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Heart and Soul

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Late August, the time Montgomery Scott dreaded most.

College had commenced that morning, the excited freshmen and returning alumni had already started to fill the coffee shop to purchase a pick-up and begin their morning. The unlucky barista that morning had gotten there an hour before his shift.

Montgomery Scott was a twenty-seven year old barista at Romulus Brewery. Like his father before him, Scotty wished to become a successful engineer. However, to pay for schooling and training, one must have a good source of income. An immigrant from Aberdeen, Scotland, he settled in Georgia to find a new beginning. Scotty resided in a relatively small and cozy apartment on the outskirts of the city with his dog, a white sheepdog he called Martha.

After the gaggle of students had cleared, Scotty stood behind the counter, doodling mindlessly on the notepad in front of him. He didn't bother to check the time anymore, as long as he had a distraction, he could survive anything. 

The café's bell chimes above the door as the last student of the morning stepped in. Scotty glanced up, studying the man before him. He was quite average in height, his hair was a bit messy, and his eyes were a stark, icy blue. The barista grinned at him. "Good mornin', sir, what can I get started for ye?" The man before him rummaged around in his pocket for some bills, placing a five on the counter. "I'll have a coffee. Black." He muttered. His tired eyes told their own story-- pulling an all-nighter the day before classes began. "Name for the order?" replied the barista. "Oh, Bones." 

Scotty poured the freshly brewed cup of coffee for... Bones. Peculiar name, isn't it? Suppose it didn't matter. The student got his coffee and his change, and left. He looked as though he was in a rush. Must be late, Scotty wondered to himself.