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Once upon a Midnight dreary

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It was the perfect night for a murder.

It’s dark outside, cold, pouring rain, all in all very gloomy and very dark. And it was perfect. It was the perfect time to do something bad. To do something terrible, something evil.

A low rumble slipped past his lips as he pressed himself closer to the wall and closed his eyes, taking in the smell of the rain and the wet ground around him. There was no one around him, no one for miles but a single man walking in the rain, and the man that followed him. He had given up running ages ago and now, as he grumbled his displeasure, Jesse smiled and cocked his head as he watched him, a small smile curving on his lips.

A strike of lightning ripped the sky in two and the man gave a pathetic little yelp as he brought his jacket closer to him. The man that followed him paused, hidden behind an old broken down car, crouched down. That’s who he was there for. The man that was hidden had dark eyes and even darker hair that blended in with the dark sky, he wore a long coat that hung in tatters, how it offered him any solace from the storm, he did not know, and he did not care. It did not matter.

Thunder boomed, its roar shaking the heavens and both men flinched. Jesse, however, simply smiled, letting the lightning light up the sky in a theatrics of booming and flashes of purple and blue and white, and when the light subsided, he made his move. The trees rustled as he dropped from his perch, but no one heard it over the pouring rain and the moaning of the wind. No one heard him as he dashed from his cover into the dark and empty road. The man in being followed stopped dead in his tracks. He was shaking, his clothes soaked down to his undergarments, and through the noises of nature, only because of his advanced hearing can Jesse hear the chattering of his teeth as he looked around, eyes wide with fear.

“My my, what have we here?” He purred as he curled around the shadows, the man crouched behind the car went tense while his pray looked around, frantic.

“There there,” he chuckled gently as he rose to his full height before the man he was toying with. Bright, shining eyes met the dull, horrified eyes that stared up at him. “You needn’t be so afraid. I am not here to hurt you.” He grinned, his teeth, fangs and canines shone in the light of the sky. The man stepped back with a whimper, which turned to a scream, but Jesse pounced over him, launching himself at the stalker behind the car. He landed on the man, who gave a sharp cry of surprise and nothing more. Nothing more before Jesse ripped at the stalkers throat, tearing the flesh with a disgusting squelching noise and a bubble of laughter from Jesse as he watched the life of the man fading from his eyes. He ate a part of his rather disappointing meal in silence and growled as he stood, blood dripping from his chin to mix with the rain.

The other man screamed, staggering backwards and Jesse laughed again as he turned away from the corpse of the body, he had no need to worry about being reported, when the body was found, no one would believe the witness. A man like a wolf tore this stalker, murderers, throat and then walked away? My my, who would believe that? Everyone knew no monster was that bold or reckless. When the man tripped on his feet, slamming to the ground with cry, this forced another bubble of laughter from Jesse as he walked past the man, who brought his hands up to cover his face. Jesse walked past him and he smiled as he fluffed out his hair and shook his head.

“Try to stay out of trouble, alright darlin’?” He called over his shoulder, and before long he was gone from the man’s view, gone from that decrepit street and the corpse.


The door opened with a creak, the little bell above it ringing quietly, but just loud enough to make his presence known to the ninja who sat at the table in the darkened room. His head snapped up, his eyes flashed red and a few parts of his body flashing a bright green and he narrowed his eyes. In the semi-darkness of the room, it was difficult, but not impossible to notice the silhouette of his wings in the room. He'd been lucky those had remained intact.

"Just me, Gen." He muttered shaking his head, spraying water all around him like a wet dog, which, technically, he was. He pulled his hair back, pulling up into a messy bun and he hung his coat up, careful over the other ones on the hangers.

"You are soaked." He remarked, Jesse laughed gently.

"A keen observation there." He said scratching the back of his neck as he walked past him, his coat had done a good job of keeping his clothes dry enough but they were still wet enough that walking around in them was not comfortable. Genji raised an eyebrow, looking at him with displeasure. His displeasure grew when Jesse’s ear twitched, flicking water every which way.

"You are also-" he paused, frowning deeply. "Covered in blood." He said, sounding annoyed. "It will take forever to get out of the carpet so be careful." He warned, pointing a feather quill, of all things, at him menacingly. Jesse chuckled and gently, absentmindedly waved his hand at him dismissively. He picked at his canines with his tongue, licking at what was left from the man stuck between his teeth.

"Don't worry, s'not mine." He slurred, hissing at the fact that he couldn't get it all with his tongue. "Some murderers blood, got what was coming to 'im." He muttered, bringing his hand up to pick at his teeth. Genji raised an eyebrow at him, even more unimpressed than he had been before. But Jesse just kept going with it. Bored of talking about this, Jesse pulled a complete 180, resting against the wall and smiling at Genji.

"You brother home?" He asked, pulling a sigh from the younger Shimada. His eyes, which shone in the soft light of a candle across the room from him, narrowed for just a moment before his eyes softened and he looked down, scribbling something down on his paper before gently putting the feather quill down.

"He headed up a while ago, it is one of those days, so don't bother him too much if you are going up.” He said. “But clean up first." He added before Jesse could even answer, he sighed gently and yawned. Jesse nodded and ruffled his green hair as he passed by, much to the Shimada’s displeasure.

"I'm stealing the shower at the end of the hall, quieter for the rest of the house." He told Genji. It was quiet as Jesse ascended the stairs, his steps quiet and silent as he walked, careful of the most probably sleeping elder Shimada. He slipped into the bathroom and closed the door, not bothering to lock the door. He showered quickly, but long enough to get the blood and grime off his body. Once he was done, he hummed and fixed his hair and he grabbed an old pair of his clothes from the laundry basket and he walked to his shared room with the elder Nephilim. He padded back to his room and he slipped into it with a quiet yawn and paused in the doorway, taking in the sight of the sleeping form.

Hanzo was in bed, taking up the majority of it for his wings were there, spread out and it took Jesse's breath away for a moment. He was so unmoving Jesse figured he was looking at a painting. His features were soft in sleep, his signature frown or scowl gone from his face, leaving him with a perfectly calm expression, his skin looking like porcelain. His hair spread around his face like a dark halo around his head and he was almost curled in on himself. He looked small, and while, compared to Jesse, Hanzo was shorter, he wasn't a small man, yet he managed well to make it seem that way. His wings were- even messy - beautiful. An ombre of black and red. The tips of the feathers a bright red, the colour of blood. One of them was unfurled all it could be, covering the length of the bed, the other was folded neatly over his legs.

Jesse had heard the less than nice things whispered about Nephilims. The horrible, awful things that degraded them and brought them down simply because of the parentage they had. Jesse had never believed any of them, of course, but standing here, watching the sleeping Nephilim before him, it still baffled him how anyone would hate them just because of something they couldn't control.

With a small smile, Jesse closed the door behind him and took a seat on the bed. The added weight made the bed dip and with a quiet noise, like that of a cat being woken, Hanzo raised his head and strained his neck to look at what caused that.

"Hi." He smiled, brushing a loose strand of Hanzo's hair from his face. The confusion in his eyes melted away to recognition and Hanzo hummed softly, his voice echoing in the room as he pulled his wings closer to him.

It was one of those nights where neither of them would talk much, opting instead to show their feelings through their actions. Soft touches and gently kisses against skin. Perhaps it would be one of those nights where neither of them made any noise, laying in bed holding each other, or perhaps it would be one of those nights where soft sweet nothings were shared between them in the dark, for their ears only. No matter what it was, it would be shared between only them, and that alone was something to treasure.

Hanzo never really was one to talk anyways.

"Come here," Jesse whispered as he brought his legs up onto the bed, tugging the covers up to cover his feet.

Hanzo was slow to move, as he often was when he was feeling down, and his wings seemed to act on their own as he shifted to face Jesse. His eyes were soft, clouded by sleep and he moved as if he were trying to stay asleep. This brought a smile to Jesse's face. The Nephilim crawled into his open arms, hiding his face in his chest, fluttering his wings, sending a few loose feathers floating to the ground.

Hanzo didn't ask where he'd been, didn't ask why the smell of blood still lingered on him, he didn't ask anything. Just hid himself against Jesse, one large, delicate and beautiful wing coming up curl around the both of them. Jesse's ear twitched, and he flattered the wolf ear down gently.

"You mind?" He asked, hand hovering just above the delicate feathers, he knew how sensitive nephilim wings - or any wing for that matter - were. And he knew better than to touch them without Hanzo being comfortable with that. He was answered by a shrug of Hanzo's shoulders that nudged his wing into Jesse's grasp and a soft chuckle. It was like music go his ears. A beautiful voice, smooth like a warm knife cutting through butter.

"Please do." Hanzo murmured.

Ah, so it was that.

"Oh, you big baby, if you wanted to me groom those wings of yours you could have just asked me." He teased, voice soft. A few candles shone on a tabletop casting the room in a golden light. Making Hanzo's eyes look gold when he raised his eyes to meet his, amusement reflecting in them.

"What is the fun in asking, I know you will do it anyway." He cocked his head and have Jesse a small mischievous smile, wings shuffling a little. Jesse laughed. He didn’t get very loud however. He had decided that this would be one of those nights where he didn’t speak much, where he would pull a Hanzo. He knew the nephilim wouldn’t mind, he had come to find that Hanzo prefered very little to no talking. He had always been like that.

“Yeah yeah, scooch.” Jesse mused.

Hanzo huffed but sat up, flicking one wing, though being careful to not hit anything. Hanzo moved quickly this time, however, and he smiled once he was settled, back to Jesse. A very trusting move, really. Wings were sensitive things, as Hanzo and Genji explained both explained to him time and time again, so for Hanzo to willingly show him his back and the more sensitive areas between his shoulder blades, the feathers pitch black here and much smaller. His wings and the feathers were a disaster really. Messy and there were quite a few that were out of place and sticking out at odd angles, it looked uncomfortable, Jesse sighed gently as he reached out and trailed his finger along some of the feather, gently pushing them back into place, causing Hanzo to shudder.

His feathers were soft, though a little stiff in some places, a soft noise fell from the Nephilim’s lips when Jesse slipped his fingers under a soft layer of feathers, slipping his fingers through them and rearranging a few of them. Some small feathers tumbled from his back, but they were already loose, so they gave no discomfort to the Nephilim to which they had once belonged. He would have to collect them, for leaving them to be scattered on the bed would cause them to be pricked by the hollow shafts of the feathers, and that was an uncomfortable thing. He didn’t mind having to do that, they simply left the feathers by a birdhouse outside for the birds to use for their nests or whatever they may need feather for.

Jesse made his way down the left wing first, seeing as it was more of a mess. He started at the area where the wing connected to his back, smoothing down feathers there and gently digging under the feathers to pull out any dirt or things that had gotten stuck. He ran his fingers under the soft feathers, coaxing the ones that felt stiff so he could pull them out and save Hanzo from any discomfort. The larger feathers by the base were much easier to deal with since they were seemingly much stronger than the ones by his body, though it did take a little bit longer due to the size of the feathers. He groomed the wings all the while smiling at the happy, content noises than fell from the owner of said wings.

“You doing alright there, love?’ He asked after a moment, gently plucking a feather that was broken, this pulled a soft hiss from the Nephilim, and Jesse winced, though he knew he would be okay.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” He hummed, a shudder running up his spin as Jesse trailed his hand down the wing before he moved back a little bit, giving Hanzo the space to stretch the wing. And once he did, he beckoned to the Nephilim to give it a stretch, to try things out and see if everything was fine. He unstretched the wing, curling it towards the ceiling, yawning and sounding all too pleased with himself and Jesse still had a whole other wing to take care of.

“Think you can sit still for a little while longer?” Jesse laughed gently, scratching behind his ear, which gave a twitch before flattening down. As a werewolf, he often flip-flopped between having his normal ears or having his canine ears up.

“You underestimate my patience.” Hanzo replied with a hun, switching positions so he was sitting on his knees, hands folded over his lap. Head high, smug smile on his face, Jesse huffed.

"You're a child." He laughed gently gently moved a little bit so he was sitting closer to the other wing. This one was a little less messy, but it had much more loose feathers. He knew Hanzo hated losing feathers like that, especially the bigger ones, but he did also know that Hanzo didn't like having loose feathers.

Once he was done, he moved away from Hanzo a little bit and he smiled crossing his arms over his chest, smiling almost smugly. Hanzo yawned and stretched his arms over his head, stretching his wings as well, the tips of his wings brushing against the ceiling, spreading out the feathers and Jesse smiled at his handiwork, before Hanzo hummed and moved to lay on his chest, his wings splayed out on either side of him. Jesse laughed.

"Come here?" He beckoned, cocking his head. He expected Hanzo to deny, or to take a while, but he simply pushed himself up, shook himself like a dog, his hair falling in front of his eyes, and crawled towards Jesse.

He didn't say anything as he wrapped his arms around his waist, and pulled the Nephilim closer to him. His wings curled around them, enveloping them in a cocoon of black, streaks of light filtering through the spaces between the feathers, and though they were in the dark, Jesse reached out and gently brushed Hanzo's hair behind his ear. Hanzo stared back at them before he grinned and leaned down to press his forehead to Jesse's.

"You smell like blood." He said. Jesse frowned.

"I thought I'd washed it all out." He mused and in turn, Hanzo frowned. A few seconds of silence passed before Jesse snorted at the face Hanzo made.

"What- who did you kill?"

"Some stalker, got off from murder charges, was about to get his second murder," Jesse shrugged and Hanzo moved his wings so they were folded gently at his sides by their legs.

"His body will be found. There will be a witness."

"I'll deal with it."

"Jesse McCree, if you kill the witness I'm going to kill you."

Jesse laughed and shook his head. “I’m not going to kill him. Just stay holed up here for a few weeks.” He grinned leaned up to catch Hanzo's lips in a kiss to shut up any incoming answer, to which the Nephilim reacted to almost immediately, he brought his hands up, resting one on the base of Jesse's neck, resting his other arm on his shoulder, pressing himself closer to him, humming. Jesse welcomed this, welcomed the contact and affection.

"Your brother told me today was one of those days." Jesse said unprompted after a moment of silence between the two of them. Hanzo huffed and his wings dropped behind him. He paused and after a moment he closed his eyes.

"Indeed, it has been one of those nights.” He mused and cocked his head. “I am in no mood to talk about it, it is not of any importance, I’m okay, you’ve made my night better.” He mused, smiling. Jesse cocked his head. He had gotten to know Hanzo over the years now, more as friends than as lovers, but he still knew when he was lying or when he was holding something back. Which was exactly what he was doing, but Jesse knew better than to pry. When Hanzo wanted to speak, then he would speak, there was no use trying to force him to say what was wrong.

“If you say so.” He frowned. He sighed gently and hummed as he took Hanzo’s. Jesse shook his head, deciding he would put everything on his mind to rest for tonight. To just spend the night with his lover.

"Thank you for offering, however," Hanzo said after a moment and be gently smiled at him. Jesse gave him a noncommittal grunt and Hanzo huffed, snuggling up to him, wings resting lazily around them. Jesse ran his fingers through Hanzo's hair which was down.

"Sleep now, angel, you're tired, I'm here." Jesse said softly.

"Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu.." Hanzo whispered, Jesse laughed, taking a moment to understand what he said.

"Love you too, darlin'"