at this moment that he's struggling with all those problems with Guzmán and Polo. Since he's with you, I see him happier and that makes me feel grateful. You do so much good in his life. - She confessed-, resting her hand on his.


-I love your son... and I just want him to be ok. - He confessed feeling a little embarrassed to talk about his feelings with his boyfriend's mother -.


-I know, Omar, -she replied with a smile-. She took the last sip of her coffee and realizing that Omar felt somewhat self-conscious, so to avoid making him feel uncomfortable she took her bag and headed for work.


-See you later, and thanks again. - She said goodbye by closing the door -.




When he was alone, he opened the fridge looking for something to cook. A while later, he put on a tray orange juice, toast with butter and jam and a couple of scrambled eggs with bacon.


He took the tray and went up the stairs with breakfast. He pushed the door with his foot and entered the room. He heard the noise of the shower, so he put the tray on the dresser and sat on the bed to wait for him.


Five minutes later, Ander left the bathroom with wet hair and a towel around his waist. As soon as he saw Omar, he smiled from ear to ear and approached him.



-Hey! I didn't think you would arrive so early - Ander told him kissing him on the lips -.


Omar passed both arms around his neck and smiled, feeling happy to see how he’s boyfriend was almost totally recovered.  Even though he was a little bit pale, he looked definitely better than the day before.


-Well yes, I’ve got up early, dude; but the good thing is that we could frolic all day long without having to go out from here, don’t you think so?


-That sounds promising… - Reply Ander sticking his body against his-.


Omar could feel how through the thin fabric of the towel, his boyfriend began to get horny, so making a huge effort, he stepped aside saying: I see that you feel better, right?


Ander nodded, and taking both hands to Omar’s neck, he got closer again to make him feel how turned on he was.  –Aha…- muttered-, sticking his tongue between Omar’s lips.


For a few seconds, Omar allowed himself to enjoy all the pleasant sensations that Ander’s kisses provoke them on him, returning them with equal enthusiasm, but as soon as he felt Ander's nimble fingers unzipping his pants, he took two steps back.


-Let's take it easy, cari… we’ve all day long.  Now, the first thing you need is to eat and you won't want the breakfast I cooked for you, to get cold, won’t you?


-What are you saying? –Ander muttered still focus on his lips-.  Once he recovered from the caresses, he turned around towards the dresser Omar pointed and saw a tray with the breakfast served and a piece of paper aside.


He got closer and took the note between his fingers.  He unfolded it and read:  “I love you, cari.  Get well soon”.


Turning around towards Omar, he asked amazed: -Is it true you’ve made all of these?


Who else, then? Or is anybody else who leaves you notes, ah? –He asked joking.


Ander smiled and hugged him, kissing him softly.  - And what about you, aren’t you having breakfast?


- I’ve had breakfast earlier.  Come, get dress and eat. –Omar commanded him affectionately.


Once Ander finished his breakfast, Omar carried away the tray with the empty dishes and then, he came back to the room.




Ander was in front of the washbowl finishing brushing his teeth when Omar approached from behind surrounding Ander’s waist with the arms.  Their eyes met through the mirror, and without giving him the chance to move, he began to trace a series of kisses along his neck, while he brought his hand to the elastic band of his underpants, stopping for a few seconds to extend the moment.


- Damn! I need you… -Ander gasped, trying to turn around to be face to face, but Omar didn’t allow him.  He wanted to see him through the mirror-.


- Don’t move… - Omar whispered against his ear, giving him a slight bite in the earlobe.


Omar reached his hand under the fabric and closed it over Ander’s erection stroking him without any hurries, taking his time to do so; while he did it, he looked sideways the reflect of both in the mirror; To look Ander with eyes closed and the lips between open enjoying what he was doing to him, turned him on a lot.


He released him for a moment, only to take out the tiny latex wrap that was stored in the back of his pants’ pocket.  As soon as Ander realized what Omar intended, without saying a word, nodded in sign of approval.


-Are you ready, cari? –Omar asked him with a hoarse voice while lubricated with his own saliva.


Omar realized that Ander’s paleness was gradually replaced by a pinkish tone due to how horny he was. Omar began to move very slowly to give Ander time to adjust to his size and receive him completely inside of him.


- Please, Omar… faster.  –He asked in a whisper-.


Seeing him like this, so vulnerable, Omar couldn’t resist anymore, so he began to accelerate the pace until the two of them surrendered to the heat and passion of the moment.


- Look at me, Ander! Don’t close your eyes.  –He asked just moments before the two had an orgasm-.






Omar hugged him tightly, leaning his face against his back in the meantime trying to catch his breath.  At the same time, Ander was grateful for that firm hug since he felt his legs falter due to the intense sensation he had just experienced.




Both were silent, mired in their respective thoughts, after what they had shared. They had made love several times since they were together, but each time it was better than the last. The feeling that Ander had when he was with Omar was of complete satisfaction; It felt as if Omar was his home, his refuge. He loved him and knew he was loved, making all doubts and insecurities disappear at that moment.


Ander was lying on his back, while Omar's head rested against his chest and his arm surrounded his abdomen. He had lit a cigarette and smoked enjoying those moments post-sex. Omar took the cigar from his hands to give him a puff and then sat up, leaning on his elbow to put it out against the ashtray that was in the bureau right next to Ander.


He stayed in that position looking at Ander for a few seconds without speaking.


-What's happening? -Ander asked with a smile-.


-I love you. You know that, don't you?


-It seems like I do- he said jokingly as he moved to get on top of him -.



Omar didn't answer. He approached him and kissed him slowly, tenderly, almost with devotion. When he moved away from him he said:


- Tell me something, Ander; does it still bother you for me to call you cari? -He asked looking forward to hearing his answer-.


Ander knew why Omar asked him that question, so changed his expression, he sat up, leaning his back against the headboard of the bed to see him better.


-Why are you asking me that, Omar?


-You know perfectly fine why... - He replied with a serious gesture on his face-.


Ander was silent. He had had enough time to think about it. So without further ado, he said:


- No. It doesn't bother me, not anymore. Nor would it bother me if you decided to get your eyebrows done, or dress up like Dr. Frank-N-Furter again ... I mean it, Omar.


And he continued: I know that I've behaved like a douchebag and I feel bad about it. What I want is to be with you, just that.


Omar scrutinized him with a serious gesture. -Okay... I believe you, -He murmured before kissing him-. When he separated from his lips, Omar said:


- I just wouldn't like you to be with me if you feel ashamed of my way of being - he confessed in a low voice -.


-Oh, come on! Don't think that, you know I wouldn't feel that way… Please, believe me.  And regarding what happened at the bar, I also want to apologize. I trust you and I shouldn't behave in that way... I'm sorry, it's just that I didn't like the way that guy touched you and when I saw them laughing and talking, well ... I got mad. - He confessed -.


Omar frowned, but quickly changed his expression and bringing both hands to his face as if it bothered him to talk about it, he said: - He's my co-worker and he's a good guy. For real. You'll have the chance to know him better because he'll start taking classes at your school and...


Ander interrupted him.


- What are you saying?


- Well, that he'll be a student of Las Encinas ... - He shrugged-. But you know what? I don't want to talk about him anymore; let’s forget about that and focus on what’s really important, don't you think?


- And what is it?


- Your complete recovery. So I propose to stay here for the rest of the day and watch movies. How does that sound?


And so they did it. This time, Omar fell asleep curled up in Ander's arms, while Ander thought that nothing could take away the happiness and tranquility he felt in those moments.



Chapter Text

Chapter 18: You don’t say anything


Arón/Omar A.


(Omar A.)


For a few minutes, he stayed in the middle of the sidewalk trying to calm down. He felt very pissed off not only because Arón had behaved like a complete asshole, but also because he hadn't given him a chance to speak, leaving as if he were a cheated boyfriend.


After the initial anger, and being a little calmer, he remembered the confession that Arón had made him minutes ago. The fact was that he had been jealous of Alonso's messages, and that had been a revelation for him.


When he noticed that people who passed by him didn't stop looking at him, he sped up his pace and returned to his apartment.


As soon as he entered, he saw Alonso sitting in the living room and smoking. He closed the door softly and stood before him. He took a deep breath.


Seeing him barefoot, Alonso said:


- But you didn't care leaving your shoes here for running away to look for him...


-Go away... -he murmured, pissed off again when he heard Alonso speak in that way-.


Alonso got up and approached trying to touch him and said:


- But what's wrong with you man? I'm just telling the truth... damn! - He said pointing to his bare feet.


- I said, go away! Alonso.  This time you have gone too far. -Repeated Omar inflexibly-.


- But Omar... it's just that I'm surprised; you hadn't told me there was something between you and that asshole. You lied to me when...


- What do you say? Ha!  -He interrupted, letting out a sarcastic laugh-. And he continued:


- For your information, my private life is mine. And because we fucked before, it doesn't give you the right to recriminate anything or to behave in the way you did just now.


As he spoke, Omar could see how Alonso's face was gradually reddening due to anger. And although he loved him too much, he wasn't willing to allow him to intrude again in his life trying to sabotage him.


- Close the door when you leave, -he ordered, leaving him alone in the living room, as he turned and walked to his room-.




Seconds later, he heard the front door slam shut, so he only breathed a sigh of annoyance and murmured: "I'm sorry, but you must understand."


He sat on the bed and opened the Spotify app. He touched the random play icon and started thinking about the events that had happened in the previous days. Suddenly, the lyrics of a song caught his attention. He had never heard that song before, but it seemed to fit perfectly with what Arón and he were going through.


“…And you appeared just like this and without knowing you got into me

So much thinking about you has already made me decide

It takes me a lot but I'm gonna tell you

And I can no longer and I don't care what will happen

Only you can destroy me or save me

Two words will suffice...

And I could wait for you until the whole sea evaporates

But you don't say anything

I don't know if it was okay to tell you the whole truth

Maybe that's how you could understand it and know how to value it… ”


He closed the app cutting the song at once, and without hesitation, he called Arón. After three tones, the voicemail entered, so he decided to text him:


[Aron, pick up the phone, we need to talk]


Knowing him, he knew that he would hardly answer him, so giving up, he put the cell phone aside and went to sleep. Sooner or later they would see each other again, either on the recording set or anywhere else, and then, he would talk to him.


The next morning when he woke up and checked his cellphone, the surprise was huge when he saw a notification of two new messages from Arón on the main screen. He opened WhatsApp, and the only thing he could read was the warning that the messages had been deleted.


- But what the fuck...! What an asshole! - Exclaimed still incredulous.


He opened Instagram and went straight to Arón's account. He reviewed the stories he had uploaded and immediately knew where and with whom he had been.


"Could it be that he had gotten drunk and at some point during the night he had thought of me, sending those messages?"


“What would he have sent me? Would Aron have written to me to warn me to stop calling? Or maybe, just maybe, he wrote to me that he was willing to talk?”  He wondered without being able to avoid curiosity.


He put both hands to his face and began to laugh. "The notification of deleted messages marked 1:20 in the morning, several hours after the message Omar had sent," he continued reasoning.


- What a kiddo you are Piper... - he said aloud while smiling, imagining what he would do the next time they met.




He decided that he wouldn't call him again, nor send him any messages, he'd wait for them to see each other on Monday on the set and depending on his attitude, he'd decide if he'd leave things as they were, or if it would be worth trying to make him think straight.


With that conviction, he dedicated himself to enjoying the rest of his weekend, so he took the opportunity to clean his flat a little until noon, and in the afternoon, he and his friend Roci visited the Prado National Museum, admiring a new Goya's exhibition that had just opened.


When they left the museum three hours later, Roci told him that there was a new restaurant nearby that a friend of hers had recommended, so Omar suggested they went to have dinner.


Sitting at the table, they began to chat while they drank some beers, and that was when Roci asked him:



- Omar, what's going on between you and Alonso?


- Why are you asking, Roci? -He asked, fearing his answer beforehand-.


- Because he came to my house last night and he was in a very bad mood. He told me you kicked him out of your house.


When he heard her, Omar put a hand to the back of his neck and began to massage it with a sigh. This was getting out of hand because although Roci was a good friend of his, he didn't feel like telling her what was going on with Arón. At least, for now. So briefly, he asked:


- You don't remember how dumbass he was in your house the other day, huh?


- Of course, I remember, but he was drunk, dude ... What happened last night?


- Well, a little bit of the same, I don't know...


- You know he loves you, right?


- And I also do, Roci ... but not in the way he wants me to. I just can't.


- I understand you. But try to understand him, Omar. For him, you are his world... and you and I know that for a while... you followed the game. And now that you don't wanna be with him, he feels hurt. And before anything else, you are friends, aren't you?


Omar kept silent for a moment, reflecting on his friend's words


- Yes, you're right... we fucked a few times, but that's it. I always made myself clear when talking to him. We're friends and I love him, but last night he crossed the line and that's why I asked him to leave.


- Well, that's it! Talk to him and solve your issues, dude. You can't go on like this. Also, I remind you that in a few days we'll celebrate his birthday, and you can't miss his party, because you are the main organizer. Or do I need to remind you that?


Roci didn't need to remind him. Omar was very aware of it, and deep down he felt shitty about what was going on with Alonso because some of the things Roci had told him were true. So ending that conversation, he said:


- Ok ... I got it. I'll fix it, I promise Roci.




When he arrived at his apartment, Omar prepared himself a cinnamon tea and turned on the computer to review the scenes he would shoot the next day. He was about to start reading when he received a message from his mother asking him how he was doing. He was chatting with her for a few minutes until they said goodbye, wishing good night.


His mother was the most important person in his life and his best friend; she was direct, loving and the bravest person he had known so far. He still remembered his mother's gaze when he decided to open up with her by confessing that he was a different boy than the rest. That he liked girls equally as boys and that he was afraid of letting his family down.


She had looked at him with her huge brown eyes and raising her eyebrows, she had said:


“Didn't you think, that me being your mother didn't know about this?” “You are my son and I'm proud of you for who you are. Who you like, whether male or female, doesn't matter to me at all.  The only thing that matters to me is that the person with whom you decide to be, values the incredible human being you are. ”


From then on, their relationship became even closer and his mother became his confidant. He came to her whenever he felt sad or had a concern; whether it was to talk about school, work, some girl or boy that he liked, or just to feel her warm hug when he needed it the most.


So when she asked, if there was someone who was taking his sleep away, he felt weird when he lied to her for the first time. He didn't know why, but he didn't want his mother to know how much the situation that involved Arón was affecting him so much. Because as much as he tried to repeat himself at every moment that wasn't so important, the reality was that Arón occupied most of his thoughts.


He sighed in annoyance, returning his attention to the script, began to read the sequences, when he stopped at one in particular. What he feared became true. Among the scheduled scenes, there was a sex scene with him.


"Fuck! Why now…? ”- He thought, reading it again, feeling how his body began to react to the memories that appeared in his mind.



Chapter Text

Chapter 19: ¿What The Fuck…?


Ander & Omar S.




The following weeks had passed relatively without major setbacks. The relationship between Omar and him was better than ever, leaving behind misunderstandings and discussions; they often saw each other either at Ander's house or at Omar's flat when he didn't have to go to work.


But even though Omar encouraged him to keep him company at the bar, Ander kept refusing to do so. He still was in no mood to do nightlife mainly because - although he had not told Omar -, he was afraid of losing control again regarding alcohol.


At the same time, he had returned to school once he was fully recovered and when he did, he found that there wasn’t one, but two the new classmates. They were Yeray and his brother Malick.


He still remembered the awkward moment he had acted at the bar's cellar when he had seen him touching his boyfriend. Yeray seemed like a good guy as Omar had told him, but there was something about his way of being that he didn't like. He couldn't say exactly what it was that bothered him, but it was there, as when a pebble in the shoe doesn't stop bothering.

- Hi, I'm Yeray, Omar's colleague. We met at the bar a few days ago. -He had greeted him on his return to high school, extending his hand.


For a few seconds he had looked undecided on what to do, but finally raising his arm he shook his hand.


- Ander... -he had answered dryly.


- Nice to meet you, Ander. See you later. –And having said that, turning around he had left.


On the other hand, when he met Malick a few hours later, he had seemed like a normal guy, that is, he didn't feel that kind of rejection he experienced with his brother. Deep down, he knew that Omar was the cause of his probable dislike for Yeray. Although there was nothing to worry about, he preferred to keep his distance with him.


The hours he spent in school seemed endless; with Samuel and Nadia as his only colleagues, each facing their problems, they didn't have much time for him. And on the other hand, having to deal with Polo's presence and Guzman's hostility didn't make it easier.


After the third failed attempt to try to talk to Guzman, he had given up. Far away had been the brotherhood with his best friend, on the opposite, every time they met he looked at him with hatred and resentment. This fact although he continued to hurt him, as the days went by, each time the load felt a little less heavy.

Until he ran into Polo... The first few days after he was released, he had tried to approach him, but Ander hadn't allowed it. The rage he felt for having made him a participant in such a terrible secret and its dire consequences was something that he would never forgive; and the worst part was that while the police investigation went on, Polo was walking hand in hand with Cayetana as if nothing had happened.




He left his last class saying goodbye to Nadia and Samuel and headed to the pool. He wanted to swim a little before returning home. Since he had left tennis he had adopted swimming as an option to keep fit and clear his mind up.


When he was swimming he managed to avoid everything. Even if it was for an hour, his problems with Guzman and Polo seemed to fade away. After completing several laps in the pool, he left to go to the dressing room.


While he was getting dressed, he felt slight dizziness so he had to sit on one of the benches to avoid losing his balance. On that particular day, he had exceeded himself by swimming and hadn't eaten well, so his body was taking its toll. Suddenly, he felt a slight drip in his nose and running his hand over his face, he saw what he feared: he was bleeding again.


-Fuck! - He cursed, as he got up from the bench and walked to the toilets to clean himself. "This was the third time in the last weeks that something like this was happening to me" - he thought while he looked at himself in the mirror.


At that moment, Guzman entered the locker room and when he realized what Ander was doing, he leaned against the door frame crossing his arms and looking at him with an attitude of rejection.


- That's gross…! –He mocked while watching. - Surely, you are still using shit and these are the consequences.


Ander looked annoyed and replied: - Stop it, Guzman... don't bother me.


Guzman approached him and with a challenging attitude replied:



- Or what? What are you gonna do?


Ander held his gaze but didn't answer. He just turned his back and took his clothes and his backpack. He hadn't taken three steps when he felt Guzman's hands pushing him against the lockers. He winced as he felt the impact of one of the locks against his back.


As he could, he tried to get away from Guzman's grip, while both struggled. Guzman raised his fist intending to hit him in the face, but someone prevented him.


-What are you doing dude? - Samuel asked separating him from Ander.

-Samu, don't fuck with me... -Guzman replied with his face transformed due to anger.


-No Guzman, leave him. Now… - He refuted him, without letting go.


After seeing Samuel's face of determination, Guzmán let him go and took a couple of steps back.


-You were lucky this time, but next time you won't... - He told Ander threatening him before he left.-


When they were alone in the dressing room, Samuel approached Ander and asked:


-Are you all right, Ander? You look a little pale. - He asked showing a little bit of concern-.



-Yes, I am... Nothing has happened. But thanks anyway.


He picked up his backpack, he put on his shirt and started walking towards the exit leaving Samuel standing in the middle of the room. But before he left, he turned to look at him and asked:


-Please don't tell Omar any of this.




The incident with Guzman had occurred in the middle of the week, and since then, Ander had deliberately avoided talking to Omar since he was sure that his boyfriend, would realize that something had happened. Since he didn't want to worry him, he took advantage of the exam period to use it as a pretext for not seeing each other.


Ander: [Hey, I can't see you these days... I'm having exams]

Omar: [Don't worry, cari, I'm a little bit messed up too. But let's look for a space to meet at the weekend]

Ander: [Ok ...]


By Friday, Ander already felt calmer. He had avoided approaching Guzman as much as possible to calm down the issues between them. The decision to avoid him, largely due to the memory of their friendship, since if he was any other guy, they would end up beating each other to settle their differences.


When he came home, his mother hadn't returned yet, so he opened the fridge and prepared something to eat. He was finishing, when his cell phone started ringing.


"Hi, cari..." - He heard the characteristic voice of Omar greeting him.


“Hi…” –He answered with a smile over the phone.


“Hey, I have the afternoon off before going to work at the bar. Do you want to see me? ”


"Yes of course. Where?"


"Wherever you want ... your house or mine."


"Ok ... I'm going to your flat," -Ander replied before hanging up-.




Half an hour later, Ander arrived at Omar's apartment. When his boyfriend opened the door he received him with a wide smile.


-Come in…


Once Ander entered, Omar closed the door and cornered him against the wall; he put both hands on each side of his head and began to kiss his mouth. He kissed him eagerly as he brought his hands to his belt to unfasten it.


"I missed you..." he murmured against his mouth.


Ander smiled answering the kiss with the same intensity. -I missed you too.


Omar took him by the hand and led Ander to his room. In seconds, clothes were already scattered on the floor while both gave themselves away completely passionately. A demonstration of pure love, where only caresses, kisses and promises were able to be heard.


Once they both came to the orgasm, they remained silent without moving to try to regularize their breathing. Omar was lying on his back supporting Ander's weight on his chest. Ander could hear how little by little, Omar's accelerated rhythm gave way to a rhythmic beat. He felt so comfortable in that position that the last thing he wanted was to move, but he finally did it to give Omar a break.


Omar turned around on his side and opened his arms to cuddle Ander in them. So they stayed for a long time, without any need to fill the comfortable silence with words.


Omar's hoarse voice woke him up.


- I must go cari… -whispered in Ander's ear as he stood up.-


Ander groaned and brought him back to his arms.


-Don't go ... stay with me.


Omar smiled, but got up and turned on the light on since by that time it had gotten dark.


-I would like to, but I have to work... if you want you can stay here and... - He didn't finish the sentence. At that moment he touched Ander's back, asking visibly dismayed:


-Ander, what happened to you?


Ander looked at him without understanding what he meant.


-What do you mean? -He asked looking at his frightened face.-


-You have several bruises... here and here and here... - he said pointing to several parts of his body.


Ander got up from the bed and walked to the mirror that hung from one of the walls, looking at the parts of his body that Omar had pointed out just before.


He hadn't realized that he had those bruises so he raised his eyebrows visibly surprised. "When had this been done?" - He kept wondering while still watching his body. “Could it be when he fought with Guzman? But no, it couldn't be… it had only been a push, so it wasn't likely that he had inflicted those bruises on him… But then... when? ”


He looked at Omar and being honest he replied:


-I don't know Omar ... I don't know.



Chapter Text

Chapter 20: Feeling Blue


Arón/Omar A.




He spent all Sunday trying to recover from the strong hangover he had. Last night he'd thought he hadn't drunk too much, but this morning his body was showing him how wrong he had been. He felt sick; it seemed his head was going to explode and nausea didn't help to make him feel better.


Because of that, he decided not to leave his apartment for the whole day, he put his cell phone in silence so that nobody bothered him and swallowed two paracetamol pills to mitigate the headache.


What he wanted was to sleep and recover completely; so he was lying down most of the time, hydrating and trying to eat something, - although without much success - because everything he ate, he puked right away.


In the afternoon he felt much better physically, although he was still emotionally feeling bad. Whenever he combined weed and alcohol, the consequences were the same. But even though he knew it, when he was having fun, he always overlooked it.


"You knew perfectly well how you would feel, so assume the consequences and stop complaining," - he reproached to himself.


He didn't consider himself to be a person who was suffering from depression; rather he accepted feelings that sometimes overwhelmed him as part of his, somewhat dark nature. It was something he had to deal with since childhood, so now was not the time to think about it.


"Sooner or later you will feel better and this sadness that you are feeling right now, tomorrow will be gone" -he tried to convince himself while turning on the hot water tap and pouring a generous amount of soap bubbles into the bathtub.


Half an hour later he was inside the bathtub with his eyes closed, resting his head on the edge, enjoying the sensation of feeling warm soapy water stroking his body. He was like that for a long time, listening to music and thinking about how his life had changed in recent months.


It was true that thanks to the series and social networks, today he enjoyed not only fame and millions of followers, but also a bank account with too many zeros on the right side, and he was sure that any guy his age would kill to be in his place. But paradoxically, the greater the fame was, the greater the feeling of loneliness that overwhelmed him.


- Stop it... Fuck…! - He said loudly, speaking to himself.


Trying to suppress that annoying sense of anguish that was beginning to take hold of him, he brought his index finger to his lips and opened his mouth, he began to play with his tongue and teeth, while with the other hand he traced soft caresses on his pecs, lowering it towards his abdomen until it stopped between his legs.


Slowly, he began to feel his body react to his touch, getting hard by increasing the speed and strength of his hand. Suddenly, and without being aware of it at first, the image of Omar appeared in his mind.


Now in his imagination, it was Omar who played with his lips and it was his mouth that gave him pleasure between his legs. It didn't last long enjoying that game since seconds later he was released with a powerful orgasm.


For a few minutes he allowed himself to feel; being carried away by the pleasant sensations that his body experienced, feeling like his eyelids closed due to a pleasant numbness.



The dream had almost defeated him, but the temperature of the water had descended, so he woke up. He stretched reluctantly, stood up and left the bathtub; he took a towel and began to remove excess water. He put on a bathrobe and threw himself on the bed.


What happened a few minutes ago faced him precisely with what he had been avoiding all day: thinking about Omar... He closed his eyes trying to erase that choking sensation but was unsuccessful.


Although he was drunk when he wrote those messages, he knew what he was doing deep down, so after erasing them, what he had been waiting for was for Omar to respond in some way, but none of that had happened.


He was sure that if Omar hadn't had time to read them, he had seen the notification of deleted messages, but there had been no reaction from him. His body shuddered unintentionally and he silently thanked anyone else to see him tremble.


He mentally reviewed over and over again the reasons why he shouldn't be attracted to Omar, and while his brain could process a coherent response, his inner self refused to obey. What he wanted since they kissed and caressed a couple of days ago was to finish what they had started. For the first time, he wanted to know what it would feel like to have sex with another guy.


“Don't fool yourself… not with any guy, otherwise, you would have accepted Jimbo's proposition. It's Omar... you want to know what it would feel like to fuck with Omar. Maybe that’s what you need to get over him… no matter if he's fucking another guy ”, - he thought defeated when he remembered the image of Alonso at Omar's house.


He felt so mentally exhausted that even though he knew he had to study the scenes scheduled for the next day, he turned off the lights and closed his eyes. "I'm gonna get up early and read the script." He said before falling into a deep and restful sleep.


The next morning, he got up feeling a little better, took a shower and asked for a taxi service to take him to the recording set, since he didn't feel like driving. On the way, he turned on his iPad and began to review the programmed scenes that he would shoot in a little while. He was hoping to have some luck and not have to record any sequence with Omar because he had no idea how to handle the situation.


"Ok, I have the first two sequences with Miguel, one more with Itzan and..." -he was reviewing while reading the script-, -Shit! –He exclaimed out loud when he realized that the last sequence was with Omar and it was nothing more and nothing less than a sex scene.


-Fuck!  - He cursed, feeling more and more nervous-.




(Omar A.)



That Monday, Omar arrived much earlier than usual because he didn't want to be the one who had to say hello. He was nervous and excited at the same time to see Aron's expression when they met, but he tried to conduct himself in a normal way as much as he could.


He was sitting at one of the tables in the small cafeteria located at the entrance of the recording set, chatting about their weekend with Danna Paola and Itzan. She told them that she was suffering from a frightening jet lag because she had been traveling from Mexico to Madrid on Saturday for a presentation she had to give about her new single.


As he listened to her, sidelong, Omar could see that Arón got out of the taxi and walked towards them. Unintentionally, he lost the thread of the conversation, but Danna, who at that time turned to where Arón was walking, realized what was happening. With a wink, he let him know that she understood the situation and continued talking with them until Arón stopped to say hello.


-What's up? - Arón greeted, looking at them.


-Hi handsome, - Danna greeted him as she brought closer her cheek to Aron's to kiss him.


- What's up, macho? How was your weekend? - Itzan asked crashing his fist against Aron's in greeting.


Arón and Omar looked at each other for a fraction of a second without saying a word until Arón looked away and shook his hand trying not to notice the awkward moment.


-It was fucking awesome... what about you? –Answered apparently happy.


They stayed a few more minutes drinking coffee and chatting about trifles until Arón interrupted them.


-Ok, I’ve to leave you because I need to find Ramón.


-And why do you want to talk to our brilliant stage director? - Danna asked curiously.


- It's about a couple of scenes that he has programmed today… - And without waiting for an answer, he walked a few steps saying goodbye. -Ok... see you later.


Omar said nothing, but deep down he thought he knew Aron's motive to look for Ramon. Suddenly, the image of the sex scene he had memorized perfectly one night ago was present in his mind.


"Will it be so dumbass that he's looking for a way to postpone it?" He thought a little incredulously.


The day passed between rehearsals and recordings until the crew stopped to eat. He hadn't bumped into Arón since the morning and was intrigued to know what he had talked to Ramón about. The sequence between them was scheduled after the meal, so he decided to wait.


He was brushing his teeth when Aron entered the bathroom. Their eyes met through the mirror for a few seconds, before Arón continued walking towards one of the urinals. Omar crumpled the paper towel with which he had dried his hands and threw it into the trash can. He breathed deeply and leaned against the sink to wait and confront Arón.


Arón buttoned his jeans and walked towards him. He opened the tap to wash his hands and seconds later, he looked at him:




- I'd like to know that. What's going on, Arón? Can we talk now?


Aron shrugged at Omar's question and grimaced muttered:


-Nothing... Nothing happens. We already talked about what we should talk about, so there is nothing more to say.


-Oh, really? That's why you sent me those messages in the early morning and then you were so pussy that you decided to delete them, ah? - He asked challenging him.


Aron looked at Omar with that cocky smile that characterized him and spoke:


- Ah, that... I was drunk dude, and I fucked up. The messages weren't for you, they were for someone else, and that’s why I deleted them.  I'm sorry if that made you create false expectations... I was clear enough the other night when I told you that this thing between us was a mistake.


Omar felt anger at listening to him but tried to hide it so that Arón wouldn't notice it, nodded and murmured:


-Okay... if you say so. - And left the place, without looking back feeling downright disappointed.


In the dining room, he sat at the table among his co-stars and production team. Everyone laughed and talked, but his mood didn't allow him to enjoy the moment like the rest of the team was, due to Aron's attitude. As he had lost his appetite, he was playing with the food he had on the plate until the others finished eating and got up to continue working.


He imitated them and without looking at Arón once, he went to the set. “Fuck you!” –He said annoyed when on the way he ran into Ramón.-


- What's up Omar? Are you ready to film? Or are you going to tell me you're indisposed just as Arón told me earlier? - He said jokingly.


- How is that? - He asked feeling intrigued.


- Well, he said he was having a stomachache or something like that...


- Ah... I didn't know. Well, I'm not. I'm perfectly fine and ready to work


- That's the attitude kiddo! - And almost immediately, he said turning his back:


- Have you heard Arón? Omar is ready to work and from what I see, you also look much better, don't you?


Upon hearing Aron's name, Omar turned to look at him and confirmed that he was walking just behind them. While watching him, Arón replied:


-Yes, I feel much better now. Let's get to work, Ramón.


- That's what I'm fucking talking about! –He patted Arón's back as the three entered the set. - So, are you ready for the sock? Haha… - He laughed at the joke he always did when filming a sex scene-.


“Fuck! The sock…. ”- Omar recalled, while mentally begging to his body not to react in front of the production team and especially, in front of Arón. He needed to be focused because he couldn't allow himself to go through the humiliation of Arón realizing how horny he made him feel.






"Goddamn it...!" - He mentally cursed without being able to avoid nervousness while making a face at Ramon for the reminder of the fuckin' sock.


It wasn't the same to shoot a few kisses than a sex scene, even though he knew it would be very well maintained. Within the set, there were only a few people, those needed to avoid making them uncomfortable, but a sex scene would always be a sex scene... And after what was going on between him and Omar, the challenge of focusing on one hundred percent on his role it would be titanic.


While the recording team settled in their places checking the lights and other technical aspects, he and Omar took a seat in front of their respective mirrors, so that their fellow makeup artists did their job.


At that moment, Sergio - the actor who played Yeray - entered the set greeting everyone. He sat next to Arón so that another of the girls could do his make up.

Side by side, the three were silent while listening to Ramon.


- Okay guys, have you reviewed your lines?


Aron nodded, looking sideways at Omar.


- Yes, everything is studied, - Omar said, looking at his reflection in the mirror. – By the way, you've done a great job Lola; you have even made me look handsome. –He joked while looking at the makeup artist.


Sergio burst out laughing at his comment.


"If you only knew how handsome I think you are..." - Arón lamented in silence, looking away while making a mocking gesture to try to bother him.  This action hadn't gone unnoticed for Omar since immediately his expression changed returning his attention to the director, who at that time gave them the last indications.


 - Okay... - Ramon interrupted. - We'll start recording in a few minutes... and you know it guys, it will be very similar to the previous time. There will only be the necessary people so neither of you feels uncomfortable.


And he continued: -First, we'll rehearse the dialogues and once we can do it without errors we're gonna record the first sequence. In this one, Sergio will do his part and once we cut, he'll leave so both of you're more comfortable. Remember, this scene covers since Ander arrives at Omar's apartment and he gets surprised that Yeray is there; when Yeray notices that Ander is pissed off, he says goodbye to both of you by closing the door and there we'll cut the first sequence.


- Okay... - Sergio agreed.


- The second sequence begins when Omar tries to explain to Ander the reason why his co-worker was at home. Ander resists, but Omar tries to convince him and begins to take off his clothes. As soon as he takes your shirt off, - he said to Arón, - we cut. Are you following me? -Asked them-.


While Arón listened to him, he could feel his pulse accelerating so he took a deep breath to try to calm himself down, nodding his head.


Ramón continued talking: - Here I'll ask you to undress and put on your respective sock to be able to shoot the third and final sequence, which is when you start making love. Is it clear to both of you? - He asked looking at them.


The three nodded taking their respective places.


They filmed the first two sequences without major setbacks, Sergio said goodbye and left the set leaving them so they could continue.


- Everything will turn out excellent and you already know it: Break a leg! - He said goodbye to them with the typical expression used between actors to wish luck.


True to his way of being, uninhibited and open, Omar was the first to undress and adjust his sock with a rubber band around his cock, while Arón did the same but in a corner away from the set. It was when the recording of the last sequence began, that things began to get complicated.


It was supposed the scene would begin with Omar lying on the bed, and Arón on top of Omar kissing him slowly while caressing his face, and moments later turned around, allowing Omar to take control. Though, being skin against skin completely naked except for the fucking sock as a barrier didn't help him to concentrate at all; although as a good actor, he did the impossible to appear unalterable.


As soon as they were both settled, Ramón gave the signal to start rolling.


-We are ready... in 3, 2, 1... Action!


Aron brought his face close to Omar's and began kissing him, but unlike the last time they gave themselves to a full passion in each other's arms, this time it was completely different.


Kisses rehearsed, with rigid lips and mechanical movements. Aron tried by all means to feel nothing; imagining that instead of Omar, he was the old lady teacher of the school he was kissing, all in order not to get hard, right there.


On the other hand, Omar did the same. He looked at him but without really seeing him, trying not to touch him beyond what was necessary and his kisses felt so empty and strange... very different from those they had shared days ago.


The atmosphere between them was so tense, that a few seconds later, Ramón shouted:




At that moment, the two separated as if the contact to the other skin burned them, turning to the director.


- But what the hell is going on here? - He complained, approaching them.


-The last thing both of you are projecting to the camera is a couple in love and eager to fuck. I've always boasted about the great chemistry on the screen you have... but what I just saw is pathetic. May I ask what's wrong with you? - He concluded looking first at one and then the other.


Omar glanced at Arón, which caused him to look away. But when Arón heard Omar speak, he turned to look at him since he didn't believe what he had just heard.


-I don't know... I feel like Arón is not focused on it.


Arón took a deep breath trying to stop Omar's comment from affecting him but he couldn’t do it, so looking at Ramón he counterattacked:


- That's not true; I'm focused on this as always, I feel rather than Omar seems doesn't want to cooperate.


-But what do you say, dude? - Omar complained looking annoyed.


-OK OK…! Calm down! And let's do it again, - Ramon ordered, looking at them. -Both of you are professionals, so I have to ask you to behave, in that way... if there is any difference between you, you must speak now and fix it. Do you understand?


Arón remained silent in annoyance, while Omar nodding replied: -Okay, you're right Ramón... I'm sorry, let's do it again.


Ramón let out a sigh and nodded. -Okay, let's do it again, but remember: I need you to give me love, passion... the feeling that you can't live without each other. Are we clear?


Both nodded went back to the bed. Arón couldn't avoid it and hissed: - Fuck you!  - So, Omar could hear him.


- Aghh, dude... Fuck you! - He answered in turn whispering so that only Arón could hear him too.


The director's voice interrupted them:


- Okay ah! And one more thing: Arón, damn, stick your tongue inside his mouth like you really want to kiss him. And you Omar: give him back the kiss with passion and caress as if you were not afraid to touch him... -he quarreled.- Come on, guys! It’s not the first time you do this, are you ready?


After the scolding they had received, Arón didn't want to mess up again since all he would achieve would be to extend this awkward moment. So without further ado, he leaned against Omar. "You'll see how concentrated I can get... asshole," he thought before hearing Ramón's shout.


- 3, 2, 1 ... Action!


Aron looked directly into Omar's eyes and smiled mockingly; seconds later, he brought his mouth to his and slowly began to kiss him. At first, it was a gentle caress, but almost immediately he sucked Omar's lower lip between his and began to take slight bites.


Without warning, he took out his tongue and passed it through Omar's lips, licking them with fervor to later reintroduce it and move it more and more intensely into his mouth; it was such a hot and unexpected gesture that he could immediately feel Omar's cock starting to harden beneath him and a muffled groan came from his lips.


Without being able to avoid it, he smiled against Omar's lips in a gesture of clear victory, being aware of the power he exerted in Omar causing him to respond to his caresses without hesitation. It was such a pleasant sensation that immediately his body reacted and the erection that began to form crashed into Omar's body.


They had reached the point of no return, so, without being able to contain another second, he forgot everything and everyone around him, kissing Omar urgently while the two didn't stop touching.



Although it was written in the script, Arón was taken by surprise when, with an abrupt movement, Omar turned to get on top of him. Omar looked him in the face and returning the same mocking smile he had given him a few moments before, he brought his mouth biting his lip and kissing him hard, making it clear who was in control.


At the same time, he began to move his hips faster and faster looking for more friction between their bodies. The moans of both confused each other until suddenly Ramón's scream brought them back to reality.


-Cut and we're done! –He shouted enthusiastically, while the rest of the team clapped and whistled.


-But what a difference! You're such amazing artists!  –He concluded satisfied.


Almost immediately, a production assistant approached them with a pair of bathrobes so they could cover themselves. Ramón thanked the team and said goodbye arguing that he had another scene with Ester and Itzan.


Gradually the rest of the team left until the set was virtually empty. Aron remained silent, picking up his clothes and fighting, once again, against the sensations that Omar had provoked on him... his scent, his closeness. "Fuck!" - He cursed under his breath.


He needed to leave; get out of there as soon as possible, because at that time he wasn't sure if he would be able to restrain himself. When he turned, intending to leave, he saw Omar standing in front of him preventing him from passing. Omar looked at him as if he wanted to decipher his thoughts as if he was also fighting against that undeniable chemistry that existed between them. After those seconds of scrutiny that seemed eternal, Omar finally spoke.



Chapter Text

Chapter 21: Spinning Over You


Ander & Omar S.




Ander stood looking at himself in the mirror again as if he couldn't give credit for what he was seeing. Omar approached him with a worried look and rested both hands on his hips.


-Ander... Tell me what's going on. You can't have your back full of bruises and not know how you got them.


While talking to him, Omar could tell there was something wrong, something his boyfriend was not telling him. So he decided to insist again:


-Ander! Look at me.


Ander looked away from the mirror and turned his face to meet Omar's but immediately lowered his head.


-Ander... What's up? What are you hiding from me?


Ander sighed and sat on the bed, bringing his hands to his face. After a few seconds, he turned to Omar and lightly tapped the mattress, motioned for him to sit beside him.


-I hadn't told you before but I fought with Guzman, well kind of... We started shouting at each other as our words became stronger, so he pushed me against the lockers ... It was not a big deal but surely that's how I got those bruises.


-Damn! And why didn't you tell me anything?


Ander shrugged and gave a sad smile.


-I don't know ... I didn't want to worry you, I guess.


-Oh, really Ander? And what are we supposed to be together if it's not to share what happens to us, ah?


Ander looked at him and closing the space between them, brushed his lips with his.


-You're right ... it's just that I'm sick of looking like a fragile boy whose boyfriend has to be caring for and comforting all the time. I don't want to feel that way anymore... All these months since the true about Polo was known and I lost my friendship with Guzman, you have been there to comfort me, but ... don't misunderstand me, Omar, I appreciate it, I just need to regain my confidence and to be the guy who I used to be... Do you get it?


Omar did.  And deep down he felt happy to see the old Ander reborn, however, he was angry that this asshole had hurt him.


-I understand, but I ask you not to hide something like that from me again. You don't need to go through this alone. You must understand that I am here for you and that I'll always support you no matter what. You know it right? - He asked holding his chin.


-I know, Omar... -He answered while hugging him.



They stayed like that for a few seconds until Omar separated and kissing him on the temple, stood up.


-I must go, but... what do you think if tonight you accompany me to the bar? That way you could keep me company while I work and when I finish, we could go home together.


Ander made a gesture of indecision as he lay back on the bed.


-Mmm, I don't know. I don't feel like going out tonight, I feel a little tired. I better wait for you here and when you arrive we can hug each other till we fall asleep, how does that sound to you?


Omar smiled as he nodded.


-I like it... a lot. - He replied as he picked up his keys and opened the door to leave. –Don't go anywhere. See you later then.






The characteristic smell of Omar, a mixture of mint and wood in combination with the perfume he used, made the sheets and pillows of his bed impregnated with his scent; therefore, Ander had laid down on the side of the bed where his boyfriend used to sleep to feel him closer. He hugged one of the fluffy pillows and snuggled against it.


He felt a little worried not only about the bruises Omar had discovered but also about the nose bleeds that had become more frequent. The feeling of guilt for not sharing his worries with Omar tormented him a little, but he decided that it was better to put the worries at the bottom of his head.


He didn't want to think about it, however, his mind returned again and again to the same point. After almost two hours of being in bed, he finally got some rest.


He was on top of an imposing cliff from where he could appreciate a calm sea. But little by little, that blue and crystalline water became muddy until it became a black and rough sea. Out of nowhere, he began to feel dizzy and unable to maintain his balance, eventually, he slipped down the cliff. The sensation of falling into the void along with the sound of a desperate scream woke him up suddenly.


Feeling the fear gripped in his throat, he sat up sitting on the edge of the bed; he was sweaty and it seemed that his heart wanted to get out of his chest because of how fast it was beating. He put his hands to his face trying to calm down and got up to go to the small kitchen for a glass of water.


Street lights filtered through the window without curtains showing a city that never slept. He opened the window to listen to the noise of the cars and the people who went to a party like any Friday night. He sat in the frame of the window and lit a cigar. He looked at the clock. It was close to four in the morning so Omar would arrive soon, so he decided to wait for him.


"Anyway, after the nightmare I had had, it would have been almost impossible to fall asleep again," he thought resigned.


Fifteen minutes later, he saw a red car stop in front of the building and Omar got out of it. He stopped for a few seconds talking with the driver until he finally went off. He paid more attention to the car when it drove away and felt a tilt in his stomach when he realized that it was the same car he had seen parked at school and that it belonged to Yeray and his brother Malick.


-But what the fuck...? God! -He murmured getting up while closing the window to return to the room.


He was sitting on the edge of the bed thinking about all the possible explanations that Omar could give him when he heard that the lock turned and his boyfriend entered the small apartment.


-Damn! You scared me, dude! - Omar said when he saw him in the gloom sitting on the bed.


Omar turned on the light and approached Ander who was still sitting without moving.


-Are you all right, Ander?  -He asked denoting concern.


-Hello ... Yes, I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep and got up when I heard the door… -he lied.


-Okay... then you would have turned on the light; you gave me one hell of a scare dude... I thought you would be asleep.


Ander shrugged and looked at him.


- How was the night?


-Fine, as usual, you know dealing with drunken posh... but beyond that, all good. –Omar replied repressing a yawn.-


-Yes, I know what you mean... -He said, referring to when he spent his days drinking, but Omar did not notice the sarcasm in his voice.


-Come on, let's sleep for a while. I'm very tired. All I want is for you to hug me ... - Omar asked, entering the bathroom.


While brushing his teeth, Ander noticed that something was shining in Omar's ear, so he got up and approached him to see it closely. The small silver earring that had given him weeks ago now hung from his left ear.


-Have you put on the earring? When? You weren’t wearing it a while ago. - He asked surprised.


-Ah! Yes... it looks cool, doesn't it? - He replied looking at himself in the mirror.


Seconds later, he spit out the toothpaste and put the brush in place; right next to the toothbrush that Ander had left the last time he slept on his flat.


Ander nodded, and immediately afterward he said, -I thought I would accompany you to do the piercing.


-It's true Ander, forgive me... I forgot about it. - Omar said approaching him while giving him a quick kiss.


- It's just that talking to Yeray I mentioned that you had given me an earring and he offered to do the piercing... And as I had it stored in the locker of the bar, I accepted. Do you like how it looks?  -He asked as he hugged him and shook his head so he could see the earring on his ear.


As he heard what Omar was talking about, Ander felt a stab of disappointment. Inside, he knew he shouldn't feel that way, but he couldn't suppress feeling betrayed. Not only because of the issue of the earring but because Omar had not mentioned the fact that Yeray had brought him there. It bothered him to feel jealous, but he couldn't help it.


Without answering, he let go of his hug and lay down with his back to the other side of the bed to leave his place for Omar.


-Ander, what's up, are you alright? - Omar asked him lying down beside him while he put an arm around his waist to bring him closer.


-Yes, I'm fine... just a little tired. Now all I want is to go back to sleep. Goodnight. –He answered without looking at him.


-Are you okay? Or are you angry about the earring? - He asked, sitting up to look him in the eye.


-What are you saying? Pfff... Of course not. Come on, let me sleep. –Ander replied closing his eyes to not to look at him.


In response, he only heard a sigh of annoyance from Omar and immediately, he turned his back on him too.


Ander spent the next hours awake listening to the light snoring of Omar and the distant noise of the cars passing by the avenue. The feeling of anguish, fear, and disappointment became increasingly intense. A tear rolled along his cheek but he immediately dried it with his hand.



Chapter Text

Chapter 22: Vicio


Arón/Omar A.


(Omar A.)


What had just happened had only helped to prove that Aron was lying. At first, he seemed unalterable, cold, even pedantic, like an actor focused on doing his job, but nothing more; however, as they began to kiss, Omar felt how Aron's defenses fell one by one. Suddenly, the rehearsed kisses stopped to became a plea; caresses full of promises that if it weren’t because they were being observed, they could very well have ended up in fucking right there.


While he was thinking about it, he could see the stiffness in Aron's body, who purposely turned his back so as not to look him in the face. He was sure that he had also felt the chemistry between them; as two opposite poles that inevitably, by the law of attraction, couldn't separate.


So, determined to face him, he stood watching him. When Arón turned around, their eyes met and Omar was certain that he wasn't mistaken.


Seeing him, Arón walked a few steps to the left to try to pass through the small space between him and the narrow corridor that would take him to the exit, but Omar moved to stop him.


- What's going on, dude? You told me that this thing between us was a mistake, but then you kiss me as if you wanted to fuck me right here... - Omar faced him.


-It was a performance... So don't get it wrong. –Arón answered looking away-.


-Don't want to fool me or fool yourself... we both could feel it.


-Omar, that's enough. Let me go… -He replied in an annoyed gesture, trying to leave-.


-No. You won't run away again. Accept once and for all that you want the same thing I do.


- Let me go, goddamn it! - He answered raising his voice as he grabbed his arm to try to put him aside.


Omar resisted and grabbing him from the top of the robe and pushed him sharply against the nearest wall. They struggled for a moment until their eyes met in a frankly challenging attitude.


They remained in that position for a few seconds like a hunter looking at his prey; but suddenly, something inside Arón changed. Omar could see the struggle he was fighting inside him, telling Omar with his eyes what he didn’t dare to say any word.


At that time the roles were reversed and it was Aron who grabbed his robe with both hands to hold him very close to him. With a clumsy movement, Arón caught his lower lip between his own, sucking it for a few seconds before placing his tongue inside Omar's mouth; He ran it through his teeth until he found Omar's tongue and began to stroke it, enjoying this intimate caress immensely. It seemed that exploring every inch of Omar's mouth brought him relief that he didn't know he needed.


Omar let himself be done by completely giving him control while enjoying the sensations that Aron caused in him. He could feel the unmistakable tingling in the groin signal of his growing arousal. As soon as he heard a hoarse moan that Arón let out from between his lips, instinctively, he slipped one of his hands into the fluffy dressing gown, looking for Aron’s cock which it was leaking already, due to a powerful erection.


Without hesitation, Omar slid his lips to Aron's neck enjoying the taste of his sweaty skin, feeling satisfied to hear the deep moans letting out from Arón's lips aching for release. His eyes were closed in an obvious gesture of surrender; enjoying enormously what Omar was doing with him, so he began to suck more intensely while tugging his cock with the rhythm and pressure necessary to make him came.


As soon as he felt Arón was coming in his hand, Omar kissed him again to feel him groan against his mouth. A moment later, Arón dropped his head against Omar's shoulder while with both hands held his lower back. Omar on the other hand, took advantage of that position where Arón left his neck exposed, to trace soft and reassuring kisses on him, while with a hand he caressed Arón's head, enjoying the sensation he felt when he ran his fingers against almost monkfish hair.


The sound of a door opening made them both moved away fast, panting and with the swollen lips due to the kisses they had just shared. In the distance, a person from the production team was picking up some cords but didn't notice his presence.


-Well... it seems to me that now we’re understanding each other. –He murmured looking at Arón, in a gesture of victory as he put his tongue to his lips in a clear invitation.


Arón didn't answer. He just looked at him trying to regain control of his breathing.


-If you want to, we can finish this at some other time. You just have to ask for it… -Omar told him before turning around and leaving without looking back-.





He had spent the next few days trying to forget what happened between them, but he couldn't get rid of Omar's words. He was screwed because Omar had realized how much his presence affected him, but he screwed up, even more, the way he had left.


-Arón, it's your turn, are you ready? –The sound technician asked him through the microphone, getting him out of his thoughts.


With the headphones on and sitting on the other side of the glass of the recording studio, Arón raised his thumb as he listened to the track of the new single he would record with his pal Gregory.



Everything he did lately reminded him of Omar and the lyrics of his new song was no exception; it seemed that he had unconsciously written it thinking about him since that was how he felt about Omar.


He started humming one of the choruses while he was waiting for the signal to start singing.


“You are my vice, you are my drug

Snow flavored kisses that get me out of control...

... And I liked it even though I didn't understand it

You don't know how much I enjoy your company...

... I'm pure adrenaline, you are rebellious

...You and I are two insane in doing so

... You take me to heaven being from hell..."




Several hours later he left the recording studio accompanied by his colleagues, who were excited upon hearing the finished demo. The song was fucking awesome and everyone had decided to go to celebrate. He was happy that the project had finally come true and he wanted to go out and have fun and forget about his issues for a while.


When they arrived at the club, the security guard headed them to the VIP area where they used to spend most weekends. Although they were in a secluded area, this didn't prevent people who were in the place to notice his presence, so occasionally they approached him to greet him and ask for a pic. As always, appeared a girl or a guy trying to get something else to which he, in response, just smiled at them and walked away to continue dancing.



The night was full of music, dance, insta-stories, and fun. This time he had decided to drink but more measuredly since he didn't want to spend another weekend with a hangover. A couple of hours later, he was leaning against the railing of the first floor watching people dance just below him when someone caught his attention.


He looked more closely and felt a tug in his stomach when he realized that, in front of him, was Omar dancing with a group of friends. He immediately began to look for the thin guy with the shaved hair that he had seen at Omar's house, but he didn't find him. For the next few minutes, he remained in expectation waiting for the asshole to appear at any moment, but that never happened.


The calmness he felt when he saw him without that guy, took him by surprise but soon was replaced by another and more intense feeling that he couldn't define. As he danced to the rhythm of the music, he began to imagine himself dancing with Omar and the urge to feel him close seized him.


At that moment nothing else mattered; as he had thought weeks ago, perhaps what he needed was to finish this thing between them once and for all, so that he could turn the page and move on. With that new determination, he picked up the phone and wrote:


[I wanna see you…]


Seconds later, he sent the message and waited for his reaction.


Almost immediately he could see how Omar put his hand to the back of his jeans when he felt the vibration and taking out his cell phone, read his message. Omar's surprise reaction in conjunction with the response he received, made him sketch a wide smile.


Omar: [When, now?]


And then, Arón wrote:


 [Yep, now… Would you like to?]


Aron saw how once Omar read his message, he began to move away from his group of friends to lean against one of the pillars of the place while typing his answer. Almost instantly he could read:


Omar: [Ok ... Where should we meet?]


Arón laughed out loud and decided to wait a few minutes more before answering. As he did, he saw each one of Omar's movements. Leaning against the wall, he looked at his mobile screen every few seconds waiting for Arón's response.  When he saw that, it was the most rewarding thing he had experienced in recent weeks. "Well... it seems that you are even more anxious than me" - he thought satisfied.


Deciding that he had waited long enough, he picked up his cell phone and finally replied:


[Raise your sight…]



Chapter Text

Chapter 23: Out of Sync


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


In between dreams, Omar's naked body slowly stirred on the bed, groping for Ander's warm skin but couldn't accomplish his task. He made a second attempt stretching his arm and then, he thought he found him; he hugged him tightly against him, but the feeling of a fluffy pillow in his arms woke him up.


In the space where Ander was supposed to be sleeping, there was only the huge pillow he hugged at the time. He pushed it aside and sat up, bringing his hands to his eyelids, rubbing them slowly.


-Ander? -He asked in a still sleepy voice looking towards the bathroom-.


He got up and knocked softly on the door.


-Ander? Are you ok? - He insisted-.


When he didn't get an answer, so he opened the door wide but the small room was empty. Concerned, he left the room to go to the living room. He wasn’t there either; he was alone in his apartment. He returned to his room and disconnected the cell phone that was charging in the small dresser next to the bed.


The clock read past noon; he opened the WhatsApp application but had no new messages. He was about to call his boyfriend when he spotted a sheet of paper folded on the mattress. He walked the two meters that separated him from it and unfolding it, read the scribbled words that Ander had written:


"I went home, I'll see you later."


Just like that. It was a brief message without any explanation, much less an affectionate word like "I love you" or something like that. He read the note again and turned it around hoping to find something else written, but there was nothing but that phrase.


-But what the fuck...?  -He muttered sitting on the bed again while still holding the piece of paper between his fingers-.


Unconsciously, he put his fingers to the small earring that now shone in the lobe of his left ear and let out a sigh remembering the brief conversation he had had with Ander a few hours ago and how they had fallen asleep turning their backs on each other.


"I'm a douche..." - He recriminated himself mentally-. Last night he hadn't thought it as a bad thing to accept that Yeray did the piercing, but today in daylight and with Ander's absence, the perspective was totally different.


-I think I screwed up... - He said loudly feeling bad about his lack of judgment.


-Fuck! - He murmured without knowing what to do while he was dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.


"It was true that I hadn't made the best decision, but why had Ander gone in that way?" - He lamented as he brewed coffee.


He picked up the phone and wrote:


[Hi ... I just saw your note :( ]


He continued drinking coffee while he waited for Ander's response, but after ten minutes of silence, he decided to call him.


He tried twice, but both times the voicemail entered. Feeling disappointed, he gave a couple more sips to his beverage and threw the rest into the sink. He rinsed the cup and headed to the bathroom; he undressed and entering the shower let the hot water run through his body meanwhile he thought about what he would say to Ander when they met again.







-I said no, mom. I'm not hungry.  -He answered to Azucena one more time after his mother insisted that he had to eat something.


-Ok, son... but I can see you’re thinner and it's a fact that you are not eating as you should be. Is there something bothering you? - His mother asked a little worried.


-No, there isn't. I just don't have an appetite right now. I'll eat something later. Now I feel like lying down for a while. -He explained as he got up from the table and headed for his room-.


He had gone up a couple of steps when he stopped on the stairs and turned to look at his mother.


-Hey... thank you anyway.


Azucena smiled and nodding said:


-I love you son. I'll leave the food in the oven so you can heat it later.


Ander smiled back and continued on his way to his room.


Lying on his back, he watched a starry sky through the skylight that was located right in the middle of his bed. When he felt sad or thoughtful, he liked to stay like that for hours watching the vastness of the night sky.


Omar had been looking for him several times during the day, but he hadn't answered. He felt annoyed and didn't feel like seeing him or talking to him. Therefore, this morning, once the sun's rays had begun to seep through the window, he had left Omar’s apartment. He hadn't slept at all and felt physically and mentally tired.


He needed to tidy up his head and analyze Omar's attitude. He honestly didn't know if it was him who was exaggerating or if Omar was changing his attitude towards him.


While thinking about it, he heard a couple of knocks on the door followed by the movement of the handle trying to open. He had locked the door, so exhaling a sigh of annoyance, he got up to open it.


- What's up mom? - He asked at the same time he unlocked the door to see what his mother wanted.


-Hi... your mom let me in. –Omar replied standing in front of him.


Ander looked at him somewhat surprised but said nothing. He just went back to his bed and lay down again facing the ceiling.


-Why did you leave like this? - Omar asked sitting next to him on the edge of the mattress.


-I couldn't sleep and wanted to be alone. - Ander replied briefly.


-Oh... -Omar replied without looking away from him, but Ander continued without making eye contact.


Several minutes passed in which both remained silent until Omar spoke again.


-I fucked up... I'm sorry. - He apologized with a hoarse voice.


Ander turned to look at him. He knew exactly what his boyfriend was referring to, so after a few seconds of intense scrutiny, he replied:


-It doesn't matter... -He said with a shrug.


-Yeah, it does. Although it was not my intention to hurt you, I know I did and I apologize for that. We had agreed to do it together, but when Yeray suggested it, it seemed to me like a good idea and…


-Omar, seriously, forget it. I said it doesn't matter... - Ander interrupted.


The mere fact of hearing Yeray's name again made him feel pissed off. Although Omar had told him that he was only his co-worker, Ander was annoyed because Omar had let Yeray pierce his ear and later bring him home without mentioning it at all.


Omar's touch on the palm of his hand made him turn his head. Omar had moved a little closer to him and was taking his hand in his, stroking Ander's fingertips.


-If it were nothing, as you’re saying, you wouldn't have left the way you did it or you would have picked up my calls, but it wasn't; I know you, Ander... I know you're upset, accept it. –Omar challenged him and in the meantime kissed him at the corner of his lips-.


As soon as he felt that caress so brief, something inside Ander stirred. He loved Omar in an unspeakable way and the mere possibility that he might be attracted to someone else made him feel vulnerable, too exposed, and he couldn't afford to accept it in front of him. Not now. So with a quick movement, he tried to separate from him.


- What's going on Ander? Talk to me, please. –Omar asked approaching him again.


True to his way of being, Ander decided to keep what he thought to himself. He didn't want to show Omar how insecure he was about him. He would let time accommodate things in its place and in the meantime, he would try to ignore the fact that Omar didn't tell him certain things. So finally, shaking his head he replied:


-Nothing happens. Seriously... let's forget about it, okay?  -Ander asked as he opened his arms and brought Omar closer to him-.


Omar shrugged and let himself be hugged muttering an "okay if you say so...” against Ander's chest.


They hugged each other for a few minutes when, suddenly, Omar turned to him and said:


-Since we have clarified this issue, we should leave to not be late, don't you think? - Omar asked, separating a little to see him while he spoke.


-What are you talking about? Go where? - Ander asked confused.


Omar looked at him and rolling his eyes, he replied:


-Today is Lu's party. Remember? She invited us two weeks ago.


Ander finally remembered, but at that moment he didn't feel like going, so making a face he replied:


-Ah... that party. I don't want to go, Omar. I don't want to meet...


Omar interrupted him. He separated from Ander to sit in front of him and said:


-You don't want to see who? Guzman is not going. I know that because I talked to Nadia... Besides, you said you wanted to be the same carefree guy again, didn't you?


-I know what I told you, but tonight I don't feel like going out...


-Just tonight?  -Omar complained. And immediately, he continued:


-Ander seriously... it's been a long time since we went out to have fun together as a normal couple... Come on, I wanna go with you... - He encouraged him.


-No, I don't want to. I'm serious... but if you want to, go to the party. - He answered categorically.


Omar looked at him and Ander could see the disappointment in his eyes when he realized that Ander wouldn't change his mind, so Omar got up from the bed and walked towards the door. But before Omar left, he turned to look at him and reproached:


-Sometimes, I don't understand you... seriously, Ander. Tell me something, are you sure you want to keep up with this relationship?



That question put Ander completely out of balance, so he got up and approached Omar.



-Why do you ask me that? Why does the fact that I don't wanna go to that stupid party have anything to do with us being together?


Omar stared at him for a few seconds with a serious gesture before answering: -Well, to me, it does make sense... Anyway, see you later. 


And after he said that, Omar turned around to leave the room.


-Omar! -Ander shouted-, but Omar didn't look at him. On the opposite, he closed the door softly behind him.


Ander brought both hands to his face in an unequivocal gesture of frustration. It was clear that lately, things between them were being quite complicated, and either because he wasn't making the best decisions or because Omar was getting tired of him, but he could notice how their relationship was getting worn out little by little.


A while later Ander got up from his bed and put his jacket on.  He had decided to do his best to solve the issues with Omar because, deeply, he wanted to fix their relationship. So, he would go to Lucrecia’s party and he would demonstrate Omar how wrong he had been.



Chapter Text

Chapter 24: Just Friends


Arón/Omar A.


(Omar A.)


As soon as he read Aron's answer, a chill began to run through his body. He could feel people around him dancing to the Greyhound rhythm of Swedish House Mafia, while he stood still looking at his phone.


Very slowly, he looked up and as if it were a surreal scene of some "chick-flick" movie, held by the rail with both hands, Arón was watching him.


Omar raised both eyebrows surprised but was unable to move, he was only aware of the look that Arón was giving him. It seemed as if there was suddenly no one else in the place except the two of them.


With his very short hair and dressed in black he smiled with out taking his eyes off him. Because of his expression, words weren't necessary to guess what Aron thought.


Gradually, he began to feel hotter as he imagined the delicious touch of Aron's hands on him. A tug in the stomach along with small tremors of pleasure began to run through his body. But when he realized that he was still standing in the middle of the crowd, he forced himself to focus on.


He picked up the phone and wrote:


[r u serious, dude...?]


Immediately, he turned his face to Aron to see his reaction. As soon as Arón read his message, he laughed and, taking his cell phone, Omar saw him write something. Seconds later, he felt the vibration of the new message against his hand.


[C-ya out here, in five?]


Omar looked at him again and nodded. Aron did the same and seconds later he turned around losing himself among the people.


Omar saw his group of friends who continued dancing without knowing what was happening. He approached the table and took his jacket; he would send them a message later, apologizing for leaving without warning.


He was about to leave when he felt someone pulling him by the shoulder and listening to the voice of his friend Roci screaming to make herself heard over the music:


-Omar! Where are you going?


Omar turned and approaching her said in her ear:


-I have to go, please don't tell to our friends.


- But what are you saying, dude? We're having a great time... also, in a while Alonso will come, remember? It was supposed he'd come to talk to you.


Roci was right, but as soon as he received Aron's messages, he completely forgot that his friend had organized this party so he and Alonso could talk.


-I know it Roci... and I'm sorry, but I need to go now. I'll talk to Alonso at another time.


Roci looked at him and shrugged, and then she nodded.


-Okay... I don't know what is so mysterious about you, but I hope you will tell me at some point.


Omar smiled and kissed her friend on both cheeks before saying:


-I promise you. We'll talk later.


As soon as he said goodbye to Roci he started walking towards the exit and a couple of minutes later, he was already in the street feeling the cold air hit his face. He adjusted his jacket and looked around but there were no signs of Aron.


He lit a cigar and walked a few meters away from the main door to avoid people who were over there. While he was smoking he thought about the last time he an Arón were together on the set; he still couldn't believe what was happening, nor the reason for Aron's change attitude.


-Are you waiting for someone? –He heard Aron's characteristic voice behind him.


He turned around and saw him dressed in black jeans and a coat of the same color walking towards him. Omar smiled slightly and nodded in denial.



-It seems not anymore. - He said in response while looking at him. There was something different in his expression that he couldn't define, but it looked different. "Determined maybe?" - He thought as he studied his gestures.


Aron said nothing. He just moved a little closer and took the cigar he held between his fingers. He took a drag and exhaled a large puff of smoke as he returned it.


-So, tell me, have you changed your mind? –Omar asked looking at him.


Aron smiled and said:


- We should talk about it elsewhere. People are beginning to notice our presence.


Omar looked around and realizing what Arón had said, so he nodded.


-Ok... Where are we going?


-We could go to my apartment...


Omar recalled, the last time he had been there and what had happened next, so unsure he said:


-I’m not sure…


Aron smiled and muttered:


-Come on... I want to show you something. Besides, the Uber is already arriving. - He said while pointing to the car that stopped in front of them.


-Piper... you're starting to scare me. Did you have everything planned or how did you know I would come here tonight? - Omar asked jokingly.


-I didn't know... will it be fate, maybe? –Aron replied with a shrug as he opened the car door.


They didn't speak while they go to Aron's flat. Both were sitting in the back seat and although their bodies barely touched, Omar could feel as if an electric current flowing between them. He looked sideways at Arón to see if he felt the same as him, but he looked through the window, absorbed in his thoughts.


When the driver of the taxi service stopped in front of the apartment building where Arón lived, both got down quietly and walked towards the main entrance. Aron looked at Omar who walked silently beside him and said:


-I hope you're not regretting coming here...


Omar looked up at him but said nothing. He just stared at him for a few seconds trying to find the same expression he had seen in him, a while earlier. This time it would not be so easy. If Aron wanted to be with him, it would have to be him who took the first step. So he kept walking in silence until he entered the elevator.


When the doors closed, he looked at him and asked:


-What do you want to show me?


Arón nodded and instead of pressing the button that would take them to his penthouse, he pressed the one that indicated the roof.


-Wait and see…


A few seconds later, the elevator stopped on the top floor of the building and once the doors opened, they walked to the exit. Arón went to the door leading to the roof and opened it. He turned to Omar and with a nod, said:


-Follow me...


Omar did so and walking a few more steps, crossed the door being stunned. The show in front of him was impressive. From where they were, the entire city could be perfectly visualized, showing the contrast of its constructions, as well as the lights and bustle of Madrid.


-Wow, this is cool, Arón! - Omar whistled as he continued to admire the view.


-That's not all... come. –Arón asked him as he walked towards the west side of the building.


When they went around the building, Omar could see a large sofa, which despite being made outdoors looked quite comfortable. Arón sat down on it and threw his head back, signaling Omar to imitate him. As soon as he did, he looked up to run into a magnificent starry sky.


Far away was the sound of cars and people. There were only stars and constellations just to be admired. Arón's voice made him turn to look at him:


-This is cool, don't you think? -He asked with his eyes still fixed on the night sky.


"Awesome..." He murmured, looking back at the sky too.


Suddenly, he felt Arón approaching him closing the space between them. Omar could feel how his heartbeat was accelerating because of Aron's movements, but even so, he tried to appear calm. Although he wanted to turn around and kiss him, he held back. He wanted to see how far Arón was willing to go.





From where he was sitting, he could admire Omar's profile who was looking at the sky at that moment. He felt nervous and even more because, at this point, he would have expected Omar to take the initiative but until now he hadn't done so, and that made him feel a little insecure.


However, leaving behind his insecurities, he sat up and approached him. Omar remained still but Arón could feel how his breathing became a little faster. Following his instincts, he brought his mouth towards Omar's neck and began to trace a series of wet kisses along the skin, while with one hand he stroked his neck.


At that moment, Omar turned to him and took his hand that just before rested at the base of his head.


-Are you sure about this? - Omar asked staring at him.


In response, Arón approached him and bit his lower lip slightly causing Omar to let out a muffled groan.


Omar separated from him and put Arón's hand to his lips, placing a wet kiss on the inside of his wrist making him tremble. He would never have thought that a caress, apparently, so innocent could make him so horny.


-Look at me Arón... -Omar asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.


As soon as their eyes met, Arón knew everything he wanted to know... He could see the desire reflected on Omar's face, which at that moment seemed even more handsome than before. Omar's breath, a mixture of alcohol and mint, was confused with his own, making the adrenaline rush through his veins at a thousand per hour. Omar had his lips parted in a clear invitation that Arón didn't let pass.


He put his hands in Omar's hair to bring him closer and began to kiss him uncontrollably, sharply, as if trying to quench his appetite for him. A few seconds later, Arón brought his lips to Omar's neck, muttering how much he wanted him, saying: "Ich will dich so sehr" .


It wasn't until Omar asked him what he was saying, that Arón realized that he was speaking in his native language. German words which had a very clear meaning: the purest and most crude desire.


The urgency of feeling his skin against Omar's made him stop. And without saying a word, he got up from the sofa and held out a hand to Omar to follow.


Omar understood what Arón wanted since he got carried away. They left the roof and entered the elevator. There, they began to kiss again, devouring each other's mouth until the doors opened and entered the apartment.


Aron's need for Omar made him impossible to separate his hands from him. They began to undress as they walked to their room, leaving a trail with their clothes in the living room. In the hallway, Arón pressed Omar against the wall and placed his hands on both sides of Omar's hips, pressing him against his body so Omar could feel the firmness of his desire. He kissed him again and as he explored Omar's mouth with his tongue and teeth he became hornier.


When they reached the bed, Aron pushed Omar gently against the mattress and then straddled him. Both were still wearing their underpants but thanks to the thin fabric, it was evident how hard they were.


- I want you... -Aron whispered against Omar's lips. - I wanna kiss you, I want to suck you, bite you… I wanna fuck you. I want to finish this thing we started.


Omar seemed to be enjoying what Arón did to him since, in the position he was in, Arón could feel Omar's hard cock against his belly.


Suddenly, Omar made a twist and the roles were reversed leaving Omar on top of him. Omar took his wrists and gathered them over his head, holding them with one hand to prevent him from moving. Seconds later, Omar began to trace a series of kisses along his body, starting with his neck and then down the torso.


Feeling his kisses, Arón began to emit slight moans of pleasure, while trying to release himself from Omar's grip.


-Don't... don't fight against me; stay still and enjoy it. –Omar asked in his ear. Once Arón calmed down, Omar continued to caress him with his mouth along his body. When he felt Omar's tongue lick his navel, he let out a whisper pronouncing Omar's name.


-Omar...! - He repeated moving under him.


In response, Omar slid his tongue down his belly and with both hands released him from his underwear, exposing his fully hard cock.


-Do you like it? - Omar asked hoarsely as he began to masturbate Arón, letting precum wet his hand.


Arón couldn't think clearly, all his senses were focused on what Omar was doing to him.


-Answer me... - He ordered meanwhile he brought Aron's cock to his mouth to start licking it from the base to the tip.


-Omar... Don't stop, please. - Arón groaned as his body convulsed due to pleasure.


For a few seconds, Omar devoted himself entirely to giving him what he begged, while with his free hand, Arón noticed that Omar was masturbating.


When he was about to cum, Omar stopped, which caused Arón to open his eyes.


-What…? - managed to articulate looking at his face.


-Not yet Piper... -Omar whispered bringing his mouth close to Arón's so he could taste his salty taste. He separated a few seconds and smiling asked:


-Do you have condoms?


Aron didn't know what to answer. His mind was light years away from sanity, so he had to make a great effort to focus on what Omar was asking.


-In the drawer... -he managed to say.


Aron saw how Omar jumped out of bed to go to the dresser he had pointed. Seconds later, he returned to his side with a bottle of lubricant and some condoms.


When he saw the lubricant, he felt slightly self-conscious. He had bought it online a few days after their first encounter since he had wanted to imagine what it would feel like to do it with him.


Omar said nothing, he just opened the lub and poured a generous amount of gel over his hand without looking away from him.


Never in his whole life, had Arón felt so nervous and so horny at the same time. Not knowing what would happen next was the most pleasant sensation he had ever experienced. As soon as Arón saw that Omar gave him the condom and took a finger inside to lubricate himself, he couldn't contain himself another second.


The desire completely took over him; he put on the condom and turned around to put Omar on his back against the mattress. Arón spread Omar's legs and placed himself on top of him. It seemed that Omar was ready to receive him, so he began to push slowly until he was completely inside him.


For a moment, he started to feel his whole body tense at Omar's narrowness. He began to breathe trying to concentrate not to cum at that moment. After a few seconds in which he regained control, Arón began to move very slowly inside Omar, but when he saw Omar's face with his lips moaning his name, he couldn't stop.


He began to move faster and harder, feeling the waves of pleasure seize him and his body trembled as he shouted Omar's name feeling the most intense orgasm he had experienced so far. He dropped on him, feeling his sweaty bodies become one.


He closed his eyes trying to catch his breath as he felt his body tremble uncontrollably. At that moment, Omar passed both arms around his back maintaining that proximity.


Arón felt as if his body was ethereal and could begin to float at any moment.


-Are you ok? –Omar whispered in his ear after a few seconds.


Aron smiled without being able to avoid it and turned his face to  look at him.


-What are you saying? What we have just done is the most pleasant thing I've experienced in life, Omar... -he confessed in a hoarse voice.


Omar smiled and bringing his lips to his ear, whispered:


-You still don't know the most pleasant feeling you can experience, trust me. Now it's my turn... and I'm going to prove it to you.



Chapter Text

Chapter 25: Losing You


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


When he heard Ander's voice calling him, he hesitated to turn around and return to his side, but he restrained himself. He felt disappointed and very angry at the same time, so he decided to wait until he was calmer to talk to him. From experience, he knew that things could get out of control when anger was present.


The last few months had been a challenge trying to understand his boyfriend. Trying to decipher every gesture, every word, every silence. So much had been his anxiety thinking that he was a nuisance to him, that he had moved to another place. But when he knew the reason for Ander's attitude, he had promised him to remain by his side and had kept his word.


As the weeks went by, Omar witnessed how little by little Ander overcame his sadness and began to smile; starting to believe that he was leaving behind everything that clouded his happiness. But now, he again ran into Ander's secrecy and frankly that made him feel overwhelmed.


“Did he behave that way because he was getting sick of him? Or what was the reason then, which motivated Ander to act that way?” –Omar wondered as he walked under an incipient rain.


Ander's refusal to accompany him to the party had taken away his desire to go out and have fun too, so he started walking towards his flat. A few blocks before arriving, he received a voice message from Lu asking if he was already on his way.


Omar heard the message and for a moment didn't know what to answer. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he wrote:


[I'm sorry, but I won't be able to go... I'm very busy. :(]


Almost immediately, his mobile began to ring and he could read Lucrecia's name on the illuminated screen.


Grimacing in discomfort at what he knew she would say, he replied uncertainly:


-Hello darling... how are you doing?


- How is it that you won't come, Omar? - Lucrecia asked directly without even greeting him.


Omar remained silent a few seconds before answering:


-The truth is I argued with Ander and I don't feel like going out... I’m sorry…


Upon hearing his explanation, she immediately refuted him:


-Ander? Come on, Omar! If he doesn't want to come it is ok... But you must not stop doing what you want for him. I'm sure we are going to have a great time and you'll forget about your problems at least for tonight. Are you coming... please?


While listening to her, Omar began to smile. Ever since she helped him get the job at the bar, Lucrecia had become a good friend and always had a word of support for him when he had a problem.


Letting out a sigh, he replied:


-You know what? You are right. See you in a while.


-That's what I'm talking about! See you soon, honey. –He heard her say, before cutting off the communication.




An hour later, Omar arrived at the party. He had returned to his small apartment to dress with something a little more decent since although Lucrecia hadn't told him, he was sure that the party had a dress code. So dressed in black pants and a dark jacket, he approached one of the security guards who guarded the front door, to collate his name on the guest list.


From where he was, he could see a big tent covering the garden; Lights, music and shrill laughers completed the view.  And although he still felt sad about what happened, he decided to put that feeling aside as he made his way through the people.


Almost immediately, a waiter approached him and offered him a glass of champagne. Doubtful, he took it and sipped the bubbling liquid. This was too posh for him; however, he shrugged and swigged the liquor, draining the glass before putting it on the tray the waiter was holding.


At that moment, Lucrecia appeared wearing a red dress with a pronounced neckline, which as soon as Omar saw it, bet it would be from a famous designer, which caused him a laugh since even though they were so different, both of them had been able to build a friendship.


If someone had told him a few months ago that he would be in the middle of all those wealthy people having fun with Lucrecia, he would have branded them crazy for the improbability of the fact, but there he was, grinning from ear to ear as she approached him.


-You've come! -She greeted him, showing very white teeth-.


-I told you I would... didn’t it? -He replied to Lu as he kissed her on the cheek-.


-Of course, you did, after I almost had to drag you here. -She responded by cuddling her shoulder affectionately against his-. And she immediately took him by the hand while saying:


-Come, let's go for some shots, I want you to change that sad face and tell me what happened to Ander.


Omar gave a half-smile and let himself be dragged among the people towards the bar.


Lucrecia's classmates were many of the guests, but also, there were others that Omar had never seen before. As his sister had predicted, Guzman wasn't there.  But instead, Samu was at a remote table talking to Carla. "I'll look for him later," Omar thought, making a mental note of it while he was following Lu.


They were sitting on a couple of benches drinking shots and talking about their respective lives when someone touched his shoulder.


He turned to see who it was and smiled at the sight of a familiar face. It was Yeray.


-You work together, don't you? - Lu asked while she hit gently the newcomer's glass of tequila with hers.


-Yes, we do. - Yeray smiled imitating her, swigging the contents of his glass. –My brother and I are grateful for the invitation, Lu. It's a great party. –He replied smiling.


-Of course, it is, darling. What did you expect? It's my party. –She answered smiling as she got up from the bench.


-Well, I’ll leave you for a moment; I've to go check Valerio before he does something stupid... as always. -She told them as she walked away gracefully.


Omar nodded, while in a swig, he finished his drink feeling how little by little the alcohol began to take effect on him.


-I didn't know that you and Lu were friends… -Yeray told him as he occupied the place she had left-.


- Yeah, it's fucking weird, isn't it? - He replied laughing. - I could say that our friendship was forged derived from a series of unfortunate events...


-Well, Let's do a toast for that... -Yeray replied, crashing his glass against Omar's.


They were drinking and chatting about unimportant things for a long time until suddenly, with a serious gesture Yeray said:


-Omar, there is something I'd like to tell you...


Omar looked at him, intrigued:


-What is it?






-Ander, Ander Muñoz… -He told the man who was guarding the entrance.


-I'm sorry, but you don't appear on the list... -The man responded by reviewing the sheet of paper again-.


At that moment, he heard someone calling him. It was Valerio, who with a drink in his hand approached them.


-What's going on? -He asked with his characteristic Chilean accent-.


-Well, apparently my name isn't on the list... - he answered looking at him-.


-Let him enter... he's my guest. - Valerio ordered the guard.


Nodding, the guard stepped aside for Ander to enter.


-Thanks, dude... -Ander thanked him as shook Valerio's hand.


-Welcome to the best party of the year... Well, at least that's what Lu says... -Valerio replied while taking a glass of champagne to give it to Ander.


Ander accepted it out of courtesy and taking it to his mouth made a gesture to make it look as he sipped his drink; however, he only moistened his lips with the amber liquid.


-Do you know if Omar is here? -Ander asked as he looked among the guests-.


-Yes, I saw him a while ago with Lu.


-Okay, I'm going to look for him... see you later.  And thanks again, Valerio.


Valerio smiled, and raising his glass, walked away dancing among the people.


Ander began to walk looking in all directions with the firm idea to speak with Omar. He had the intention to prove to him that the last thing he wanted was to end their relationship. And maybe, hopefully, they might be able to enjoy the cocktail party together.


He had walked almost the entire garden but hadn't found Omar yet, so he stopped and looked again among the people. Suddenly, he looked at the bar, and there, on a bench was Omar turning his back on him, drinking and chatting with... "Fuck!" -He murmured as he identified Yeray by his side-.


Undecided, he remained motionless for a few seconds thinking about what he should do. "Would it be better to wait until Omar was alone? Or should I go and greet them like it wasn't an issue to me?"


He took a deep breath and stepped forward to them. While doing so, he could see Omar and Yeray laughing and talking in the liveliest way. He was a couple of meters away when he eavesdropped Omar say:


"When somebody wants to be with you, he lets you know in any possible way.  If he doesn't, let him go...


"It's difficult to make such decisions but I think you are right..." –Yeray replied, bumping his drink with Omar's; in turn, Omar imitated him and then he swigged the entire contents in one shot.


When he heard them, Ander stopped without knowing what to do. Almost immediately, he turned on his heels and began to walk away in the opposite direction to where they were.


He was stunned; he didn't know what to think. "It was obvious that Omar was referring to me, if not who else?” -He said to himself-, still surprised to have heard him speak in that way.


This feeling was new to him and he didn't feel comfortable at all. Omar was his first serious relationship and he had never felt jealous before until Yeray appeared. Before Omar knew Yeray, Ander was sure of Omar's feelings for him...


-Epa*...! Are you okay? - Valerio asked, taking him by the elbow.


Ander raised his sight to look at him. Lost in his thoughts, he hadn't noticed Valerio’s presence, but since he didn't feel like explaining what happened to him, he tried to smile as he replied:


-Yes, why are you asking that?


-Well, it seems to me, as if you've seen a ghost...


-What are you saying, dude? I'm looking for a waiter... I wanna drink. -Ander responded by hiding his discomfort.


-Well, you are with the right person... Follow me! - Valerio replied as he walked towards one.   -And by the way, if you want something else, you know the only thing you need to do is ask… You know what I mean.




The next hour, Ander spent it drinking and dancing with Valerio because if there was someone who knew how to have fun, that was Valerio. And because the house was huge, and it was full of people, Omar hadn't noticed his presence.


"And surely as he's having a lot of fun with his new friend, he won't notice that I'm here." - Ander thought in an angry mood, while he took a swig the contents of his glass to continue dancing.


At some point during the night, he began to feel dizzy due to alcohol, but far from caring he continued dancing. It seemed that at every swig, the worries that overwhelmed him were disappearing making him feel lighter and lighter; as if he were anesthetized and couldn't feel any pain.


Suddenly, Valerio told him in a mocking tone:


-Oops...  I believe you're gonna have serious troubles, dude. Your boyfriend is coming towards us...


He looked up and saw Omar walking in his direction. He came with Samuel, and Yeray followed them a couple of steps behind.


“Omar comes to me, but of course, Yeray is with him...” -Ander thought annoyed as he looked at them getting closer to him.


-Ander? What are you doing? - Omar asked looking at the glass of alcohol in his hand.


-Cari*...! –He responded by throwing himself in Omar's arms as he was looking for his mouth with his own.


Omar held Ander against him, letting Ander kiss him, but almost immediately he separated and looked into his eyes.


-I thought you said you wouldn't come... -Omar affirmed while looking at him.


Ander laughed clearly affected by alcohol and hugging him again said:


-Well, you see... I changed my mind, cari... Here I am, let's have fun!


And without waiting for an answer, he turned to Samuel and Yeray, both were looking at him; next to them, Valerio was smiling openly with the situation.


-You know what? He's my boyfriend ... He's handsome, isn't he? –He told Yeray without letting Omar out of his hug.


Yeray nodded smiling but didn't answer.


And turning to Omar, he asked, -Because you're still my boyfriend, aren't you?


Although Omar had drunk, he was not as drunk as Ander and could perfectly realize that under that carefree attitude, Ander was pissed off.  So, trying to reassure him, he took Ander's face in his hands and muttered:


- That's right, we're boyfriends and I love you, Ander. Would you like us to leave? It seems to me that we both drank enough... -While he was talking, he took the glass Ander still held in his hand and handed it to Samuel.


-Don't be a party pooper, Omar. - Ander replied trying to take back his drink.


-Ander... enough is enough. Please don't drink anymore. –Omar asked him putting his arms over Ander's shoulders.


Ander looked at him and pouting hugged him. Everything was spinning and he thanked in silence that Omar was holding him. Suddenly, he realized that Yeray didn't look away from them, so he looked back at Omar and brushed his lips with his own.


He couldn't think clearly, all he wanted was to feel Omar's warm lips over his mouth; he wanted Omar to kiss him until he lost himself in him and that everyone who was looking at them knew that Omar belonged to him.




The first thing he felt upon waking up was the sensation of a warm body hugging him from behind, followed by uniform breathing. But that pleasant feeling was soon replaced by a stabbing pain in the head.


Gradually, the memories of the previous night were vaguely appearing in his memory. He had seen Omar talking with Yeray and he hadn't liked what he had heard; he had drunk too much and the last thing he remembered was Omar holding him so he wouldn't fall.


He opened his eyes and realized he was in Omar's room. He turned slowly and saw his boyfriend looking at him.


-Hi. How do you feel? –Omar asked as he ran a hand through Ander's hair.


-I’ve had better days... -Answered in turn, separating from his hug.


-Well... you drank too much last night. - Omar said leaning on his elbow.


-How did we get here?  -He asked as he put his hands to his face to cover himself from the sun rays that were already filtering through the window-.


-Yeray brought us. You were so drunk that we couldn't take the bus.


Ander was silent for a moment, processing what Omar had just told him. After a few minutes, he turned to face him and asked:


-Omar, tell me something. Is Yeray gay?



Chapter Text

Chapter 26: My Boy


Arón/Omar A.




Omar gave him a brief kiss on the lips before getting up to go to the bathroom. He picked up his cell phone and pressed “play” to his playlist leaving the door open. Arón listened to Omar humming the tune he had chosen seconds before, while the tap water began to run. Aron remained motionless, lying between the sheets, being very aware of the promise hidden by Omar's words, making him feel nervous just thinking about it.


Almost every time he had fantasized about having sex with Omar, Arón was the top, but the fact that Omar let him know that he was eager to exchange roles, had made him a little worried. At that moment, he looked at the lube that was on the bed and remembered the time he had tried to experience what it would feel like to be penetrated, but the sensation had been so uncomfortable that he had quickly thrown it away.


He stirred between the sheets, being aware of the smell of sex that still lingered in the room and letting out a sigh, he pushed the sheets aside to get out of bed. He approached the full-length mirror in his room and looked at his reflection in it. His lips were swollen and his cheeks were colored, and some areas of his body were slightly irritated due to the rubbing of Omar's beard against his skin. He ran his fingertips over his torso and immediately smiled. Reality had far exceeded his expectations; the sensations he experienced while being inside Omar had been so pleasant that whatever fantasy he had had, he stayed small compared to the amazing reality.


Although at that moment he felt completely satisfied, he began to remember Omar's gestures when he was fucking him and immediately, a pang of desire let him know that he was ready to repeat it.


(Omar A.)


Lana Del Rey's voice singing "Pretty When You Cry" made him feel good whenever he listened to her, although after what had happened between Arón and him, no song was necessary to cheer him up; he felt ecstatic.


Omar squeezed his eyelids to keep the soap foam from getting into his eyes while he lifted his head so that the hot water would remove excess soap. While enjoying that feeling, he let out a frank laugh as he remembered how they had fucked a while before.


"Piper ... Piper" - He repeated, drawing a smile to confirm that he had not been wrong about him.


Arón's relative inexperience to fuck with guys was easily overshadowed by his great determination; he was so horny and sexy that Omar had overlooked the pain that Arón infringed him at the beginning due to the abruptness with which he had penetrated him. Once Arón began to move rhythmically inside him, the initial pain disappeared to give way to a series of pleasant sensations that he didn't know his body could experience. He had fucked with several guys before, but if he was sincere with himself, he couldn’t remember someone who had brought him to the climax the way Arón did.


When the waves of passion invaded him, he simply lost control of himself, forgetting at times that it was Aron's first time. His mind was blank, except for the kisses and caresses that Arón lavished on him; he could feel Arón's teeth biting him gently as he kept moving. His hands firmly tightening his hips to have better access to him...


"Fuck!" He groaned in the shower, as he brought his hand to his fully erect cock, letting the warm water run over him while he masturbated.


He forced himself to stop not to cum right there; he needed to go back to the room and satisfy his desire to be with him.


He turned off the hot water tap and dried the excess water with one of the towels that were folded on the counter, dried his hair with the towel and then threw it into the laundry basket. When he left the bathroom completely naked, he saw Arón standing looking at himself in front of the mirror, which caused his mouth to dry as he admired Arón's body closely.


As Omar walked towards him, he could see the way Arón observed him; he could read lust in his eyes that followed him without taking his eyes off his body. Omar approached him and hugged him from behind, running his arms around his firm abdomen as he rested his chin on Arón’s shoulder. They looked at each other for a few seconds through the mirror without saying anything until Omar ran his hand over the back of his neck and began to draw wet kisses along his neck causing Arón to close his eyes and open his lips slightly. When Omar looked sideways, he was astonished by the effect his caresses had on Arón.


Almost immediately, Arón turned around and began looking for his mouth with his own; when they met, Arón used his tongue to deepen the kiss.


They kissed slowly, savoring the moment until a gasp escaped his lips when he felt Aron's hand stroking his cock. As he could, Omar got away from him, and taking Arón by the hand, they went back to bed.


They dropped onto the soft mattress and, laughing and kissing, struggled for control. Aron dropped onto Omar's body and as he kissed him, he lowered his hand to start massaging his cock, which by then was completely hard.


Omar had a very clear idea in his mind of what he wanted to do about, so slowly, he turned to put Aron on his back against the mattress. Then, he sat up to straddle him and closed the space between them kissing him sweetly; savoring each kiss while enjoying the faint moans that came from Aron's lips.


At some point, when he felt that Arón was horny enough, he gathered his fully hard cocks and began to masturbate them with one hand at the same time. The sensation of feeling skin against the skin while looking into each other's eyes was something really morbid. Only the moans of both were heard.


-Do you trust me? -Omar asked looking at him.


Aron looked at him and without saying a word, he nodded, closing his eyes almost immediately enjoying what Omar was doing to him.


Then, Omar brought his hand to Arón's lips and slowly introduced his index finger and middle finger into Arón's mouth.


-Suck, -he asked as he moved his fingers inside Arón's mouth, enjoying the feeling he obeyed while sucking harder and harder, running his tongue between his fingers.


A few seconds later, Omar pulled his fingers from Aron's mouth and replaced them with his lips. As he kissed Arón exploring every corner of his mouth, he took the two fingers that Arón had sucked and he began to stroke Arón's ass. He got a little away from him to take the lube and put a generous amount between his fingers, to caress him again in that sensitive spot. As soon as he inserted a finger into Arón, he felt as Aron automatically tensed for the invasion.


-Shh... Calm down. Just relax. Do you trust me, right? - He asked again. –I promise you that you will like it; you just have to relax and enjoy it.


Then, Omar approached Arón and kissed him as he continued exploring with his finger. After a few seconds when he felt how Arón relaxed, he introduced a second finger to dilate him a little more, so that when he was ready for him, Omar could be inside Arón causing him as little pain as possible.


Arón was more and more dilated, Omar's fingers entered and left more easily thanks to the lube and the experienced caresses of Omar. When Omar found his most sensitive spot and began to stimulate it, he saw in ecstasy how Arón's face was deformed due to pleasure. Arón began to moan louder and louder, clearly surprised by these new sensations he had never experienced and Omar knew immediately that he was about to cum, but he didn't let him finish, on the opposite, he reduced the movement.


Deftly, Omar opened the latex wrap aided by his teeth and put on the condom while still stimulating him with the other hand. When Arón was ready, he took out his fingers and immediately afterward, he put his cock inside him. It was a slow movement, trying to hurt him as little as possible, and because he had already dilated him enough, he almost succeeded. He could see Aron's discomfort and he could feel how he pushed him away with his hand to avoid the harsh feeling.


-It’s almost completely inside... hold on a little longer and then everything will be different.  -He whispered as he moved slowly against him.


As soon as Omar was totally inside him, he remained still to allow Arón to get used to his size; when he saw that Arón was a little more relaxed, he began to move very slowly at the beginning and a little faster as he heard the moans of pleasure coming from Aron's lips.


Omar knew that he had found his most sensitive spot, so he brought his hand to Arón's erect cock and began to masturbate him while he kept moving inwardly inside him.


The pleasure Omar felt was so great that he believed he couldn't be able to endure this torture for another minute, so he reduced the intensity. And although he was used to moving with greater force and speed, he was clear that he wanted Arón's first time to be gentle and that he could enjoy it in its entirety.


With a powerful shout pronouncing Omar's name, Arón came hard against his hand, which made him stop holding back; and after a couple more thrusts, Omar gave in reaching his orgasm.


Carefully, he pulled out of him and dropped onto Arón's flat stomach, causing sweat and semen to mix between their bodies, while they both breathed hard trying to catch their breath.


While he rested his head against Arón's body, he felt Arón running his hand through his hair and, with a slow movement, caressing his scalp. When he felt Arón's fingers soft but firm, he couldn't help smiling. He didn't want to move, but finally, he did, he leaned into his arms and moved to lie right next to Arón.


He looked at him for a few seconds before asking:


-Are you okay?


Aron looked at him and he didn't need to say anything since his gaze told Omar everything he wanted to know. Slowly, he approached Omar and kissed him softly on the lips, muttering:


-You're a fucking stud...


Immediately after, Arón turned to Omar and curled up in his arms. Minutes later, Omar could hear Arón's breath, a clear sign that he was sound asleep.



Chapter Text



How did we get here?  -He asked as he put his hands to his face to cover himself from the sun rays that were already filtering through the window-.


-Yeray brought us. You were so drunk that we couldn't take the bus.


Ander was silent for a moment, processing what Omar had just told him. After a few minutes, he turned to face him and asked:


-Omar, tell me something. Is Yeray gay?





Chapter 27: Fear of the Dark


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


When he heard Ander's question he knew he would have problems. Even if he explained why he had been silent, he was sure that Ander wouldn't understand, however, it was not the same to agree to keep a secret as to expressly lie to his boyfriend, so breathing deeply, he replied:


-Why are you asking?


-Answer me. - It was Ander's response staring at him.


Omar let out a sigh and just nodded.


Ander looked at him for a long time without saying a word making him feel guilty, and although he knew he didn't have to feel that way, Ander's cold gaze made him feel guilty.


-Ander? Is everything alright? - Omar asked, touching Ander's arm.


Ander continued to look at him in a way he didn't like at all to answer a few seconds later:


-Tell me... Are we okay? -He asked, getting up from the bed to leave a considerable space between them.


-Yes… why shouldn't we be? I know that we’ve been arguing lately, but it's normal between couples... and well, about your question, I hadn't told you because Yeray asked me not to tell anybody until he was ready to come out of the closet.


-Well, from what I see between you two there is enough confidence to talk about this kind of thing, right?


Omar felt increasingly nervous. Ander was taking it the worst way and with each question made him feel worse.


-Ander ... What are you saying? If he told me it was because he knew that you and I are together and thought that I could understand him and give him some advice...


Ander gave a forced laugh before answering:


- How convenient, isn't it?


-Really? -Omar replied feeling annoyed and desperate to try to convince him. -What are you trying to say?


-Nothing. Forget it... -Ander replied starting to get dressed-.


Omar got up and walked around the bed to reach his side and taking him by the shoulders forced him to look at him.


-No, I don't want to. I want to hear what you are thinking.


Ander looked at him straight in the eye and said:


- Is there anything you want to tell me? Because if you do, now is the time Omar.


-What? No! Fuck! If you are thinking that there is something between us, you are very wrong... I would never do something like that to you. We are just friends...


Ander remained silent staring at him for so long without saying or doing anything, that Omar thought he would put an end their relationship at that moment. But surprisingly, Ander closed his eyes and exhaling a sigh whispered:


-Okay, I believe you, Omar... -While he spoke, and he put both hands to his temples, beginning to massage them.


Omar approached him and put his hands right where Ander's were.


-Do you have a migraine?


Ander nodded again, closing his eyes for a moment, silently enjoying the pressure exerted by Omar's fingers massaging his skull.


-Ander, are we really ok? –Omar asked after he released him, blocking his way since his boyfriend had started walking towards the living room.






Ander didn't know for sure. Although at the bottom of his heart he wanted to believe everything Omar had told him, his mind was spinning again and again toward the possibility that his boyfriend was taking an interest in this new guy even without realizing it.


Although he believed Omar when he told him that he wasn't cheating on him, something inside him shouted that this new friendship between them could be the beginning of something deeper and just to think about it broke his soul.


He knew Omar and he was conscious Omar was a loyal person, but he also realized that right now, he wasn't the best company... and maybe not now, but later Omar could get tired of this situation. Having to deal with a broken boyfriend who constantly needed his support, and if that wasn’t enough, he was lately inclined to star in pathetic jealous scenes.


He forced himself to smile even knowing he wouldn't fool Omar, but despite that, he felt how his boyfriend cradling him in his arms and muttering in his ear:


- Never doubt how much I love you. No one makes me feel the way you do.


Ander felt a twist in his chest upon hearing Omar's statement and even more when he noticed the despair reflected on his face. His boyfriend didn't deserve to suffer because of his fears and insecurities, so trying to put aside everything that clouded his mind, he moved away enough to meet his lips.


He kissed Omar very slowly, almost with veneration, feeling in each caress how Omar gave himself totally to him. At that moment, all he thought was that nobody could make him vibrate as Omar did. Whenever he was in his arms, he forgot about everything, feeling as if Omar was his home. Ander said nothing but hugged him with all his might to let him know how much he loved him. They stayed that way for a few minutes before saying goodbye.


-See you later. -Ander said, giving Omar a brief kiss on the lips-.


Omar nodded and said before closing the door:


-I love you


Ander gave a sad smile before going down the stairs of the building.


When he got home it was close to eleven in the morning, but when he saw his father's car parked at the entrance, he made a face of annoyance when he remembered that they had agreed to go out to have breakfast together.


He felt physically exhausted, his whole body ached and he was nauseous, so the last thing he wanted at the time was to listen to his father telling him how wrong he was to have given up tennis and therefore, all the reasons to make him reconsider going back at it again.


He was about to enter when his cell phone started ringing. It was his mother. In theory, he was more than an hour late for what his father would be furious about making him wait. He put his hand to his head trying to mitigate the pain that still afflicted him, but he knew it was useless. "I shouldn't have drunk last night" - he complained mentally as he entered his house.


The first thing he saw was his mother's relief gesture when he crossed the door, followed by his father's firm voice:


-It was about time for you to show up! It seems that since I left this house, you do what you want here, don’t you? Of course, with a permissive mother who allows all your whims... -He complained looking at Azucena, who at that time stood up and approached her son.


-Can you shut up at once? –His mother yelled at his father while asking him:


-Ander, are you ok? Why didn't you tell me you wouldn't come home to sleep?


Ander looked at her and feeling ashamed, he apologized. He always told his mother when he stayed with Omar, but because of what happened at the party, he was unable to do so.


- Sorry, mom, I forgot about it...


His father approached both of them and looking at him directly recriminated him:


-You stink! Did you drink last night? You're on the right track, Ander. - He said in a mocking tone, and turning to Azucena, asked: - Do you think it's good that our son arrives with a hangover and God knows what else?


As he listened to them discuss, he began to feel dizzy; he put a hand to his face and when he looked at his fingers, he confirmed what he already knew, he was bleeding again from his nose. But besides, unlike other times, it seemed as if his body didn't want to respond to the orders that his brain gave him; since he wanted to sit down but his feet didn't move, on the opposite, he began to feel cold and almost immediately the room darkened.




- The results of blood tests indicate that hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are below normal ranges; also his white blood cells and platelets have abnormal levels. So it's convenient to perform another series of studies to be able to give an accurate diagnosis...


When Ander regained consciousness, the first thing he heard was the voice of a woman speaking in medical terms that he didn't understand, besides feeling a sharp pain in his head and something stuck to his nose. He opened his eyes and realized that he was in a hospital bed and his parents were a few meters away from him talking to a woman in a white coat.


He moved a little trying to find a more comfortable position which made both the woman and his parents turn to look at him. Their faces denoted concern when they approached his side. Soon, the woman he assumed was a doctor began to question him.


- Hi. How do you feel? -She asked with a friendly face-.


Ander looked at her trying to get up, but immediately she held him to reassure him.


-What happened to me? –He asked putting his hand to his face to try to take off the thing he had in his nose.


The doctor touched his hand as she spoke:


-This is an oxygen pathway and it helps you to breathe better. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can take it off and put it back on whenever you want.


His mother took him by the hand and said:


-You passed out son and hit your face when you fell.


"That explained the pain..." thought Ander nodding, trying to remember what had happened to him. Suddenly he began to have fleeting memories of what happened: his parents at home when he arrived from being with Omar, watching them argue, remembered being in an ambulance and, finally, he was lying in a hospital bed.




His father put a hand on his head while saying to the doctor:


-What other studies should you do to find out what´s going on with him?


She smiled and said:


-Do you think it's good to let him rest while we talk outside?


His parents nodded and walked to the exit closing the door behind them.


Ander began to look around as he continued to make an effort to remember; when he looked at his side he saw his cell phone in the dresser along with other personal items, as well as a bottle of water and a thermometer.


He removed the oxygen pathway and sat up in bed; picking up his cell phone, he wrote to Omar.


[Hey! Omar... I'm in the hospital. It's a long story but I'll tell you later. Now I'm just waiting to be discharged ;)]


He was about to send the message when the doctor entered the room again, followed by his parents. His mother's face reflected fear, while his father tried to appear serene but was far from achieving it. That made him leave the phone aside and feeling a lump in his stomach he faced them:


-What happens? What's wrong with me?


Both remained silent while looking at the doctor. She nodded to them as if she were asking for their approval, and her mother nodded back in distress.


-Ander, have you had an episode like this before?


-What do you mean? - He answered somewhat awkwardly.


-I mean to have lost consciousness, or have recurrent nose bleeds or bruises...


Ander was silent feeling increasingly nervous. He knew something was wrong but he refused to admit it.


The doctor continued:


-Tell me something, have you felt very tired lately? Or maybe you’ve had frequent headaches? Have you lost weight without trying?


When he heard the questions she was asking, he felt fear, because the answer to every single question agreed with the symptoms he had been having in recent months.


-Yes... -He finally replied in a whisper feeling how his mouth was getting dry. –Everything you asked me has happened to me lately.


-And why didn't you tell me anything, Ander? - his mother asked, approaching the bed.


The doctor intervened before he could answer:


-This isn't important now Mrs. Muñoz, the important thing is to perform the bone marrow biopsy procedure to confirm the diagnosis.


The doctor turned to him and said:


-Ander, what I'm going to tell you is complex; I talked with your parents and they agree that you must to be aware of what happens because, if the procedure I mentioned before confirms the previous diagnosis we’ve made, you should be aware that you will have to undergo treatment as soon as possible.


-What do I have? -He asked feeling his heart beating faster and faster.


She took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible:


-Everything seems to indicate that you might have leukemia, Ander.



Chapter Text

Arón/Omar A.




He looked at him for a few seconds before asking:

-Are you okay?

Aron looked at him and he didn't need to say anything since his gaze told Omar everything he wanted to know. Slowly, he approached Omar and kissed him softly on the lips, muttering:

-You're a fucking stud...

Immediately after, Arón turned to Omar and curled up in his arms. Minutes later, Omar could hear Arón's breath, a clear sign that he was sound asleep.



(Omar A.)


Being careful not to wake him up, he removed the arm on which Arón was resting his head on and sat up. Arón stirred between the sheets but after a few seconds, his breathing became even again. For a moment he took his time to watch him sleep and unable to restrain himself, he ran his index finger over Arón's lower lip, but despite being asleep, Arón could feel the contact since he ran his tongue over his lips. Omar felt the desire grow when he remembered the spectacular sex they had had moments before.


He was hesitant about what he should do since he remembered the last time he had spent the night there and the disastrous morning they shared the day after that; he didn't want the same thing to happen again this time, so he got up and started to get dressed.


Before leaving, he picked up a piece of paper and wrote:


“I've had a fucking awesome night, I'll see you later. I went home".


He folded the piece of paper in half and laid it on the pillow next to where Arón slept.


When he was about to arrive at his apartment it was already dawn, however, that wasn't an impediment for his friends to look for him. He opened the WhatsApp application and read Roci's message:


[Omar where are you, dude? Alonso has been asking for you for a while... We'll go to my house leaving the bar; it would be cool if you stopped by]


Omar smiled. The reality was that he wasn't sleepy, on the opposite, he felt in such a good mood that he thought it would be a good chance to talk to Alonso and spend some time with his friends. So without further ado, he went to Roci's house.


When he got out of the taxi and started walking towards the entrance of the building, he could hear the laughter and music coming from his friend's apartment, so knowing in advance that they wouldn't hear the bell, he sent a message to Roci.


[Come on, open the door... I'm down here]


Almost immediately, Roci and Irene peeked out the window and started shouting:


-Omar, get in, dude!


One of his friends opened the door and Omar started to laugh. In the apartment were all of his friends dancing, singing, smoking, and drinking. They were having a good time together and when he entered almost immediately, Roci ran towards him. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek while holding one bottle of beer and one cigar at a time.


-It's good that you've decided to come back! We missed you! - She said raising her voice to make herself heard above the music. - Where did you go, or rather, who were you with? –She asked lowering her voice.-


Omar hugged her and took her bottle away to take a big sip.


-Don’t ask... let's have fun.


-I got it… -She answered.  And then, she moved a little closer and said to him:


-Alonso is here; you two should talk and fix your issues once and for all.


Omar nodded, convinced that her friend was right, so he asked:


-Where is he?


She pointed to one of the rooms, saying:


-He has been there for a while, he said he felt tired and wanted to rest... but I believe he was disappointed when he realized you weren't with us.


-Where are the beers? –Omar asked


She pointed to the fridge and smiled.


-I'll be right back. –Omar replied. He took two bottles and went to the room where Roci had pointed out.


He knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer, he entered.


Alonso was lying in bed using his cell phone but when he saw Omar getting in, he sat down and smiled surprised.


-You came... -he muttered.


Omar approached Alonso and offered him one of the beers, taking a big sip of his own.


He leaned back on the dresser next to the bed and for several seconds neither of them said anything.


Finally, Omar was the one who broke the silence:


-How have you been?


Alonso shrugged and said:


-Well, I guess fine. Working on some projects here and there, you know. And what about you?


-I'm ok. Just finished shooting the last season...


-That's cool, man... -Alonso replied swigging the contents of his beer.


Again, an awkward silence loomed, so Omar decided to address the issue directly:


-I think the last time we both screwed it up...


Alonso looked at him and nodded slightly. -Maybe I deserved it. - He said making a gesture.


-Well, it's true, you behaved like a moron.


The two guys remained silent for a few seconds until Alonso muttered:


-I miss you, brown eyes.


When Omar heard the affectionate nickname with which Alonso used to call him, he smiled and opening his arms, said:


-Come on; give me a hug, Meu Filho...


Alonso's face lit up and getting up from the bed approached Omar and hugged him tightly.


When Alonso finally released him, Omar looked at him and said:


-You're important to me, asshole... don't fuck it up again, ok?


In the next few hours, Omar spent his time dancing and singing happily to be there. At some point when the pace dropped, the group of friends sat around the room and began to chat. Alonso sat next to him and whenever he could, he made physical contact with Omar. He looked radiant, happy and making jokes, laughed out loud.


Omar was happy for having fixed his issues with Alonso and he was enjoying the moment because he was a good friend and cared about him. Occasionally, the memory of Arón assaulted his mind making him smile like a fool.


-Both of you look very happy and that makes me happy too. - Roci told them in one of many times that she saw Omar smile.


Alonso intervened: -That’s because we've reconciled girl... Come on; take a picture of us to immortalize the moment! –He asked her, lifting his beer. -  Roci took his cell phone and did so.


After a while, some of his friends left the flat, and when Omar decided to do the same, Roci stopped him.


-Come on, don't go yet Omar, the night is still young... -She said, hugging him.


-What are you saying? It's almost five in the morning.


-Mmm... Ok, you're right, but it doesn't matter. You can sleep here.


Omar looked at her and thinking about it, he accepted.  It had been an incredible day in every sense and that made him feel so glad.






Between dreams, he started to feel cold, so he stretched his arm looking for Omar's warm body.  When he couldn't find him, he opened the eyes but could only see an empty space in his bed.


-Omar? –He called softly-.


When he got no answer, he got up and looked at the clock. It was close to seven in the morning, so he walked to the bathroom thinking he would find him there.


He knocked on the door a couple of times and entered. When he saw the empty bathroom, he headed to the kitchen, although deep down he knew Omar wouldn't be there either. He returned to his room and that was when he saw the folded sheet of paper on the bed; he picked it up and read the note that Omar had left him.


-Fuck! - He exclaimed.


Although neither of them had talked about what was this thing between them, he had assumed that Omar would stay that night, and eventually, they would talk about what was happening between them, so he couldn't help feeling disappointed.


He didn't know what to do. As a matter of fact, he wasn't even sure what he wanted. The original plan was to stay the night with Omar and then, turn the page over. Then, “why do I feel disappointed that Omar walked away like this, without telling me anything?” He thought angrily.


A couple of hours after thinking about the same shit, he got up to his car and drove to Omar's house. Arón didn't know for sure what he would say to him, but he wanted to see him and find out once and for all what the fuck was happening; he stopped at a cafeteria that was situated a few blocks from Omar's building and bought a pair of cappuccinos.


He parked outside the building and got out of the car carrying the two coffees in his hand. He rang the bell and waited. It was half-past nine in the morning and it was cold, so it was unlikely that Omar had left home so early, but after waiting for a few minutes, he began to doubt it.


He took out his cell phone from his jacket and dialed. Almost immediately he heard Omar's sleepy voice:




-Hey, hello... Were you asleep? -Aron greeted him starting to feel nervous.


-Arón? -Omar asked. And immediately replied: -Yes, I was asleep... How are you?


-Well, this... I'm outside of your building and I brought coffee...


The silence on the other side of the line lasted longer than Arón would have wanted, and while he waited for Omar to respond, he began to think that it had been a bad idea to come to his house. “What if Omar didn't feel like seeing me?” Doubts began to flood him when he heard Omar say:


-Are you really out of my house? Oops... I'm sorry dude, but I'm not there.


As soon as he assimilated what Omar was saying, he immediately replied:


-It's ok, it doesn't really matter; we’ll talk later...


And before Omar could answer, Arón cut off the communication.


"I'm a douchebag!" -He thought as he threw the coffees into a nearby trash can; then he got in the car, started the engine, and moved away as quickly as possible.


While he was driving back home, he was wondering why Omar wouldn't have slept at his home. They had been together until past midnight, which meant that when Omar left his apartment he had gone to another place… “But where?” He thought intrigued.


He got the answer shortly after when he arrived at his apartment and opened Instagram. There were several stories he had uploaded with some of his friends; Arón began to see people's profiles Omar had labeled and when he entered Roci's profile, he saw a pic that left him speechless.


In that pic, Omar was there; and next to him, the guy who had been in Omar's flat. Omar was being hugged and kissed by that guy, while he smiled.



"You already knew it asshole," -He thought to himself, feeling hurt without being able to avoid it-.



Chapter Text

Ander & Omar S.




-See you later. -Ander said, giving Omar a brief kiss on the lips-.

Omar nodded and said before closing the door:

-I love you

Ander gave a sad smile before going down the stairs of the building.





Chapter 29: Running out of time


Ander & Omar S.


(Omar S.)


As soon as he closed the door of his apartment and remained alone, he let out a sigh and slowly let himself drop against the door. For several minutes he sat with his arms hugging his legs thinking about the events that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.




Although Ander had told him that he believed him, there was a hint of sadness in his expression that made him feel restless when Ander left his house. He didn't know for sure what it was that worried him, but he felt that his relationship with Ander was hanging by a thread, and the problem was that he was so in love with Ander that the fear of losing him made him feel vulnerable.


He felt as if everything he had done so far wasn't enough to recover the camaraderie that had existed between them before Polo's secret came to light. Since then, their relationship had become so complicated that it was increasingly difficult to find a way to get to Ander. Yes, it was true that during all these months they had collected unforgettable moments together, but there had been so few that he could count them on the fingers of one hand.


He closed his eyes and leaned his head against his knees letting the tears he had been holding for so long finally come out. He cried in silence until he took out all those feelings and emotions that were surpassing him.


After a few minutes in which he could vent, he felt a little calmer and standing up, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. He needed to get out of there and talk to someone. He wished with all his might that Ander could be that person he could talk to; today, more than ever, he needed him… he wanted to feel his boyfriend's arms around him telling him that everything would be fine. For this time, he needed to be comforted, because he felt exhausted from continuing to pretend to be the strong part of this relationship.


When he got out of the shower, he chose a pair of jeans and an olive green shirt, put on some sports shoes and sat on the bed. He picked up his cell phone and dialed Ander; after several tones, he could hear the voicemail enter, so he decided to text him:


[Hi Cari, I'm sad... can we meet?]



Once he had sent it, he waited, but after several minutes the two blue signs didn't appear, confirming that his message hadn't been seen.


He could wait for Ander's response or could call Samu, but the reality was that he didn't feel like talking to anyone other than Ander, so he lay down and listening to music, he decided to wait.






“Everything seems to indicate that you might have leukemia”


The doctor's words kept echoing in his ears again and again even long after she had left the room, but not before explaining to them what the next steps would be.


According to her, that afternoon the medical team would perform the bone marrow biopsy procedure to confirm the diagnosis; and if the result was positive, it would be necessary to do a series of studies to determine the type of treatment to which they should undergo. Judging by her words, it would be an aggressive treatment approach that could include biological therapy or chemotherapy.


Just hearing the word "chemotherapy" made him feel how the skin bristled and felt a lump in the throat. But once he let go of the first shock phase, he looked at where his parents were and realizing they were devastated, he decided to do as much as possible to remain calm.


Although it was practically impossible to achieve it, he forced himself to do so. Before all this happened, he sensed that there was something wrong with him, but he never imagined it was so serious. Seeing his mother's face was enough to swallow his fear and outline a sad smile.


-The only bad thing about all of this is that if it's true what the doctor says, I'll lose my hair and I'm not sure if I'll continue to look attractive... -Ander joked stretching his arm towards his mother so that she would approach him.


-My boy! - Azucena groaned, wiping her tears as she took him by the hand.


-Don't cry mom, I haven't died yet and I don't plan to do it soon. - He said in a whisper.


Hearing Ander speak like this, his mother hugged him with much more force than necessary, and his father gritted his teeth and swallowed back the tears that threatened to escape from his eyes, and replied by following the game:


- But what do you say, kiddo? With or without hair you are handsome...


Ander looked at him and thanked for trying to lessen the heavy burden on them; so a few seconds later, he replied:


-Of course... we share the same DNA, don't we, Dad?


When he heard it, his father couldn't contain himself anymore and also burst into tears as he approached them. He put a hand on his ex-wife's shoulder and the other hand, led it to where Ander and Azucena's hands rested together. At that moment it didn't matter that they had divorced since love for their son was what prevailed at that time.


After a while in which the three remained silent, Ander told them:


-Okay, it's too late and you haven't eaten anything. The one who has to be fasting is me, not you, so go eat something while I talk on the phone.


Ander's father nodded and taking his mother almost by force, they left the room.


When the door closed, Ander put his hands to his face and began to cry. Never in his whole life had he felt as afraid as now, but the mere act of thinking that he could die made him find the guts necessary not to collapse.


He took a deep breath trying to calm down and looked for his cell phone between the sheets. He had a missed call from Omar and a WhatsApp message.


[Hi cari, I feel sad ... can we meet?]


Once he read it, he winced sadly. "Omar... if you knew that right now I feel much worse..." - He thought as he decided what to do.


After a few minutes of thinking about it, he picked up his cell phone and wrote:


[Hi Omar, sorry but I'm very busy.

I'm with my father and I'll spend a couple of days with him. I'll call you when I get back.]


"It's better this way..." - He thought as he pressed the send button. He needed time to assimilate everything that was happening and he didn't want Omar to worry when there was still a minimal chance that all this was just a horrible nightmare.


A couple of hours later, someone knocked on the door. Her mother had fallen asleep on the sofa that was next to the bed and his father had gone out to make some calls.


When the door opened, two male nurses entered with a stretcher to take him to do the procedure. Seconds later, his father entered the room accompanied by the doctor who was treating him. Although he could walk, the two men made the necessary maneuvers to pass him without any difficulty of the bed in which he was to the stretcher.


-Hi Ander, how do you feel? –The doctor asked as she put the thermometer in his armpit and put her hands around his neck to explore it.


-I feel better; at least my head doesn't hurt anymore. - He answered while she was listening.


-Auch! -He complained when he felt a discomfort in his neck-.


-I'm sorry, but I needed to check you out. You have the swollen ganglions; that’s why the pain. - She explained while checking the thermometer and nodded to confirm that he had no fever.


-Okay, I'll explain what we will do during the procedure you are going to undergo. It is a bone marrow biopsy which is minimally invasive; first, we'll inject an anesthetic so you won't feel pain, you may feel a slight stab and discomfort, but that will be all the pain you will feel.


-And she continued:


-Later, we'll introduce a needle into the pelvic bone and capture a small sample of the tissue. Once we take it, we'll apply a bandage and you could return home while we wait for the results.


Ander listened to her attentively, just as his parents, who had approached his side.


-Yes, I wanna go home... -It was the only thing he said once the doctor finished giving them the explanation.


-Okay, I'll schedule your discharge so that once the procedure is finished, you can leave. We'll have the results tomorrow, so I'll contact you so we can see each other tomorrow. Do you agree? - The doctor asked looking at his parents.


His mother nodded and his father replied:


-Okay, thank you, doctor.


They were about to take it away when Ander's cell phone began to vibrate.


-May l? -He asked as he picked up his cell phone-.


The doctor nodded and said:


-I'll see you in a moment, I'm going forward.


When he checked his cell phone, he saw that Omar had responded with a brief "ok."


He made a sad face but quickly tried to recover; he turned off his cell phone and handed it to his mother.


-I'm ready.  -He announced, looking at the pair of male nurses who were waiting for him.


The two men were pulling the stretcher while talking about the Real Madrid game that would be held that same night, completely oblivious to the emotions he felt. While walking through the corridors of the hospital, Ander was only aware of the white lights on the ceiling and the smell of antiseptic that flooded the place.


As they advanced, Ander could feel his pulse accelerating and began to think about what the future would hold for him; he had never been very religious, but during that short journey, he discovered that he needed to hold on to something to believe.