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It all started with a silver blanket...

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Three old ladies sat around a spinning loom. Off to the side, two young looking girls watched with interest as the old women worked.


“So we’re in agreement?” asked the younger of the two girls.


“Yes, my dear. Oh, we do love making things interesting. And this should be quite interesting indeed.” Old lady number one said as she slowly unwound the ball of glowing silver thread.


“I hope so. I didn’t salvage all these life threads for nothing.” Old lady number two muttered, knitting the silver material, making what appeared to be a blanket, nearing completion.


“I'm grateful for your cooperation. This would be quite impossible without you.” The older girl said.


“My dears, it's nothing. You’re offering all these souls a second chance. Some earned their chance to live again. Others had their thread cut far too soon. And, of course, a few are getting a chance at redemption.” 


The final stitch went into place and the third old lady lifted her scissors and cut the thread. The snipping sound echoed throughout the cavern.


“Thank you, again. We are truly grateful.” The girls bowed their heads respectfully.


Old lady number two handed over the silver blanket. She said nothing, but the dismissal was clear. 


The two young girls left the cavern, silver blanket in the arms of the elder girl.