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They felt the sun shining on their eyes, their body was numb like they had taken a long nap in a hot afternoon. They half consciously brought their hand on their face, the movement made a familiar flowery smell crawl into their nose, while they struggled to hide from the light.

Moaning because of the discomfort and half-awake they slightly opened their eyes, to face old pillars and a long long fall from the surface. All the sleepiness vanished as they shoot their eyes open. They were in a bed of flowers.


They closed them as tightly as they could.

Nope nope nope.

This was a nightmare, just a dream, they would wake up at any moment.

It was just a memory from many many resets ago, it could not harm them, they would not let it harm them, they would not despair, all they had to do was close their eyes and wait until they woke up.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Just like that, deep and long breaths.

They would wake up in their bed, not on yellow flowers. They were on the surface, not underground.

Not again.

Never again.

Their body was hurting from the excessive training, not from any fall. Every day after training they felt like this, she would always push them until their limit. It was normal, it was okay, nothing to be worried about...



She who?

No name, no face, not a single memory…

Well just one more reason to believe they’re dreaming. Maybe they were on one of those dreams that you wake up and are still dreaming, they just had to wait until they woke up.

Breathe in, breathe out.

They had had worse nightmares, this one wasn’t even that scary, they would wake up eventually, and if they didn’t, she would knock on the door and ask if they were hungry, she could always sense when one of her children were in distress.




Not the same one?



Breathe in, breathe out.

They were not scared. Nope. Not scared at all.

Just because they couldn’t remember anyone while dreaming didn’t mean they weren’t all safe.

Breathe in, breathe out.

They would wake up at any moment.

Breathe in, breathe out.

They had to stay determined.

Breathe in, breathe out.

They would wake up, they just had t–/


“Are you just going to lay there?”

Their brother’s voice, a wave of relief washed over them as they felt the light pressure of a check.

“If you keep playing dead you will die really quick here”

They couldn’t understand his words, but his voice was strained something was not alright, they struggled with sleep paralysis.

“Come on I know you can hear me, wake up already” they felt a poke on their cheek.

“Azzy?” They murmured while their hand fell to their side, opening their eyes they saw a yellow flower looming over them, eyes wide in shock.

“What… did you call me?” The flower asked, trembling on his roots. Somehow this was not what they were expecting to see.

“Where am I?” No, it couldn’t be. This was...this was where they fell underground “what’s happening?” This couldn’t be happening. They didn’t reset. They absolutely could
not have reset! “Who?” Who did it? Who reset? Why they reset?

“So now you’re freaking out? That’s how you want to do this?” He appeared to shake his distress and didn’t seem surprised any longer, but he kept his distance and a confused face while they sat down to face him.

“Why” they were hyperventilating couldn’t form a proper sentence “aren’t” Breathe in breathe out, they couldn’t despair now “you?”

“I’ve seen your kind before, I take it you never saw a talking flower” what was he talking about?

Their confused stare seemed to prompt him to talk.

“Howdy! My name is Flowey, Flowey the flower, and if you want to stay alive you better start calling me your best friend”

“Flowey” yes Flowey they remembered Flowey. He killed them several times, reloading again and again, to see them suffer… “my...” he was their brother’s soulless form… their kind and selfless brother “best friend”

Another check “how hard did you hit your head on the fall? You have all your HP but you are talking funny... or are you just that stupid?”

They laughed, a weight was lifted from their chest at those words, he didn’t have the biting tone they were expecting, for some reason he sounded worried “sometimes… mostly when I wake up or when I’m really nervous. I guess this time was a little bit of the two” they smiled to him “is a pleasure to meet you Flowey”.

They extended their right hand for him to shake, he lifted a fine vine to shake it back, they didn’t flinch, a memory of those vines strangling them was quickly dismissed, and they smiled at him warmly.

“And you are a human, right?” So he didn’t remember them, he didn’t remember the resets, they had to play along. They nodded.

“And where are we? Flowey”

“We are on the ruins of the underground, it’s the wrong place for humans, you shouldn’t have come here, but since you were stupid enough to fall down, you have to follow me or they will kill you and take your soul” he disappeared on the ground, reappearing a few meters ahead “are you deaf too? Follow me!”.

On wobbly legs they followed him, something was different, something was wrong, they couldn’t put their finger on it, but they were under the impression he would be more… murdery? “Who is going to kill me?”

“The Monsters, it’s kill or be killed here” yes, this was familiar, they remembered him saying that much.

He led them to a hole on the wall, hidden by plants, they stared at the unsuspicious hole behind the plant covered wall, and then to the path that led to the entrance to the ruins, then back again on the place they fell

“Aren’t you a monster?” They asked.

“Yes” hesitation on his voice, or was it plain confusion?

“Then why aren’t you trying to kill me?” It was a fair question, on all the other resets he would shoot his ‘friendly pellets’ at them, right there. He never offered to guide them. It was someone else who did that… someone soft and safe.

“Do you want to die?” he deadpanned, an annoyed look on his face.

Probably “No”

“Then stop asking questions and start listening to me!” he demanded, signing to the wall “now get in the hole before it starts raining fire over here” he then vanished on the tunnel.

They took another look to the room, there were marks on the walls like fire scorch marks, looking closely, all the ground was black like coal, the only apparently safe spot was the bed of flowers.

Well, what did they have to lose? Worst thing that could happen would be him leading them to a trap and torturing them for a few hours before they die. He doesn’t remember them, he probably doesn’t know yet that he can no longer reset and save.

And if he do decide to torture them, don’t they deserve it at this point? Years and years of living on the surface erased like it never happened…

“Are you coming or not?” his face reappeared on the tunnel entrance.

“Am I dreaming?” It could be, it had to be! They could not have done this mistake, not again, never again.

“Of course not, you idiot!” A noise coming from the entrance of the ruins startled him “come on quick! She’ll find you” whispered, a vine grabbing their arm.

Another memory, they flinched, vines and thorns, a terrible electronic laugh, a big TV, big eyes, too many teeth, too many vines.

“Hurry” he pleaded, scared eyes looking back at them.

This was their brother “I’m coming” after what they did to him they deserved anything he could throw at them.

Both disappeared in the tunnel.